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On what is the problem?

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

BBlZc4t[1]June 30, 2016: “View on Twitter 49 minutes ago- Joint Base Andrews on lockdown due to active shooter report; all personnel directed to shelter in place.”  Is this another instance of “workplace violence?” Or is it another act of war by an Islamic radical?

As an American with traditional values, and I happen to be a white male, a lot happened in the year of my birth, for one significant thing, Nellie Ross became Governor of Wyoming, the first woman governor in the U.S. For another significant thing in the year of my birth, in 1925, public inspection of federal income tax records was made legal. Presidential candidate Donald Trump says the Internal Revenue Service audits his income every year. This is the reason, he says, he cannot at the present time release his income figures.

Congress breached Fourth Amendment rights to privacy in 1925, of course for a worthy purpose. Is a worthy purpose all that is needed to sidestep the law?  The vote says yes. What if the majority voted to rob the Smiths and give the money to the Jones?  Would that be lawful?  Do the Smiths not deserve the right to exist on the fruits of their own labor? No, says the law in practice. It is a privilege the government can take away at will. I’ve experienced that. The income earner has no recourse. I’ve experienced that. It was decided by American courts long, long ago that the case had already been heard—no matter what. The income tax may be high but is not confiscatory, according to U.S. justice. Might makes right.  Government entitlement comes ahead of the right of the individual to exist on his own resources. The name for it is socialism.  That’s the way it is, period!

When has socialism ever been better for a nation than free enterprise, speaking strictly from a logical point of view?  We know all the emotional arguments. We’ve heard them all, over and over. Humans are created with reason and logic. Herd animals, lacking reason and logic, automatically follow their leader..

In primitive times, reason and logic, the human’s means of survival, was the male’s responsibility. Family care was the female responsibility. But times have changed. Everything is there for us. We don’t have to think about it.

For another significant thing, at least as far as I’m concerned, in the year of my birth, in 1925, in fact in the month of my birth, Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, published his uncertainty principle that later became quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics gives us subtle understanding of the universe. Coincidentally, astrology gives me subtle understandings of the universe. My Saturn, the learning planet, is trine (in the most favorable alignment) with Pluto, the generational planet. In fact my whole astrological chart says the same. Astrologer Jeanne Avery says I could be the person to bring back information that has been lost to civilization for centuries…. “He knows where the fruit grows and where the spotlight can hit. He is not one to hide his light under a bushel.” (See Matthew 5:15)

For another significant thing, in the year of my birth Princeton University’s law professor Edward S. Corwin published his essay, The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law. My study of the background of the Constitution led to my bigger than life calling—and my good fortune.

Due to the fact that I was born on September 17, 1925, at 4:51 p.m., in Houston, Texas, check it out. Astrologers give me credit for being significantly in touch with the subtle workings of the universe, and a messenger of a fantastic new age about to become our reality.

Of course, with change come something we do not like, discomfort and pain. With birth comes pain.  It’s something that goes with living. Born in pain, we usually die in pain.

President Barack Obama campaigned for transition.  Presidential candidate Donald Trump voted for Obama in 2008. It turned out that Obama’s transition was nothing like Mr. Trump had in mind. In fact, it was so far different that he felt forced to run for President under the Republican ticket, not that this was what this billionaire would have preferred doing.  His favorite activity was golf.  He gave up golf to run for president.

Trump says President Obama plays more golf than the pros. When he went to Scotland to cut the ribbon on the golf course his son managed during its building, he would have loved to have played golf, he said, but instead hurried back to his campaign. He knew it would look bad had he taken time to play golf. So what did Hillary do? While Trump was in Scotland, she and the lamestream press broadcast Trump playing golf.

Trump is appalled by this kind of sleeze—and does not hesitate to fire back. The lamestream press gives itself and Hillary a pass and Trump thumbs down for acting unpresidential.  They give Hillary a higher number in the polls than Trump.  I’d like to hear the questions they ask.  What would be my answer if I said Hillary is a blatant liar? Who are you going to vote for?  Wouldn’t Trump be ahead of Clinton in the polls.

