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On America’s healthcare dilemma

Monday, July 31st, 2017
The chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) delivers remarks at a bi-partisan news conference to discuss arming Ukrainians with lethal weapons to fight separatists in east Ukraine, on Capitol Hill in Washington February 5, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) - RTR4OE1K

Bull in the china shop Senator John McCain

Democrats are telling us that Obamacare is not hurting the American people. They maintain that it helps tens of millions of Americans. Yes, and everyone paying for those tens of millions of Americans’ healthcare knows that the cost of their healthcare has gone considerably up in price, and to many unaffordable. 

   Republicans came up with a “skinny” health care package. Every Democrat and three Republicans, including McCain, rejected the “skinny” plan.  A “skinny” plan or an “affordable” plan, who is the con artist?  Who is stupid? The three Republicans maintain that a bipartisan effort is the only way to solve the healthcare issue. What a laugh!

  The healthcare issue dates back to 1933—to the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat who maintained that government has an “inherent duty” to aid “starving” people. America was in the “Great Depression.”

   The Supreme Court had no problem with aid to starving people.  It was the usual liberal shell game—under which shell was the pea?

   The Court’s problem with the “inherent duty” claim was a permanent change in the law,  a change to “Old Age and Survivors Insurance.” Insurance? Nothing in the Constitution provides for socialization of incomes. Democrats called it insurance. Insurance companies called it actuarially unsound. Every generation would have to pay considerably more for the same coverage. 

   We are speaking on the liberal idea that some people are born with more drive than others. It isn’t fair, say liberals, to allow some to become rich and the less fortunate to have so little.  Liberals are for equal distribution.

   Ever since Roosevelt and the Democrats took control, the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer. General Electric Corporation pays zero tax.  Democrats blame it on Republicans.  Republicans come up with a “skinny” health care bill. Compare “affordable” healthcare to “skinny healthcare. The idea is to divide and conquer. 

   Statistics say one percent of the American people own fifty percent of the wealth. Republican Senator John McCain has been playing a game of charades for 30 years.

   “Old age and Survivor’s Insurance,” a Democrat ruse, a tax on worker incomes—welfare—insurance companies maintained this so-called “insurance” was actuarially unsound. Old Age and Survivor’s Insurance has in every generation gone up considerably in cost and returned less. What is fair about that?

   In the 1950s, before government became involved with our health care, it cost $5.00 for a visit to your doctor’s office. He would come to your home for $10. My hospital insurance for a family of five cost $25 per month and the deductible was minimal. The poor went to the county hospital. 

   My annual income was $13,000 to $15,000. To live like my family lived today it would take over a $100,000 income. I was middle income. Today you would have to be upper income to live the same, thanks to self-serving politicians.

   America’s government has been building the nation’s debt at a greatly accelerated rate and has run out of lenders. One can live high on the hog while going into debt. America’s government has been playing a game of no tomorrow on the American people. Government will be in total control and we the people will be up a creek without a paddle. As Chairman Mao once said, we can spare millions of lives.

   I just got notice on my cell phone that David Icke has published “What we know.” Says Icke, until 1929 science thought there was only one galaxy, the milky way. Today science says a hundred billion galaxies. A hundred billion galaxies and only one planet like ours?  Not so long ago, the pope had it that our planet was at the center of the universe.

    I had it pretty good. I was happy with what I had. I was a small fish in competition with Great White sharks.  When things should have gone very wrong, everything started going right for me.  It was miraculous.

   I ended on the receiving end. Socialization, plus the fact that I’m a World War II disabled veteran,—receiving Social Security, and I’m disabled—if you add it all up, free health care and no tax, the equivalent of a $70,000 annual income, how much longer will this last?

   Come to find out, for a century the answer for most of our problems has been there—free, clean energy direct from the universe. It is those Great White sharks I spoke of that stops us, the fossil fuel owners. It will take an act of God to move us forward. It has happened before.


On the “right” to health care

Monday, July 31st, 2017


Senator McCain went to Washington and did his thing—kept Obamacare alive. The Republican “skinny” health care deal went down in defeat because, we’re told, Democrats and Republicans are going to have to work together to hammer out a national healthcare deal.

