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On Memorial weekend 2017

Friday, May 26th, 2017

WW2-Museum-inside[1]My wife, Karen, received a letter from Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller, PhD, President and CEO, The National WWII Museum, starting with, “I am sending you this letter based on a hunch. Namely, that at least one member of the Smith family helped win World War II. I write you to honor that Smith family member for all time by entering their name in the National WWII Museum’s Honor Roll.”
The letter goes on to state that when complete, the museum will be the only museum in America dedicated to telling the story of the American experience in World War II from beginning to end, “along with the benefits of peace and the spread of democracy since 1995.” What is he talking about?
“An important part of the Museum’s expansion is to the Honor Roll that will include the names (including my name) of those who made an invaluable contribution to America’s victory in World War II. When you (Karen) donate today, your name will also be listed on the Honor Roll, as one who is generously helping build the Museum through your financial support.”
As Karen’s husband, a combat rifleman in Nazi Germany, also in the Army of Occupation in Japan after the war, and a representative of all those Americans who died in the cause of liberty and justice, at age 49 I received a bigger than life calling from America’s Founding Fathers.
I studied law professor Edward S. Corwin’s The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law, not for the sake of learning, but with the thought of using it to challenge the makers and keeper’s of America’s laws. In my opinion, they were not following the law.
In America’s Constitution, under the Fifth Amendment, in the “Bill of Rights,” is the due process clause. It means that if I have a personal stake in the outcome, I have the right to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place. The makers and keepers of America’s laws have their interpretation. This case was heard long ago and will not be heard again. Their case rests on the American people’s acceptance. Mine rests on the individual’s case. The nation’s tax collector collected a tax I did not owe.
41zE4xuL6PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_[1]In Corwin’s, The “Higher Law,” the Roman judge Cicero makes his distinctive contribution: “We are born for justice and right is not the mere arbitrary construction of opinion, but an institution of nature….If it were possible to constitute right simply by the commands of the people, by the decrees of princes, by the adjudications of magistrates, then all that would be necessary in order to make robbery, adultery, or the falsification of wills right and just would be a vote of the multitudes.” So, again, what is Nick Mueller talking about?
In 1933, during America’s Great Depression of the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, calling it a “duty of government,” regardless of what the Constitution said, he and the Democrats packed the Supreme Court with political activist judges. Speaking for the Court, a Roosevelt appointee, Justice Brandeis: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.” Property is the means of the biggest fraud in history. The U.S. Corporate District of Columbia has criminally taken ownership of the American people, pledging us to the West’s banking cartel to establish a credit economy, and interest paid to banks printing fiat money backed by nothing.
The biggest means of profit is war, everyone doing his best to win the war and banks getting richer from interest collected gain more wealth and control.
Founding Father Thomas Jefferson: “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy,” which is the case in my America. America is controlled by a criminal conspiracy of money and power that leaves the American people a century behind where we should be today—leaves us in perpetual war for the benefit of America’s military-industrial complex, under the control of the western world’s banking cartel. The West’s banking cartel can and will bring about the demise of humanity in a nuclear holocaust if we don’t stop it.
hqdefault1For the past three years, I’ve been in touch with Dr. Steven Greer’s knowledge of flying saucers and extraterrestrials, and the government’s effort to debunk him. Dr. Greer has over 500 whistleblowers, some in the military, some in the defense industry, and some in the government ready to testify under oath what they know about the biggest fraud of all times, psycho dogs in the manger, strictly for their own profit and control, blocking the world from free energy and zero gravity.
Maniacs are hiding the means of eliminating fossil fuels, eliminating the power grid, providing every homeowner with free energy directly from the universe, and the same for all vehicles, farms and factories; providing the world, from the technology of zero gravity, with aircraft as big as the Queen Mary that can be anywhere on the planet within minutes, and at no cost in fuel, the technology that can totally eliminate poverty and war.

America’s lamestream press is owned and operated by criminals whose aim is to enslave the world, not one word printed without the tongue in cheek about extraterrestrials and flying saucers. The government has classified it all, at the same time robbing the taxpayers of trillions of dollars in a secret war to rid the world of extraterrestrials and flying saucers.

