On Deep State

November 9th, 2017

BBELMYK.imgI’m no Garth Brooks, just a voice in the wilderness,

IMG_0408On this November 9, 2017, A Democrat has won as Virginia’s governor—it does not mean a thing, guys. No way are you on your way to a win. Northern Virginia is the home of federal workers earning three times what other workers earn doing the same work. They vote for big government.

I will tell you this: Your right to life, liberty and property, be you a U.S. citizen—your inalienable rights, those which cannot be taken from you, those originating in you—the kingdom of God within you, said Jesus: this connects with Amendment V of the U. S. Constitution, the due process clause. You Democrats are altogether off the target. You have been listening to Hillary Clinton, I say she’s history.

If you have a personal stake in the outcome, and you surely do in the case of income tax, the fruits of your own labor, that which you depend for your survival, if your survival is at stake, Amendment Five gives you the right to be heard in a meaningful way, in a meaningful place, but only if you demand it. The makers and keepers of the law are never going to willingly allow you your rights.  You know that.

Want to know their excuse for not hearing you? The case has already been heard. If the Democratic Party is ever to take control again, Democrats are going to have to change in your talk. A change is coming and nobody knows what. It is up for grabs.

Your right to exist on the fruits of your own labor your elected representatives have been manipulating in their favor, listen to one of your own. They’ve put you back on the plantation, what’s her name says. The three branches of the U.S. Government have become a Washington, D.C. based game of charades. They can’t talk about it. It’s classified, or whatever. They are liars. The absence of truth is a lie. We have a right  to know.

I was thinking Trump was going to drain the swamp. He’s not about to drain the swamp. You’ve got a chance of winning, with zero help from the press.

Having said this, I read this morning that Senate Republicans are under pressure to pass a sweeping tax rewrite before the year’s end. This is your opportunity to win at the midterm election. But you’ve got to totally change your approach.

Federal income tax, a Rothschild banker’s scam, they conned you Democrats into the idea that it was a rich man’s tax. President Trump, a billionaire, is currently in Asia boasting that America has the military might to never be intimidated. Yet he backs an income tax that is bankrupting America morally, fiscally, and spiritually. His tax plan, a rate cut,  but for some an increase in tax.

Moreover, President Trump, a billionaire himself, knows this better than most: those Republican representatives writing a sweeping tax reform bill are bought and paid for by the nation’s richest. There is nothing illegal about it, but we the people are being played for suckers, not only Democrats—all of us. Where did Hillary Clinton get her funding? From Wall Street.

President Trump went to Asia full of tough talk. He says unemployment has reached a 17 year low. He doesn’t count those on welfare not looking for a job. The law now says that if an employer employs 50 or more workers he must furnish health insurance. Health insurance costs have gone out of sight. The answer: Employ less that 50 full time employees. Employ part time workers. You part time employees are counted by Trump as employed. Those of you working two and three part time jobs and earning less than when you were in full time employment, that’s what those full time bums in Washington have done for you. This does not say a 17 year low in unemployment. No! It says you being taken for a walk down a garden path.

President Trump says the stock market has reached an all time high. Give me a break! Extremely low interest rates are causing corporations to borrow money to buy their stock back. Believers are back buying stock on the notion that Trump has the right answers. Any day the stock market could drop like a rock and there ain’t no bailout this time. It will be meltdown time.

Frankly, I don’t hear any answers for America’s growing problems. Blue collar workers, seeing their incomes going down and their costs going up, voted for President Trump. What I hear sounds like a game of charades. They’ve turned both sides against the middle and the press is totally nuts.

The Constitution was written to allow everyone an equal opportunity. With a tax on income, those elected representatives with forked tongues have succeeded in putting former black slaves back on the plantation. Instead of taking to the street, you guys need to play it smart.

Here’s something else: if the rich invested their wealth in a business instead of multimillion dollar toys, with a tax on spending, paying no tax if they put their money in a business, they could expand business and hire people. Why be against business? One is forced to wonder why President Trump has not thought of a tax on spending. Could it be that he is thinking more of living like a king than doing for the economy? With a tax on spending, he would be paying a king’s ransom in tax.

Democrats took the bate hook, line, and sinker. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933, after the Rothschild banking cartel manipulated a stock market crash and followed it with high interest rates, causing the Great Depression, while Rothschild bankers made a killing, millions lost everything they had.

Roosevelt stepped up to the plate with this solution: It is the duty of government to grant aid to starving people, “even if it isn’t written in the Constitution.” As a temporary solution, said the Supreme Court, the Constitution allowed grants in aid. But no, it had to be a permanent cure.

So, after packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges, in 1935 the Democrats gave America a permanent solution, Social Security, a pyramid game. Those nearing retirement age, like my father, who paid less than a thousand dollars, lived to age 94, and received from Social Security $500,000, somebody had to pay that back. They do this to get their foot in your door. That somebody is those with Social Security being withheld from their paychecks today.

With all that the Democrats did after the Rothschild banking scam wrecked the U.S. economy, the Great Depression lingered until World War II. America was put back to work building a war machine, which bore a heavy cost. Workers were perfectly willing to have a Victory Tax taken out of their pay, so Rothschild could collect interest on his loans. By the way Rothschild was loaning Hitler money to fight us. Banker Bush, George H.W. Bush’s father, loaned Hitler money to fight us.

The Rothschild banking con, the deliberately created depression, followed by a war, and billions of dollars in interest to Rothschild, the richest family in the world, the Victory Tax became federal withholding tax every worker paid, the foot in the door routine. We were no longer in a depression or a war.

They called it police actions, all for the purpose of making money on our blood, sweat and tears. Originally, federal income tax, a rich man’s tax, it was, this is the way those wolves in sheep’s clothing led the sheep to slaughter.

“Take from the rich and give to the poor,” right? No, wrong! The biggest con in history, wise up! The rich giving elected representatives millions of dollars in campaign donations to help them further enrich themselves with the help from Congress—with a pittance for the poor—America is now an oligarchy. One percent of America’s rich own 50 percent of the wealth. President Trump is going to make America great again? Good luck!