When government is involved in the individual’s healthcare, there is only one term that fits: socialized medicine. If Democrats can keep socialized medicine on the front burner, America will end simply another banana republic.

President Trump tweets that Obamacare will implode. In other words, millions of Americans will be left without healthcare. There is only one term that fits–nationalized healthcare: socialized medicine. Do Americans want socialized medicine? Well yes, if someone else pays says this militant guy. He has “rights.”

How about federal income tax? Does the individual have a “right” to his or her wages? Actually, no. Although there is no law that says we do not have a right to our wages, U.S. policy in place says we do not. We do not have a “right” to the fruits of our labor. There is no other term that fits. Federal income tax is socialist policy.


How about government entitlement? An entitlement is something we earn for this or that reason. Government entitlement is robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is socialism. This big mouth black is a socialist.

America is a socialist nation, and well on the way to becoming just another banana republic. Take a hard look at Brazil. This is where America is heading.

President Trump says he’s there to give government back to the people. Do we want to be a banana republic? Don’t wait for America’s leaders to act, folks. It is time for you to act.

History has never yet produced one time when socialism has worked for long. For socialism turns over your reason for existence to earthbound authority. We humans did not originate on this planet. Read the Bible.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image….And God made man in his own image.” Science agrees that God’s image is the consciousness of the universe. For without consciousness nothing could exist. But….this big mouth–

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on "Protecting America's Harvest" on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on “Protecting America’s Harvest” on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

There you have it!  Get real! These black folks are asking for it. They are  racists. President Trump says he’s there to give government back to the people.  Once a slave, always a slave.  These black racists will make all of us slaves. Don’t look to Trump. Look within.  God made you in his image. I’m not religious. I go by what the Bible tells me. Read it for yourself. This planet is comparable to a grain of sand on all the beaches in the world. The universe would not miss us.

Lamestream talk

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

The Water-Bearer

The plot thickens. Given Hillary Clinton’s acts when she was Secretary of State, little wonder that Russia would do what she could to see that Mrs. Clinton did not become President of the United States. “President Trump continues to equivocate,” says the lamestream.

And on government sponsored health care, says the lamestream, “The administration can do too little to promote enrollment or scale back enforcement of the mandate or give states more leeway to experiment with Medicaid in destructive ways. The administration can refuse to guarantee continued cost-sharing reductions, which has already caused insurers to exit the markets and hike premiums, something that could continue or get worse, leaving many more people without coverage options. Insurers are already warning of such an outcome.”

What if this thought had been expressed at the outset of government involvement in our healthcare? Our health care was our personal business. Government has made a shambles of it.

Shamefully, personal insults randomly taking place in Washington, D.C, clearly, America’s politicians have painted themselves into a corner. They babble nonsense. It dates back to biblical times and secrecy.

“Get out of gold immediately,” says highly respected Harvard economist Harry Dent. After years of credit expansion and the dollar now buying what four cents bought at the Federal Reserve note’s inception, Harry Dent speaks for the lamestream.

The moment of truth is about to take place, folks. Look at what happens when you print paper money to expand credit. You can only go so far. There comes the time when you can no longer borrow. The Fed is printing money and buying the increasing debt with monopoly money. Give me a break! Shadow government is firmly in control of America. The mafia has nothing on America’s government.

Wall Street’s stock market is flat. The price of gold is rising. A white elephant’s appearance in Washington is an added omen. This that is taking place is the wakeup call the American people needed. La La Land is about to go like the do-do bird, folks.

Welcome to the new age. I refer you to the Age of Aquarius predicted thousands of years ago by ancient astrologers. Pythagoras, mathematician, musician and astrologer, spoke of “music of the spheres.”

We are now leaving the 2,000 year Age of Pisces, a time when individual wills were often weak and external factors ruled the day. Now entering a time when we look within for our answers, in fact what Jesus said we should do in Luke 17:21, and in Luke 21 Jesus referring us to the sun, moon and stars—“and upon the earth distress of nations….So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the

kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” And not only in the Bible do we read the above, but in astrology books we read the same, what more do you want? The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer.

This brings us to the cutting edge of science. In quantum mechanics, the study of the world of the very small, science now admits that before there can be anything there must be consciousness, and we humans are the most conscious of life on this planet. So, take this self-limiting, earthbound authority, naturally, it would be about dumbing us down.

