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On this crisis

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

161122_pope_francis[1]On this October 31, 2017, says this 92 year-old: “ho-hum, another crises.”

Today’s headline: “Washington prepares for the unexpected in Russia probe. The hardest part for official Washington is not knowing what happens next.”    I would add, “dreading what happens next.” We further read, “Democrats fret that President Trump might try to shut down the inquiry.”

I would add, Democrats are beating the bushes to divert attention.  The Democrats really messed up when they picked Hillary Clinton.

rahm-emanuel-facebook-800x4301President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, “You never want a serious crises to go to waste.” Hillary Clinton, picking up on Emanuel’s statement, “It can have a very positive influence on”—you guessed it—the new world order.    The fun is beginning in this unholy game of charades. Little ole North Korea has joined in with the world’s biggest bullies.

We’ve surely been in a financial crises. It’s central to the game. President Trump has gone and screwed up the works. The stock market and jobs are up. Trump is putting America first, closing America’s border, spoiling the plan to have a borderless-everyone-equal world. This ass hole, with the help of those exuberant nutcakes who put him in office, will try to make America great again. He must be stopped or 70 years of progressive democracy will go down the drain. Trump must be impeached or the new world order will die. What will we tell our children? Pray to God—in Heaven—that special council Mueller will stop those crazies.

RTX2U9ZJ-1024x730[1]Look at those evil-doers. Trump’s attorney general has now opened the door for congressional investigation that was barred. I can tell you that Trump is not about to try to stop the diversionary tactics of Democrats. Like a cat preparing to pounce on his prey, oh misery, the current establishment being picked apart, this evil man sitting in the oval office salivating, he must be impeached!

“Darling I am growing old, silver threads among the gold.” Governor Kasich says he is for the young, who are for the new world order. They are going to take over the world, says Kasich. Sorry, Governor, history is merely repeating itself. And by the way, God is not in heaven; the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21 “So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” Luke 21:31

97809149181031Luke 21:31, 2+1+3+1=7, the discrete number applying to my destiny. I psychically separate the true from the false.

“Take from the rich and give to the poor,” the song and dance of progressives. Without the rich, we are all poor, my friends.

We’ve got a tax on income and the rich get tax breaks. It’s a banker’s scam. We pay bankers with the income tax.

Replace the income tax with a tax on spending. If the rich want to live like kings, they pay a king’s ransom in tax.  They don’t want that. They pay zero tax on money invested in business. They like that.  We all like that. It creates jobs.  That’s why Trump is President. He doesn’t yet know that. I’m here to tell him.



On today’s thinking

Monday, October 30th, 2017


imgresOn this October 30, 2017, “Ex-Trump campaign aide Manafort charged in 12-count indictment,” the saga begins. Where it ends nobody knows, but at age 92, today is like living on another planet.

Born in 1925, in the Roaring Twenties, by the time I was eight years old, America in the Great Depression, by the time I was age sixteen, in World War II, as a combat rifleman at age eighteen, I helped finish off the Nazis, only to be sent to the Pacific theater of operations to finish off the Japs.

I spent eight months in Japan in the Army of Occupation and then came home to the making of the American dream. By age 35, I was married with three children, living in a new four bedroom home, with two cars in the garage, my wife a stay-at-home mom with a maid.

sailboatAt age fifty, living alone on a sailboat I named Bold Venture, I sailed the South Atlantic Ocean for two years, during which time I married for the third time. At age fifty-four, wife number three departed. I never saw or heard from her again. Two weeks after her departure, wife number four appeared, like it was ordered. She is the one and only love of my life. We’ve just celebrated 36 years of married bliss.

Looking back, alone and looking within for answers, born again to live the life I was intended to live, the world against me, I looked within for answers.

I had dared to study my Constitution from the standpoint of using it to protect my rights. I wrote a letter to Attorney General William B. Saxbe, informing him that federal income tax, as implemented, was unconstitutional.

This tells you how much the makers and keepers of America’s laws know. Saxbe forwarded my letter to my local Director of Internal Revenue, who ordered an audit.

ba6cb5c8853d9864f03095a5a9399cdc_tax-clipart-irs-tax-clipart_1024-849[1]A part time employee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a student at North Texas University, by law, entered my home and examined my personal records for five days. With his pocket calculator, by law, said student determined that I failed to report $5,000 of taxable income and I failed to report thousands of dollars in capital gains.

What did this student know about constitutional law? He knew only what the IRS wanted him to know. What did Attorney General Saxbe know about the law? He knew the law of the jungle.

I took the law to court, to the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, on my own, without the help of a lawyer, pursuant to my rights. The law of the jungle prevailed. It is ironic. In the Nuremburg trials of Nazis, the law of the jungle did not prevail. What did I fight for?

After 11 years of effort, I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. An examination by the Post found that the IRS had been mistaken since the beginning. In a front-page story, the IRS apologized. It didn’t change a thing. The United States remains as lawless as ever. I’m the same tax protester, “a spurious constitutional objector.”

