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On the “Gilded Cage”

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

bbxjymk1On this December 31, 2016, on New Year’s Eve, The New York Times reports, using the  song title, A Bird in a Guilded Cage, speaking of a rich Chinaman locked up in a luxury hotel room in New York City, and under guard, the headline, “Awaiting trial in a guilded cage, a rich man wants more”—“She’s only a bird in a guilded cage, a beautiful sight to see. You may think she’s happy and free from care. She’s not though she seems to be. ‘Tis sad when you think of her wasted life, for youth cannot mate with age. And her beauty was sold for an old man’s gold. She’s a bird in a guilded cage.”

Ah, yes, appropriate on this New Year’s Eve, let’s think about the New Year and the God of our future. Once again, the spirit of evil has shown itself, sexually abusing children. One would be hard pressed to think of anything more evil than pedophilia. Evil comes with money, power and secrecy. And guess who fits the description?

images[6]Pope Benedict, they say, was a kind man. He witnessed much corruption in the Catholic Church, including pedophilia. The Pope was lacking in moral authority. He resigned, the first in 600 years. The Church was quick to replace him with a humble man. Nothing changed in the Catholic hierarchy. Money, power and secrecy prevail in this church, as well as in the secular world, namely, the Illuminate, one of whom is the defeated Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

263I’m reminded of former President John F. Kennedy, a Catholic. He often spoke against secrecy. Never mentioning who or what institution was responsible, in a speech at Columbia University ten days before he was assassinated. President Kennedy: “The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.”

When I think on what President Kennedy said and compare the years following, I see a steady decline in the integrity of America’s leaders and people. I see it as the evil of money, power and secrecy in the religious and secular worlds.

imagesCoincidentally, astrology gives me the ability of understanding the subtle workings of the universe and numerology gives me the ability to teach ethics and the psychic ability to distinguish the true from the false. But Mrs. Clinton: “What makes the difference now!” Leave her to her pedophile pleasures. President-elect Donald John Trump, when asked about this, said that it is time to get on with it. I assume that he means a world with a new image of God.

100_1301In 1975, in accordance with my astrological chart, as well as numerology’s prediction, I cut from the heard and went on my own. Existentialism is a term applied to the work of certain late 19th-and 20th-century philosophers who, despite profound doctrinal differences, shared the belief that philosophical thinking begins with the human subject—not merely the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, living human individual. This idea lines up perfectly with the ancient idea of numerologists, who, same as astrologers, geometrized the universe—gave it mathematical meanings, not merely the thinking subject but the acting, feeling, living individual. This idea clashes with the earth-bound notion that one suit fits all, known as socialism and the expression, “a new world order.”

ATT00001[2]Interestingly, in the 2008 presidential election, from Cosmos and Psyche, on page 214, under The Saturn-Pluto Cycle, we read that from November 2008—August 2011 Saturn was square Pluto. In chapter V, under World Wars, Cold War, and September 11, we read, that when Saturn is square Pluto comes “epochal closure: the end of an era, the end of innocence, the destruction of an earlier mode of life that in retrospect may seem to have been marked by widespread indulgence, decadence, naïveté, denial, and inflation.”

THECATHOLICCHURCHWe’ve learned that humans are not altogether of this world, not in our immaterial essence. We are conscious of far more than any other life form on the planet.  We are inextricably part of the force that bring order out of chaos, called the “chaos theory.”  Nothing in the time-space universe ever achieves perfection, as in perfection there is no movement. Perfection is a state, a state of consciousness, if you will.  “God is perfect,” and only God.  We appear as flesh and blood, animal, but with the potential, not the fact, that we can be more than animal. Lust is animal. God is representative of love.  The two are states of being.

imgresFor the full truth, read the four Gospels, in light of God representing love.  Jesus tells you that the kingdom of God is in you. Fundamentally, in spirit, at one with the consciousness of the universe, you interact with matter. You are, in part, in the dimension of infinite possibility, in part in this world of reality.  Innovation is moving faster and faster. You can be left at the switch. The responsibility is yours.

Anonymous-Jew-Rat[1]Dogs in the manger are bent on hiding the truth from you. They are insanely trying to grab control of the world. We are in a most crucial time. Outgoing Present Barack Hussein Obama, anti-colonialist, communist, hating American principles and values, is doing what he can to stop his legacy from being replaced, backed by the lamestream press,

img_20161230_1834327871img_20161231_0619475861Happy New Year. May peace be with you.

On our Personal signature

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Moraine1On December 22, 2016, “On the big lie from a small fry,” the Associated Press reported, “Obama helped bring back the economy.”

On December 23, 2016, “On the West’s crisis,” The Washington Post reported, “President Vladimir Putin has a message for the White House and Democratic leaders who accuse him of stealing their victory: ‘Don’t be a sore loser.”

On December 24, 2016, on Christmas Eve, MSN reported, North Carolina can no longer be considered a democracy.”

On December 25, 2016, On Christmas Day, “Karen and I have been together 35 years. We sat by the fire last night reminiscing. We exchanged Christmas cards. What was in those cards is a sign of this time—at the bottom of the skid cycle. Karen’s Christmas card to me:

“To my Husband with all my love, you’re the reason this is the most wonderful time of the year for me. My darling Joseph, I love looking back on all the ways we’ve grown closer, the things we’ve overcome, and how we’ve brought out the best in each other. I love you with all my heart.”

 My Christmas card to Karen:

 “For my wife, my true blessing, my heart is happy and blessed when I think about the beautiful life we share in the Lord.

You’re the inspiration—want to have you near me. Yes, I know it’s plain to see. So in love when we’re together. And I hope you know that no matter what else may change, you and I will always be safe in each other’s love—and God’s amazing love for both of us. Merry Christmas. Yours always.

I’m here as a messenger. The world has ended its downward cycle. Welcome the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper. God’s love to all.  Karen and Joseph

 President Obama and family wished the American people a “Happy Holiday.”

 On this December 29, on YouTube, far more than “Happy Holiday,”  Must Share  This is the True Secret they don’t   copy and post in YouTube search. You get the math of “God’s Sacred Geometry.”  It deals with precisely what reports, and in scientific detail, all about God’s love—who we are and what we are about. Welcome the Age of Aquarius, when you fulfill your mission.



On where the latest science and American politics collide

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

AAigCeJ[1]Based on the breaking news today, I have to say the building blocks of the universe, the elementary particles, tell a quite different story than America’s politicians give us. I’m here to tell you that there are many things the building blocks of nature tell us that America’s law in practice violates. You may think they are getting away with it. They are not! Their day is coming soon to go down in infamy.

Our new age, which began in 1925 with what turned out to be quantum physics, comes now developments in neuroscience—better understanding of who we are and what we are about. Having said that, I have to tell you that your going out of office Obama interrupted his vacation to visit Pearl Harbor and meet with the Japanese Prime Minister for the purpose of apologizing for the atom bombs dropped on Japan that ended WW II. I was on the high seas in an invasion force heading for Japan. President Truman made the decision to drop the bombs. I’m still alive. There would have been far more lives lost had America invaded Japan. 