My science guru, Evan Harris Walker, author of The Physics of Consciousness, Dr. Walker a quantum physicist and brain doctor, says there is a dimension of infinite possibility—that it is mind over matter, a perfect fit with what Jesus told us. Look within for your answers.

In my case, I studied the U.S. Constitution—as written—with the idea of using it to protect my God-given right to the fruits of my own labor. The powers that be had other ideas, based today’s needs. And who am I? I’m a nobody, out of sight, out of mind. No problem.

Amendment Five, in my “Bill of Rights,” says I’m entitled to due process of law. The U.S. Supreme Court goes on what they call penumbras of law, shadows of law (of their choosing) that supersede the written law.

The Supreme Court is not the final arbiter of the law. There is the “Higher Law,” folks, the background of the U.S. Constitution—as written—none of the shadows stuff. I can read, and reason.

I’m not a legal professional making a living spinning the law. It took me 11 years of battle with the legal guys and courts, and then in a front page story in The Palm Beach Post to force the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to admit that he made a mistake and taxed me more than the law allows, and in spite of the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed me without a hearing; in spite of the fact that none of the makers and keepers of the law give a damn for my rights.

Think about it. I believed it. So be it. Astrology says I’m a visionary. I’m granted more power than manmade law. It is just a matter of time until we enter the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper.

On the inherent duty of government

Friday, July 28th, 2017

01 Nathan Rothschild[1]

 With the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, the Democrats took over the U.S. federal government, Democrats largely influenced by England’s Fabian Socialists. Russia was under communist control, and Germany socialist—again the winds of war only 14 years since World War I.

   The same as in monarchy, communism and socialism leave the control in central government and leave the individual without rights.

   With the above mentioned thoughts in mind, I learned Roosevelt asserted that the federal government had an “inherent duty” to give direct aid to “starving people”—even if it was not written in the Constitution.  The Democrats packed the Supreme Court with political activist judges who ignored the Constitution. 

   You don’t hear this from socialists, but under capitalism people with money to invest in a business provide jobs. In America, 70 percent of jobs are provided by independent businesses. Why don’t you hear this? The American press is controlled by socialists.

   A public corporation is a “legal” entity. It has no “rights.” Under America’s Constitution, only individuals have rights. It was not written in the Constitution to give direct aid to “starving people.” The U.S. could have and did provide jobs during the Great Depression. Germany gave everyone a job, excluding Jews, and partly by robbing Jews, partly on borrowed money.

   Hitler not only built a fabulous infrastructure, but a war machine—from a bankrupt nation—and under socialism—while America languished in the Great Depression, and England as well, Germany grew in power, by and through the wealth of the world. With America’s and England’s naiveté, in short order Germany became a threat to the free world.

   Roosevelt didn’t rob Jews. No, he got a law passed to force Americans to sell their gold to the United States in exchange for paper money—worthless Federal Reserve banknotes. Federal Reserve banknotes were issued by America’s totally privately owned and operated central bank. Nobody knew who the owners were, but we knew that the banking family of Rothschild, who were in control of the Bank of England, was a big owner.  By the way, Rothschild loaned Hitler big money. And by the way, George Bush’s father, an American banker, also loaned Hitler money.

  With this background, the United States now has a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, and in the Senate. The President is a Republican, proof that the American people are not happy with Democrats. It didn’t work out as they planned.

   With a majority Republican, after a vote in the Senate, Obamacare remains standing. It is a disaster. The commonly held answer is that Democrats and Republican are going to have to work together to bring the American people affordable health care.

   When and where has socialized health care ever worked? If we had socialized haircuts, a haircut would cost a minimum of a hundred dollars.

   The fact is that the individual does not have the means that government has to pay for  things.  Where does government get its wealth? Clearly, from we the people, from robbing Peter to pay Paul.  However, ask the average individual the question. You don’t get this answer. The people are playing the wheel of fortune, hoping for their lucky day, leaving the door wide open to be suckered.

  Hitler had the answer. Stalin had the answer. Mao had the answer. America does not have the answer—not yet.  We can’t go on like this, going deeper and deeper into debt, and by leaps and bounds.  A day of reckoning is coming, and sooner rather than later.

