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On analogly

Friday, September 29th, 2017

kings-ransom-hbr-194x300[1]On this September 29, 2017, an analogy being a comparison on two things, like racial prejudice and black people, I’ve listened to arguments on this. Is it right to disrespect the flag, the thing that holds the nation together? President Trump doesn’t think so.

I’m a white male. The comparison made by the left: I’m against minorities. I’m egocentric. The comparison made by the right: blacks are disruptive and disorderly. The nation has never been more divided.

President Trump has launched his tax plan. According to President Trump, his tax plan is to simplify a ridiculously complicated process. This is a good thing to do. His plan is to cut oppressive taxation on the middleclass. This is a good thing to do. According to the President, cutting corporate taxes will bring jobs back to the United States, causing wages to go up. This is a good thing to do. The President plans to end the so-called death tax. This will allow farming families who have for generations farmed continue to farm. This is a good thing.

But what about the comparisons being made? This is not a good thing. Nothing in the President’s tax plan addresses this great and growing problem. In fact, it further promotes the division in America.

I’ve a story to tell you never hear and never will hear if you leave it to the powers that be.

Federal income tax, like everything government gets involved in on a personal level, begins as something really great government wants to do for the people, like redistribution of incomes.

The rich are prone to take advantage of the not so rich. The U.S. government passed the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, a tax on the capitals gains of the rich, as well as their incomes. In 1925, in the year I was born, Congress decided that the tax collector should be permitted to enter the private domain of the rich, an expedience the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution did not allow, this expedience needed to see that the rich didn’t cheat on their income tax. We agreed that this was necessary. My question: why a tax on income if it demands expedience?

When I was a boy, the average worker paid zero tax on his income. It took only one job to support a family. Mothers were homemakers. By the way, this included black families.

The feds’ redistribution plan is responsible for welfare mothers. The more children, the more the welfare. Consequently, 70 percent of black children exist in single parent families. The crime rate has soared. The more the redistribution, the more the tax needed; the more the division; and the more the centralization of power.

Money goes where money flows. The rich buy politicians. That’s why President Trump is a billionaire. He has played the game. He knows all about it.

Consequently, government statistics show that one percent of the American people own 50 percent of the wealth. While it is true that everything President Trump wants is good, this I bring to your attention is the end result of redistribution of the wealth, a story you never hear from politicians. Actually, the story I tell is the biggest fraud in history. And who are the victims? You guessed it. Black people.

I happen to be a white male—out of sight out of mind. In 1925, we agreed it was necessary to do away with Fourth Amendment privacy for the purpose of income tax collection.

In 1974, I wrote a letter to Attorney General William B. Saxbe advising him that federal income taxation was unconstitutional. Why? Because I was being taxed. I wasn’t rich. In fact federal income tax put me out of business. That which began as a tax against the rich, for the purpose of income redistribution, became a tax against every American worker. The plans of mice and men often go awry.

Saxbe forwarded my letter to the tax collector who went on a fishing expedition. He sent his man to my home. This federal agent spent a week going through my personal records looking for something—anything he could use to tax me. He found something.

I received a phone call. The tax collector wanted to discuss the tax I allegedly owed. I filed a petition to be heard in the U.S. Tax Court. It took four years to be heard. In the meanwhile the tax collector was privileged to do anything he chose. I was struggling to exist on a minimum paying job. The tax collector illegally put me on the street. Now you know how black folks are treated. This white male made the mistake of complaining. Like many a black male, I ended with my car license my address. Next stop for many a black male is prison.

I had a story that interested the lamestream press. It was printed. The tax collector apologized and that was the end of it. The tax collector continued to harass me.

Why a tax on income? Why not a tax on spending? President Trump wants to give the working poor a $12,000 tax break. Try to live on $12,000. It is impossible for a working person. Federal income tax began as a tax on the rich. Why not a $30,000 exemption, a minimum living for the worker.

Why doesn’t the President talk about a tax on spending? It’s obvious why he doesn’t. If the rich wanted to live like royalty, they would pay a king’s ransom in tax.

The rich would not pay any tax on capital investment. By such investment, there would be more jobs. Clearly, federal income tax was an underhanded means of the rich and powerful taking advantage of the meek. So much for the President’s plan.

It is all a game of charades, folks. Tax is one of the means being used to divide the nation—to keep the poor coming to their lords with their hands out.