Having said this, today’s news informs us that “Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for U.S. President Donald Trump, and an associate were indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 counts including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering, the federal special counsel’s office said on Monday. The charges were the first arising from the investigation by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to look into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election campaign aimed at swaying the vote in favor of Trump,” at the same time that Manafort is charged, Dirty Hillary and Big Daddy are exposed for their criminal activity.

Where is Attorney General Sessions?

The same as Attorney General Saxbe, Attorney General Sessions, who turned the investigation of Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia over to a special counsel, this is a pattern of U.S. Attorney Generals. It is the law of might makes right. Deep government is in charge.

The IRS is given the authority to make limitless mistakes, for the good of all. It gives the United States the money to become the world’s number one bully. If it were a private citizen, it would be called obstruction of justice.

when-god-made-everything-english-pp-22-6381 In any event, after trying to climb a greased pole for 49 years, I found myself all alone in demanding my rights. Everyone I knew felt that I’d lost my mind. The makers and keepers of the law called me a “spurious tax protester.” The IRS was going to teach me a lesson. One does not challenge the law, right? No, wrong! The IRS apologized. I was right, the IRS wrong—for all the good it did the American sheeple.

I looked within for my answers. In Luke 17:21, Jesus informs us that the kingdom of God is within you. I didn’t consciously know that at the time. I had a bigger than life cause. It wasn’t for me; it was for the nation I loved and fought for. My spiritual guides were there to guide me.

America is known as a Christian nation. If it is, then Christians need to turn to Jesus in this time of need. America’s law in practice has stripped her people of God-given rights, for one, the right and responsibility to exist on the fruits of our own labor. For another, to elect representatives of our choice.

Just as Jesus said can happen, raving wolves in sheep’s clothing control us. In the present case, the lawless establishment is determined to impeach the President the American people picked. As for the Attorney General, who knows what is going on? They will not reveal what they are doing. It’s classified. We are not in control. A lawless conspiracy is in control.

the-last-supper1 Before Jesus began his ministry, he went into the wilderness for 40 days to prepare himself. He was tempted by Satin. I, so to speak, went into the wilderness, to contemplate my future, after losing my business enterprise and my second wife divorcing me.

Never the establishment, Jesus taught, but personal discipleship, “Come to me,” said Jesus, “all ye that labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Know that you are at one with the consciousness of the universe and can never be anything else. Satin is always the loser. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain by accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior. I say this from personal experience. Nothing on earth can ever overpower those who know their origin. I daily count my blessings. May God bless you.


On classified information

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

01 Nathan Rothschild[1]Now that America’s political Pandora’s Box is open and all manner of stinging insects have been released to plague us, it is essential that America have a president that places America first, and here is why:

America’s military-industrial complex has used classified, for one thing, to rip-off the taxpayers to the tune of eight trillion dollars, and without one peep from our congressional representatives. What else? They are bought and paid for.

For three-fourths of a century, America’s military-industrial complex has been hiding advanced technology from the American people that could and would solve most of the world’s problems, the military keeping this from the world by calling it classified. It is no theory; it is a provable fact.

Additionally, something never talked about—and should—is the Balfour Agreement. In a letter from United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Author Balfour, to Lord Walter Rothschild, a Jewish Zionist, of the richest family in the world—a banking family—Rothschild wanted Palestine made a Jewish state, and he had an enticing deal to offer in exchange for a Jewish homeland.

At the time, in 1917, England was the last holdout in World War I, and out of ammunition and food. The deal: if Rothschild could get America in the war, and should Germany lose the war, England would see to it that Palestine would be made a Jewish state. Although England had no authority to make Palestine a Jewish state (“all is fair in love and war”), as it were, President Woodrow Wilson was up to his eyeballs—in a fraud—allowing Rothschild a central bank in America, the Federal Reserve Bank, a totally privately owned bank, and controlled by Rothschild. Wilson’s political campaign for President was financed largely with Rothschild money—with the agreement, mind you, that if elected he would sign the bill for a central bank.

So there you have it! Follow the money. The Federal Reserve Bank was to be allowed to print money and charge interest. The collateral was the newly passed federal income tax against the American income producer, strictly to give the elite more control to squander our work effort. The elite know so much more than ordinary people. What would we do without them? Read on.

I’m intelligent enough to know that a tax on income is for the elite’s benefit. They get tax deductions the poorer of us never get. The simple way to tax is a tax on spending. The elite will never do that. The rich would not be able to live like royalty. They would pay no tax, however, on money invested in their businesses, which would mean they would hire more workers, but that’s of no concern. They would just as soon that we beg for what we get.

The brainstorm of the elite was a credit economy aimed at economic growth—as it turns out, with trillions of dollars of debt, America’s taxes, largely going into banker pockets—and no way to control it—thank the self-serving elite for this.

With the Rothschild money and America’s productive capacity, Germany lost World War I. Palestine became a Jewish state, and the war continues. This is great for bankers, but not very good for us. Think of the loss of life and suffering the elite impose on us.