Eight and a half trillion taxpayer dollars simply disappeared. Imagine that! The Pentagon does not know what happened to the money. When this was reported to Congress, it got a big laugh. It turns out that the missing money financed “black projects,” such as zero gravity craft we fondly call flying saucers. But nary one word about it.

There are many whistleblowers willing to testify before Congress. I heard them at the National Press Conference in Washington, DC. Not a single one of them has been heard.

The Rothschild banking scam, a bought and paid for U.S. Congress, most of the world’s problems could be solved if the technology of flying saucers were public knowledge. Where is the press? Mention flying saucer and they laugh.

A secret criminal order hides the replacement of fossil fuel with free, clean energy. We could do away with the power grid; every home could have a free source of energy; every vehicle, every factory, every farm could have a free source of energy. Within five years poverty and war could be ended.

The powers that be talk about limiting fossil fuel out of environmental concern.  Why don’t you people know the truth?

To assuage their guilt, they secretly meet and indulge in Satanic rituals in Pacific Grove, California on a 2,700 acre tract of heavily forested land guarded by local officers of the law, federal officers of the law, dogs and cameras. Law enforcement protecting Satan worship? It is big, folks. They do despicable, disgusting things together, the idea being if they do it together, one for all and all for one, that makes it acceptable. “And he called them unto him in parables. How can Satan cast out Satan, said Jesus?”

51s303uvhgl-_sx328_bo1204203200_1In memory of John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, assassinated by Satan worshiping dogs in a manger, Kennedy talked much about open government. He ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to print interest free silver certificates in competition with Rothschild. He also worked toward ending the Viet Nam war, also against Rothschild interests. The Satan worshiping Lyndon B. Johnson, a Rothschild banking adherent, got America deeply in the Viet Nam war on a lie. Millions died. By the way, Kennedy said, “Ask not what your government can do for you.” Johnson had him killed.

The most anyone could do would be to expose the truth about free, clean energy, energy that would cure most of the problems in the world. Satan worshipers stand in the way of that.

We are in the death throws of the Age of Pisces, the symbol of which is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions,. In  the Age of Pisces, people have been prone to accept external factors; but at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the symbol of which is the water bearer, in Luke 21:25, the signs in the sun, moon and stars tell of Jesus’ return.  We are prone to look within for answers. We do not accept hypocrisy.

And in a parable, Jesus asked, “If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish be given a serpent. Or if he ask for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If you then, being evil, know how to give good give gifts unto your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask?

When U.S. tax authorities questioned my constitutional authority, they learned the hard way that my authority was higher. Perhaps we are about to emerge from our selfmade cocoons to a higher state of existence.

Democrats could surely take back control, but first you must distinguish rights from government authority. Your right to life, liberty and property, the fruits of your labor is of higher authority than tax authority; higher than government entitlement. They are not about to give you that right. Would you prefer to come to them with your hand out, or keep what is yours in the first place?

Get over being of a different culture. Quit calling yourselves African Americans. Quit thinking white people are racially prejudiced.  Are those Satan worshiping outlaws keeping you second rate? Instead of follow the leader, demand your God-given rights and you will win! We are divergent but of one culture, American.I’m not telling you anything that can’t be done. I won. The law is colorblind and favors no-one. Government, by rights, is our servant.  It can’t entitle anyone.  What has one done that entitles him to more than another?  Who could know?  One suit does not fit all. Some of us are more cabable of self support at age 90 than others at age 20.  It is time to faze out government entitlement.

All the world’s a stage

November 8th, 2017

images“All the men and women merely players,” William Shakespeare, “For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice, turning again toward childish treble, pipes and whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, is second childishness and mere oblivion.”

President Trump is on the world stage telling all that America’s military is mightiest and America’s economy is the greatest. Wall Street’s stock market is the highest ever and America’s unemployment is at a 17 year low.

Unemployment is low because many on welfare are not seeking employment. Part time work is counted. It takes two and three part time jobs to earn less than a full time job earned. When the economy needs a boost, the Fed prints more monopoly money. Counting the twenty trillion dollars the American people owe, plus growing liabilities, hundreds of trillions of dollars, America is heading for bursting balloons and no bailout this time.

President Trump inherited the worst depression in history. Next comes a borderless world, Islam, and Sharia law.

I tell you a way out. Read my blogs and pass the word on.

On the Age of Aquarius

November 7th, 2017

The Water-BearerOn this November 7, 2017, we might have expected this: “Air Force Error Allowed Gunman to Buy Weapons.”

From the land area that is now Iraq, came the zodiac, a clockworks of the heavens consisting of a circle divided into 12 parts, like you slice a pie. Each of the parts has a sign that relates to our characteristics.

It takes approximately 26,000 years to travel completely around the circle, or about 2,000 years to travel through a sign.

Currently, we are leaving the sign of Pisces, entering the sign of Aquarius, the sign the water bearer.

Jesus would have been born at the beginning of the sign of Pisces. In Luke 21, we learn that in the sign of Aquarius Jesus returns, at least in spirit. We become our brothers keeper.

In Pisces, we were not sure of ourselves and easily influenced by external factors. In Aquarius, we become internally motivated, more sure of ourselves. We will not tolerate hypocrisy.

The transition from Pisces to Aquarius would naturally create the situation we currently face.

We are each born with a sun sign. Mine is Virgo. More lately, astrology has given us a rising sign. Mine is Aquarius. The rising sign is a hypothetical sun rising, considering that the sun moves across the earth’s surface at 900 miles per hour. One would have to know the exact time of his birth. These signs are based on when and where we were born. I was born on September 17, 1925 at 4:51 pm cst in Houston, Texas. If you want to know who I am and what I’m about, you can read about me in astrology books.

Astrology seems preposterous until we take into consideration that the time-space universe can be mathematically reduced to vibrations. This, of course, is beyond our faculties.

Quantum physics, the study of the microcosmic universe, comes close to what ancient astrologers knew. The stone tablets of the Sumerians inform us that they knew the sun and orbits of all the planets. They had to have received this knowledge from extraterrestrials.

mindbodyWe are currently a century behind where we were destined to be. The powers that be have us dumbed down. If we knew what they know, technologically, they would lose their control over us. We would have the answers to most of the world’s problems.