We live in a credit economy. Astronomical sums are borrowed by politicians to buy votes, with handouts of taxpayer money. Wars and national emergencies require immense borrowing, for which bankers earn interest. The world’s wealth is concentrated in banks. As long as we allow this system, we are all slaves. Racial prejudice is sucker bate. America’s flag is being trampled, not by those blamed, but by the powers that be. The division is turning us into slaves.

We’ve not yet begun to discuss the real problem, the politicians means of redistribution of the wealth. It all ends in the pockets of the rich and powerful. It’s a joke! We need the end of federal income tax. We have the right to exist on the fruits of our own labor. How could we ever have allowed this?


On worship

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

161122_pope_francis[1]Catholics worship under a holy father, at the present a Jesuit priest, Francis, protector of the longest lasting fraud in history. Rather than worship, Jesus spoke of loving God with all your heart, with all your mind, all your soul and all you strength.

By stealth, worship slowly and covertly, in order to avoid being exposed, has replaced loving God.

Pope Francis, leader of a billion and a half Catholics, a Jesuit, was quickly chosen to replace Pope Benedict, the first pope in 600 years to resign. He could not bring himself to expose the corruption existing in the Vatican. The Jesuits have a reputation for sidetracking the truth.

images[6]Both in the Catholic Church and the West’s hierarchy, pedophilia is know to exist big time. Child abuse is about the most evil anyone could do. Power, control, and pedophilia all go together.

01 Nathan Rothschild[1]The evidence is in that child molesters are known to worship St. Lucifer. Russia’s President Putin speaks on pedophilia. He has barred Russian children from the West’s evil clutches. He has barred Rothschild banking interests from Russia.

Putin places Russia first. President Trump places America first. He’s accused—by the liberal left—of collusion with Russia. This has been ongoing for more than a year and no hard evidence as yet. It is all very interesting.

And now President Trump is threatening to wipe North Korea off the map—referring to North Korea’s leader as “rocket man.” How unpresidential can one get!

th[7]In truth, being presidential, so-to-speak, has resulted in North Korea, unhampered, to develop a hydrogen bomb and very close to a vehicle to carry it to the United States. North Korea’s leaders tell the world that they intend to use their hydrogen bomb to eliminate the United States. Diplomacy has totally failed to stop North Korea. Trump hopes something other than annihilation can work. Trump puts America first. Where does the National Football League (NFL) put America?

America’s National Football League (NFL) embraces those players in the league who refuse to stand for America’s flag, or that for which it stands.

President Trump says he wants to make America great again. Those players who refuse to stand want to undo every principal and value that made America great—those players, millionaires—those players being played. Where would they be without the race card?

12d344120b47aff7c69a60f088524ba0[1]Who would want America eliminated? The United Nations (UN) is promoting Agenda 21, an insidious plan to eliminate everything for which America stands—the U.N., liberally financed by America’s taxpayers. The liberal left is onboard for a fascist, one-world dictatorship. The liberal left is for the elimination of 4/5 of the world’s population, and of those left, mostly slaves of the few empowered. We see who is for this abomination, millionaire race baters, those players the American people pay a hundred dollars per game to strut their stuff.

Catholics worship Jesus’ mother, the Egyptian Sun God and other ancient myths. Pope Francis is gung ho for one world rule. Enjoy your future. This World War II veteran will not be around much longer. You will not be reminded anymore of those who gave their lives that you might be free.

Alas, I’ve but one question for you. How far into the universe do you believe the new age here on planet Earth will go? After the civilized world took over America, how far did native America’s culture go?

And to think, the powers that be—here on earth—have successfully, for many decades, barred the public from knowing what the universe brought this world—abundant free, clean energy, enough, in fact, to eliminate the use of all fossil fuel, enough to make all seven billion of us prosperous; enough to end war forever. Amen!

On a theory of nothingness

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017


mindbodyMy email inbox this morning, September 26, 2017, at 4:14 am, informed me that 13 people had signed up since 12:00 am for today. It is what I write in my blogs, not who I am, that attracts people. What I write is a summary of what I gather from a large part of my time spent on other than the “fake” news put out by the liberal left.

It all began for me on Good Friday 1975, the day I drove out of my driveway, a 15 acre spread in Flower Mound, Texas—for the last time. I was generally persona non grata. Out of business and hated for my local politics, my second wife was divorcing me—all of this on the day Christians commemorate as that time when they nailed Jesus to a cross.