Every day that Obama remains in office he is going to do everything he possibly can to make it hard for his successor. There has never been this case before in a change of Presidents. Obama is a radical Islamic, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He should be behind bars.

America’s politicians, Republicans and Democrats, would have long ago impeached Obama had they been for America’s traditional values. No, they are not to be trusted. They don’t know a lie from the truth. Their brains are locked onto one thing. Their only truth: power and control.

When we experience an emotion or act on something neurons fire. When we observe others performing, empathy neurons fire, connecting us with others. We are influenced by external factors. This has been the case ever since Jesus was alive. We’ve been in the age of Pisces, whose symbol is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions. We are currently in the death throes of the Age of Pisces, the establishment clinging to the past with a death grip.

President-elect Trump is calling a spade a spade—when forced to.  Nobody puts Trump down, no matter how hard they try. His message is simple and green: make America great again. It is ridiculous to say America is making other nations poor, African Muslim communist Obama’s stand. Obama is out to shame America and kiss the asses of Saudi Arabian royalty. That’s why he’s out preaching against American oil independence. (And much more than that. He’s a lap dog of the West’s banking cartel.)

Ever since Reagan was President, the thrust has been toward a one-world socialist state, the individual with zero rights. Barack Hussein Obama, never vetted by the communist controlled American press, has indebted America more than all the rest of the presidents put together. Trump inherits a debt fuzz ball that any move toward financial order will cause the worst financial collapse ever. Trump will get the blame, but don’t forget that the politicians gave us this situation. They are not to be trusted. Trump is a businessman. He knows how to make money grow.  Ride it out with him.  

1bush-obama[1]I can tell you this. Once we regain control, the dogs in the manger in control of the world’s energy, the energy that runs us, the energy meant to empower our world, now being robbed from us by the greatest fraud of all times, the day nears that they will go down in defeat. We are catching on fast to the game of charades they are playing.

second comingimages[6]searchth1Senator Clinton is giving her kind the pedophile sign. 248[1]Senator Reed is picking his nose. My friends, the universe is nothing like the authorities have ordered—political and religious: they’ve conned us!  They cling to control with a death grip, but not for much longer, I predict. And I should know. By myself, I beat them. They hung themselves with their own rope. It is all in the record.

Donald Trump has received, the same as I received, a bigger than life calling. I won my individual rights. Trump is out to win this nation’s sacred rights back. The same as I, Trump has the law of the universe behind him. Stick with him and you will win the greatest time ever in this world’s history. I can tell you that you have no idea of the power than lies within you. You’ve been dumbed down. Trust me! Those now out to steal your energy will be your humble servants when Trump is done with them.      

On determination

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

aaijycd1On this December 28, 2016, this Trump tweet—“Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition – NOT!”

Yesterday, Lior Sheffer of the Washington Post gave me my message today. In Lior’s observation, Donald Trump thinks a mustache disqualifies you from office. That’s supposed to be funny? They’ve given us a picture of John Bolton to laugh at. What a crude sense of humor the lying frauds have.

The whole bunch of frauds have been screaming loudly that Trump will never be President. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. At this rate, perhaps like President John F. Kennedy, we’ll just assassinate Trump and get on with it, the process of enslaving the world. It began with Kennedy’s assassination, with that scum bag Lyndon Baines Johnson. America has been on the skids ever since.

The mindless freaks don’t know, or will not accept, that progressive liberalism’s day has come and gone. In the year of our Lord 2016, one of the most determined men in history, Donald John Trump, most extraordinarily, made liars out of the press, the Republicans and Democrats, and the usual run of comedians.  Shocking the liberal progressive bumkins out of their wits, the American people voted Trump President. It’s a joke! How can that be, they scream. They are publically vowing to disobey the law. They are crazy.

Who is the dummy? We are not as dumb as the elite think. The majority of Americans know that we’ve been taken for a walk in a garden of deceit and fake promises—by “O” and the elite. The dummy is those who never question—so self-centered they can’t see past the end of their noses! Are we going to let “O” and self-centered dummys take this great nation down?

President-elect Trump has prized the door open a crack, the establishment pushing hard as it can to close it.

The most extraordinary happenings in history are taking place—in secret—by a big money cabal. The bought and paid for establishment has a death grip on the status quo, the so-called New World Order. Israel has just received notice from the U.N. that she is illegal. And we the American people are paying 20 percent of the cost for this? This means the United States is illegally financing a mafia like organization. I’d say they better get right or lose 20 percent of their funding.

This is “O’s” doing. He is a Muslim Brotherhood traitor. He belongs where his Egyptian buddy is now, waiting behind bars to be hung. The dummies don’t know that we are back to the Constitution as written, wherein the individual has inalienable rights—rights that cannot be taken without the individual’s approval.  The fraud’s now in control have usurped the individual’s rights with the carrot and stick approach. Time to change that.

We are all subjective. The observer—the true observer—interacts with matter. Some of us question. Others just accept whatever. Consequently, thanks to “O”, we’ve got radical Islam decapitating, burning, raping and robbing us of everything we hold dear. The lamestream press never vetted “O”. They didn’t need to. After eight years of Bill Clinton and eight years of George W. Bush, the American people, including Donald Trump, were ready for a change. Trump voted for Obama in 2008. Another glitch in history, after a lot of pain and death we will get this abomination straightened out.

I’d now like to take you back in time to the land between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers, where war torn Iraq exists today as a reminder of America’s lunacy. By the way, Donald Trump was against what America did in retaliation for the 9-11 event. He was against walking away from what was done, what “O” did.

Six thousand years ago the area was a desert waste land. It became the world’s first really advanced civilization. The Sumerians migrated from what is now Turkey to occupy this desert land. They irrigated and turned desert into fields of golden grain and rows of waving date palms. They built cities with magnificent buildings. They recorded everything on clay tablets. Their written record still exists.

The Sumerians knew our solar system. They knew star constellations. They knew engineering. They knew higher mathematics. The Sumerians recorded the Annunaki, extraterrestrials, who brought us astro-logic, astrology. From the angles of a moving time-space consortium, astrology mathematically calculates events and personal characteristics. The universe is geometrically explainable—nothing like we’re being taught. How can that be?  Six thousand years ago we knew more about the universe than we know today. Inexcusably, we’ve allowed salivating wolves to devour our birthrights.

Can our future be predicted? Thanks to Albert Einstein, the universe has been reduced to a mathematical equation. Yes, a physical domain exists that is governed by immutable laws. But Heisenberg’s “uncertainty principal” leaves open human happenings that are left to the selection of the mind. What comes around goes around, but ah! Something finally came to us, coincidentally, in the month and year of my birth, September, 1925.  German physicist Werner Heisenberg published his “uncertainty principle.” It changed our understanding of time and space. You can know the distance between two points. You can know the speed you are going. You can’t know precisely where you are along the way. This new mathematical discovery eventually became quantum mechanics, and a dimension of infinite possibility—millions of possibilities!  We are co-creators of the universe.  Yet we have dummies who don’t think, who readily hand over to control freaks their most precious asset, the ability to think. If you allow others to think for you then you are their reality, and their reality is empowered by your idiocy.