Dr. Greer has just launched a documentary, Unauthorized, that tells the whole story. For those who fought and died for our freedom, we owe them.  Do your individual part in saving the world’s people from annihilation. Do us all the favor of getting up to speed.

On the law

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

AAlROPo[1]On this May 24, 2017, CNN News: “Rep. Elijah Cummings (Democrat, MD) says there is an air of deception in the Trump White House.” What else is new?
This is new. In America, once said to be the home of the brave and the free, is now the land of suckers and con artists.
With this thought in mind, on the anniversary of the first day of my new life, Easter Sunday 1975, I ceased spending my time blogging on brennan-cia-torture-report[1]A juggernaut of fraud and deception is moving the world steadily toward World War III, screen-shot-2014-02-21-at-6-10-03-pm[1]which will leave the human race history written in the rocks. War is the way the western banking cartel and the military-industrial complex keep control of the world. We are a century behind where we should be.
jobridge-jpg1Being as I’m age 91, and a short time left in this life, I decided on Easter Sunday 2017 to spend my remaining time doing my thing. The squirrels have been tearing holes in my screened porch. I decided to convert it into a sunroom.
I own my home. I don’t own the land it sits on. I’m in a manufactured home park. Brian Fitterer, owner of Investment Property Group, Irving, CA, owns my manufactured home park and eight others in Oregon, four in California, two in Arizona, and two in Washington. Through Mr. Fitterer’s chain of command, I’ve been ordered to cease building my sunroom and to return it to the screened porch or be evicted from the park. Reason: I did not procure the necessary building permit from Clackamas Building Codes Division.

I tried. I was lied to. In order to build my sunroom, according to those lying frauds, I would have had to spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily and then it was doubtful that I would be permitted to build the sunroom.

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on "Protecting America's Harvest" on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on “Protecting America’s Harvest” on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

I’m back to 1975. The U.S. income tax collector scammed me. Not one court would hear me, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

maxresdefault[1]In that I’m a World War II veteran, I’m entitled to buy a home with nothing down. In 1982, I was turned down. The reason: I had a tax lien against me. After the income tax collector robbed me of my property, the tax lien was never removed.
26F80B0300000578-3010548-image-a-10_1427322750581[1]I filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court (my third). At last, a court was going to hear me. The U.S. Department of Justice, the same that told the Supreme Court that it did nothing wrong, immediately wrote the District Court that the IRS had “wrongfully” taken my property. I was paid back the money confiscated and was permitted to get a GI loan on a home. The tax collector then went to my bank and stripped me of ever cent in my bank. The District Court refused to reopen the case. I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. The income tax collector ate crow on the front page. Not one word did I hear from anyone. The American people vote for the politicians that rob Peter to pay Paul.
12d344120b47aff7c69a60f088524ba0[1]When you consider that the paper fiat money we Americans spend came out of thin air, with zero to back it, and we pay interest on it to banks, how do banks profit the most? You guessed right. Start a war. Get ready for World War III. We will end history written in the rocks.
Back to Mr. Fitterer, he belongs to the one percent of Americans that own 50 percent of the wealth. Money goes where money flows, to the District of Columbia, a corporation created for the purpose of gaining power. When we are born, our parents are required to obtain a birth certificate, thanks to banker J. P. Morgan.JP-Morgan-300x282[1]That certificate is the politician’s collateral to borrow money from the Federal Reserve Bank, owned by private bankers.