I arrived in Miami, Florida on Easter Sunday for the first day in my new life, with a couple of hundred dollars, a 12 year-old car, and a few personal belongings in the back seat.

I was expecting a check for $3,600 for the sale of my stock, which my wife was to mail me when I had an address. It never came. She deposited it in our joint bank account and then closed it and opened a new account in her name. She robbed me.

On the Monday after Easter, after three phone calls, I had a job in a Miami boat yard at near minimum pay. My job was partly on the boatyard’s fuel dock, partly security guard.

One steamy July night, past midnight, after my security guard shift, my key wouldn’t open my one room apartment door. I’d been locked out for non-payment of rent. My after tax pay was not enough to pay basic living costs. There I stood, out of sight, out of mind. Now you know why my job was easily obtained. One cannot exist on minimum pay. It is a lie to say there is no withholding tax for me to pay. Twenty-one percent of my pay was deducted in withholding tax. I had no deductions. What is the matter with those people in control of our lives? What do my fellow countrymen care about their brothers and sisters?

I went to a payphone across the street and called the police. Within an hour I had the new key. My landlord had not followed the legal procedure for eviction. The next day my lawyer called to advise me that my wife had succeeded in getting the divorce court to repudiate our property settlement agreement. I’d have to return and go to trial.

I returned. The court ordered my wife to pay my living costs while I awaited the trial.

My plan had been to sell my 10 acres of unimproved land, buy a live-aboard sailboat and sail the South Atlantic Ocean for a couple of years.

While I awaited trial, I joined Parents Without Partners, an organization for people like me without partners. At a get-together, I met a professional astrologer. I hired him to create my astrological chart. I wanted to know what astrology said about the divorce. It was my wife’s idea when I was down and out, when, generally, I was persona non grata for my political views, especially with regard to federal income tax. I was labeled a tax protester. My wife felt that I needed psychiatric help.

So let us see how that all worked out. My astrologer reported that the stars looked very good for me at the divorce trial. And something else he said is very interesting. He said the stars indicated that people who despitefully use me behind my back pay dearly. That included the tax collector, who admitted on the front page of The Palm Beach Post that he had “mistakenly” taxed me. I was not a tax protester. The tax collector was a robber.

In line with my astrological report, the divorce court ruled that since I owned the land on which our home, barn and other improvements were built, it all went to me. My wife was given 30 days to vacate my property. That meant with our five year-old son. The court gave my wife custody of our son and set the child support payments low in that I was unemployed.

Now we know why the divorce court allowed my wife to repudiate our property settlement agreement. My wife got the lion’s share of all we had. She wanted it all. Not only was my astrologer right about my divorce, but everything else.

Whereas my life before my departure was like trying to climb a greased pole, life after my departure was charmed.

On Christmas Eve 1975, I set sail on the South Atlantic Ocean aboard a 37 foot sailboat I named Bold Venture.

Getting back to the divorce court ruling, it left me with a moral decision, the fate of my son. I offered to go back to the original property settlement agreement. I got 10 acres of unimproved land. My wife got our home and all other improvements, including 5 acres of land. My offer: My wife would agree to buy my 10 acres of unimproved land, which she could easily do by mortgaging the property. What else could she do? I would be free to do my thing.

Jesus said we are to do unto others as we would have others do unto us. I provided my son a home. According to his mother, I went to sea and deserted my son.

During my two-year sailing adventure, a couple of inexplicable events occurred, including a time warp (I was in the Bermuda Triangle). I left my life at sea convinced that God’s hand had been on my wheel.

Jesus said in Luke 17:21, that the kingdom of God is within you. Five years after my departure from my old life, I met the woman God sent me. For the first time in my 55 years, I knew true love. For 37 years I’ve given my love to my wife, and received back the same from her through thick and thin. God is love. You can’t know this when you do unto others before they do unto you.

Before quantum reality, we were limited. Werner Heisenberg, a German physics student, in September, 1925, the month and year that I was born, came up with the mathematics that nothing can be certain in the universe. You can know the distance between two points, know your speed, know the time it takes to travel the distance from the one point to another, but you can’t know the precise place you are as you move between the two points. This puts a new perspective on everything. There are infinite possibilities from which to choose, indeed, a dimension of infinite possibilities to which our minds are attached says quantum physics. Which is it, the chicken or the egg that comes first?