When you learn my astrology, you know that I’m extremely independent. I don’t accept other people’s reality. I know my reality and I’m happy with it. At age 91, I’ve experienced much, which I want to pass on. I’ve learned the hard way of what pays and what does not pay. I have much in common with Donald Trump. From what I’ve read about Trump, he knew from the start of what paid and did not pay. I started my learning experience at age 49, with my life on the rocks.

From the enthusiasm demonstrated in Trump’s audiences, I can say there are many others like me—people who have learned the hard way.  What we see in the lamestream press is directed at those wearing blinders. The six owners of the American press have global control in mind. Things aren’t working out for them, proving the uncertainty principle.

We earthlings are at the threshold of an unbelievable future—at the end of the Age of Pisces.  I’m speaking of stuff that was known 6,000 years ago. We are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. In that I’m Aquarius rising, a visionary—I envision us at the threshold of an unbelievably great future, hogtied by dogs in the manger, a cabal of wealth and stealth. These egomaniacs are hiding the secret of how to obtain abundant free energy and zero gravity, which they learned by reverse engineering of “flying saucers”—more than 70 years ago.

If we knew what they know, we could replace all fossil fuel with free clean energy from the universe. Why would they hide this from us? It would empower us. The bought and paid for American establishment, a shadow government, is out to destroy us, turn us into slaves. You can’t believe a word they say.

What would we do if they assassinated Trump?  We’ve come a long way since they assassinated John F. Kennedy. They won’t do it. They will provoke some lunatic to do it. That is a distinct possibility—something to think about.

If we want a future, the time to act is now. No telling what is going to take place between now and the day Trump is to take the oath of office, not with “O” in control. We need to take over the military now, arrest “O” and all those behind him. We need to get out of the U.N., get out of the Middle East, protect our borders, and rid the nation of those who hate us. We are at war!  We cannot afford to wait. We are dealing with mad men.  Mr. “O”, if I have anything to say about it, get out now! Get out of my America and take your sleaze with you.








On the day after Christmas

Monday, December 26th, 2016

th1To my surprise, yesterday was the best Christmas I’ve had in years. The family came and it felt good to have them, even though I’ve been having misgivings about them—their uncaring attitude. Oh, for the simple life of my youth, when Christmas was only Daddy, Mamma and my two sisters. We made paper chains, popcorn strings, and hung shinny icicles from the branches of the Christmas tree. Daddy hung lights. At four o’clock in the morning I was in the living room to see what Santa brought.  

“Merry Christmas” has to do with the “Newborn King”—as opposed to “Happy Holliday,” America’s First Family’s message to the nation, while the outgoing First Family stabs the American people in the back.

In ancient Egypt, according to numerology, which gives me the number 7 as my Path of Destiny, a great many lives back, I was placed in the temple to become a priest, who were more aware than ordinary mortals of their mental powers. Before the Son of man (the Newborn King), the god Horus brought Egyptians the same message as Jesus. Jesus may have been here as a man, but Jesus is really a state of mind, of God and love.  I feel especially blessed. After three failures in marriage, the love of my life was sent to me. I’ve come to love and be loved. It is a gift from God that can’t be taken.

“Let us make man in our image,” Genesis 1:26, “in the image of God,” Genesis 1:27, universal consciousness, says science, without it nothing could exist. We personalize it. Can God be against His own creation?  

We were created with the potential for logic. In the spirit of the law; that is, the “Higher Law.” We love our brothers and sisters. What can this be, this Islamic law—Sharia law? It does not weigh with individual rights in our American Constitution. You can’t serve two masters. If you are unwilling to observe individual rights, get out of our free nation and leave us be.  A supernatural place in the heavens, through earthlings, picked by earthlings, no rights given, you do as told, that’s not America. That’s alright, if that’s what you want, but don’t you ever expect me to do as you tell me. If you don’t like it, get out! We don’t need you.

I’ve learned a lot about the law. Instead of studying the U.S. Constitution for the sake of learning, I studied it for the purpose of using it to fight for my rights. You might think that’s silly, but it really is my right. Under the so-called “Bill of Rights,” in the Fifth Amendment, all Americans have the right to “due process of law.” Of course if you don’t use it, you lose it. The makers and keepers of the law will find reason to deny you that constitutional right. Nobody knows that better than me. “Happy Holiday.”

For me it is “Merry Christmas.” For the President-elect, Donald Trump, it is “Merry Christmas.” The term is associated with “the Newborn King.” In the Bible, the Newborn King was hunted by King Herod. He wanted him killed. From a message from beyond, the Newborn King was taken by his parents to Egypt. When the danger was past, the Newborn King and family returned. Jesus took up his earthy mission in his thirties, I think about three years. He was betrayed by one of his apostles, Judas, and nailed to a cross, but his message persisted. Jesus is credited as the most influential man that ever lived.

The outgoing President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has his ideas that don’t match with what Jesus preached—that we the people are our brother’s keeper. His idea, Islamic, only a supernatural God somewhere out there, dictates. “Happy Holliday!”  It is not “Merry Christmas.” That says it all, and it did not sell. We are back to “Merry Christmas,” and I might add, a “Happy New Year.” Islam says otherwise. Islam, no matter what is said in defense, is against “infidels.” Silence on the difference is a lie.

Jesus said you can’t serve two masters. You are either an American that believes in our Constitution or whatever else you choose to believe not American.  I’m looking forward to a Happy New Year with Donald Trump in the lead. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper, and good riddance of those who don’t believe.

This as my closing reminder: In the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, in the “Due Process Clause,” due process meaning that every American with a personal grievance against a government that misinterprets the individual right to exist on the fruits of his own labor, is lawless. It should be at the head of the list of corrections, if President Trump expects a change for the better.

On December 1, 1986, the makers and keepers of America’s law admitted on the front page of the Local Section of the Palm Beach Post, under this headline: “Taxpayer wages 11-year feud with IRS,” that taxpayer is me, “Holger Euringer,” Public Relations Officer for the Internal Revenue Service, speaking for all three branches of the Federal Government, both Democrats and Republicans, and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, admitting that all are lawless scoundrels, “said last week that the agency (for 11 years) had been wrong and Smith soon would receive a letter of apology from the IRS district director.” That did not happen.

Reading from my Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in my Appendix in The Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1980, Case number 1570, on page 37, we read that District Director Ervin B. Osborn, on September 6, 1974, wrote me as follows:

“I’m glad to respond to our letter of August 19 addressed to me and your letter of July 12 addressed to Attorney General William B. Saxbe, which has been passed along to me for reply.”