Rothschild is known to have acquired vast wealth by financing wars. He started as a gold merchant, offering printed paper to be used instead of the metal. Nobody bothered to find out if Rothschild had gold in reserve for the paper. So, when governments found it most convenient to borrow all the money they wanted to fight wars, Rothschild financed both sides by printing paper on which interest was charged. Nice work if you can get it. You can believe that Rothschild, the richest family in the world, gives the elite the means of controlling everyone. What we have today in the west is a Rothschild banking fraud, the likes of which the world has never seen.

aaiytpt1Russia, who has never been part of it, has been trying to take control away from the west by replacing the dollar with the ruble. So, I’ll repeat, “all is fair in love and war,” now enters Big Daddy and Dirty Hillary, who have done their part in making America’s government  the greatest fraud in history, and the Russians using them!

You’ve got to be kidding. When you take the Democratic Party’s operation into consideration—Glory Hallelujah!—the American military keeping secret the cure by classifying it, the so-called new world order, any way you cut the deck, taking America’s freedom from us and making us slaves, this is the bottom line. Why don’t folks see that?

Right now, America’s military-industrial complex has “flying saucers,” and has had them ever since the 1950s. There are more than 500 whistleblowers ready and willing to testify before Congress to this fact, and where is America’s press? Where are you?

The news is out there, folks. I’m not making this up. Truly, if the world had the knowledge the elite are hiding from us, everyone would have free electricity to run their homes and vehicles. Every farm and factory would have free electricity. All transportation would be powered at zero cost. We could eliminate the electric grid and all fossil fuels. Imagine that. Within five years poverty could be wiped out. There would never be another war.

images[1]Keeping the above in mind, the cutting edge of science says we make our reality, and Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you, and astrology says we are entering the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper. Time is running out for the Stone Age, folks. Don’t get left at the switch.


On “Dirty Hillary”

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

images[3]On this October 28, 2017, The Wall Street Journal: “Appointed in May, Mr. Mueller and his team of prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have been examining alleged Russian efforts to influence last year’s election and whether President Donald Trump’s campaign or Mr. Trump’s associates colluded with the Kremlin.”

This can of worms Mr. Mueller is investigating has done zero in bringing the American people together. Rather, it is a fruitless fight amongst the power brokers to usurp the people’s rights. The power brokers want to impeach President Trump. Round and round we go and where we stop nobody knows. But ahh! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, folks

“At least one person was charged Friday in connection with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, according to people familiar with the matter.” Whoopdedo-o! Now we’re getting somewhere!

“That person could be taken into custody as soon as Monday, these people said. The number and identity of the defendants, and the charges, couldn’t be determined.” A-a-a-u-u-h!

“A spokesman for Mr. Mueller, Peter Carr, declined to comment.” Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of Big Daddy and Dirty Hillary.

The dossier “Dirty Hillary” and the Democratic Party paid millions for, perhaps, just perhaps, has a grain of truth in it. But it is a concoction of untruths against Trump. That cannot be denied. The point being overlooked is the many more questions about the Clintons and the Democratic Party raised, as if there are not enough already.

Never mind that, it is possible that there is a grain of truth in Dirty Hillary’s dossier. We need to focus on that.

th[3]Yes, it just might be true, although for a year nothing? At least one person charged, with bated breath we wait. This is the news we get. We don’t get the news that most of the problems of our world could be solved if the secret of zero gravity and free, clean energy were exposed.

All of the above suggests an unholy conspiracy to strip the American people of every right we have. But the worst of all threats is nuclear war, possibly the annihilation of human life, and Trump is beating the war drums.

Taking it all into consideration, my question: To have a government for us, it is essential that we take responsibility for our own lives. Cradle to grave security means zero personal responsibility. Government entitlement means being externally governed, placing our power in other people’s hands, giving one’s work effort to control freaks. We have the right and responsibility, constitutionality, to exist by our own effort in America. But what of it? If you don’t demand it, you don’t get your rights.

I demanded my rights. It took 11 years of legal battle, on my own (a lawyer would have cost me a million dollars), but through God’s power in me, I won. But what of it? It isn’t everyone that can do that. But what if only a thousand of the American people did that?

Jesus insisted, at the price of being nailed to a cross, that the kingdom of God is within you. If you have the power of God in you, then you believe not in government—not in any power here on earth—you believe that you are inextricably at one with the consciousness of the universe.

I can tell you that when I started looking within for my answers, in spite of “the law,” I was empowered. My spiritual guides took over. I started living a charmed life. Government is merely here to do the things we can’t do for ourselves. If we choose, we are in charge of our reality.

On the record

Friday, October 27th, 2017

action_sam[1]The Associated Press, WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is responding to a California billionaire who has vowed to spend at least $10 million in advertising calling for the president’s impeachment.  I’m not spending five cents, but hear this!

On this October 27, 2017, a red letter day, the Attorney General of the United States, I want the world to know, as announced, will hold a press conference.  We will know what the future holds.

Forty-three years ago yours truly wrote a letter to Attorney General William B. Saxbe informing him that federal income tax was unconstitutional—as implemented against me. I informed the Attorney General of the United States that I would see him in court, and I did see his attorney in the U.S. Supreme Court.