Federal Reserve Building, Washington DC, USA

Federal Reserve Building, Washington DC, USA

ba6cb5c8853d9864f03095a5a9399cdc_tax-clipart-irs-tax-clipart_1024-849[1]According to the wealthiest of the world, primarily bankers and the military-industrial complex, war is the way to go. The richest of the world and the politicians are all provided with safe places to go in the nuclear war they are planning. According to some, the plan is to reduce the world’s population to 500,000,000 and make slaves of them.
Back to my sunroom and Mr. Fitterer’s rules, I must get a building permit before building my sunroom. I tried. I was turned down by reason that I didn’t get final approval of construction 9 years ago. This is a lie. But because I didn’t, I’m required to resubmit for the construction of 9 years ago, and the code has changed, I’m told. I must comply with all the changes in the code. On and on the requirements went, the cost prohibitive, and even then doubtful that the construction would be approved.
imagesHOYOXWALMr. Fitterer demands, through his chain of command, that I stop construction of my sunroom and restore the screened porch or I will be evicted, left on the street and my home will be his. This is the way to riches in the United States. A corporation by the name of the District of Columbia, of which all of we Americans are property, enjoys the liberty of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Paul loves it.
xwepG2N[1]Legal is the form of law. Hitler was legal. To be lawful, the law must be ethical and moral. The rich and their easily bought politicians have constructed a legal fraud. There are certain principles of right and justice which are entitled to prevail altogether regardless of those who wield the physical resources.
41zE4xuL6PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_[1]In the words of President Coolidge, “Men do not make laws. They do but discover them.” Aristotle: “Even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion.” The Roman judge Cicero: “We are born for justice, and right is not the mere arbitrary construction of opinion, but an institution of nature.” Human nature itself, a durable form of justice, transcends expediency. The law must embody justice if it is to claim allegiance with human conscience.
good-friday-wishes-with-name[1]I repeat, Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

On individual freedom

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

th[7]On this May 18, 2017, WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump lashed out at the appointment of a special counsel to investigate allegations that his campaign collaborated with Russia to sway the 2016 election, tweeting Thursday that it is “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

On Easter Sunday, 2017, I decided to cease blogging. The situation grows worse by the day. We are heading for World War III and the end of human life. Mad men are in control.

I got out of it all on Easter Sunday, 2017. Any answer I had could be wrong.  I decided to convert my screened porch into a sunroom. Squirrels were tearing holes in the screen. My decision turned into a nightmare. I’m called back to my reason for being.

Turning to Luke 21:31, we read: “So likewise ye, when ye see these things to come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” In Luke 17:21, Jesus informs us that the kingdom of God is within you. If that is really the case, no power on earth can stop you.

The U.S. collector of income tax, the most feared of federal agencies in the U.S, as I’ve reported, was unable to control me. The Internal Revenue Service ate crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post.

Getting back to my current problem, the local powers that be have decided to block  me from adding a sunroom.  Why?

Near my home in rural Oregon, on Mother’s Day, a son decided to cut off his mother’s head. He carried her head with him and with a knife went on a stabbing spree.  It is the law in practice today. Nothing like this ever happened in my youth.  The law in practice is foreign to humans. It is based on the law of the jungle.  I’m seen as a bottom fish, not a human being.

I live in a manufactured home park in Oregon’s tall timber 30 miles southwest of Mt. Hood. In Section 16, Enforcement and Dispute Resolution of this manufactured home park’s guidelines, “All disputes which may arise concerning a rental of spaces (I own my home and rent the space it sits on) at the community will receive a fair hearing, and if necessary a mediation utilizing the Office of the Manufactured Dwelling Community Relations, utilizing the MHC Community Relations Dept. (an Oregon state department) program, EXCEPT disputes concerning: (10 in all). Exception number 9: “disputes which involve a Resident whose tenancy has been terminated by Owner.” Why has my tenancy been terminated?  Why am I to become homeless?

The MHC Community Relations Dept. is financed by Oregon’s Manufactured Home Parks. The management of my manufactured home park told me that I must get a building permit from the Clackamas County Building Codes Division before building my sunroom. That was bad news. I’d already had a very bad experience with the Codes Division on construction in 2008.

When I applied in April 2017, I was turned down—told that I never got final approval on the construction in 2008. This is not so. It took three contractors and thousands of dollars out of my pocket but I did get final approval.

Without a permit, I started building my sunroom. Park management ordered me to stop and decided to terminate my tenancy, an exception the owner gives himself. Oregon’s MHC Community Relations Dept. advised me to hire a lawyer. I will not receive a fair hearing, and if necessary a mediation utilizing the Office of the Manufactured Dwelling Community Relations. No, due to the exception the owner has demanded, I must hire a lawyer. My experience with lawyers has been terrible. I’m back where I was at age 49, on my own again at age 91, again without a pot or a window. The  owner of this park will have another home to sell.