“You asked if Congress has the right to tax any amount of personal income tax up to 100%, with no limitations.”

“The 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which was passed by Congress in 1909 and finally ratified by three-fourths of the States in 1913, provides:….”

This amendment, which has been upheld by the Supreme Court, makes no mention of limitations, so I assume that Congress has the power to tax total income at a given level. It has never done so. I doubt if it ever will.”

“You also ask why the Federal Government finds it necessary to redistribute income. Mr. Smith, I’m sure you know that the matter of spending authority is a responsibility of the Congress. Many factors influence the budget. Congress spends countless hours studying and debating the spending program, so I would certainly be less than honest if I tried to explain the merit and justification for the many spending programs included in the Federal budget.”

“As a final note, I must point out that there is no legal authority for anyone to withhold payment of a portion of their taxes (more than the total of my income) on the basis of disagreement with the expenditure of Federal funds. The Internal Revenue Service will be required to examine and assess any such amounts that you might have withheld or deducted from your tax returns. A representative of the District Director’s office in Dallas will likely contact you in the near future to review your prior year return.”

My business enterprise lost money in the year in question. I had zero income. I sold land, which I bought at half the price it sold for. The money I received would buy half as much. I made zero gain. The law said I owed federal income tax.

This letter, which for all purposes, says I have no say in the amount of the fruits of my labor taken, in the record, and before the U.S. Supreme Court, by choice, the Supreme Court doesn’t hear, there is no difference in the U.S. Supreme Court and the courts in Nazi Germany. So far, they haven’t put us in concentration camps, starved us and then shoved us into ovens. I’m speaking of all branches of the Federal Government and the people who vote for this, the kind that don’t see anything wrong with it.

The Federal Government, after taxing me out of my business enterprise in favor of the government entitled, taxed me more than my income for the year, according to their spokesman, IRS director Osborn, quite the thing to do. Put me, who questions, on the street in the name of federal income tax. The courts, backed by the other two branches of government—and the people—would not hear me. An investigation by Palm Beach Post got the admission from the makers and keepers of U.S. law, by their spokesman, that they were sorry for the mistake. They were sorry that they confiscated my existence, money I earned, by mistake. With friends like these, who needs enemies. The people are not our friends. They are the biggest frauds of all times.

Not only did I not hear from IRS director Osborn, the IRS made a “mistake” on my wife’s taxes.

We aging Americans, my wife and I, were notified by the IRS that Mrs. Smith owed $35,000 in federal income tax and if we didn’t pay it immediately, the IRS was authorized, by Congress, and the President,  to take our home in payment. Nice folks, these.

Mrs. Smith was recovering from a cancer operation. I had a heart condition. It was an IRS another mistake, but no matter. My wife didn’t owe any tax. The IRS refused to discuss the issue. I finally was able to get help from my Congressman’s office. They changed the office handling the problem to the correct office in Ft. Lauderdale. This is not an isolated case. The office in charge, the same office that put me on the street, was still trying to make me suffer for daring to question federal income tax.

For as long as I can remember, Congress, like a lot of other problems, has been trying to correct the income tax problem. It gets worse and worse. They have now built the concentration camps to send all who protest what they are doing to. How much does it take?




On Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 25th, 2016


The President’s family Christmas card to the nation said “Happy Holliday.”  President-elect Trump says Merry Christmas. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Merry Christmas, everybody, and a Happy New Year! Some great Christmas music-


On thinking about Christmas, we are transgenerational—progressing and then hitting the skids, but within these cycles, slowly advancing, six thousand years ago, between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers, present day Iraq, came the first advanced civilization. We discover from clay tablets that the Annunakes, of another world, are responsible for the advance.

The universe is not what we think it is. We are at one with it, our immaterial essence—consciousness. Without it nothing could exist. The universe is more than space and time. The Annunakes would not have been here. There is too much distance between stars. The universe is transdimenional—and we humans of it, part of its progressive order.

Five thousand years ago the Egyptians were quite advanced. We were at the bottom of the cycle during the Spanish Inquisition. Then came Galileo and his telescope, followed by the Age of Enlightenment.

On Good Friday 1975, I cut from the herd and went on my own—went to sea on a sailboat I named Bold Venture. It was just water, sky and me, an insignificant speck, just me and God.  The sea can be calm and in minutes life threatening. I left the sea knowing God’s hand had been on my wheel.

There was my old life, ending on the rocks; my new life at sea; and then back to my career. Then, out of the blue, Karen was sent to me, five years after my departure. My first three marriages ended in failure. On our first date, a hike to Multnomah Falls, near Portland, Oregon, nearby Mt. St. Helens erupted. It was a sign. The legendary Phoenix, a fabulous bird that after a life of five or six hundred years immolates itself on a pyre and then rises from its ashes to live another cycle of years, In nature, the same as in our lives, restored after suffering a calamity, I personally advanced to the point of receiving the love of my life. To use a new term, I made a quantum leap. I’m here as a messenger.

On this Christmas Day, Karen and I have been together 35 years. We sat by the fire last night reminiscing. We exchanged Christmas cards. What was in those cards is a sign of this time—at the bottom of the skid cycle. Karen’s Christmas card to me:

“To my Husband with all my love, you’re the reason this is the most wonderful time of the year for me. My darling Joseph, I love looking back on all the ways we’ve grown closer, the things we’ve overcome, and how we’ve brought out the best in each other. I love you with all my heart.”


You see that love in the President-elect’s family? My Christmas card to Karen:


“For my wife, my true blessing, my heart is happy and blessed when I think about the beautiful life we share in the Lord.

You’re the inspiration—want to have you near me. Yes, I know it’s plain to see. So in love when we’re together. And I hope you know that no matter what else may change, you and I will always be safe in each other’s love—and God’s amazing love for both of us. Merry Chistmas. Your’s always.


I’m here as a messenger. The world has ended its downward cycle. Welcome the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper. God’s love to all.  Karen and Joseph



On Christmas Eve 2016

Saturday, December 24th, 2016


img_20161224_064912254_burst000_cover1See that the copy of the picture on my computer screen Microsoft gives us this morning, a path to the Tree of Life and “Do great things,” “Christmas Eve, the United States, Today all day.”  Hooray for our side! On the MSN news today, we see that “North Carolina can no longer be considered a democracy, according to a new report from the Electoral Integrity Project (EIP), which rated the state’s overall electoral integrity at the same levels of those in authoritarian states and pseudo-democracies such as Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone.” Furthermore, “So far, just one president will attend Trump inauguration.” Yes, sport fans, let-er rip! I don’t care if I do die do.

Having learned this great news this Christmas Eve, I bring you this morning a Mark Twain type tale, The Prince and the Pauper. Christmas Eve 2016, two thousand sixteen years ago, the “three wise men,” actually astrologers, Zoroastrian priests, who followed the Star of Bethlehem to the place of birth of the newborn king of the Jews the following day, Christmas, a little more than three decades later, Jesus was nailed to a cross. His inflammatory message, “the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

Most know that God is not in us, excluding me. To most, God is in a supernatural heaven made to the order of whoever is acknowledged the religious leader.  There are many.