I want the world to know that under the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution a U.S. citizen has the constitutional right to take his government to court—if he has a personal stake in the outcome. This is all recorded. On an invalid excuse (the case had already been heard), the Supreme Court refused to hear my case. What could be more compelling than a case of the government lawlessly confiscating an individual’s work effort?

img_20170111_0606588472On December 1, 1986, The Palm Beach Post published a story on my case. In part, here it is.

There is much more to consider in the press conference today. I want the world to know that the United States is the most corrupt nation in the world. We are under Damocles sword, hanging by a thread. The United States is about to cause a nuclear war that could leave human life history written in the rocks.

How many Americans know that every citizen of the United States has the right to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place—if he has a personal stake in the outcome? Not one! The lawless United States has seen to that. What if a thousand U.S. citizens employed their constitutional right to take their government to court? You can believe the government is sweating over the thought.

Attorney General Saxbe forwarded my letter to him to my local Internal Revenue Director, who, without cause, ordered an audit to see if I’d paid all of the income tax I owed. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spent from Monday through Friday—in my home—examining every single record I had for years, an outrageous abuse of my Fourth Amendment right to privacy. Using a pocket calculator, a part time IRS employee, a North Texas University Student, found that I did not report $5,000 of my annual income. The IRS ordered me to appear in their office and pay the tax, penalty and interest they determined I owed. It was an out and out fraud.

Instead of following the IRS order, I filed in the U.S. Tax Court for a hearing. Being as I was an independent businessman, and suffered a loss in my business, I filed a claim for a tax refund. The IRS told me the refund was frozen until I dropped my claim in Tax Court, by the way against the law. I was to pay an illegally concocted tax out of my refund. It took four years to be heard in Tax Court. Just before the trial, the IRS admitted that it had been mistaken. The IRS is allowed limitless mistakes.

My self-employed business failed. I was forced to sell land for living expenses. Due to double-digit inflation, my land sold for double what I paid for it. This meant that I owed capital gains tax. The money I received would buy half as much. Common sense tells you that I gained zero on the sale. The IRS claimed that I received more than 25 percent of the price of the land in the first year. That meant I owed the full tax. It was a false claim. I owed tax on only the proportion of the payment I received.

bbxxedh2What I’m telling you is the reason the United States of America has the military might to force its will on the world. It is the biggest fraud of all times, folks, and the IRS is the police force behind it all.  The American people have sold out to a criminal conspiracy that could end human life.

In a congressional hearing an official of the IRS, questioned for singling out conservative political opposition to penalize in their income tax, hid behind the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, the self-incrimination clause. The Attorney General did nothing. But when it came to my using the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment, it was another “matter.”

imagesh7p97ur4By the way, the Attorney General called the investigation of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a “matter,” not an investigation—the Clintons, the most corrupt politicians ever in U.S. history, simply a matter?

The world will know today, keeping in mind that the American people are being lied to by their government, what the present Attorney General, at this time in the catbird seat, does about the “matter” concerning Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and those lawless, hell raising militants on the street,  knowing full well that we are on the brink of nuclear war, the Democratic Party leading the way–and they accuse their opposition of everything they do. This is  a “matter” to take into consideration if you value your life and the future of the world.

P.S. Pass this on to those who want to impeach the President.


On treason

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

IMG_0410It is now 9:30 am, October 26, 2017. I’m troubled by the revelation that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have been lying about everything. They now admit it. They have attempted to reverse the fact that it is Democrats in a crime involving Russia, including bribery, money laundering, and selling out America’s security. None other that Robert Muller, who is now investigating Trump for double dealing, was up to his eyeballs in a corrupt deal with Russia. No wonder Trump has not shown any concern about the Muller investigation.

In the last few days of the Obama Administration, by executive order, Obama allowed hundreds of Americans, with impunity, mind you, to be “unmasked.” The law protects people from being unmasked unless it can be shown that they are spying, or in some way pose a threat to America’s security. This has to be shown before a judge in order to unmasked people. Not only did Obama allow hundreds of American to be unmasked, but ordered that 13 federal agencies be allowed to become involved in the unmasking. It was formerly the NSA alone.

Unnamed individuals, who obtained information from the unmasking leaked information to the press. The press has had its responses to everything President Trump tries to do from “unnamed” sources, responses that question the President.

Bottom line: The Democratic Party and fellow traveling Republicans are traitors. They took an oath that they would defend and protect America’s Constitution.

Former President Obama is traveling about the world making backdoor deals with foreign governments. President Trump’s private telephone conversations with foreign government officials are being exposed, word for word. Who would trust us?             It should be clear to everyone in America that we are being taken over by an evil force.

Although he is behind it all, Obama will not take the hit. Many others will likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

RTX2U9ZJ-1024x730[1]We are patiently awaiting answers. We learn that Attorney General Sessions has scheduled a press conference. And this: a whistle blower with documented information has been released from a gag order that will expose Hillary Clinton for her part in the sellout of America for money from Russia. In response, Hillary Clinton talks about those who are about to take her to the cleaners as though they are about to be taken to the cleaners. For 25 years, if anyone seriously troubles Hillary they lose their life. The count is now in the 60s. If Hillary goes down this time, there will be many other that go down with her.