Other life forms on the planet have to be content with that which nature provides, although nature has provided them with that which is needed to sustain life. But as for humans, in the past century alone, by simply thinking a desired thing, look how many useful items humans have manifested—including the atom bomb. Where are you, in a state of mind or in a place where you have no control? Look at the number of chicken littles. Look at the pecking order.

In the quantum world, you exist, not in a place, but in a state of mind. For the first time in history, science has pushed past religion—looked within us and come up with a startling answer: there is power in the unpredictable you.

By reason that nothing is ever perfect, there is a relationship between order and chaos. What do you have, nothing, not even awareness? Science now concludes that basic to everything is a state of consciousness, that which we personify as God; that which Jesus said is the kingdom of God within you.

A state is immaterial; your animating principle; your actuating cause of life—your soul—says my Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Ultimately, we exist, not here, not there, but in an eternal state.

Given the sorry state of the American union, even to argue about giving our undivided respect to our flag, because we’re mad about this or that, how did we get to this low point? What role should America’s makers and keepers of the law play?

Regardless of all else, when nature so brutally strikes, as we now experience in hurricanes and earthquakes, to begin with it is neighbor helping neighbor. Government, regardless of all else, has the responsibility to do all it can to help—to forget all the differences we have. Why does it take disaster to bring out human values?

The Bible says that man was made in God’s image; in other words according to the consciousness of the universe. The planet earth, a tiny spec, only dam fools thinking we are set apart from all else, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that government has a duty to the individual, even if it is not written in the U.S. Constitution. Consequently, America’s government is locked in the horns of dilemma over health care issues. What fools!

Before government was involved in our health care, we were far better cared for by our doctors. They took care of the poor. They were under oath to do that. If we are made in God’s image, should government be involved in the individual’s personal needs?

And how about religious authority adhering to heaven and hell? Muslims believe that killing infidels is godly. They are rewarded in Paradise for killing their god’s enemies. Christians believe that you must follow their straight and narrow path to the golden gates and on to heaven or be eternally dammed in a place of torment. I was taught that if I even thought about having sex before marriage it was a mortal sin. I was told I was born in sin. How ridiculous can we get?

How far out from our world would you imagine what we have here on earth today go? We’re in danger of becoming history written in the rocks and who out there would care? All of this pain and suffering we experience, and like the dinosaurs, we’re nothing but a record of the past.

You’ve got to be kidding to disrespect our American flag. Think about it. What is more essential than the firm belief in your flag and the effort that has gone into keeping America free? And you are millionaires? It’s a joke to demonstrate disrespect for your flag. Hey guys! You don’t deserve to be free.



On the state of the union

Monday, September 25th, 2017

screen-shot-2014-02-21-at-6-10-03-pm[1]We see that it has finally dawned on the powers that be—nine months after Donald Trump became President—that there is a skunk under the woodpile. Quite a record in unwillingness to change, would you not say?

After nine month of frantically searching for something to hang on the President—by the press, by the Democrats and Republicans—the pressure became too great. Something had to be done to expose that skunk. All eyes are on former FBI Director James Comey. He faces an appearance before the House Intelligence Committee headed by Representative Trey Goudy, under oath. Also subpoenaed under oath is Attorney General Sessions. At long last, could it be that the American public is going to be informed on what has been taking place? We’re a century behind where we ought to be.

Many Democrats—and Republicans—do not want to make America great again. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynn is going to be subpoenaed, I hear. Who knows how many heads are going to roll? Of course the one-worlders are going to be doing everything they possibly can to save themselves. Their out-of-sight leadership, the banking family of Rothschild, the richest, most powerful family in the world, who have been financing wars for hundreds of years, will be pushing very hard for war.

bbxuaml1Russia’s President Putin has barred Rothschild from Russia. Putin has called his opposition Lucerfitarian. He accuses them of pedophilia. He supports Christian values. Quite a contrast in what the one-worlders see in Putin. And just by coincidence, both Trump and Putin put their nations first. Aha! There could be collusion.

Trump says he respects the decision to start an investigation by picking Comey’s pal Mueller to investigate, but says it’s a witch hunt.