Given the above setting, the Prince, billionaire Trump, from a bigger than life calling, and much to lose, traded his grand lifestyle for a run for the presidency. This pauper, by comparison, from a bigger that life calling, decided to take on the makers and keepers of America’s laws, in a legal action, without one day of legal training.  I had the right, and nothing to lose. I was at rock bottom.  My legal action took place in 1975, 40 years before Trump’s run for President. The makers and keeper of the law lost to this pauper—not in court.

No, my case was dismissed by the District Court. The Court of Appeals ruled against me. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The Tax Court had ruled for me. The Internal Revenue Service made a mistake—took my existence money and put me on the street. It was not a mistake. It was to let me know that “the law” doesn’t allow me to challenge the law. We know the law. We know the law in Nazi Germany. It was not the law, as it turned out in the Nuremberg trials.

In compliance with the Tax Court order, the IRS forked over my property. In that I had stated that federal income tax was unconstitutional, as implemented, America’s makers and keepers of the law felt compelled to prove that I was wrong. The Tax Court only rules on IRS mistakes.  The IRS confiscated my property, this time double what had been illegally taken the first time. The Court of Appeals ruled that the IRS was correct. Notwithstanding two “mistakes,” federal income tax is constitutional. Tricky law, right? “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.” If the man want’s a blue suit, turn on the blue lights. One suit fits all.   The Supreme Court refused to hear the case. It reminds me of Obamacare.

I filed a complaint in the District Court. It decided to hear me. The Department of Justice wrote the court that the IRS had “wrongfully” confiscated my property. For the second time, the IRS forked over my property. The IRS then went to my bank and took every cent in my account.

I took the whole record to the press. A reporter questioned the IRS. The IRS admitted that it had “mistakenly” confiscated my property. They were sorry. My property was returned to my bank. Then the IRS wrote my wife that she owed $35,000 in tax, penalty, and interest. Her former employer had sent the IRS a mistaken Social Security number. We tried to correct the mistake, but the IRS would not listen. We received written notice that if we did not immediately pay the $35,000 we owed the IRS was authorized by law to seize our home. How would that make you feel? We’re the greatest!  My wife and I were in our 60s and 70s. I had a heart condition and Karen had just been operated on for cancer.  I was finally able to get the attention of my congressional representative. We kept our home.  It was getting too scary for us. It was all my fault. I never should have questioned the makers and keepers of the law. They do the best they can. We put our home on the market, sold it, and lived in an RV for nine years on our Social Security and part time job incomes.  We didn’t earn enough to pay federal income tax. I applied for disability pay after I was turned down for a job due to hearing loss I suffered in World War II. I was approved. What a difference in the way you are treated when you ask for help.  By adding that income, we were able to buy a manufactured home. We are now happily dependent on our most generous government.

For 25 years, I had been a successful independent businessman. Had it not been for the self-serving frauds that took over the United States, I could have saved enough for my retirement that the taxpayers would not have needed to pay my way. The United States is under the control of a rogue government. Trump says follow the money. Where the power flows the money goes. Who’s money?

It has been reported that the banking family of Rothschild is worth one hundred trillion dollars, more than half of the world’s money. They have managed to accomplish this feat by financing wars for over 300 years, it is reported. America’s powers that be, the three branches of the Federal Government, in a lawless conspiracy, in cahoots with the West’s banking cartel, has kept the lid on the solution of most of the world’s problems, all to keep themselves in control. These dogs in the manger are guilty of deliberately making war, using the American people’s blood with zero feeling for their God-given rights.

This is the tale of the Prince and the Pauper. “Do great things.”  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

On the West’s crises

Friday, December 23rd, 2016


bbxuaml1On this December 23, 2016, The Washington Post- MOSCOW —  “Russia’s President Vladi­mir Putin has a message for the White House and Democratic leaders who accuse him of stealing their victory: Don’t be sore losers.”

“That was how Putin answered a question Friday about whether Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election in favor of Donald Trump at the Russian leader’s nationally televised annual press conference.”

“‘Democrats are losing on every front and looking for people to blame everywhere,’ Putin said in answer to a Russian TV host, one of 1,400 journalists accredited to the marathon session. “‘They need to learn to lose with dignity.’” America is the world’s laughing stock.

rahm-emanuel-facebook-800x4301Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, once President Obama’s chief of staff, said there is nothing like a crises to bring about a change. The change is taking shape—and nothing like Emanuel expected.

I’ve a Christmas story today that will take the cake. In my blog posted yesterday, on December 22, 2016, I wrote about the Age of Aquarius. Late in the evening I turned on my computer and pulled up YouTube. I was greeted with a long list of video presentations on the Age of Aquarius. YouTube (Google) is reading my mind. On each presentation was printed the number of views.  Add them all up and we find that many millions are viewing videos on the Age of Aquarius.  

I’m part of something invisible, the so-called collective, something quite different than socialism; something quite different, on the occult, usually connected with Satin. This difference says much about the current crises: God in the realm of the supernatural. Nobody knows God’s thoughts. God reveals his thoughts as he sees fit—and to whom he chooses! We believe—and we are afraid. This has not changed. It was there from the first and remains. Also—astrology was there from the first and remains.

This morning, I’ve a Christmas story that needs to be told, the second coming of Christ, a story you don’t hear. The story we hear: “Happy Holiday,” what the Obama family expresses, we don’t know evil when we see it.

imagesMoney is the root of all evil. Evil flows where money goes, to Washington, DC, the seat of American power.  Who has more money than anyone in the world, more than half of the world’s money? I learn that it is the banking family of Rothschild. How did this family acquire that much wealth? I learn that it was by financing wars for over 300 years. I would say that this family of bankers is the source of the greatest evil in the world, the thing that diverts man’s primary purpose: to spread peace and good will. I’m of the old school. This will be my ninety-second Christmas. There has been quite a change. Christmas has largely lost its spiritual content, a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior. It is more of a commercial event: buying and giving gifts, which does zero for me. I try to be polite about it. I’m glad when Christmas is over. I’m nostalgic of the past. It seemed that Christmas would never get here. I’ll never forget the Christmas I got my bicycle. I’d wanted a bicycle so much. I was not expecting to get one.

When I was in my youth, Christmas was mostly a family celebration, my family, not the whole damn family. Our house is filled with Christmas gifts. The whole damn family is coming over Christmas day to receive their gifts and be on their way. It does nothing for me. I’m glad when it is over.

IMG_0408In America, we believe in religious freedom—even to Satin worship. Compare this to the collective consciousness of the universe: God. Astrology, often associated with Satin, geometrizes God. That which we don’t understand, science answers mathematically. Until 1925, mathematically, the strictly physical universe, then came a brand new idea, and coincidentally in the year of my birth.  