President Trump, probably the most intelligent President in many years, has said this is the calm before the storm. The greatest fraud in history could be about to be exposed. What comes next? What will President Trump do to make America great again?

Do the American people know what they want? My guess is that the Trump opposition will continue as long as they live to raise hell, and no matter what. In fact, they will step up their violent acts.

Making America great again means a deeper than present understanding of the universe. Reality is what we make it. Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. That is good advice.



On making America great again

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

IMG_0408Here I sit this October 25, 2017, blessed with good health and government entitlement, one of the more fortunate Americans. A Newsweek headline shocks me. “George H.W. Bush Apologizes After Sex Assault Claim.”

My qualification: I’m a World War II veteran, like George H.W. Bush, who has seen much change. I’m sorry to say that much of it is not good. I look for the reason.

Science is finally in agreement that before anything can exist there must be a state of consciousness, which equates with God. Until we can agree that God is the universal state of consciousness, there can never be unity.

We can have different opinions, but must agree on how to deal with differences of opinion if we are to have peace. It is inescapable that we, as conscious beings, are part of universal consciousness, and capable of being aware of it.

Some areas of our planet are better suited for human habitation than other areas. Some areas include more natural resources than others. To live in a just society, all of this must be taken into consideration.

After we take all of the above into consideration, we must be aware that in the nature of things, out of natural calamity comes beauty. The gem of America, Crater Lake, was once the scene of one of the world’s most active volcanoes. We can’t change nature.

All things have a beginning and an end. We can’t change that. To have a just society, we must be prepared for change. Taking all of the above into consideration, the sad reality is that we often resort to war. For shame, George H.W.Bush. You are Satin possessed.

I’m a musician. I participate. It is hard to imagine how those musicians must feel about more than 500 music lovers killed or injured for listing.  It is sick, sick sick! There is harmony in nature and music. We must come to realize that in the nature of things, a progression of catastrophic changes has made our time-space consortium. From atoms to humans, like gods, we are capable of manipulating the parts to better our lives, and to create atomic destruction, like gods.  The astrologer Pythagoras, also a musician, said there is music coming from the spheres.  We are the product of the stars.

But because we are not taking all of this into consideration, a tiny fraction of the whole of us is in control, and will remain in control until we all agree that before anything can exist there must be universal consciousness, or God. We must not isolate ourselves from the universe.

America’s major difference is socialism opposing capitalism. Keeping this difference alive, we have Democrats, Republicans and independents. As long as we Americans allow this division, we will move backwards. America is now a full century behind in technological development. Our division has allowed a tiny fraction of the whole to unnaturally keep the cutting edge of scientific advancement secret. It goes against the universe’s orderly development.

The secret, if exposed, would cure most of the world’s problems. Not only would America be great again but the whole world as well. What exposure of this secret would not do is protect the interests of the tiny fraction in control.

What we have, therefore, is gamesmanship in high office. We the people are pawns. Keeping this abomination in control is the establishment’s press. It is this well entrenched fraud, which has for decades caused America’s working people to finally get enough and to vote for a highly successful businessman as president, this capitalist, nothing could be worse for socialists. Nothing will change the mindset of these losers. The establishment’s press will see to that.

We Americans were put here in what was once a great nation leading the world to prosperity. We are now the dominant military power in the world—the king of the mountain. Naturally, there are those who want to pull American down, psychopaths with control the only thing that dominates their wills. Include that tiny fraction of psychopaths that keep secret the technology that could cure most of the world’s problems—existing right here in America! These out of control maniacs have the power to end all human life.

Capitalism and socialism be damned! The truth will set us free. It is we the American people who made America great—our blood, sweat and tears, our hard work! We must take it all into consideration and rid ourselves of this, the greatest fraud of all times. We owe it to those who fought and died that we might be free. Shout it from the mountain top. God has blessed me with a long life. I take it seriously. May God be with you–that you may say, “I did my part.”

On the current state of consciousness

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017


On this October 24, 2017, Senator Bob Corker, who is retiring from the Senate, speaking of President Trump (and to any and all of the press who will listen to this loser), “Unfortunately,” says Corker, “I think world leaders are very much aware that much of what he says is untrue.” Really!

Let us distinguish Senator Corker’s so-called “world leaders.” But first let me say that I’ve not registered as a Republican for more than a decade. I’m an independent. I voted for Trump, the populist, he is called. He has to go, like everything else that becomes popular, right? I’m a populist? Nothing could be further from the truth. Populist is press B.S.

One thing I say for sure, in our advanced Stone Age, you will not for long be “insured.” Whether it is public or private insurance, you can bet the cost will go out of sight. For instance, to get a slightly bent fender fixed on your car, the cost, you can bet, will be over a thousand dollars. My car insurance went up over $500 this year, and still my insurer writes that they lost money. To remain in business, rates must continue to go higher. When a third party pays your bills, you can be sure the cost will continue to go up until chaos sets in.

hook-emth1imagesh7p97ur4 Hillary doesn’t find my wig and fingers amusing, but pleased with her own fingers representing Satin. Under a socialist form of government—after chaos sets in—everyone assured of equal treatment, except for the intelligentsia, everyone will be poor. There will be no middle-class, only the poor and the ruling class, including Hillary.

