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On the Age of Aquarius

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

The Water-BearerOn this November 7, 2017, we might have expected this: “Air Force Error Allowed Gunman to Buy Weapons.”

From the land area that is now Iraq, came the zodiac, a clockworks of the heavens consisting of a circle divided into 12 parts, like you slice a pie. Each of the parts has a sign that relates to our characteristics.

It takes approximately 26,000 years to travel completely around the circle, or about 2,000 years to travel through a sign.

Currently, we are leaving the sign of Pisces, entering the sign of Aquarius, the sign the water bearer.

Jesus would have been born at the beginning of the sign of Pisces. In Luke 21, we learn that in the sign of Aquarius Jesus returns, at least in spirit. We become our brothers keeper.

In Pisces, we were not sure of ourselves and easily influenced by external factors. In Aquarius, we become internally motivated, more sure of ourselves. We will not tolerate hypocrisy.

The transition from Pisces to Aquarius would naturally create the situation we currently face.

We are each born with a sun sign. Mine is Virgo. More lately, astrology has given us a rising sign. Mine is Aquarius. The rising sign is a hypothetical sun rising, considering that the sun moves across the earth’s surface at 900 miles per hour. One would have to know the exact time of his birth. These signs are based on when and where we were born. I was born on September 17, 1925 at 4:51 pm cst in Houston, Texas. If you want to know who I am and what I’m about, you can read about me in astrology books.

Astrology seems preposterous until we take into consideration that the time-space universe can be mathematically reduced to vibrations. This, of course, is beyond our faculties.

Quantum physics, the study of the microcosmic universe, comes close to what ancient astrologers knew. The stone tablets of the Sumerians inform us that they knew the sun and orbits of all the planets. They had to have received this knowledge from extraterrestrials.

mindbodyWe are currently a century behind where we were destined to be. The powers that be have us dumbed down. If we knew what they know, technologically, they would lose their control over us. We would have the answers to most of the world’s problems.

The new world order is actually the old world order. ISIS is their means of taking us back. The new world order is a most despicable cult of Lucifetarians. They can no longer keep their cult secret. They have entered their final disgusting act.

A half century after I was born, I was jolted out of La La Land. Out of work, my second wife divorcing me, and everyone who knew me thought I was sick in the head, I looked within for answers, not knowing that this is what Jesus advised.

I had a bigger than life calling. I had studied my Constitution with the thought of using it to demand my right to exist on the fruits of my own labor.

I had written U.S. Attorney General William B. Saxbe a letter advising him of my rights. The American people are so dumbed down they think we don’t have that right.

Saxbe forwarded my letter to my local Director of Internal Revenue. He doesn’t legislate. He enforces the law. The law, therefore, says I do not have a right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. Every federal court in the land, save the Court of Claims, agreed that I do not have the right to exist on the fruits of my own labor.

img_20170111_0606588472I took the record to The Palm Beach Post. An investigation got an answer from a spokesman for the Director. Here is the story, in part, in The Palm Beach Post.

The story got not one peep.

Going back to day I departed my old life, Good Friday 1975, the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Christ, I drove away from my old life and never looked back. This is the first sign that something big was going on.

In July 1975, on a chance meeting with an astrologer (I wasn’t into astrology) I hired this astrologer to create my astrological chart. I wasn’t impressed with it. As it turned out, most of what he predicted happened. That isn’t normal. Something big was going on. I’ve concluded that when I departed my old life I got on my path of destiny. When things should have gone wrong, everything started going right for me. I think my bigger than life calling is behind it.

Why don’t others realize that federal income tax is the reason that the United States can bully the world. If my case has anything to do with it, a big change is taking place and comes displacement. The message: be prepared or end up a creek without a paddle.

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