   Astrology has an answer.  Two thousand years ago, at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, Jesus was born.  The first thing he did when he began his ministry, in his 30s, was to turn over the moneychangers’ tables in the temple and open the gates to the sacrificial animal pens and drive them out.

   Jesus spoke of raving wolves in sheep’s clothing. He called his leaders hypocrites. When they asked Jesus when this god of his was going to arrive, Jesus said his god was neither here nor there, but that “the kingdom of God is within you.” This is a far cry from what we’re taught. 

   So much for government’s control over our health care. Yes, there is a better way. Before government took over our health care, it cost $5.00 for an office visit. For $10, your doctor would treat you in your home.  Given this, I earned an anual income of $15,000. I was a lumber salesman. My home payments, including tax, and insurance, was $96.05 per month.  By the way, I paid $25 per month for my family’s health care insurance, with a $25 deductible. We lived in a three bedroom brick home with a two-car garage, and two cars in it. My wife had a maid three days a week. This was in the 1950s. How much income would it take now to live like my family lived in America in the 1950s?

Think of the wars America’s taxpayers have financed since the 1950s. Think of the loss of life. Think of the freedoms we’ve given up. We’ve two choices, Democrats or Republicans. Working together, Republicans and Democrats will give us one world socialist dictatorship.  We’ve now come to the threshold of a world in peace and prosperity, and this is what authority wants for us?  They are insane.

Is there not a better way?

Thursday, July 27th, 2017


 A red letter day in history is the 9-11 event. On September 11, 2001, more than three thousand people died, more than in the Pearl Harbor bomb attack. Both events got America into a war. Both events had ample forewarning that they were going to take place.

   On the fateful day of 9-11, I read this in the Scofield Reference Bible’s Introduction: “The Dispensations are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through  and links together the ages, from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity. Augustine said: ’Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.’”

   This was but one plant in my mind that both put me onto my destiny and kept me on it. On Good Friday 1975, I simply drove away from my old life and never looked back. Good Friday, we know, is the day Christians commemorate as the day they hung Jesus from a cross. I left my old life with a bigger than life calling.  Jesus had his bigger than life calling. Mine involved my Constitution. I say “my” Constitution because I studied it as written, not as interpreted by America’s makers and keepers of the law.  The same can be said for Jesus.  Jesus and I say the kingdom of God is within you. Jesus and I call the makers and keepers of the law hypocrites.  Jesus and I call for beating weapons of war into plowshares—indeed, our “increasing purpose.”

   “Distinguishing the Ages”: Astrology placed mankind at the beginning of the Age of Pisces when Jesus was born. An age is approximently 2,000 years, which places us today at the end of the Age of Pisces and beginning the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper.  During the Age of Pisces, astrology says, mankind is weak willed and adherent to external factors. In the Age of Aquarius, we look within for our answers.

   With respect to the above mentioned factors, I was born in September 1925, Virgo with Aquarius rising. This combination, according to astrology, made me a visionary. The year 1925 saw the birth of quantum mechanics, examination of the world of the very small, and new ideas of the workings of the universe. Born with Saturn trine Pluto, in the most favorable angular relationship, I would be right on the new ideas of the workings of the universe.

   According to Jesus in Luke 17:21, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” According to Jesus in Luke 21, there shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars—“and distress of nations”—“men’s hearts failing them for fear….when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand….Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man.”

   In Luke 21-22, “But, behold, the hand of him that betrayed me is with me on the table. And truly the Son of man goeth, as it was determined: but woe unto that man by whom he is betrayed.”

   Accordingly, we now have a new world order. Now entering the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become altruistic, “in him was life, and the life was the light of men,” we can wonder who will be in charge.

   We are close to a war to end wars—likely the end of human life on this planet. We witness numerous false flags, fakery that is easily implemented by (1) secret information and (2) a corrupt, self-serving government.

   The most advanced individual ever, Nicolas Tesla, appearing early in the nineteenth century, not only did he give the world alternating current generators, high voltage, and transmission lines to everyone; and talking about wireless energy to everyone, ridiculed by the press, financed by J.P. Morgan, owner of General Electric, Morgan cut off his funding.  Tesla also talked about a killer beam of light for America’s defense. The United States didn’t buy the idea, but before Tesla’s body was cold, upon his death, FBI’s director, J. Edgar Hoover, had the FBI confiscate Tesla’s papers.