Abraham Lincoln told us America’s government is of the people, by the people and for the people, but there is a catch. The people have to act. Otherwise, the courts rule the law, whatever it is, is the law. It is a matter of policy. The American people generally accepted black slavery. The Supreme Court held that black people were the same as cows and mules. America fought a bloody civil war. Black people won their freedom, if you could call it that. Came Jim Crow law. Blacks were second class citizens. It took the civil rights movement to end Jim Crow law.

A tiny fraction of one percent of the world’s population, western bankers and multinational corporations, now have the world in their control. Any who seriously challenge their control end dead. No, Trump is not about to stop them. They will go to any extent to remain in control. Those psychos are behind a plan to start World War III. The most money they can make comes with war. They are insane and taking the world to hell with them. Money is keeping the war with ISIS going. Those people are mercenaries. They fight for whoever pays them the most.

Trump, who was going to make America great again, is drowning in Washington’s swamp. The American people don’t act. That’s the problem, people of the world. America has turned into a spineless jellyfish. We’ll have to look elsewhere to save the world from annihilation. The Russians are the world’s best bet. Little wonder that Washington’s sellout artists are insisting that Trump is complicit with the Russians.

We have the answer for a world at peace—free energy from the vacuum of space. It is being coveted by the world’s richest and most powerful slime. We could end fossil fuel, end its pollution, end poverty and war, end the Stone Age if we only knew. Unacknowledged is a new documentary that, hopefully, will save humanity from annihilation.

On my new assignment

Friday, May 12th, 2017


BBB3NVS[1]On this May 12, 2017, The New York Times: WASHINGTON  President Trump threatened on Friday to retaliate against James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director he fired this week, if Mr. Comey leaks anything negative about the president and warned the news media that he may cancel all future White House briefings.  I know how President Trump feels.  Who is behind it all? I say Lord Rothschild, the richest man in the world.

th[7]Throughout history, there have been those who feel divinely called, such as Nimrod, the least of Noah’s sons, of ancient Babylonia. He built the Tower of Babel. Then there was the viscous tyrant Genghis Kahn of Mongolia who rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. Alexander the Great of Greece was another divinely inspired tyrant. He burned the Egyptian library that housed all of history’s works. Then there were the Caesar’s of Rome.  Caesar’s governor,  Pontius Pilate, who washed his hands, and ordered nailing Jesus to a Cross, another of the divine. Then came Mohammad, Islam’s prophet, who ordered 700 heads to roll from infidels on the day he was proclaimed to be Allah’s prophet. Following, was the divinely inspired Attila, the Hun. He ravaged the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was succeeded by the Holy Roman Catholic Empire and inhuman torture of heretics. There was France’s divinely inspired Napoleon, and the beheading of Maria Antoinette. Came Hitler and the Japanese War Lords. Need I say more? Last but not least of the world’s divinely inspired is North Korea’s Kim Jong-il.

Since the dawn of history, it has been do as I say or face the consequences from the divinely inspired.  Given all of the above, I decided to replace my screened porch with a sunroom. The many squirrels living in Oregon’s tall timber with me were tearing holes in the screen. The makers and keepers of the law have their rules; I have mine.  The makers and keepers of the law have blocked me for what I say is outrageous reason. In fact, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, much less a constitutional leg.  We have America’s divinely inspired. They want to change the world to their way of thinking–with World War III. This is Rothschild’s thinking.

img_20170111_0606588472It took me 11 years to make America’s tax collector obey the law. Since I’m age 91, I’ll be dead and gone before I get my sunroom. Then it will not matter.

On a mockery of freedom

Friday, May 5th, 2017

good-friday-wishes-with-name[1]Too often, in America’s free enterprise system, it is polluted by money grubbing opportunists. Disgusted, I blogged Easter Sunday that I’d written my last blog. But now a word to the wise.

I live in Big Valley Woods, Clackamas County, Oregon, a manufactured home park of three hundred homes in the tall timber on 200 acres.  This park was purchased by a large California Corp., the owner of other such manufactured home parks after I’d become a resident.  You never know. Said Corp. is adding a huge number of home sites on a large amount of additional land.  This is notice to those planning to rent a site for their manufactured home of what to expect. You have zero rights.