How many times in history has evil won over good? Zero times. In the long run, evil has never won. But alas, the battle rages on. A hint appeared on Fox News. Certain of industry’s advanced technology is hiding its knowledge. I wonder if this was in reference to what is called zero based gravity. The alternative news is that zero based gravity could, if generally known, totally replace fossil fuel as a source of energy. It could solve most of the problems in the world. It could end poverty and war. Naturally, the one-worlders would not want this.

Here we sit ready to cross the threshold to a far greater reality if the truth were known. As yet unknown, as concerning the event on September 11, 2001, on that fateful day, planned and executed by one-worlders, I read in the Scofield Reference Bible—on that very day—“The Dispensations are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links the ages from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity, Augustine said, ‘Distinguish the ages, and the scriptures harmonize.’”

Every time I come back to this, given what has taken place since 9-11, given the story of man’s existence on this planet, I’m evermore convinced that this thought in the Scofield Reference Bible’s intro is true.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image,” Genesis 1:26, “So God created man in his own image,” and now the cutting edge of science says there was first universal consciousness, as from nothing you get nothing, then came things, followed by life, followed by man, to his end in eternity. There is no disagreement.

images[3]Astrologers divide the cosmos into 12 equal ages, totaling approximately 26,000 years. We are now leaving the Age of Pisces, according to astrology, a time when our wills have been somewhat weak and we look externally for answers. We are now moving into the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become strong willed and look within for answers.

In Luke 17:21, Jesus: “Neither shall they say Lo here! or lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

The Scriptures harmonize. We are now entering the time of Jesus’ return, “men’s hearts failing them for fear.” Luke 21:26. Jesus does not literally return on a cloud, but “know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand, Luke 21:31, and “verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled.” Luke 21:33

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:36

After billions of years in the making, we now approach a time when we become at one with a far greater reality—and currently in the establishment’s do or die battle with the past, to remain controlled and ultimately history written in the rocks?—no, I don’t think so. We were put here for more than that. Welcome the Age of Aquarius

On change

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

0_RSo7-CeHvKqNA1rN[1]On this Sunday, September 24, 2017, the Internet was so clogged that I didn’t learn much. Head of the House of Representatives intelligence gathering committee, Trey Goudy, I learned, has subpoenaed Attorney General Sessions—and former head of the FBI, James Comey—wow! I can hardly wait.

Like I’ve said, the whole plot of so-called Shadow Government is cracking. Little wonder that the Internet is clogged with viewers. That long awaited change appears to be taking place. Trump is playing it for all it’s worth—leading the lamestream press on a snipe hunt. I love it!

Look at this fat ass!   th[7]Watch “Little Rocketman” turn into fart in a gale of wind. (A lot of wind we’ve had, reminding us of Noah, his ark, and the rising sea.)

Our attention will next be concentrated on the banking cartel of Rotheschild.   Way ahead is Russia’s Putin, who has barred Rotheschild from Russia.

Rotheschild is pulling his assets out of the U.S. and placing them in China—something to think on. Putin seems to have it right. We’ve got is wrong.

Putin has connected Pope Francis with the “New World Order,” a Lucerfitarian, pedophilic takeover. No kidding! Trump’s opposition is in deep doo-doo.

We’ve a long way to go, folks, and a short time to get there, but Saint Lucifer is on his way out. Again, say I, “the kingdom of God is within you.” Welcome the Age of Aquarius.

On last night’s dream

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

The Water-BearerOn this September 23, 2017, some calling it a fateful day, the mainstream news has this to say: “President Donald Trump said Senator John McCain’s decision to vote against the Republican-only Obamacare repeal proposal is a let down for the Arizonan’s home state. McCain is the second Republican to oppose the measure, possibly dooming the effort of party leaders to enact it.” This, being a day to remember, let us think about my dream last night.

It began with my assigned instructor. We were walking in an isolated area of the southern coastal region of the U.S., a flat grassland. We approached a pond of which I was to wade across, climb a bluff on the other side and cut down a huge tree standing alone in a large field. I was carrying with me a chainsaw. Mission accomplished.

What could be the meaning of the dream? My first thought was that it might have been a secret mission. It was in an isolated area. What could the tree have represented? It might have been an obstacle that had to be removed.

I was greatly impressed by the news that former FBI chief James Comey has been found to be “a total fraud.” I learned this on Fox News. Perhaps Comey was the obstacle in the field.