  We find that Tesla’s killer light been brought down so-call flying saucers.  We have the Roswell, N.M. event, the story changed to a weather balloon, and changed two additional times.  From the alternative news, we know that the United States has flying saucers.  We know that the United States is faking all manner of things intelligent life from elsewhere is doing to us. We know from alternative news sources that one-world frauds, the biggest fraud in man’s history, is close to pushing the button that will end the freedom of the individual in the world.

   Tesla’s free energy from the universe, without the need of transmission lines, a source of free energy in every home, on every farm, in every factory, in all vehicles, ships, and ships that fly with zero gravity at unheard of speed—and already here—all of this kept secret, the plan is to unify us against extraterrestrials and drive them away.  Is this not the height of insanity?

  Mankind is at the threshold of a time when peace and prosperity for everyone is well within our grasp, and maniacs wanting to enslave us all.

   It all began in Hitler’s cultist government. The U.S. Army discovered, after the war, that the Nazis were getting their information from aliens to build so-called flying saucers.  The U.S. Army quietly brought hundreds of Nazi scientists to the U.S. The hope was to get them before the Soviets got them.  We were in the “Cold War.”

  Just think that ever since 1950 the U.S. military has owed operational flying saucers powered by energy from the universe—and hiding it from us.

   Big money and big power is in control of the world’s destiny.  However, from information kept secret—the extraterrestrials are active—the plan will not work until the extraterrestrials are driven away.

   The one-world plan is to start a war and quickly turn it into a war against extraterrestrials, intelligent beings that could be thousands of years ahead of us. Time is running out to act against this world’s madmen.

   You know that to put your country first is opposed to one-world government. Both Putin and Trump put their countries first. Oil and credit economies keep the status quo in place.  Trillions of dollars and millions of jobs are at stake.

   What happened when buggy manufacturers went out of business? The Model T Ford caused a boost in the economy. Think about free, clean energy replacing fossil fuel.  The magnitude of the change will take years. 

   We surely do not need fossil fuels.  We do not need nuclear power. We do not need transmission lines. Free, clean energy that never runs out, energy directly from the universe is being kept from us by powerful dogs in the manger.  It will take we the people to force the change. And think about this: you could end history written in the rocks.  Spread the word.

On brothers Cain and Able

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017


In Genesis 3:22, “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil….And Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord….

In Genesis 4:1-5, “And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. (What was wrong with being a tiller of the land?)

And in the process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering. But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

In Genesis 4:6-7, “And the Lord said unto Cain (and of his offering), Why art thy wroth? And why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well sin lieth at the door.”

Why had Cain not done well in his sacrifice? What is evil about being a tiller of the ground? Cain slew his brother, Abel.

In Genesis 4:10 And the Lord said to Cain, “What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. Cain said he was not his brother’s keeper. Thus, from this inexplicable beginning, Cain went out to populate the world.

Thousands of years passed, neither Cain nor his following being their brother’s keeper, the prophet Habakkuk, most distressed over sin, in Habakkuk 1:2, saying, “O Lord, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear!”

And in Malachi 4:5-6, the Lord, “Behold, I will send you Elijah, the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord; and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse,” the last thought of the Old Testament.

A red letter day in our planet’s history, September 11, 2001, on that fateful day I read in The Scofield Reference Bible’s Introduction, “The Dispensations are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links together the ages, from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity. Augustine said: ‘Distinguish the Ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.”

Thus distinguishing the ages, the lore of astrology places mankind in the Age of Pisces, which began with the coming of Jesus, and at a time when wills were weak and the external commands of authority in full control. Keep in mind how the Old Testament ends. And Jesus speaking of raving wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The first thing Jesus did when he started his ministry was to turn over the money changers’ tables and drive from their pens the sacrificial animals. He called his authority hypocrites.

In Luke 17:21, according to Jesus, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” This was in answer to the authorities on the question of when and where Jesus’ god was going to arrive.

In Luke 21, there shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars—“and distress of nations….men’s hearts failing them for fear….when you see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand….Watch he therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of man.”