The new world order is actually the old world order. ISIS is their means of taking us back. The new world order is a most despicable cult of Lucifetarians. They can no longer keep their cult secret. They have entered their final disgusting act.

A half century after I was born, I was jolted out of La La Land. Out of work, my second wife divorcing me, and everyone who knew me thought I was sick in the head, I looked within for answers, not knowing that this is what Jesus advised.

I had a bigger than life calling. I had studied my Constitution with the thought of using it to demand my right to exist on the fruits of my own labor.

I had written U.S. Attorney General William B. Saxbe a letter advising him of my rights. The American people are so dumbed down they think we don’t have that right.

Saxbe forwarded my letter to my local Director of Internal Revenue. He doesn’t legislate. He enforces the law. The law, therefore, says I do not have a right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. Every federal court in the land, save the Court of Claims, agreed that I do not have the right to exist on the fruits of my own labor.

img_20170111_0606588472I took the record to The Palm Beach Post. An investigation got an answer from a spokesman for the Director. Here is the story, in part, in The Palm Beach Post.

The story got not one peep.

Going back to day I departed my old life, Good Friday 1975, the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Christ, I drove away from my old life and never looked back. This is the first sign that something big was going on.

In July 1975, on a chance meeting with an astrologer (I wasn’t into astrology) I hired this astrologer to create my astrological chart. I wasn’t impressed with it. As it turned out, most of what he predicted happened. That isn’t normal. Something big was going on. I’ve concluded that when I departed my old life I got on my path of destiny. When things should have gone wrong, everything started going right for me. I think my bigger than life calling is behind it.

Why don’t others realize that federal income tax is the reason that the United States can bully the world. If my case has anything to do with it, a big change is taking place and comes displacement. The message: be prepared or end up a creek without a paddle.

Follow the money

November 6th, 2017

How America became the greatest con of all times, Jesus told us the kingdom of God exists within us. We didn’t listen.

IMG_0411I was a combat rifleman in World War II, a personal witness to unbelievable death and destruction. My batallion captured the German city of Dusseldorf without a shot being fired. A delegation of city officials told our commander there would be no resistance. I was picked to walk to Gestapo headquarters to set up a new government.  I was immediately behind my 97th Division commanding general, General Halsey.  While the brass was with the city fathers, I walked around the motor pool. Spotting a 1937 Ford convertible with the keys in the ignition, I decided to take a spin around town. If caught I’d be fined six months pay. I took the chance.

I passed a wine cellar. People were walking out with buckets of wine.  I stopped and asked two girls carrying buckets of wine if they would like a lift. They spoke English. They wanted me to meet their family. We sat around the dining table drinking wine and  chatting like you would at a neighbor gathering. When I left, they hugged me and thanked me for liberating them.

It was people with a cause who started World War II, people with the idea that they were going to change the world for the better. So what if millions of lives were lost and trillions of dollars of property destroyed. There are too many people. We could afford to lose a small percentage. There was the mother who God ordered to kill her children.

Take the recent massacre in Las Vegas. Just like the Kennedy assassination, just like the 9-11 event, with the passage of  time we learn  that big money was involved. The same in the Las Vegas massacre, just before the massacre, the owner of MGM bet that the stock market would go down on his stock, and so did George Soros. They made millions. They are mad. The guy who shot all those people in a Texas church was mad.  Guns don’t kill people. Mad men kill people.

It appears that the U.S. house of cards is about to collapse.  I understand that the New York City police are going to release a video of Hillary Clinton and Oma Abbadon, her assistant, in a sex act with a young girl. Furthermore, the undeniable truth is about to come out that at least one third of the U.S. government is involved in pedophilia.  It involves Satin worship.  These people have the idea that Satin has made them rich and powerful. They are mad.

As shocking as it is, this is simply a reoccurring event.  Science calls it the chaos theory.  Nothing is ever perfect for perfection does not move.  We exist in a moving universe.  The old order is collapsing.  Mad men and women have taken charge. The losers are those satisfied with the status quo. They are going to end up a creek without a paddle. In World War II, I took a chance. It was a learning experience.

Jesus has the answer for everything. “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven….For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also….No man can serve two masters, for he will hate the one, and love the other.



On the church killing

November 6th, 2017


THECATHOLICCHURCHOn this November 6, 2017, it is reported that in Sutherland, Texas a man dressed in black, armed with an assault rifle, opened fire inside a church yesterday, killing 26 people and wounding about 20 others.

Upon leaving the church, he was confronted by an armed resident who grabbed his rifle. The resident “engaged” the shooter, whatever that means. A short time later the shooter was found dead in his vehicle at the county line. It is unclear if the shooter died of a self-inflicted wound or if he was shot by the resident.

As always, after the fact Federal agents swarmed the community. President Trump is monitoring the situation. We can expect demands for gun control.

Power and control is a root cause. The lacking of power and control, as well, is a root cause. The answer Jesus gave us is to look within for the answer. If we could believe that the kingdom of God is within us, would external power and control dominate?

If you want to know how something works, you take it apart. Physicists began taking apart the universe when I was born. They are now looking for the “god-particle.” They thought they would find the beginning of it all with the Large Hadron Collider, a giant atom smasher. They didn’t find the beginning. There is no beginning or end.

From the Bible, “And God said, Let us make man in our image….And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul,” soul defined as our immaterial part, our animating self, or our actuating cause of life, I dare say that if we were consciously aware that we are eternal—at one with the consciousness of the universe—those people in a church in Sutherland, Texas would be alive.

It is the belief that God is supernatural and external, that we need an authority on God to advise us, and there are many; we cannot possibly know God.

The cutting edge of science has it that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Our space-time dimension is only one of the parts. There is a dimension of infinite possibility with which our immaterial part is connected. We have the power to make our reality, individually and as a whole. This being true, why would we turn over our lives to this or that authority? Perhaps those people whose lives were lost in church was a lesson.

Before Jesus started his ministry, he went into the wilderness to meditate. While there, he was tempted by Satin. He returned more determined. His first act was to turn over the money changers tables. The priests were taking the people, living grand lives while the people went without.

In the four Gospels, we find the revelation of self rule, that “man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God….Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.” Indeed, we were not created to live like ants or bees, nor were we created to live like heard animals. We are not flocks of religious beings, or sheep being led to slaughter.

Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.

As for authority, Jesus said, “whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister. And whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant….But woe unto you, scribes and Pharasees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men for you neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

Said Jesus, “So, likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily, I say to you, This generation shall not pass away till all be fulfilled.”


On man’s eternal mask

November 3rd, 2017


AAuneCr.img   On this October 3, 2017, this news: “Donna Brazile, a longtime Clinton ally who stepped in as DNC chair last year in the wake of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation, published an excerpt of her upcoming book in Politico in which she disclosed the details of a fundraising agreement between the DNC and the Clinton campaign reached in August 2015.” Wow! With an improving economy and the Democratic Party in a tailspin, I’m feeling optimistic.

Then there is the fact that 35,000 people from all over the world have signed up for mymicraclemessage.com. Although I’ve written two books that didn’t sell, I’m encouraged to write a third book. It is hard to connect the dots. We are kept in the dark. But since my two prior publications, people are seriously questioning America’s well-entrenched establishment, better known as “Deep Government.”

Then there is this: A child of the new age, arriving at 4:51 p.m.c.s.t. in Houston, Texas, on September 17, 1925, in the month and year that physics student Werner Heisenberg published his uncertainty principle, which became quantum mechanics. By all means, 1925 was a banner year for physics; and, incidentally, applicable to my future.

il_340x270-1092182619_hse51Everything is in divine order. Get ready for the coming quantum leap in time, the end of the Stone Age, your future is almost here. Don’t be confused by the old world order, the one being sold by the establishment.  With my birth, opposing man’s freaked-out mask, came the atom bomb. Heisenberg, Hitler’s atom bomb builder, lucky for me, ended with nothing, his plant on the ground due to an allied air raid.

I was a combat rifleman in Nazi Germany in World War II. After Germany’s unconditional surrender, my 97th Infantry Division was sent to help finish the war in the Pacific. I was on a troop ship heading for the invasion of Japan’s main island when the United States dropped two atom bombs on Japan. Lucky me and the fate of thousands of other young American men. Instead of a beach landing, my troop ship docked in Yokohama. This was just one of many lucky breaks in my life. I spent eight months in the Army of Occupation in Japan. I was honorably discharged, and remarkably,  before my twenty-first birthday.

Federal income tax is the biggest con in history. Nobody knows the real purpose. It is not in the news, so let me advise you. I’m  a voice of experience. This child of the new age has lived an eventful, diversified life. I recall sitting on my tricycle at age five at the corner of MacFarlin and Preston Road in Dallas, Texas. I was not to cross Preston Road, a busy thoroughfare. The light turned green and I peddled across. The cops found me hours later chatting with a yard man. I guess you could call me a maverick, a rebel without a cause in my youth.

My parents told me I asked too many questions.  Out of business and my second wife divorcing me, everyone viewing me as a nutcake, why, I asked myself. I went to an employment councilor. A vocational guidance test found me to be high in adventure. Along with the fact that I’d been self-employed most of my life, my councilor agreed with my thought of buying a boat and sailing the South Atlantic Ocean for a couple of years. My family thought it was crazy and irresponsible.  Going to sea was my idea of an ideal place to look within for answers–no distractions, just me and nature.

During my time at sea, miracles occurred. I left my life at sea convinced that God’s hand had been on my wheel, but why would anyone else be convinced? People don’t connect the dots. My experiences at sea could not be proven.  No, but when you take it all into consideration it is hard to say it was coincidence that my life was altogether better after my time at sea.

Critics of my first two books did not connect the dots. They did not allow for the inexplicable. They knew it all.

During my two year sabbatical at sea, I married my third wife. Two years after I returned to conventional life, and a job in Portland, Oregon, I came home from work and found movers in my condo packing dishes. They were hired by my third wife, they said, to move everything out. I went to a closet and grabbed my shotgun. The movers left without an argument.  What was it with my wives?  Why did I pick them? There was a lot I didn’t know.

Another miracle. Two weeks after wife number three departed, wife number four appeared—by coincidence? I don’t think so. The moment we met I knew she had been sent to me. I had the feeling I’d known her before, somewhere or at some time. After 37 years with the one and only love of my life, I remain with that feeling.  Who else would know? God’s hand is on my wheel, but people don’t connect the dots.

It is an amazing thing: I departed my old life on Good Friday, on the day Christians commemerate the crusifixion of Christ. Do the dots connect? I think so.

From a numerology report, I learned that in my forties a significant change would take place in my life, such as the loss of a job. At age 49, I was out of a job and my wife was divorcing me.  My life significantly changed. As I look back, I got on my path of destiny, but who would believe that? People don’t connect the dots.

In July 1975, I happened onto an astrologer. I hired him to create my astrological chart. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but he did tell me the stars were right for me on the date of my divorce trial. He did tell me that on April 2nd or 3rd of 1976 that the stars were in bad alignment for my love life—do not attach to a woman on these dates, he warned. I met my third wife on April 2nd. So what!

So I departed my old life back at square one, so-to-speak, to be born again, I was age forty-nine, matching numerology and the alignment of the stars, but at odds with Christianity. I was in tune with Jesus. In Luke 21:25, Jesus, speaking of his second coming, referred to signs in the sun, moon and stars. People don’t connect the dots.

I took the first step in my thousand mile journey, a couple of years prior to my departure from my old life, I wrote a letter to Attorney General William B. Saxbe, informing him that federal income tax was unconstitutional. Who else would do a thing like that? Who am I to be telling the chief law enforcement officer of the United States what the law says?  Why wasn’t my letter tossed in the round file? Saxbe forwarded my letter to my local Director of Internal Revenue.  Stop right there! The Director of Internal Revenue doesn’t legislate, he enforces the law.

The law does not allow the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate taxpayers. I had read law professor Edward S. Corwin’s The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional law. This former rebel without a cause had a cause.  41zE4xuL6PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_[1]At any rate, my Director of Internal Revenue sent an auditor to my home,  a part-time employee, he  was, attending North Texas University. He could have been the good humor icecream man. This investigator, selected by a tax collecting director, entered my home. What did this North Texas University student know?  Why should we trust such examiners? The Director of Internal Revenue disrespected to my right to privacy. So what else is new? What do we do about it?