I’ve been on the road and out of touch for six days. I’m catching up.

You have probably heard of the split personality, those who do not know the other personality that exists within them. The question is being raised if it is possible to mind-control an individual. Could Stephen Paddock have been mind controlled? If so, by whom? This is something I’ve not heard or considered. Very interesting.

AAigCeJ[1]President Trump recently stated that we are now in the calm before the storm. I think the fickle finger of fate is pointing at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), its power to call anything classified. The finger also points at the “fake news.” The energy is building against an old, worn out establishment. When you look within—ignore what “they” say—it makes sense what Trump says.

The breaking news today that impressed me the most, experts on mind control—and the victims thereof—they’re coming out of the woodwork, the present termite eaten house of the good ole boys is about to fall. And Senator Corker bowing out, I would say that our so-called “populist” president is gaining ground.

It is going to be hell to pay. So, If I were the heads of the intelligence gathering agencies, I would be absolutely desperate. They are about to be found with their pants down.

Yes, it’s getting out of hand, folks. The out of date establishment is being found out.  I don’t think it is possible to pull off an assassination like they did in President Kennedy’s case, and get away with it.  I don’t think it is possible to pull off another 9-11 type event, like in the George Walker Bush case, and get away with it.  Both the Kennedy assassination and the 9-11 event were inside jobs. And now the massacre at Las Vegas. No one believes the official story. The planners of “a new world order” are sweating blood over the blood they spilled for Satin’s cause? Can you believe that?

After six days on the road, this is my take. Their claims against Trump are getting more bazaar.

It all goes back to the beginning of the CIA—under the Truman administration—and coincidentally, with the beginning of UFOs. No, it was not coincidence. The CIA replaced the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps, and their discovery after the war. They didn’t want the Russians to know. What? Anti-gravity craft. The Russians knew before army intelligence knew.  The race was on, militarily—all in secret—and classified—and far beyond anything that could be considered for America’s defense, as it turns out. You better believe it was a criminal conspiracy in violation of the U.S. Constitution. And to think, I was a World War II volunteer risking my life for this crap, the greatest fraud of all times? No way, Jose.

Bottom line: follow the money—primarily bankers, and oil money—half of the world’s money is involved in a colossal fraud, my friends. You are in the hands of bankers, in the hands of the providers of the defense of America—including the military—you’ve, got the picture. We are pawns! We’ve got “shadow government” running the show, a lawless conspiracy that has taken over. What to do?

With anti-gravity comes free, clean energy, the total replacement of all fossil fuels, as well as nuclear energy—if known! If known the problem, it is not generallyt known. It is fraudulently classified.  No, you do not classify the law. Knowing it is exclusively for our shell game defenders—defenders of what! Defenders of their new world order, that’s what. The last thing big money and power wants is a new world order. It wants Stone Age order. That’s it–period.

Stone Age order, the cause of great deprivation and suffering, if these merciless frauds have their way again, all else we’ve known will be like a Sunday picnic in the park.

Jesus called their so-called New Deal law raving wolves in sheep’s clothing. The sooner we all know their “New Deal” fraud, the sooner we move toward a real new world order in which no one suffers in poverty, in which there will be no wars. And the first to know the truth, it seems to me, would be those who have lost the most, the American people.

They say the truth will set you free. What we’ve had for the past 70 years is the big lie, the truth classified.  President Kennedy pushed transparent government. He had to have known the United States was run like the mafia. The mafia and Vice President Johnson did away with President Kennedy, and covered their terrible misdeed with a fact-finding commission that beat the bushes and nothing came of it, an obvious snipe hunt.

41VIvF8kyaL._BO1,204,203,200_[1]Ever since the Kennedy assassination, America has been on a beat-the-bushes snipe hunt, Congress representing itself. With the kind of presidents we’ve had, and now more generally known, there has been nothing the people could do about our elected representatives not living up to their promises, we now have a president telling it like it is—either that or leading his opposition astray.

The plot thickens. Take the bloviating Senator Corker, I, for one, trust President Trump. I sense that many more are beginning to feel the same. For instance, the Las Vegas massacre and the FBI answer, a nothing answer, you know it in the local police accounting. They are not good actors. A judge has ordered no more covering up the truth. I think it most particularly applies to the FBI. Behind the FBI is the banker, and the industrial flim- flam. The Constitution is America’s law of the land. A right is individual. Government can’t pass out rights. Government may not transfer or in any manner take our rights. But if you don’t demand your rights you have none.

All of what is taking place, the so-called new world order crap—anything but—is hastening the day of change, and it will not be pretty! Those who have followed the new world Pied Piper will find themselves up a creek without a paddle. Those who have looked within for their answers will soon have it going their way, for the day of judgment is now upon us.