Jesus announces his betrayal. “But behold the hand of him that betrayed me is with me on the table. And truly the Son of man goeth, as it was determined: but woe unto that man by whom he is betrayed.”

In Genesis 1:3, “And God said, Let there be light,” light travels through the heavens in waves. When we observe light, it changes to particles called photons—from wave to thing—this is our reality. We make things from particles–manifest our world. Thus, there is a dimension of infinite possibility. It is mind over matter. In Genesis 1:26, “And God said, Let us make man in our image. In Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image,” we are at one with God.

This brings me to my bigger than life calling. I studied my Constitution with the idea of using it to protect my inalienable rights, those rights that can’t be taken or bartered away. The United States considers health care a right, in violation of the Constitution and the Higher Law of nature. Witness how government has destroyed our health care.

President Trump is outspoken. The press is outspoken. Congress is outspoken. It is time that we the people speak on our God-given rights. Remember what Jesus said. The kingdom of God is within you. They try to make you responsible for his crucifixion.


He died for their sins. You have only fear itself to fear.






On new conscious awareness

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017


For the past three years, I’ve been keeping in close contact with those people who appear to know more than the establishment wants us to know, people like Dr. Steven Greer, David Sereda, David Icke and Jim Marrs. I’ve been blogging on what they reveal to me—short summaries that can be read in a few minutes. I’ve built a large following. There is a wave of change that, hopefully, will sweep the world. It is literally do or die, folks.

The degree of stage craft, thanks to the latest technology, is something of which we are completely unaware—optical illusions done with smoke and mirror techniques, such as the 9-11 event. Jetliners don’t fly through steel structures like they are made of warm butter. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to weaken steel. The World Center towers came down from controlled demolition. There is enough expert evidence to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Big money and big power were involved. A reason to go to war was involved. It is part of an overall plan for one-world government. We the people pay dearly.

The power of positive thinking is not “there but for the grace of God go I.” We are created with reason and logic. Logic tells us that we have raving wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing in authority. The first thing Jesus did in his ministry was to turn over the money changers’ tables in the temple and drive the sacrificial animals out of their pens, out of spite for corrupt authority—out of his love for God. Jesus called his authority hypocrites—and that the kingdom of God was within you. It is not by grace that you are saved. It is by obeying the “Higher Law,” nature’s law, rather than some form of supernatural law made here on earth.

We’ve paid dearly for allowing control freaks to have their way. We’ve now reached the point that a mere push of a button could start a war with a consequence never before seen in man’s history. It has been an ongoing thing for centuries. This we now experience is man’s greatest fraud. We could end history written in the rocks. Power is concentrated in very few hands.

The leading known authorities, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, both maintaining that their countries come first, are not the control freaks that want one-world control. The top vulture is Rothschild, by far the richest family in the world. Other vultures are the world’s military-industrial complex. Next down the pyramid of control are the legal institutions, followed by the mainstream press. Lastly comes religion, leaving out Jesus who they hung from a cross. I would say that it takes more than grace, folks.

It takes a mind of your own. And time is running out. Will we act in time to save ending history written in the rocks? In September 1925, physicist Werner Heisenberg mathematically proved that nothing is certain. We exist in a dimension of infinite possibility. It is mind over matter. Our fate is in our hands. Time to act.

On the apocalypse

Monday, July 24th, 2017


Apocalypse, in ancient Greek it meant an “uncovering,” a disclosure of knowledge or revelation, Thomas Jefferson, author of America’s Declaration of Independence, believed in God on the basis of the “Higher Law” of nature—without reference to supernatural revelation, actually something internal. In Luke 17:21, Jesus informs us that the kingdom of God is within us. The religions of Abraham teach us that God is external, in a far away place in “heaven,” a place God’s vicars teach.

Thomas Jefferson, a deist, author of America’s Declaration of Independence, believed in God on the basis of the “Higher Law,” without reference to supernatural revelation—in other words, God internal.

In Luke 17:21, Jesus informed his religious authority that God was neither here nor there; that the kingdom of God is within you.

God within you? We know not the power we possess.

Money goes where power flows, to a place called the District of Columbia, a corporation. Corporation, a “legal” entity, lacking ethical or moral content, under “lawful” in Black’s Law Dictionary, “legal,” a construction, can be “legal fraud.”