In ancient times, kings depended on astrology to foretell coming events. In September, 1925, I take note, German physicist Werner Heisenberg published his uncertainty principle, which became quantum mechanics. Coincidentally, September 17, 1925 was my birth date—at 4:51 P.M. C.S.T. in Houston, Texas, all of this data going to make my astrological chart, a snapshot of the universe at the moment of my birth—so to speak, a celestial address for me. Just look it up. Astrologers employ the alignments of the planets and stars to personalize me. The heavens influence my time here on planet Earth. I’m free, however, to make my own decisions.

In the first 49 years of my life, I took the path of least resistance and ended on the rocks. It took that to make me look within for answers. Nobody else had the answer for where I was.  Strictly by chance, I ran into an astrologer and hired him to create my astrological chart. I can’t tell you why.  I was not into astrology. What I learned from my chart didn’t fit. But believe this: from the time that my chart was created, I began to fit the predictions. Unconsciously, I got on my path of destiny when I was age 49.

Where do progressive liberals stand?  They’ve just lost the presidential election, which says their stand doesn’t make sense to the majority. This can be attributed to eight years of Barack H. Obama. Obama can be attributed to eight years of George W. Bush. Bush can be attributed to eight years of Bill Clinton. Now we are looking at Donald J. Trump, either wildly enthusiastic or extremely agitated. It goes to the “Higher Law.” We don’t want the Higher Law. We want our law. “Is is,” says Bill Clinton. Sorry Bill. Is is not. The Clintons are here to let us know how not to act.  We don’t know about Trump yet. We do know that progressive liberalism is out, at least for the present. As Mr. Putin says, Don’t be sore losers. Accept the loss with grace. Trump says he thinks he can work with Putin. That’s a good thing.

Did you know that Russia has never been a part of the West’s banking cartel. Don’t let the West’s banking cartel rule you.  It is by no coincidence that America’s Democrats are dependent on the West’s banking cartel. It dates back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president that hung the moon, who happened to be a Fabian Socialist, originating in England. It just so happens that European bankers were salivating over the prospect of tapping into America’s growing prosperity at the turn of the nineteenth century. They and banking tycoon J. Pierpont Morgan were planning how to get America back to a central bank. The plan was to put it to vote during the Christmas holidays. They had gone to Woodrow Wilson with the offer to finance his presidential campaign if he would sign the bill for a central bank. The plan worked. America got the Federal Reserve Bank and then World War I. I was born six years after World War I ended, born in America’s “Roaring Twenties.” Short skirts, the Charleston—speak easies and prohibition made Al Capone a hero in Chicago.  In 1925, in the year of my birth, Congress authorized the Feds to examine personal records for income tax purpose.  Too bad for Al Capone. Federal Income tax examination put Capone behind bars. But government’s foot in our doors, got us all subject to the Feds and their mafia tactics, including me. I can thank President Roosevelt for that.

It goes back to the Federal Reserve Bank and the European banking influence. King George and his Red Coats lost, but Europe’s bankers succeeded in making the American people their slaves, their general, President Roosevelt. For the first years of the Federal Reserve Bank, owned by European banks, Benjamin Strong did an outstanding job, but he suddenly died. Shortly after his death, came the Wall Street stock market crash of 1929.

This central bank, of European origin, was supposed to lower interest rates during such stock market adjustments. For some never explained reason, the Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates, and kept them high while thousands of America’s commercial banks failed. And no one did a damned thing? Unbelievable! Those European bankers caused America’s Great Depression. Fabian socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt won the election in 1933 and established New Deal law, taken from Fabian Socialism, a British idea, in agreement with Nazi ideas. Those lowdown American elected crooks deliberately put America in a depression.

20140910161713!TheRoosevelts-BluRayDVD-Cover-20140910Roosevelt told the American people that the Federal Government had the “inherent duty,” even if it was not written in the Constitution, to keep jobless Americans from starving. The problem with Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act, was that it was not “recovery,” it was permanent. The so-called “Old Court” ruled that “a tax to promote the general welfare cannot be wrested out of its setting and legalized by ignoring it purpose as the mere instrumentality for bringing about a desired end” Legalized—made permanent.

I studied what took place and pursuant to my constitutional right, took my cause to court.  The above “Old Court”quote was taken from my “Writ of Certiorari” to the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. The U.S. Supreme Court did not even take the responsibility to sign the postal slip that said they received my petition. They received it. The post office told me they refused to sign for it.

Let me remind you what those frauds on the bench offered the American people. Spoken by Roosevelt appointee Justice Brandeis: “Property (your profit, you wages) is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.” So the “Old Court, which said you cannot wrest out of its setting and legalize a tax to promote the general welfare was wrong. What does the New Deal Court mean by the means? The means to what? As it turns out, the means to whatever the lowdown frauds want. You have zero right to your profits or wages.  You La La Land people have been sold out.

You don’t believe me? Well, you can believe this: I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. It caused a reporter to ask, how come this minimum paid worker was put on the street in the name of income tax? The answer: “We,” the Internal Revenue Service, “made numerous mistakes” over an eleven year period. And no court in the United States would hear the case?  Happy Holiday.

On the big lie from a small fry

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

th[10]The polls say it; I say it, but on this December 22, 2016, the Associated Press reports, “Obama helped bring back the economy, restless voters choose Trump.”  Restless is the wrong word. The word that most describes the voters is “pissed off.” Not that I’m pissed off, no!  In my blogs, I’ve been telling my following why I’m not pissed off.

I’ve been, more lately, studying the Gospels. Earlier I studied the U.S. Constitution. The two dovetail.

barack_obama-satan_sign1The reason that Barack Hussein Obama was picked for President, and by the West’s banking cartel—make no mistake about it—Barack Hussein Obama, a communist, bisexual, anti-colonialist, a Chicago community organizer—and never vetted—the press and U.S. government in cahoots—I’m the right pick to tell the world it like it really is. I’ve had personal experience with the bottom to the top of the government of the United States. It stinks to high heaven!  Donald was being kind to call it a swamp. It’s a cesspool of corruption. I’m not running for political office.

The pick of America’s voters, Donald Trump, from what I know, was the right choice. Even though he’s a billionaire and I’m a pauper, by comparison, Donald and I have much in common. From the size and performance of his crowds of admirers, we can say Donald has much in common with many of us.

AAigCeJ[1]Why would this billionaire, living a grand lifestyle, want to be President?  He has stated that he will not accept the $400,000 salary. He says he has spent one hundred million dollars of his own money running. He has put out an amazing amount of energy, and taken unprecedented abuse. Why would this man want this?  It’s astounding! On the last day of the campaign, Donald made seven presentations, the last past midnight in Michigan—to a huge crowd! It is inexplicable! Never before! What is going on?