We’ve got a problem, folks. I have every right to question U.S. tax authorities–but only if I demand the right. In violation of my Fourth Amendment rights, this North Texas University student spent five days in my home examining my personal records and taking notes. This boy tax collecting examiner, in my home on a tax collecting  fishing expedition, can anyone with good sense call this serving the public interest? What would it have been if I was other than an out of sight bottom fish?  Would the Director have sent this boy wonder to examine a big name person’s personal papers? I don’t think so. It is the law of the jungle, folks. By the way, speaking of Donna Brazile and what she revealed, where is Attorney General Sessions?  The biggest government scandal ever in the United States and those lying frauds are still in control. Nobody can do a thing to stop it.  American freedom hangs by a thread. Well, don’t you think it is time to start connecting the dots?

After 11 years of effort, I found a reporter who sought out the facts of the matter.   On the front page of The Palm Beach Post, a spokesman for my Director apologized for the multiple mistakes he made. My case had been in every federal court in the land, save the Court of Claims. America’s courts are no better than Nazi Germany’s courts.  It is tax now. It will soon be American lives.

But getting back to this tax collecting boy in my home, sent by Uncle Sam to investigate me, armed with a pocket calculator and determined to make his time productive, he determined that I failed to report $5,000 of taxable income and I owed the full capital gains tax on land that I sold–this without explanation. I received a phone call. The director wanted to discuss the tax I owed. Said this maverick, “I’ll see you in court” and hung up. Is it not odd that the Director didn’t follow up?  I didn’t hear back. That was the end of it.  What do you make of it?  Time to start connecting the dots, right? That Director was the Wizard of Oz.

But hey! The implications are great. If taxpayers didn’t fear the IRS, perhaps the holier than thou United States would not have the money and power to bully the world.  Who needs enemies with friends like these?  That does this say about that bad little boy in North Korea?  What does this say about Bible thumping Christians? What does this say about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party? The United States has never been more divided. People refuse to connect the dots.

I had departed for Miami, Florida, arriving on Easter Sunday for the first day of my new life. I’d left in a 10 year-old car, leaving a new car for my wife. I’d taken with me some personal things and $500 in cash. My home, my barn, my tractor, my livestock, my land, my bank account–all but 10 acres of unimproved land was to go to my second wife. Everything I’d worked for all of my adult life, and I was willing to walk away from it. Why? My wife of ten years was to have custody of our child. Why fight it? She married me for what she could get out of it. So be it. It was the same story with my first wife.  It was my fault.  I didn’t know love. I came from a disfunctional family.

It was understood between us that my wife would pay the income tax we owed. I’d left the tax return, made out and signed. I could have taken the bank account. There was nothing to stop me, and paid the tax myself.  I’m prone to be taken.

I’d sold the stock I owned before we married. It was mutually agreed that it was mine. My wife was to have mailed the check to me in Miami.  I never received it, leaving me unable to pay my rent or even buy food. Due to my wife’s betrayal, I went hungry. There again, I’m prone to be taken.  Why?  It is a misplaced sense of guilt.  The best way to gain control is to make others feel guilty.  My father, an alcoholic, with an inner sense of guilt, used me as his whipping boy. I carried my fathers burden of shame.  I did not connect the dots.  Wife number two was a second mistake that cost me dearly.

I’d given my wife my Miami address. Instead of my check, I received notice from the Director that I owed the full tax, plus penalty and interest, the tax I left for my wife to handle. My wife had made out a separate return (I found out on my own)  upon the advice of the Director. She paid half of the tax we owed. Imagine that, the government taking sides in a divorce, and against a veteran of World War II down on his luck. Yes, and all because I carried my father’s burden of shame. By the way, my father was one of General Pershing’s one hundred heroes in  World War I. What was his problem?

The Director billed me with the full tax, plus penalty and interest.  Nobody knew this. The press doesn’t report these happenings. The press only reports what the Director says. I’m called an illegal tax protester. Judges called me a spurious constitutional objector.  It will not be long until they are putting people like me in concentration camps.

I waited four years to be heard in Tax Court. In the meanwhile, the Director was authorized to do anything he wanted, including putting me on the street, which he did. I was locked out of my apartment for nonpayment of rent. My landlord didn’t bother to follow the steps of eviction. I was on the street for an hour. The police handed me the new key to my apartment. By the way, the 21 percent withholding tax deducted from on my meager pay went to a mile long line of snowbirds from the north for food stamps. Is this what you call fair redistribution? No, it is because I’m not the only American prone to be taken. Time that the American people start connecting the dots.

What about the law and income tax? We are guilty until proven innocent in courts that look the other way on taxpayer rights. There you have it, exactly what I’ve been bringing to your attention.  It is exactly this that allows the United States to be the biggest bully in the world. It is the do-gooders, those suckers prone to be taken. Yet with all of the above in consideration, on Christmas Eve 1975 I set sail on the South Atlantic Ocean, just as planned.

Following Texas law, my divorce court judge ruled that I owned the land before we were married and therefore all the improvements. The court gave my wife our furniture, a car, and 30 days to remove herself from my property. Merry Christmas! There was a day of reckoning. There is always a day of reckoning.

My five year old son was left without a home.  In spite of what my second wife did, on my own, I offered to go back to the original property settlement agreement. My ex-wife was to mortgage the property and pay me the going market price on my 10 acres of undeveloped land. That way, I could get on with my plans.  I left my son his home.  I’m guided by the “Higher Law.”  I did what I felt was right and sailed away to a new life.

During my two year sabbatical at sea, I saved seven lives from a watery grave, including my own. What do you make of it? What about the eternal mask astrologer Jeanne Avery wrote about  in her book?  Do we know our reality? We are inescapably part of universal consciousisness–eternal. What we do in this life remains with us forever, individually and universally.

An innocent child was left to pay for the immorality of his mother. A longstanding burden of misplaced shame and guilt that plagued me, on my own, was replaced with an act of goodness and generosity.  Is it we the people, or is it to be Deep Government? Does my introduction to a new book connect the dots?  I look forward to your comments.