Money brings one power—the more money, the more power. Big money and big power are involved in America’s law; that is, corporate America. Corporate America is under the control of England’s bankers. This shift in power occurred in 1913, the work of J.P. Morgan and his powerful banking friends, who are responsible for the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, a corporation or “legal entity.” The richest corporation in the world, the Bank of England, the biggest stockholder, the banking family of Rothschild, Rothschild calls the shots. Rothschild replaces the kingdom of God in you.

In the U.S. Constitution, in the Fifth Amendment, we learn that the individual has the right of “due process of law.” This means the right to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place. No court in America would hear me.

In Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, a corporation, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of federal income tax but distinguished individuals, stating that if the tax was so arbitrary that it could only be called confiscation the income tax did not apply.

A long time ago, the U.S. Court of Appeals held that although high federal income tax on wages was not confiscation. This was after World War II and the Victory Tax on wages to help finance the war. Why did we need a tax on wages? We didn’t. We accepted the Victory Tax to finance World War II. By rights, an income tax on wages is “legal fraud.” Hitler was legal. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, under “lawful,” there is no law that authorizes income tax on wages. Nevertheless, you will go to prison if you try to get out of paying federal income tax on your wages. The Supreme Court interprets the law in light of today’s needs. Health insurance is the same as tax. Given the fact that money and power buys the law, America’s independence is a

thing of the past.

The U.S. Constitution gives individuals the inalienable right to the fruits of their labor. It may not be bartered away or transferred. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue claims that the Sixteenth Amendment gives Congress the authority to tax away one hundred percent of the worker’s wages. I have that in writing. Every court in the U.S. upholds that idea. But when I brought this to the attention of the press, and the proof that the Commissioner of Internal Revenue took my existence from me, the Commissioner admitted that he was mistaken. The makers and keepers of the law were silent. The American people were silent. It is out of fear that America will go down.

I recommend Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph S. Puleo.








On the shell game

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

ba6cb5c8853d9864f03095a5a9399cdc_tax-clipart-irs-tax-clipart_1024-849[1]Which walnut shell is the pea under? The hand is quicker than the eye, and that ain’t all. Politicians, lawyers, preachers, newspaper reporters, and, yes, salesmen spin the truth for their gain and your loss. And that ain’t all. There are those of us who think big and work very hard to be a success. Not counting the Clintons and like-minded folks, there are those who bring about advances that benefit all—capitalists with large fortunes. It takes big money to accomplish big things.

I’m referring to President Donald Trump.   Trump wants federal income tax, and a cut in federal income tax on corporations. General Electric pays zero income tax. A battery of lawyers searches every loophole for ways to save paying tax. Over the years, politicians have been bought. It costs millions of dollars, as a result, to win an election.

The hard working wage earner, who pays tax on his meager income—I’m speaking of the single on an entry-level wage—and there is no law that says he has to pay income tax—but he better pay. That’s what I have to say. President Trump is for that. He has said nothing against it.

Why would a single remain on a job for long that didn’t pay a living wage, after withholding tax? He can do better by receiving unemployment pay, food stamps, and on and on.

There is a shortage of entry-level wage earners. We need entry-level workers to clean our home and work in the yard. We were referred to a home cleaning agency, which wanted $575 to clean our 1,500 square foot home. They don’t even wash the windows for that price. We’re too old to keep this home. We can’t pay the cost of others doing the work.

The welfare state is becoming a slave state. When I was a young child, people were knocking on our door asking if we had any work they could do. We didn’t have the welfare state. America was family oriented. Only the very rich paid federal income tax. Mothers didn’t work. They took care of family needs. Crime was much lower and divorce was rare. There is a high price to pay for the welfare state.

President Trump has never mentioned a tax on spending. The entry-level worker would be exempt from paying any tax on his wages. If the rich wanted to live like kings they would pay a king’s ransom in tax. Is it any wonder that Trump would never mention a tax on spending?

Sadly, we’ll have to sell our home. We’ve bought a motorhome. We will be heading for northern Idaho, hopefully, before the leaves start falling this fall.