The press refused to admit the winner until after midnight. I’m reminded of the winner of the American Revolution against the most powerful empire in the world, the United Kingdom. Trump has the “spirit of 76.” And just what is that? It is something more than life itself. Everything is in divine order.

images[3]Everything that has happened or will ever happen, it is cyclic, we are leaving the Age of Pisces. As recorded, in the Age of Pisces we’ve looked to external factors for answers.  The symbol for Pisces, thousands of years old, is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions. This is clearly brought out in the four Gospels. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper.  Jesus, in Luke 21:25, speaking astrologically, said there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars.

Now for the cutting edge of science, in The Physics of Consciousness, under A God for Tomorrow, Dr. Evan Harris Walker: “In the development of quantum theory, the observer emerges as the co-equal in the foundry of creation.”

IMG_0294In my case, once an independent businessman, my business on the rocks and my second wife divorcing me, and hated by many in my community for my political stand, a proponent for Flower Mound New Town, the answer for elimination of the metroplex’s bedroom community, the “old settlers” and the corrupt Denton County attorney against me, this observer emerged as the co-equal of government.

Get_Involved[1][1] (2)What! The chairman of the Texas Judiciary Committee, DeWitt Hale, heard me and acted, yes, me, a nobody! His colleagues couldn’t believe it.   In the end, I beat the Denton County attorney—put him out of office—but that’s another story.  I will say this: Jesus is my savior and redeemer. And from astrology, I learn that “a part of fortune” in my chart leaves me always the winner when people do spiteful things behind my back. How can I lose? All I have to do is act.  How would you know that all it takes is your action? Have you acted? I telephoned the Texas Judiciary and asked to be heard. I stated the problem and was heard. I’m just another citizen. In the United States the law is king. Just know the law and act.

In any event, I was at rock bottom when I decided to take on the makers and keepers of America’s laws. I had to get to that point, I’m trying to tell you. I had nothing to lose. In both my case and Donald’s case, we had a bigger than life calling. What else? Our enemy, the same, I went my route, Donald, his route to correct the wrong. You have to give credit to the guy. Donald had a lot to lose.  I corrected the wrong against me. Donald is out to correct the wrong against everyone in America. I’m confident that Donald will win. Just like me, Jesus is there for Donald. He can’t lose if he stays on course.

mindbodyBut, ah, yes, dumbed-down America, living in La La Land, America is just beginning to awaken to the Age of Aquarius. Please allow me to briefly take you through this changing cycle.  We are entering a time when our understanding of the universe will make a “quantum” leap—quantum, the original physical excitement in the universe. From this advanced universe, which, incidentally, began in the month and year of my birth, I’m one of the first of the new age. It is explained in my astrological chart, first, by the fact that I’m a Virgo with Aquarius rising. Writer of the future H. G. Wells was Virgo with Aquarius rising. Long ago he predicted just what we’ve got today.

Secondly, my ruling planet Uranus is retrograde in my chart. This means I’d be so far ahead of the present in my thinking that people would have difficulty understanding me.

Thirdly, my Saturn is trine Pluto. This means that I would be blessed by understanding the laws by which subtle forces are organized, making me able to work slowly to make fundamental changes in mine and other lives. There could be a sense of destiny in my life if everything else lines up.

In numerology, for my path of destiny, I’m given the number 7.  In Numerology and The Divine Triangle, we read, “Your depth of character and seriousness destines you to be a teacher of ethics. You psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world….Your example and public image could benefit a whole community and eventually the world.”

And by the way, in The Rising Sign, under Aquarius rising, “The person with Aquarius on the rise can be very avant-garde. He is the forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing the rest of humanity the way.” I guess everything lines up.

I’ve read Donald Trump’s astrology. It fits him like a hand in a glove.

Having said this, let us take some of the actual events since the end of World War II. The U.S. Army quietly brought  Nazis to America. They possessed advanced knowledge of nature’s gravity and electromagnetism. They had built a “flying saucer,” but had yet to learn how to guide it. The idea, for defense, the army wanted to develop flying saucers. These Nazi butchers also were advanced in rocket propulsion.  They were put to work in America on both flying saucers and rocket propulsion, and granted all the funding requested. They became very powerful.

imagesThen came the Roswell, New Mexico event, the crash of a flying saucer in 1947. This was quickly changed to the crash a weather balloon. We now know that said flying saucer was hit by an earth directed laser beam that knocked out its controls. This flying saucer hit an accompanying flying saucer. It fell to the ground in pieces. The other flying saucer flew into a hillside, intact. Several alien bodies, and one still alive, along with the saucer were removed, the pieces of the other as well. Those who were witness were warned to say nothing. President Truman appointed a committee of 12 to study the situation and report to him. It was decided to keep the most startling news of all times secret. The policy remains the same.  The United States has reverse engineered alien flying saucers and has an undetermined number now operational made in the USA, all kept secret. From aliens, they have learned not only how to produce anti-gravity, but how to take from the universe energy to move said saucers. If the world were given this secret, most of our problems could be solved, such as the polluted atmosphere fossil fuel causes. Fossil fuel could be totally eliminated. The entire power grid could be eliminated. This would eliminate the danger of something causing it to shut down. Abundant free energy from the universe would soon end poverty and the danger of war.  It would also end the control over us. And that’s why it is the world’s best kept secret.

Now the question arises, just who could be powerful enough to control the world. The first thing that comes to mind is money. With enough money one could buy any result wanted. It so happens that the banking family of Rothschild has that kind of money. It is estimated that the Rothschild family is worth one hundred trillion dollars.

Anonymous-Jew-Rat[1]The Rothschild family has accumulated this kind of money by financing wars for the past 300 years.  In my humble view, backed by reason, the law must have an ethical or moral content. Otherwise, it is not the law.  What could possibly be moral or ethical about allowing the Rothschild family this kind of wealth?  An investigation would soon discover that the world is being manipulated by the banking family of Rothschild into one war after another—into poverty here, prosperity there. The government of the United States is bought and paid for. That’s why we don’t have the answers to our problems. So who is left to solve the problem?

Long before Trump, I threw down the gauntlet to America’s makers and keepers of the law—I had my Constitution, the government the biggest fraud of all times, in my estimation. I had the law of nature. The planet earth, compared to a single grain of sand on all the beaches in the world, take your choice, the law, or a gnat on an elephant. It is just you and God—God within you, according to Jesus. How big is the U.S. government? It is a stinking cesspool of corruption—bought and paid for by big money.  Why should I allow this? I was put here to solve problems. I’m Virgo. I solved my problem. I didn’t solve your problem.

You will not believe this. The stupid solved my problem. All I had to do was to take the court record and government acts to the press. They investigated. Why? They knew they had been lied to. Who would have thought that the leaders of America would put an entry level worker on the street in the name of tax?  Those fraud you’ve been voting for put me, a worker, on the street, in the name of tax. The press had from me the documented proof that the makers and keepers of the law put this minimum paid worker on the street, and not a single court, including the Supreme Court, would hear the case. Could a government be anymore corrupt than this?