What did the southern coastal region of the U.S. mean? It could have been connected with President Trump’s handling of Hurricane Harvey. Instead of appearing on the scene of the disaster, seizing a photo opportunity to hug the victims, he was there to appoint managers to deal with the situation. President Trump was a former billionaire businessman, not a politician.

Many times when asked how he was going to handle this or that situation, in effect, President Trump has said you don’t telegraph your punches to the enemy. My thought: You let the enemy speculate what you are going to do, and speculate wrongly. Mr. Trump has done this masterfully.

Could it be that this is the beginning of the end of shadow government? I was thinking that prior to my dream. What I was thinking—and the dream—was particularly bad for the establishment by the very fact that Republicans are currently mooning the public.

Once again, be reminded that in 1933, with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat—Franklin a cousin of President Teddy Roosevelt, who Franklin greatly admired—here we have a bottom line answer to all that is currently taking place.

Mr. Ro-o-o-sevelt declared to the American people that government had the “inherent duty” to keep the people from “starving”—“even if it was not written in the Constitution.” Here we go again.

When the Pilgrims landed on America’s shores, greatly reduced in number by disease and mal-nutrition, had it not been for the assistance native America gave them they surely would not have survived.

The first governor in America, William Penn, said there are good and bad Americans and good and bad native Americans. Which came first? Bad Americans, I would say. Native America helped the Pilgrims survive their first winter. That’s why we have a special day in America called Thanksgiving.

The so-called inherent duty of government turns out to be a foot in our private doors by a mindless oligarchy. A Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, asserted that the United States was a government of the people, for the people—not the government for the people—by some alleged inherent duty. It’s crap.

By and through the longstanding electoral process for President, Donald Trump was elected. If the American people had wanted to change that, the time to change it was before, not after the election. That’s also crap. But with every dishonest, unconstitutional political device they could use, the self-serving American establishment, a corrupt oligarchy, failed to keep moving forward in their planned “New World Order.” The duly elected Trump vows to change it back to America first.

With “crooked Hillary,” the Democrat’s flag bearer, now out making excuses for losing the election, the establishment—Democrats and Republicans—continue climbing a greased pole, that single giant tree in a field I cut down in my dream might mean a huge change coming.

Once again, I refer you to Luke 21:25, the signs of the sun, moon and stars predicting the second coming of Jesus Christ. I don’t mean literally coming out of a cloud, but within our consciousness.

Are we with consciousness? Where is it, in our skulls? Are you kidding? We exist in a state of consciousness—with no boundary. We set our boundary. Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you.

The sun, moon and stars say we are at the threshold of entering a new world order, a new age, the Age of Aquarius. I’m a Virgo with Aquarius rising, a voice from the future. Welcome to an age when we join the greater intelligence of the universe, whose symbol is the water bearer.

That single giant tree in the field has been cut down, folks, the tree of knowledge of good and evil containing a serpent. With your support of President Trump, you are no longer cursed for partaking in the forbidden fruit, folks. You are no longer bound to an external authority. You are free to look within for your answers. Your President has said many times that he is here to serve you. It is your choice, the establishment or the kingdom of God.



On the greatest fraud in recorded history

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

01 Nathan Rothschild[1]BByssCT[1]I’ve good news today folks, in spite of all the bad news we are getting. For 30 years James Comey has played an important role in so-called Shadow Government. It is off and running and is not going away. All eyes are fixed on former FBI chief James Comey who President Trump fired. Conclusive evidence is now in that Comey drafted the outcome of the Hillary Clinton investigation before the investigation commenced. The investigation, from start to finish, was a complete fraud.

Not only did Comey orchestrate the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, but stepped out of character to actually exonerate her, which is not the FBI’s job. It is the Department of Justice’s job. What he did was to leave the American people in a greatly weakened position and the so-called New World Order in a much stronger position, headed by Hillary Clinton.

Shadow Government, after trying very hard to discredit Donald Trump, has been kicked in the ass again. Trump proposes that you can either trade with the U.S. or trade with North Korea. This put the monkey on China’s back, the only reason there is a North Korea. Trade with the U.S. is essential to China’s economy. Hat’s off to Trump.

This is far from all, folks. It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that fossil fuel is adding to the problem of global warming. The New World Order is trying to prevent the increasing use of fossil fuel. Trump refuses to sign up. Why?