I rented a site in Big Valley Woods for the manufactured home I purchased. It was the only way I could afford to live out my twilight years in the tall timber. I had always felt at home in the forest. Little did I know that I was to be under a money grubbing, opportunistic corporation’s control, which cared not for my liberty. It is exactly this on a worldwide scale that is the new world order. A dwindling number of people are in control–psychos who think of themselves as divine.  They possess most of the world’s wealth. Beware!

As I’ve blogged lots of times, a new life for me began on Good Friday 1975. I wasn’t aware of it because I’m anti-religious. On Good Friday 1975 I drove away from my old life and never looked back. I went to sea on a sloop I named Bold Venture. Inexplicable events occurred during my two years at sea. I left the sea believing that God’s hand had been on my wheel.  Whereas, if things could go wrong in my old life they did, in my new life when things should have gone wrong everything went right, in the end.

I’ve reported that America’s tax collector put me on the street by mistake, with the acceptance of America’s entire judiciary.


I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. The tax collector admitted that from the first, 11 years earlier, the tax collector was mistaken. America’s public was not the least bit concerned.  So here we are again.

I’m told to be prepared. The Federal Reserve Bank is privately talking about doing away with the Federal Reserve Note, and my bank account will be reduced to maybe twenty percent of its value, if I’m lucky. Upon learning this, I decided to spend the money on enclosing my screened porch, making it a sunroom. The squirrels keep eating holes in it.

I mentioned to Big Valley’s dictator manager in January that I planned to make my screened porch a sunroom. I spoke to “Bubba,” the manager’s recommendation, about the sunroom. He was to get back with a quote. He never did. My wife, Karen, called the park dictator for a recommendation of someone to build the sunroom, telling her that “Bubba” never gave us a quote. The park dictator gave Karen no recommendation. She asked “Bubba” why he had not given me a quote. Bubba lied. He told the park dictator that he was worried about doing the electrical work and that he didn’t do sheet rocking. I’d told Bubba that I would get someone to do the sheet rocking. I never mentioned the electric work to him. The park dictator called Karen to advise her that we would have to get a building permit and electrical permit, which I’d planned to do.

The Clackamas County Building Codes Division told me I’d never gotten final approval of the carport for my new manufactured home nine years ago–that the whole process would have to begin again and many changes had been made in the codes, which I would have to conform to, including footings. My footings would not conform. I was also informed that I would have to get an engineer’s approval for the carport and the sunroom. Also, I would have get a professional to draw the plan. The requirement meant that I could not build a sunroom. From what I was told, no telling how much I would have to spend. By the way, I had final approval.

I’m writing all of this as warning to others who might rent one of the new building sights. You have zero rights.

Clackamas County Building Codes is under Oregon State control. I contacted the State. My advice: Ignore everything I was told. Unless my carport was so poorly built that it was hazardous, I did not have to submit to a new procedure. I was told to take my plan to the top official at Codes and ask for a permit to build the sunroom. I should have smooth sailing.

Comes now the park dictator with written notice, as follows: compliance notice pursuant to ORS 90.412 (4) (b), this is to give you written notice regarding your breach or default, of namely this: You have started a construction project by changing the approved screened in porch area by dismantling a portion of the screened in area, adding some sort of decking and from your statement ‘adding a sunroom.’ This activity has not been approved and must stop until work is approved. Drawings must be submitted to management approval and permits must be pulled where necessary after park approval on changes.Work must stop immediately.”

images6America’s income tax collector, with approval of America’s entire judiciary, mistakenly put me on the street. They admitted in a detailed story in The Palm Beach Post on December 1, 1986–this nobody out of sight, out of mind–that they made a mistake in putting me on the street. And now, I’m advised that if I don’t comply with the park dictator’s demand, I will be evicted.  This 91 year-old veteran of World War II is about to be made homeless again.

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on "Protecting America's Harvest" on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on “Protecting America’s Harvest” on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

We learn from the news media today that a California family says they were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight and threatened with jail for refusing to give up a seat for their 2-year-old son, despite having paid for it, in the latest controversy for a major airline that was caught on video.  What are we fighting for?



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