51s303uvhgl-_sx328_bo1204203200_1Let us go back to the John F. Kennedy assassination. I was in a traffic jamb caused by the Kennedy motorcade. I had inside information on Texas oil millionaires, not the highest minded people. I’d heard about V.P. Lyndon B. Johnson, a bad actor in his youth. He had a bad actor pal, a guy that grew up to be like Al Capone, he empowered himself by buying corrupt servants of the people. He and Johnson scratched each other’s backs. On the day Kennedy died, his Vice President was looking at being found out, and Texas big oil didn’t like President Kennedy. On the evening before the assassination, V.P. Johnson visited billionaire oilman H.L. Hunt. His former secretary was my secretary. I knew a lot about Mr. Hunt. He and Johnson were both hicks from the sticks. Johnson killed President Kennedy. Guess who benefitted the most? The banking family of Rothschild financed the Viet Nam war, Johnson’s doing, and also financed Johnson’s Great Society. America has been going deeper and deeper into debt ever since Kennedy was assassinated, Kennedy, who said ask not what your government can do for you; Kennedy, who said 10 days before Johnson blew his brain out of his skull, “The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.” So who is it to stop this open season on just and decent America. Jesus warned us to beware of raving wolves in sheep’s clothing.

European bankers were able to worm their way into America’s banking system, to tap a great source of wealth through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, and of course the banking family of Rothschild, many times as powerful the other European bankers involved.  These power hungry European wolves bought their way into America’s politics, and to the benefit of the richest of the rich, salivating European wolves. Of their doing, they caused America’s Great Depression and the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of them. They did what King George’s Red Coats were not able to do—enslaved America. One is no more guilty than the other.  Slick talking Roosevelt had the answer for the poor starving, jobless Americans. His foot in our doors—“take from the rich and give to the poor”—government’s “inherent duty”—even if it wasn’t written in the Constitution. Ah, yes, Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act, rejected by the Supreme Court, which was there to protect the Constitution.

The naïve Americans didn’t understand what was going on, a move to dethrone the Constitution and replace it with a Marxist dictatorship, the same as was being done in England.  The frauds had already deliberately brought about America’s Great Depression. Millions of Americans gave their savings to the rich and corrupt. They shut down America’s industry. It didn’t crank up until World War II.

War is the most profitable way for bankers to gain power and control.  For politicians, the glib tongue is the way to go.

As far as we the people are concerned, we are the equivalent of cows and mules, beasts of burden. So here we are 85 years after entering America’s Great Depression, an outsider winning the presidential election. All the effort for the past 85 years in jeopardy of being reversed, is it any wonder that the losers are acting crazy?

On the occult

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016


On this, the shortest day of the year, December 21, 2016, a path to the tree of life, reminding us that time is running out for the American powers that be, The New York Times reports, “Secretary of State John Kerry was not invited. Nor was the United Nations consulted.”

“With pro-Syrian forces having made critical gains on the ground, the new alignment and the absence of any Western powers at the table all but guarantee that President Bashar al-Assad will continue to rule Syria under any resulting agreement, despite President Obama’s declaration more than five years ago that Mr. Assad had lost legitimacy and had to be removed.” The United States is now the bad guy. We will see about that.

It is all too clear. As defined in my Webster’s College Dictionary, the occult, “of or pertaining to any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies; (2) beyond ordinary knowledge or understanding….” the occult, in common usage, associates with Satanism. In reality, though, the occult is hiding from public view what is really taking place. I cannot think of a better example than The New York Times.  Always in full support of Democrats, time to think about what they have done.

Jesus offered that in his father’s house are many mansions. In modern scientific terms, universal consciousness is his father’s house, without which nothing could exist. So many mansions is the many ideas in existence on planet Earth, most of which don’t add up to a hill of beans, and more particularly the Obama hill of beans. Having served his constituency, we understand that the Obama family is to vacation most of his remaining time in power, leaving his bureaucracy to face the consequence of his misdirection. If you were to say Obama is the worst President in U.S. history, you would be right. This legacy is exactly what Barack Hussein Obama wanted. He’s a Muslim communist bisexual Satanist. And by the way, now we find, he is not qualified to be America’s President. He admits his birth certificate is forged.

Satanism is legal in the United States. It is a religion. We practice religious freedom. In a New York museum on display is a bottle of urine in which an image of Jesus floats. After Benghazi, the next morning, as usual campaigning, Hussein said we should never denigrate Islam.  Benghazi was the reaction of a video made by an American denigrating Islam, according to Hussein. All those angry Muslims walk around with rocket launchers in their hip pockets just waiting for their religion to be denigrated.  Hussein is inviting thousands of them to come to the United States. It is open border and open season on Americans.

How did this Muslim bisexual Satanist rise to the top of the world’s politicians? The answer is simple: money, power and secrecy.  The name we give it is the Illuminate.  Who would be the natural head of the illuminate?  It is estimated that the banking family of Rothschild is worth one hundred trillion dollars, more than half the wealth of the world. After 300 years of financing wars, this is what the name Rothschild offers the world. I would say Rothschild is the greatest crime family of all times. But I don’t have the say. Who has America’s say?

Satin worship isn’t necessarily bad. People who enjoy heavy metal and rap are emotionally stimulated toward sex. Sex isn’t bad when it has higher than animal value. Drug and alcohol use isn’t bad. It does stimulate one to do things he or she would not ordinarily do.  Satanic rituals are not necessarily bad. What’s bad about dancing around a fire?  Add them all up and one might be inclined to kill his or her enemy, under the influence of something that isn’t all that bad, or rape a child. We hear about it, and  being done by world leaders, most of whom belong to secret organizations.

We hear about Lyndon Baines Johnson’s background. We didn’t hear about it after the Kennedy assassination. The Warren Commission was an official cover-up. Johnson was a very bad actor in his youth. He was the pal of a very bad actor. The two of them became powerful, one helping the other. Big Texas oil money was involved. President Kennedy spoke for the American people. It took years of investigation to find out that Lyndon Baines Johnson was responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination. Satanism is legal in the U.S. America is the home of the Great Satin. The “Higher Law” is based on morals. We go on what is legal, any old form of law, the same as the Nazis.

Having said this, in 1975 I cut from the herd and went on my own. I looked within for my answers. Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21. I didn’t know that. Without knowing it, I was doing the right thing. In cutting from the herd, I got on my path of destiny. I’m here as a messenger, according to my astrology—according to the occult!  I’m accused of Satan worship, the pot calling the kettle black. Read it in their comments. They are for socialist Bernie Sanders or the witch Hillary Clinton. Outsider billionaire Trump is unfit to be President.

America’s dingy elected Donald Trump. He must be, and will be impeached the minute he takes the oath of office!  Just wanted to let the world know that the world’s most intelligent are going to take charge of America.  Anybody who thinks he can take over will be dealt with accordingly, including Russia! That’s it, period!

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