The Water-BearerWe enter a time, the Age of Aquarius, when the truth will set us free—when the corrupt powers that be, international bankers, Wall Street brokers and bankers, the military-industrial complex, including the fake news press, will begin to go south—or go to jail.

The thing that we cannot deny—looking at nature herself—is that of progressiveness. “Never let a crises pass without acting,” the liberals say. You bet! Out of turmoil, disorder and violence, comes a more beautiful world, and so it is in the universe. Those who live by the god within us—with the consciousness of the universe—will become at one with the universe. And the rest—well, like Neanderthals—they will simply vanish, their bones written history in the rocks. It is all written in the stars. Luke 21:25

On reality

Monday, October 16th, 2017

jobridge-jpg1On this October 16, 2017—What’s next? We’ve got sex predator Harvey Weinstein—Larry Flint, publisher of “Hustler,” America’s biggest porn peddler, has offered $10 million for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office President Donald Trump. He bought a full-page advertisement in the Washington Post. He should be that rich, this porn hustler? Give me a break!

Be reminded that going on four years I’ve been bringing attention to the idea that reality is what we make it.

The cutting edge of science says the universe is dimensional and there is a dimension of infinite possibility with which the human mind is connected.

Sociologist Robert Merton informs us that whatever we choose to think, it is real, for we will prove it. It reminds me of the Bush Administration’s self-fulfilling prophecy, after the 9-11 event military action in the Middle East. Was that the right think to do? Altogether, the cost has run into trillions of dollars and millions of lives lost, this terrible evil, this self-fulfilling prophecy, is this right?

As the false flags continue to grow, my audience continues to grow. Why? I merely sum up the news, some from Fox News, more from reporters and documentaries on YouTube. I weed out that which I think false. My message is exponentially growing.

I receive favorable reports, which spur me on.

I’m merely one of the billions of humans occupying this planet for a limited time.

There are relatively few who control the world, people who think they are special; to name a few, Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, the popes of the Holy Catholic Church, Hitler, Stalin and Mao, and we must not forget the banking family of Rothschild, the richest family in the world.

The special people of this world, guilty of causing massive death and destruction, controlling us by fear of the consequences, my message has been to look within for your answers, coincidentally what Jesus advised.

Therefore, having brought this background to your attention, with regard to today’s news on the nation’s top porn hustler, I’d like to remind you that I legally challenged the United States. I’m not a lawyer. I do not take legal advice. I studied the Constitution with the idea of using it. Lawyers do the same, and the same as me, for their benefit, not mine.

For my express benefit, I learned that in the Fifth Amendment, in the due process clause, I have the right to be heard, if I have a personal stake in the outcome. Lawyers: “Are you kidding?” Federal income tax would give me the right—if it deprived me of the right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. When has a lawyer said that? Has it ever come to question, publically, the right to exist on one’s own labor? Not that I know of. Is it not the most basic thing to freedom?

Keeping the fact in mind that lawyers practice law for their benefit, not mine, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for my daring to raise the question of my right to exist, decided to deprive me of the right to exist—to let the world know that we have zero rights. I have that in writing from the IRS.

Yes, according to America’s makers and keepers of the law, depriving me of the right to exist is merely an error. I have the right to challenge what I believe to be an IRS error in the U.S. Tax Court. So, let’s see how that works.

I waited four years to be heard in tax court. In the meanwhile, the IRS was free to impose any financial hardship it pleased against me. Due to business losses, the law said I had a large tax refund coming. A lawyer for the IRS said my refund was frozen. A lawyer can say anything he wants. You are faced with proving him wrong in court, to a lawyer judge. You are not in the club. You are never heard.

ba6cb5c8853d9864f03095a5a9399cdc_tax-clipart-irs-tax-clipart_1024-849[1]The IRS had the right to deduct any amount of tax I allegedly owed, according to the law. The IRS lawyer froze the whole refund, demanding that I drop my claim in tax court if I was to receive the balance of the tax refund. What could I do? Nothing. I’m telling you what I experienced.

Nobody challenges Larry Flint’s right to make millions of dollars selling porn. Larry has the money to buy the law. Where does the United States get the money to be the most powerful nation in the world?

The law is based on reason. The most powerful nation in the world robs people like me, lawlessly, because there is nothing I can do about it. So, continuing the story, after the tax court ruled against the IRS, after the money the IRS lawlessly took or withheld from me was returned to me, the IRS confiscated that money and added penalty and interest—Reason? No, it is fraud. The law in practice in the U.S. is the biggest, most costly fraud in man’s history.

I complained in the U.S. District Court. The U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division told the court that the IRS had “wrongfully” taken the money, after the U.S. Department of Justice had fought me for years in court. The money was returned.

The IRS, like every other federal bureaucracy, free to do whatever it wants, (lawyers and judges looking the other way) went to my bank and ordered every cent I had in the bank—my rent money, my grocery money, my existence—freely given by my bank, without argument, to the IRS.

