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On Deep State

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

BBELMYK.imgI’m no Garth Brooks, just a voice in the wilderness,

IMG_0408On this November 9, 2017, A Democrat has won as Virginia’s governor—it does not mean a thing, guys. No way are you on your way to a win. Northern Virginia is the home of federal workers earning three times what other workers earn doing the same work. They vote for big government.

I will tell you this: Your right to life, liberty and property, be you a U.S. citizen—your inalienable rights, those which cannot be taken from you, those originating in you—the kingdom of God within you, said Jesus: this connects with Amendment V of the U. S. Constitution, the due process clause. You Democrats are altogether off the target. You have been listening to Hillary Clinton, I say she’s history.

If you have a personal stake in the outcome, and you surely do in the case of income tax, the fruits of your own labor, that which you depend for your survival, if your survival is at stake, Amendment Five gives you the right to be heard in a meaningful way, in a meaningful place, but only if you demand it. The makers and keepers of the law are never going to willingly allow you your rights.  You know that.

Want to know their excuse for not hearing you? The case has already been heard. If the Democratic Party is ever to take control again, Democrats are going to have to change in your talk. A change is coming and nobody knows what. It is up for grabs.

Your right to exist on the fruits of your own labor your elected representatives have been manipulating in their favor, listen to one of your own. They’ve put you back on the plantation, what’s her name says. The three branches of the U.S. Government have become a Washington, D.C. based game of charades. They can’t talk about it. It’s classified, or whatever. They are liars. The absence of truth is a lie. We have a right  to know.

I was thinking Trump was going to drain the swamp. He’s not about to drain the swamp. You’ve got a chance of winning, with zero help from the press.

Having said this, I read this morning that Senate Republicans are under pressure to pass a sweeping tax rewrite before the year’s end. This is your opportunity to win at the midterm election. But you’ve got to totally change your approach.

Federal income tax, a Rothschild banker’s scam, they conned you Democrats into the idea that it was a rich man’s tax. President Trump, a billionaire, is currently in Asia boasting that America has the military might to never be intimidated. Yet he backs an income tax that is bankrupting America morally, fiscally, and spiritually. His tax plan, a rate cut,  but for some an increase in tax.

Moreover, President Trump, a billionaire himself, knows this better than most: those Republican representatives writing a sweeping tax reform bill are bought and paid for by the nation’s richest. There is nothing illegal about it, but we the people are being played for suckers, not only Democrats—all of us. Where did Hillary Clinton get her funding? From Wall Street.

President Trump went to Asia full of tough talk. He says unemployment has reached a 17 year low. He doesn’t count those on welfare not looking for a job. The law now says that if an employer employs 50 or more workers he must furnish health insurance. Health insurance costs have gone out of sight. The answer: Employ less that 50 full time employees. Employ part time workers. You part time employees are counted by Trump as employed. Those of you working two and three part time jobs and earning less than when you were in full time employment, that’s what those full time bums in Washington have done for you. This does not say a 17 year low in unemployment. No! It says you being taken for a walk down a garden path.

President Trump says the stock market has reached an all time high. Give me a break! Extremely low interest rates are causing corporations to borrow money to buy their stock back. Believers are back buying stock on the notion that Trump has the right answers. Any day the stock market could drop like a rock and there ain’t no bailout this time. It will be meltdown time.

Frankly, I don’t hear any answers for America’s growing problems. Blue collar workers, seeing their incomes going down and their costs going up, voted for President Trump. What I hear sounds like a game of charades. They’ve turned both sides against the middle and the press is totally nuts.

The Constitution was written to allow everyone an equal opportunity. With a tax on income, those elected representatives with forked tongues have succeeded in putting former black slaves back on the plantation. Instead of taking to the street, you guys need to play it smart.

Here’s something else: if the rich invested their wealth in a business instead of multimillion dollar toys, with a tax on spending, paying no tax if they put their money in a business, they could expand business and hire people. Why be against business? One is forced to wonder why President Trump has not thought of a tax on spending. Could it be that he is thinking more of living like a king than doing for the economy? With a tax on spending, he would be paying a king’s ransom in tax.

Democrats took the bate hook, line, and sinker. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933, after the Rothschild banking cartel manipulated a stock market crash and followed it with high interest rates, causing the Great Depression, while Rothschild bankers made a killing, millions lost everything they had.

Roosevelt stepped up to the plate with this solution: It is the duty of government to grant aid to starving people, “even if it isn’t written in the Constitution.” As a temporary solution, said the Supreme Court, the Constitution allowed grants in aid. But no, it had to be a permanent cure.

So, after packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges, in 1935 the Democrats gave America a permanent solution, Social Security, a pyramid game. Those nearing retirement age, like my father, who paid less than a thousand dollars, lived to age 94, and received from Social Security $500,000, somebody had to pay that back. They do this to get their foot in your door. That somebody is those with Social Security being withheld from their paychecks today.