On the visa lottery program

November 2nd, 2017


bby5upk1After the ISIS attack that killed and injured people in New York City, President Trump urged swift repeal of the visa lottery program Congress enacted. The purpose of the visa lottery program was to bring diversity into America’s immigration program, according to Senator Chuck Shumer.

President Trump wants an “extreme vetting” process on immigrants from Middle Eastern and African nations that are mostly Islam and indulge in religious persecution of other religious faiths. The conflict is over America’s Constitution and freedom of religion. ISIS is bringing its one and only one religious idea to America with terror attacks, thinks to the said visa lottery program. I have a world of objections.

My lawyer, Edward S. Corwin, authored The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law. Law professor Corwin logically answers the issue before us, but here’s the rub: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a progressive liberal Democrat, in 1933, during the Great Depression, asserted that government had the “inherent duty,” even if it is not written in the Constitution, he said, to do what he deemed was necessary to keep millions of Americans from starving.

No problem. The Supreme Court said fine, but only on a temporary basis.

No way, said the progressive liberals. They packed the Supreme Court with progressive liberals and put in place a permanent plan for redistribution of the nation’s income, in our case, against our inherent right to exist on the fruits of our own labor. Say progressive liberal, we are for the common good.

The idea was to give the meek and poor a shot at the good life. Well meaning, but unconstitutional, off we went on the Yellow Brick Road. Like the visa lottery program, it did not work that well.  The meek and poor got the fruits of my labor. I got the street for my home.

There are certain intrinsic values, my lawyer expertly explains, that never change. America’s Founding Fathers did a marvelous job of incorporating those values in America’s Constitution.

As I see it, after studying the U.S. Constitution, we are intelligent animals—logical and at the same time emotional—we often let emotion override logic. We confuse good with evil and evil with good. Thus, giving the meek and poor the good life, although well intentioned, the plans of mice and men often go awry.

In my case, although it took 11 years to prove my point, the makers and keepers of the law owe me an apology. The tax collector, the IRS, admitted on the front page of The Palm Beach Post that it had been mistaken many times, and for 11 years, in collecting tax from me. I was meek and poor at the time. I ended flying with the eagles. So much for earthbound authority.

Religion begins with something imagined: God’s purpose. There are a great many imagined purposes of God and may the strongest of the bunch win, right? It now comes down to a nuclear contest. The strongest just might leave us history written in the rocks.

This is not to say we are not aware of the possibility. But what can we do? Do we loudly protest on the street, or drive a truck over people? If not this, do we contact our representatives? It you don’t have $25,000 or more to give them, forget it.

Follow the money. It flows in and out of a container with many a hole. Where it ends, nobody knows. We hear, however, that the banking family of Rothschild is the richest in the world, with the money to buy the result they want, right?

Add our government representatives and their redistribution policy; we, individually, lose much of our control. We become increasingly dependent on government—one world government, that is, and whatever. We’ve come a long way toward becoming an ant-like colony with one common goal, and now a president that wants to make America great again. How? By closing our borders and “extreme vetting.”

Religion—something imagined—something supernatural that we can’t understand—in conflict with closed borders and extreme vetting, something that encourages individual responsibility, the young among us having not been educated to that way of life, they would not know the danger of open borders and collective bargaining.

Who would know this better than this 92 year old? In my youth, we were educated in family values. There was no income tax or redistribution of income, not until the Great Depression brought about the inherent duty of government, or better said, turning individual responsibility over to government.

In the beginning of America, we seem to have forgotten, it was religious oppression that brought Europeans to America. America began as a land of opportunity, gradually to become a land of rules and regulations, just as in every other case. Individual responsibility turned into government oppression and the process ending in America’s destruction if we refuse to change.

Going over my past and present, at midlife a drastic change, I looked within for my answers, I was, so-to-speak, reborn. I proceeded to live a charmed life. Two things—I had studied my Constitution with the idea of using it to demand my rights, and I looked within for answers.

It wasn’t until I was in my eighties that I discovered that Jesus taught what I actually did—studied the “Higher Law” and looked within for my answers. I had a bigger than life calling. It was then that my spiritual guides took over. I’ve never seen an angel or anything like that. I just know I’ve got spiritual guides. There are too many coincidences to be coincidence, one being finding the love of my life after three failed marriages. Finding love is finding God. My wife and I are spiritually united. I never had that understanding in my former marriages.

Since looking within for my answers, not only finding the love of my life, I’ve found a greater family, certain special people. The same as my wife, I know the moment I meet them that we share values.

It is upon us, the Age of Aquarius, when the stars align for a great change. We are about to emerge from our earthbound cocoon to our intended image, which will be from one world in a universe of worlds, to a state of greatly expanding consciousness.

It started in me by looking within and ending with the desire to be of universal service. It begins the same in all of us, at first aware only of self. As we grow, we become aware of more and more. There comes the time when we are mature enough to run our own lives, but this is not to be. We go from parental authority to world authority. It ends in this world but claimed to be supernatural authority. In Islam’s case, Sharia law, in other cases something else, but never the individual in charge of his or her own life.

Jesus judged his authority to be hypocrites. He told them that the kingdom of God is within us.

Jesus, speaking of his authority, “Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing, but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor! Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?….Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord….So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.”

“And the people stood beholding. And the rulers also with them derided him, saying he saved others; let him save himself, if he be the Christ, the chosen of God.”

And what do they say today? It is share and share alike, except for authority. They remain worshiping the gold of the temple.

On God is Great

November 1st, 2017

$On this November 1, 2017, the news: “New York truck attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS, was ‘radicalized domestically,’ officials say.” This attacker yelled “God is great” before being shot down by a police officer. This is the ISIS war cry. The attack is now a favorite way ISIS inflicts terror. The attacker immigrated to the U.S. in 2010. He was 21 years old.

I was born in 1925. Numerology says I psychically distinguish the true from the false. This whole scenario has a quite familiar pattern, and to me unbelievable how people can be so programmed as to believe what the establishment wants them to believe.

I don’t question that most of America’s Muslims do not condone what was done in the name of Islam here or in countless other cases, but there are many instances in which Sharia law conflicts with religious freedom.