I think I can tell you why he refuses.

Global warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt. The added fresh water to the salty ocean is causing a slowing of the circular motion of the Gulfstream. This is a scientific fact. It could be the cause of the increase of disastrous hurricanes. An unusual number of solar flares could be causing electromagnetic affects and an increase in earthquakes.

Before the world was largely electrified, a solar flare caused the melting of telegraph wires in England. What could the same do now? Natural happenings we are unaware of could take the world back in time hundreds of years—make biblical prophecies come true.

The so-called New World Order seems a lot like the old world order, which brings me to an observation I’ve made based on quantum physics, the study of the world of the very small. Some quantum physicists say there is a dimension of infinite possibility with which the mind of man is capable of connecting. Before men of science started taking apart the world of the very small no one ever thought of the atom bomb. It doesn’t stop there—not by a long shot. Think about all that modern technology has brought the world.

Think about this: The atom bomb brought much talk about extraterrestrials and so-called flying saucers. It seems that the universe is concerned about humans and the atom bomb. This brings me to a great amount of information out there on America’s military-industrial complex being privy to co-called zero-point gravity and a limitless supply of energy from the universe. This goes a long way in explaining how extraterrestrials could have gotten here; also, how we could solve most of the world’s problems were it not for a tiny fraction of the population with most of the wealth and power, reminding us of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

“The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true. This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning.

The powerful want a New World Order. It is true that what we think becomes reality. Sorry about that. What we want doesn’t exist. We live in La La Land, hoping tomorrow will be our lucky day. Alas, “the plans of mice and men often go awry.”

With vast power and control, man becomes god—so far above the average that the individual counts for zero—and history repeats itself.

This time it is different. Welcome the Age of Aquarius. I repeat: “The kingdom of God is within you.”



On the kingdom of God

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

images6All of these hurricanes and earthquakes, all this talk of nuclear war, what’s going on?

When God is king, you are aware that God is a state of being, not an entity. We are spiritual beings—in a state of consciousness. Reality is what we make it. I’m talking today’s science, folks. Come to the party! We’re being taken.

As spiritual beings, we know evil. We know that we should do as we would have others do to us, but we are terribly divided in what we think we should do.

A capitalist is someone with the money to start a business, someone who profits by selling his services or a product. Under capitalism, it is possible for one to amass great fortune and become self-serving.

A socialist (the guy with the flag)  is someone who believes in sharing wealth, someone who wants government in control. Government is composed of people with power. It is possible for government to be self-serving. It is possible for government to be bought by self-serving capitalists.

jobridge-jpg1When the kingdom of God is within you, you are not self-serving. You give love. You become selfless.

You are not born selfless. You are born with only you in mind. It’s a learning process. I was 54 years-old when I met the love of my life. She is my fourth wife. We’ve been married 36 years. Our love is strong for one-another.

So many marriages don’t last. I was taught to feel guilty. God was frowning on me. When I was age 14, I was told that if I even thought about having sex it was a sin. I was born in sin. If I was to ever get to Heaven I had to confess my sins and beg forgiveness. They sell us snake oil.

On my own, I learned that sex can be a spiritual awakening, with the right person. I learned that on our third date. For shame! Thank God I didn’t buy the crap I was taught.

images[4] We all are out to sell our wares. The god I was taught does not exist. Our marriage is not made in their idea of heaven. Our marriage was merely for legal purposes.

When the kingdom of God is within you, you do not look to earthbound authority for your answers.

Five years before I met the love of my life, with my second marriage on the rocks and my business enterprise on the rocks, too, I studied the U.S. Constitution, not for the sake of learning, but for using it to fight for my right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. Federal income tax was taking a cut out of my existence money. I was working as a security guard at near a minimum wage. I didn’t have enough after tax income to live in a one-room apartment. I was locked out for non-payment of rent—on the street, out of sight, out of mind. The same authority that would have sent me to hell would care less that I was on the street in order that Satin worshipers could have it their way.

img_20170111_0606588472The same as the original Americans, escaping Europe’s outrageously brutal religious tyranny, I had the “Higher Law” on my side. I was fighting for my independence the same as America’s Forefathers—who left me my Constitution—not the snake-oil law in effect today passing itself off as the law. Not only did I win the love of a wife, one I could trust, but the love my God as well. The makers and keeper of the law lost. They apologized to me on the front page of The Palm Beach Post on December 1, 1986, eleven long years after I challenged those Satin worshipers.