With all that the Democrats did after the Rothschild banking scam wrecked the U.S. economy, the Great Depression lingered until World War II. America was put back to work building a war machine, which bore a heavy cost. Workers were perfectly willing to have a Victory Tax taken out of their pay, so Rothschild could collect interest on his loans. By the way Rothschild was loaning Hitler money to fight us. Banker Bush, George H.W. Bush’s father, loaned Hitler money to fight us.

The Rothschild banking con, the deliberately created depression, followed by a war, and billions of dollars in interest to Rothschild, the richest family in the world, the Victory Tax became federal withholding tax every worker paid, the foot in the door routine. We were no longer in a depression or a war.

They called it police actions, all for the purpose of making money on our blood, sweat and tears. Originally, federal income tax, a rich man’s tax, it was, this is the way those wolves in sheep’s clothing led the sheep to slaughter.

“Take from the rich and give to the poor,” right? No, wrong! The biggest con in history, wise up! The rich giving elected representatives millions of dollars in campaign donations to help them further enrich themselves with the help from Congress—with a pittance for the poor—America is now an oligarchy. One percent of America’s rich own 50 percent of the wealth. President Trump is going to make America great again? Good luck!

Eight and a half trillion taxpayer dollars simply disappeared. Imagine that! The Pentagon does not know what happened to the money. When this was reported to Congress, it got a big laugh. It turns out that the missing money financed “black projects,” such as zero gravity craft we fondly call flying saucers. But nary one word about it.

There are many whistleblowers willing to testify before Congress. I heard them at the National Press Conference in Washington, DC. Not a single one of them has been heard.

The Rothschild banking scam, a bought and paid for U.S. Congress, most of the world’s problems could be solved if the technology of flying saucers were public knowledge. Where is the press? Mention flying saucer and they laugh.

A secret criminal order hides the replacement of fossil fuel with free, clean energy. We could do away with the power grid; every home could have a free source of energy; every vehicle, every factory, every farm could have a free source of energy. Within five years poverty and war could be ended.

The powers that be talk about limiting fossil fuel out of environmental concern.  Why don’t you people know the truth?

To assuage their guilt, they secretly meet and indulge in Satanic rituals in Pacific Grove, California on a 2,700 acre tract of heavily forested land guarded by local officers of the law, federal officers of the law, dogs and cameras. Law enforcement protecting Satan worship? It is big, folks. They do despicable, disgusting things together, the idea being if they do it together, one for all and all for one, that makes it acceptable. “And he called them unto him in parables. How can Satan cast out Satan, said Jesus?”

51s303uvhgl-_sx328_bo1204203200_1In memory of John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, assassinated by Satan worshiping dogs in a manger, Kennedy talked much about open government. He ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to print interest free silver certificates in competition with Rothschild. He also worked toward ending the Viet Nam war, also against Rothschild interests. The Satan worshiping Lyndon B. Johnson, a Rothschild banking adherent, got America deeply in the Viet Nam war on a lie. Millions died. By the way, Kennedy said, “Ask not what your government can do for you.” Johnson had him killed.

The most anyone could do would be to expose the truth about free, clean energy, energy that would cure most of the problems in the world. Satan worshipers stand in the way of that.

We are in the death throws of the Age of Pisces, the symbol of which is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions,. In  the Age of Pisces, people have been prone to accept external factors; but at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the symbol of which is the water bearer, in Luke 21:25, the signs in the sun, moon and stars tell of Jesus’ return.  We are prone to look within for answers. We do not accept hypocrisy.

And in a parable, Jesus asked, “If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish be given a serpent. Or if he ask for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If you then, being evil, know how to give good give gifts unto your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask?

When U.S. tax authorities questioned my constitutional authority, they learned the hard way that my authority was higher. Perhaps we are about to emerge from our selfmade cocoons to a higher state of existence.

Democrats could surely take back control, but first you must distinguish rights from government authority. Your right to life, liberty and property, the fruits of your labor is of higher authority than tax authority; higher than government entitlement. They are not about to give you that right. Would you prefer to come to them with your hand out, or keep what is yours in the first place?

Get over being of a different culture. Quit calling yourselves African Americans. Quit thinking white people are racially prejudiced.  Are those Satan worshiping outlaws keeping you second rate? Instead of follow the leader, demand your God-given rights and you will win! We are divergent but of one culture, American.I’m not telling you anything that can’t be done. I won. The law is colorblind and favors no-one. Government, by rights, is our servant.  It can’t entitle anyone.  What has one done that entitles him to more than another?  Who could know?  One suit does not fit all. Some of us are more cabable of self support at age 90 than others at age 20.  It is time to faze out government entitlement.

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