Religion is any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, or that which is sanctified. In any cultural system, I repeat, there are ethics and the system can relate humanity to the supernatural, but in no case do any of these considerations allow conflicts with the U.S. Constitution, which allows religious freedom.

This is what distinguishes conservatives and progressive liberals. This distinguishing factor began in 1933. The newly elected Franklin D. Roosevelt, a progressive liberal, asserted that government has an “inherent duty” to people, regardless of the fact that it is not “written in the Constitution,” asserted Roosevelt.

The government is people with authority, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. This so-called inherent duty was actually political expedience. Millions of Americans were facing starvation in 1933. The Supreme Court allowed for the expedience on a temporary basis, but the progressive liberals wanted the expedience to be permanent. They packed the Supreme Court with their kind of thinking judges and off we went on an idiot’s dream.

The Constitution today is little more than a historical document, at least speaking from my psychic point of view: truth minus expedience. There is the case of Dred Scott, an escaped slave who was captured in the free state of Missouri by bounty hunters and returned to his southern master. The Taney Court heard the case and ruled for Scott’s master. The psychic truth is that Dred Scott was a human, not a beast of burden. It was expedience that brought about America’s Civil War. We are still paying a price for that mistake.

Similarly, ISIS has the notion that a believer in their unsubstantiated notion of God did a noble deed in killing and maiming all those people. They believe he will be rewarded in heaven.

In America, we have divergent opinions on this tragedy. Why? Because we routinely find reasons to tap dance around the Constitution.

To say what I’ve said, I understand, means death. I must die for what I’ve said, according to what I’ve heard. How can an American Muslim be an American, I want to know. Having said this, in Middle Eastern and African nations where Sharia law is practiced, Christians and Jews are persecuted. Woman are treated horribly. Homosexuals are thrown off buildings. Infidels are routinely killed.

This New York murderer, at least by America’s original standards, born and raised in the Middle East and immigrated to the U.S. in 2010, when he was age 21, was he actually radicalized in the United States? He’d been taught all the basics for what he did where he was born and raised. It was only the method of doing it that he got in the United States.

Is it the idea he was radicalized in the United States not propaganda?  Psychically, I’ve determined that this untruth was for the purpose of pushing a borderless world and one set of rules put forth by the United Nations: Agenda 21. The United States of America is one of the signers of this so-called new world order.

In many respects, Sharia law—in any event the antithesis of U.S. Constitutional Law, is progressive liberal theory, the idea of progressive liberals to see to it that all people are equal in every way not the goal?

There will be no middleclass under Agenda 21. Of those left, one-fifth of the present population, I’m informed, they will be relegated to live in tightly packed cities. Families will live in a fifth the size of the present American homes, in high-rise apartments, according to Agenda 21. Every move we make will be watched. No more terrorist attacks. Resistors will be sent to reeducation centers, Agenda 21 reveals. And like in Sharia law, if you don’t obey the law, you die, Agenda 21 reveals.

Thinking back a few years, back to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, an Islamic attack, the worst loss of life and property ever in America, in Middle Eastern counties, by the thousands, they danced in their streets, burning the American flag.

I recall a comment made by a Middle East citizen. He said the U.S. Military could not do as much as a Muslim with his bare hands. He was right. There was no military presence during the 9-11 attack—and great riches for a chosen few Satin worshipers, including the Bush family and Saudi princes. And the same for the Benghazi attack, the morning after the attack, Satin worshiper Obama said that we must never denigrate another’s religion.

After the Islamic attack at Fort Sam Houston, Obama called it “workplace violence.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asked what difference did it make that American lives were lost in the name of Islam.

Clinton, we are told, was in no way connected with selling 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia, an essential in the manufacture of hydrogen bombs. Interestingly, the Clinton Foundation was given millions of dollars. Follow the money and you always find Satin there.

America-first Trump, without one shred of evidence, is alleged to be guilty colluding with Russia and obstructing justice. That’s Satin.

After more than a century of pushing the new world order on us, including banker J.P. Morgan, the banking family of Rothschild, Nazi Germany, financed by American big money, secret Satanic orders known as the Illuminate, including the Roman Catholic Church’s Vatican, established by the Obama Administration, comes now ISIS.

A tiny fraction of the world’s population, all-powerful sociopaths, are determined to put in place Agenda 21. Something quite unexpected took place. Donald Trump won the election.

Blessed with the psychic truth, I recommend that you learn about Jesus and his father. Jesus is not supernatural, and Jesus’ father loves all humans, and lives in the hearts and minds of many.

It is all written in the stars. No fairytale, we exist in a universal progression that includes ages, linked together since the beginning. Distinguish the ages, said St. Augustine, and the Scriptures harmonize.

The kingdom of God is within you, and you within the universe’s state of consciousness. The political movement, the so-called progressive movement, has come and will go to where it came from, a pile of dung.

The choice is up for grabs. Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” What does the new world order offer? Jesus: “Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?



On this crisis

October 31st, 2017

161122_pope_francis[1]On this October 31, 2017, says this 92 year-old: “ho-hum, another crises.”

Today’s headline: “Washington prepares for the unexpected in Russia probe. The hardest part for official Washington is not knowing what happens next.”    I would add, “dreading what happens next.” We further read, “Democrats fret that President Trump might try to shut down the inquiry.”

I would add, Democrats are beating the bushes to divert attention.  The Democrats really messed up when they picked Hillary Clinton.

rahm-emanuel-facebook-800x4301President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, “You never want a serious crises to go to waste.” Hillary Clinton, picking up on Emanuel’s statement, “It can have a very positive influence on”—you guessed it—the new world order.    The fun is beginning in this unholy game of charades. Little ole North Korea has joined in with the world’s biggest bullies.

We’ve surely been in a financial crises. It’s central to the game. President Trump has gone and screwed up the works. The stock market and jobs are up. Trump is putting America first, closing America’s border, spoiling the plan to have a borderless-everyone-equal world. This ass hole, with the help of those exuberant nutcakes who put him in office, will try to make America great again. He must be stopped or 70 years of progressive democracy will go down the drain. Trump must be impeached or the new world order will die. What will we tell our children? Pray to God—in Heaven—that special council Mueller will stop those crazies.