On Big Brother Government

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

12d344120b47aff7c69a60f088524ba0[1]The question arises: Did man make God in man’s image, or did God make man in his image? In Genesis 1:26, “And God said, Let us make man in our image….So God created man in his own image.” What could be clearer?

So-called authorities talk about a supernatural god. Heaven should be written with a capital H. It is not. Heaven is not a place. It is more than time and space. It is our state of being, or universal consciousness without which nothing could exist.

We conscious beings, at one with God, said Jesus, “in earth as it is in heaven,” in Matthew 6:10—not in two places but in a state—what about this supernatural god being taught?

What about the Obama statement: “Do not denigrate another’s religion,” after Muslims attacked America’s Libyan embassy and murdered our ambassador and other Americans? And what about Hillary Clinton, America’s Secretary of State, saying, “What difference does it make now?” Something is radically wrong in America’s thinking—I would say too little thinking about who we are.

It takes someone like me to say this: “Did man make God in man’s image, or did God make man in his image?

In Genesis 1:26, “And God said, Let us make man in our image….So God created man in his own image,” what could better describe man? Once we are conscious of who we are, in a universe teaming with life—we could not be the only intelligent life in the vast universe—to look deeply into one’s self, past the ego-self, looking to Jesus’ teaching, in Luke 17:21, “Neither shall they say Lo here! Or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you,” and in Matthew 6:10 he said, “in earth as it is in heaven,” you can’t be two places at the same time, he was talking about our immaterial selves, our spiritual selves, how could God be in some far away place? Heaven is not written with a capital h. No, God is not supernatural. God is the Higher Law of nature, as told in my Constitution, leaving me with inalienable rights, or rights that cannot be taken or bartered away.

America’s courts have decided that if the majority vote is for this or that, this or that is the law of the land.

There is no law that specifically states wages may be taxed. America’s courts rule that tax on income is voluntary. Therefore, if you refuse to pay federal income tax you have broken the law of the land. The courts violate the law. The law is not voluntary.

I paid federal income tax and then protested in the U.S. District Court. My case was dismissed twice. No federal court would hear the case on constitutional grounds. The U.S. Tax Court ruled that the federal tax collector made a mistake and taxed me too much. It ordered the overpayment be returned to me.

The tax collector made the same mistake again. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the “mistaken” tax was constitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The tax collector is allowed to make endless mistakes.

The U.S. District Court decided to hear my case. The Department of Justice admitted that the Commissioner of Internal Revenue was mistaken. The overpayment of tax was returned to me with interest. Eleven years after the mistake was made, after my property was returned twice, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) went to my bank and took every cent in my account. I took the case to the press. The Palm Beach Post investigated. The IRS admitted that it made a mistake. My property was retuned to my bank.

Fundamental to the law is reason. Anyone saying it is lawful for government to make unlimited mistakes is insane. It is not lawful, it is runaway power and control.

In Mark 12:28, religious authority asked Jesus, “which is the first commandment of all?” And Jesus answered him, ‘the first of all commandments is, Hear O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely, this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy-self. There is none other commandment greater than these.’”

What happens when people refuse to act on what they know is right? History is replete with examples, one of which is Jesus nailed to a cross two thousand years ago.


This blog didn’t get published in my current WordPress format yesterday. In the meanwhile, a new thought has been presented to me concerning big brother government.  First came the Clinton indiscretions. Kenneth Star was appointed special prosecutor. The Clintons and their following went all out to discredit Star. It worked. Now indiscretions are being alleged against Trump and family.  Special prosecutor Robert Muller has been appointed. Trump and his men are going all out to discredit Muller. So what else is new?

The American people are on a downhill slope at the bottom of which is a snakepit.  I know about that. In 1975, I was in a snakepit. There is but one way out of a snakepit.  No one is there to help you out. I looked within for my answer.

I didn’t know, although I’d been a Christian, that in Luke 17:21 Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. I’d been taught that the kingdom of God is external, that it is by God’s grace alone that I’m saved.  I was taught that God frowned on my independent thoughts. This brings me to my Constitution, the “Higher Law” being the Constitution’s background.  The Higher Law is neither here nor there, according to Jesus in Luke 17. There is an immaterial part of us–if you will, a state of being. Under the New World Order, you will not see beyond the end of your nose if you know what’s good for you. They nailed Jesus to a cross.



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