The U.S. District Court that took the case refused to hear it again. The judge said he was not going to stick his neck out again. So what? What does it matter? The IRS admitted on the front page of The Palm Beach Post that it was all a mistake. This is the end of it? I should hope not. We are left to face the consequence, and not a word about the cause?

Bottom line: who is at fault? America is a nation where the people make the law. Be reminded that early American judges did not allow lawyers in their courtrooms.

The American people have allowed lawyers to convolute the law, to leave it a can of worms. How? One lawyer takes this position, the other the opposite position. Both get rich. The law is whatever. With five times the number of lawyers than we need in America, the American people have much to fear. Wake up, America! Satin is taking over the land of the free and the brave.

With all the lawyers in the U.S. Department of Justice, with all the bureaucrats in the federal government, with the entire federal judiciary against me, this so-called tax protester, this World War II combat rifleman, this volunteer, made them all eat crow. I served those who came before me and those who died in Word War II that we might remain free.

Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. You can believe it. It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.


On the need to know

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

rex-tillerson[1]This very important news on this October 15, 2017 from the lamestream press: “Tillerson won’t say if he called Trump a moron.” “Could we reverse a hacked presidential election?” “Trump ramps up the culture war.” What a laugh!

No, America’s taxpayers do not have the need to know what became of 8.5 trillion dollars of our money. Hey folks! I’m reporting what the news media says. The Pentagon received the money and can’t tell us where it went. What became of the money is classified, a secret for the nation’s defense. Not even the President needs to know.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Hey guys! Can you possibly realize what could have been done with 8.5 trillion dollars? This is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Assuming that every cent of the money went to make America the strongest nation in the world, which is quite doubtful, being the strongest has its downside—dictatorships that horribly abuse their citizens in order to take down America. Given the fact that we know how to build nuclear bombs, I submit that mentally we have not progressed beyond the Stone Age. We are moving toward making ourselves history written in the rocks. I’m speaking of external power.

Jesus told his following that the kingdom of God was within the individual. Apparently authority took what Jesus taught as a threat to their control. They nailed Jesus to a cross.

Jesus was born at the beginning of what astrology calls the Age of Pisces. In the Age of Pisces, we learn, people would be influenced by external authority, a god in heaven if you will. An age is around 2,000 years. This means we are now in the death throes of the Age of Pisces; at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, astrology tells us.

1791544-_uy200_1According to astrology, in the Age of Aquarius we become prone to look within for answers. We become strong willed and intolerant of hypocrisy. Indeed, we become our brother’s keeper. I’ve learned this from astrology books. I’m only repeating that of which I’ve learned. When you put it all together, it follows what Jesus taught.

Has America’s leadership been leading America in a positive direction? What about the murder of 58 Americans in Las Vegas and injury to hundreds of others, all by a lone gunman whose motive has yet to be determined. This is one more can of worms and America’s leaders continuing to kick the can down the road.

President Trump says we’re at the end of the road. Twenty-five years of negotiating leaves us in grave danger. I heard President Trump say that we pray for the families who lost loved ones. What else can we do?

100_1301 We leave it to America’s leaders to make our lives more secure. From a personal standpoint, looking within for answers, when I was 49 and back at square one, out of business and my second wife divorcing me, my answer was to buy a live-aboard sailboat and set sail on the South Atlantic Ocean. Crazy? I shouldn’t be here to tell the story. I’m not only here, but I saved six other lives from a watery grave.

From trying to climb a greased pole, I’m now living a charmed life. Who is crazy?

Going back to age 18, a combat rifleman in Nazi Germany, a WWII volunteer, I know what it is like being fired upon by machineguns, bullets popping in your ears, knowing your life could end any second.

I should not be here. But here I am to tell my story, and no thanks to the leaders who put me in harms way. When you know the facts, World War II was far from unique.

I attribute my good fortune to the time and place of my birth, and no thanks to millions of prayers to a god in heaven. God is not in heaven. God is “in earth as it is in heaven,” in plain print. According to Jesus, God is within me. I’ve come to know the power in me. Uncle Sam knows this. I beat Uncle at his own crooked game. I had the Constitution, Uncle a stacked deck.

unclesamA Yanke Doodle Dandy? Hmmm! The signs all say we are entering a time of change. With change comes challenge. Your comfort zone is about to crash. You will be one your own and nowhere to look but within.

I was born with a destiny, all of it spelled out in numerology’s and astrology’s literature. For those astrologers who want to know, I was born on September 17, 1925 at 4:51 PM CST in Houston, Texas. We learn from the record that I would be blessed with an understanding of the subtle workings of the universe.

41zE4xuL6PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_[1] I was born at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, my sun sign Virgo, my rising sign Aquarius. If you learn your Constitution—as written—you will be heading in the right direction. I suggest that you read The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law, an essay by Edward S. Corwin. I suggest that you read the Gospels and apply your own answers. Everything is in divine order. Your salvation is not in heaven. No, it is here and in the state of consciousness that you leave this life.

“Tillerson won’t say that he called Trump a moron?” Gee! Trump says he would go for both he and Tillerson to be tested. Then we’d know what? “Know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand….This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” Luke 21:31-32.

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