RTX2U9ZJ-1024x730[1]Look at those evil-doers. Trump’s attorney general has now opened the door for congressional investigation that was barred. I can tell you that Trump is not about to try to stop the diversionary tactics of Democrats. Like a cat preparing to pounce on his prey, oh misery, the current establishment being picked apart, this evil man sitting in the oval office salivating, he must be impeached!

“Darling I am growing old, silver threads among the gold.” Governor Kasich says he is for the young, who are for the new world order. They are going to take over the world, says Kasich. Sorry, Governor, history is merely repeating itself. And by the way, God is not in heaven; the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21 “So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” Luke 21:31

97809149181031Luke 21:31, 2+1+3+1=7, the discrete number applying to my destiny. I psychically separate the true from the false.

“Take from the rich and give to the poor,” the song and dance of progressives. Without the rich, we are all poor, my friends.

We’ve got a tax on income and the rich get tax breaks. It’s a banker’s scam. We pay bankers with the income tax.

Replace the income tax with a tax on spending. If the rich want to live like kings, they pay a king’s ransom in tax.  They don’t want that. They pay zero tax on money invested in business. They like that.  We all like that. It creates jobs.  That’s why Trump is President. He doesn’t yet know that. I’m here to tell him.



On today’s thinking

October 30th, 2017


imgresOn this October 30, 2017, “Ex-Trump campaign aide Manafort charged in 12-count indictment,” the saga begins. Where it ends nobody knows, but at age 92, today is like living on another planet.

Born in 1925, in the Roaring Twenties, by the time I was eight years old, America in the Great Depression, by the time I was age sixteen, in World War II, as a combat rifleman at age eighteen, I helped finish off the Nazis, only to be sent to the Pacific theater of operations to finish off the Japs.

I spent eight months in Japan in the Army of Occupation and then came home to the making of the American dream. By age 35, I was married with three children, living in a new four bedroom home, with two cars in the garage, my wife a stay-at-home mom with a maid.

sailboatAt age fifty, living alone on a sailboat I named Bold Venture, I sailed the South Atlantic Ocean for two years, during which time I married for the third time. At age fifty-four, wife number three departed. I never saw or heard from her again. Two weeks after her departure, wife number four appeared, like it was ordered. She is the one and only love of my life. We’ve just celebrated 36 years of married bliss.

Looking back, alone and looking within for answers, born again to live the life I was intended to live, the world against me, I looked within for answers.

I had dared to study my Constitution from the standpoint of using it to protect my rights. I wrote a letter to Attorney General William B. Saxbe, informing him that federal income tax, as implemented, was unconstitutional.

This tells you how much the makers and keepers of America’s laws know. Saxbe forwarded my letter to my local Director of Internal Revenue, who ordered an audit.

ba6cb5c8853d9864f03095a5a9399cdc_tax-clipart-irs-tax-clipart_1024-849[1]A part time employee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a student at North Texas University, by law, entered my home and examined my personal records for five days. With his pocket calculator, by law, said student determined that I failed to report $5,000 of taxable income and I failed to report thousands of dollars in capital gains.

What did this student know about constitutional law? He knew only what the IRS wanted him to know. What did Attorney General Saxbe know about the law? He knew the law of the jungle.

I took the law to court, to the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, on my own, without the help of a lawyer, pursuant to my rights. The law of the jungle prevailed. It is ironic. In the Nuremburg trials of Nazis, the law of the jungle did not prevail. What did I fight for?

After 11 years of effort, I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. An examination by the Post found that the IRS had been mistaken since the beginning. In a front-page story, the IRS apologized. It didn’t change a thing. The United States remains as lawless as ever. I’m the same tax protester, “a spurious constitutional objector.”

Having said this, today’s news informs us that “Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for U.S. President Donald Trump, and an associate were indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 counts including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering, the federal special counsel’s office said on Monday. The charges were the first arising from the investigation by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to look into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election campaign aimed at swaying the vote in favor of Trump,” at the same time that Manafort is charged, Dirty Hillary and Big Daddy are exposed for their criminal activity.

Where is Attorney General Sessions?

The same as Attorney General Saxbe, Attorney General Sessions, who turned the investigation of Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia over to a special counsel, this is a pattern of U.S. Attorney Generals. It is the law of might makes right. Deep government is in charge.

The IRS is given the authority to make limitless mistakes, for the good of all. It gives the United States the money to become the world’s number one bully. If it were a private citizen, it would be called obstruction of justice.

when-god-made-everything-english-pp-22-6381 In any event, after trying to climb a greased pole for 49 years, I found myself all alone in demanding my rights. Everyone I knew felt that I’d lost my mind. The makers and keepers of the law called me a “spurious tax protester.” The IRS was going to teach me a lesson. One does not challenge the law, right? No, wrong! The IRS apologized. I was right, the IRS wrong—for all the good it did the American sheeple.

I looked within for my answers. In Luke 17:21, Jesus informs us that the kingdom of God is within you. I didn’t consciously know that at the time. I had a bigger than life cause. It wasn’t for me; it was for the nation I loved and fought for. My spiritual guides were there to guide me.

America is known as a Christian nation. If it is, then Christians need to turn to Jesus in this time of need. America’s law in practice has stripped her people of God-given rights, for one, the right and responsibility to exist on the fruits of our own labor. For another, to elect representatives of our choice.

Just as Jesus said can happen, raving wolves in sheep’s clothing control us. In the present case, the lawless establishment is determined to impeach the President the American people picked. As for the Attorney General, who knows what is going on? They will not reveal what they are doing. It’s classified. We are not in control. A lawless conspiracy is in control.

the-last-supper1 Before Jesus began his ministry, he went into the wilderness for 40 days to prepare himself. He was tempted by Satin. I, so to speak, went into the wilderness, to contemplate my future, after losing my business enterprise and my second wife divorcing me.

Never the establishment, Jesus taught, but personal discipleship, “Come to me,” said Jesus, “all ye that labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Know that you are at one with the consciousness of the universe and can never be anything else. Satin is always the loser. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain by accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior. I say this from personal experience. Nothing on earth can ever overpower those who know their origin. I daily count my blessings. May God bless you.


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