Leave it to corrupt American authorities and you will be history written in the rocks. Trust what Jesus said. The kingdom of God is within you. Your Constitution is not a historical document. It is a sacred trust.


Follow the money

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Trump-bwBillionaire Donald Trump is a billionaire because he knew how the system works. Liberals are isolated in their political idealism. They have no idea of how the corporate world in America works.

The CEO of a corporation, you find, is favoring one department over another. Furthermore, you find that this CEO is doing insider trading, leaking information to competitors, and you can’t fire the scumbag without causing big trouble in the departments. He has his following.

What you do is bring in a hatchet man who shakes things up in a way that shifts the blame from you. This accomplished, the hatchet man leaves. Donald Trump knows this and has used it. In comes General Kelley. They don’t know they’ve been played. Liberals have no idea of what’s going on.

The big boys don’t like Trump’s policies. “Trump is incompetent.” Trump talks about putting America first, create jobs, build back the economy, and strengthen the border. Outside of a few liberal strongholds, America agrees with Trump.

One of those liberal strongholds is 30 miles from me. Attorney General Sessons is in Portland, Oregon right now laying down the law to those ideological morons.

How did liberals get a foothold in America? The biggest fraud in the history of civilization was the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank—no more federal than Federal Express. The Federal Reserve Bank was the work of bankers, including the Rothschild banking family, the richest family in the world.

Said bankers established a credit economy, enabling the economy to grow exponentially on borrowed money. These bankers also financed wars. You build the economy, destroy it through war, and rebuild. After World War I, America prospered—became the number one economy in the world. The Federal Reserve Note became the world’s standard currency. President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. The dollar’s worth is based on America’s ability to pay her debts, now twenty trillion dollars and growing by leaps and bounds—and not a way to pay the debt.

But America is a consumer economy the less fortunate world depends on. And, ah yes, we’ve got the one-worlders pushing share and share alike—a tiny fraction of the world’s population hoping for total control. The one-worlders talk about reducing the world’s population to one billion so everyone can have more stuff.

Now for the best kept secret of all times, abundant free, clean energy from the universe. It would totally replace fossil fuel, and in so doing seriously affect the world’s power brokers. So what do they do? They turn their fraud around and make it look like their opposition wants to pollute the atmosphere.

The greatest frauds of all times know that the energy taken from the universe would end poverty and war. They use it for their express benefit and hide it from us. When is Trump going to reveal this truth? What could they be using to stop him? It is high time that the American people wake up.



On the future

Monday, September 18th, 2017

th[7]North Korea says it now controls the fate of the U.S. Newsweek: “North Korea’s state-run media ran a series of articles Friday threatening to meet any further U.S. military expansion in the region with an opposing show of force. After North Korea successfully tested its first two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in July and conducted its first hydrogen bomb test earlier this month, it launched a second intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday. As President Donald Trump and allies continue to demand the total denuclearization of North Korea, Pyongyang struck back against talk of bringing back U.S. tactical nukes to the Korean Peninsula.”

We don’t get answers from the establishment. We get more and more circumstantial evidence but nothing you can prosecute. The “swamp” is still there and bigger than ever. It’s a game of charades self-serving frauds put before us, giving a North Korean piss ant a bully pulpit.

It all began for me at a time that my life was in ruins. I was age 49 and back at square one—as it were, a good thing. I looked within for my answers. I had no idea that this is what Jesus said I should do.

Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. If that is so, then the powers that be have a lot to worry about. The authorities nailed Jesus to a cross. We are said to be born in sin. We have to beg forgiveness to go to Heaven when we die. Nothing like a guilt trip to make people do as you will. That old dog does not hunt anymore.

Control freaks, like North Korea’s idiot dictator, have grabbed the ball and are running with it, the defense totally confused.

If we look within, like Jesus advised, our individual control is more powerful than all the external control the world can put together. Who would want nuclear war?

We’ve got to play by their rules. I played by their rules and won. I’ve lived a charmed life. I’m but one unknown. I write a blog. More than 33,000 people have signed up for my blog. I’ve received hundreds of comments, all favorable. Nothing I write is original. I merely summarize what I learn from many sources. There is a building wave that is going to break and sweep the world.



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