America’s Founding Fathers—white males—after declaring their independence from the most powerful nation on earth, King George III’s England, they fought and won the war for independence. They spent 11 years writing what they thought would be a lasting Constitution for the American people, and then, for the best interests of the people, proceeded to water down their work. They’ve been stretching the truth ever since writing the Constitution, leaving America the most corrupt, unreliable nation on earth today.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the biggest truth stretcher in history, and President Barack Obama’s administration, especially corrupt during the dangerous Iran deal, State Department officials later admitted in media interviews that it was “acceptable to lie to the media for the sake of diplomacy.”  Hillary Clinton, (for the sake of diplomacy) lied about the Benghazi killing of four Americans, including our ambassador she is was there to protect. Nothing was done to try to save our American heroes, it turns out now for a gun running deal Hillary was in, for the benefit of Islamic terrorists. The ambassador was trying to thwart that deal. To hear her, she’s an angle but Hillary Clinton is “Heartless Hanna, the vamp of Washington, D.C.”

Billionaire Trump would have preferred to continue doing his thing, but got in the race for President against seventeen career politicians. Spending his own money, he beat them all.  His opposition were beholden to the moneyed financing their campaigns.  Trump got 14 million votes and 37 states.  He was anti-establishment. His establishment opposition lost fair and square. Trump’s support is ready the throw out the establishment. The establishment doesn’t have a success record to back it. Trump does. With change comes pain. The new begins in pain. The old dies in pain.

Back in primitive times, males, the providers, employed human reason and logic. The females cared for the home and children.  When I was a boy, in America the family was the cornerstone. With Federal Income Tax, government grew to include services—“entitlements”to the individual, and a growing tax burden to pay for government dependence.  Taxes became so burdensome that mothers were forced to help with the family income. The divorce rate significantly grew.  Crime increased. Education suffered after the Federal government took control of education. The cost of government went up, the quality of life went down.

Black children have suffered the most. Half of young backs have been behind bars. They are killing one another at a high rate. A terrible injustice has been done to blacks and the blame attributed to white racists.

For a time, this white male was down and out. I had been self-employed. My business enterprise failed. I was not eligible to unemployment pay, food stamps, not subject to any government entitlement. I worked on a minimum paying job. I enjoyed no tax deductions. Twenty-one percent of my meager pay was deducted in withholding tax. I was unable to pay rent on my one-room apartment. I was locked out—put on the street.  When I was down and out, my taxes went to pay for food stamps. I went hungry and homeless. This is what the young and poor are faced with, thanks to government entitlement.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again, and tells us how he plans to do it.  It isn’t the establishment’s way. In the establishment’s way, the rich have become richer than ever and the poor poorer. So, what’s the problem? I repeat the rubber stamp Supreme Court:  “Property (your pay) is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court (in the past) that they have made the means the end.” Justice Brandeis, a Roosevelt appointee.  So, what’s the end? It is by the grace of government that you Americans exist.  The rich and powerful own you.



On what comes around goes around 2

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

IMG_0408The cheese is getting more binding. On this June 28, 2016, Associated Press reports that Benghazi reports faults in security, but no new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allegations. Well, I’ll be dipped in shit!

This is not my opinion, but the opinions of an uncountable number of people (outside of Congress) who make out the above mentioned thinking of Associated Press a colossal lie.  You see, the lamestream press doesn’t consult we bottom fish.  It limits itself to the game fish, the fish they see leaping from the water, those fish who want everyone to witness their power. I have in mind the world class influence peddlers, the Clintons. While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made more than $100 million for herself, not to mention the millions of dollars former President Bill Clinton made. They’ve been going about the world doing good, more or less leaping from the water, but at a very high cost.

The difference in the Clintons’ phony opposition AP overlooks is that Donald Trump made his billions in his business operations. The Clintons are socialists. They want to run the world—they and a number of other psychotics; that is, outside of natural or scientific mindsets—backed by passives who prefer to think about some day hitting the jackpot, rather than finding ways of serving others for a living. The Clintons are an excellent example, and especially sex predator Bill, whose wife is very adapt in covering for his despicable deeds. And she dares to call herself an advocate for women’s rights.

We’re all subjective, but people like Trump make their fortunes by figuring ways to serve others, like in Trump University. Thousands report that they made a wise investment. There is never a guarantee in free enterprise that you are going to be a success. Some of those who were not successful thought Trump bilked them out of their savings. The person responsible for suing Trump dropped out of the lawsuit. Trump thought it unfair that the judge, who happened to be a Mexican, didn’t bring the case to a close. His opposition accused Trump of being a racist, including members of his own Republican party.  Socialists do not believe in individual rights. They believe in collective rights. Be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The move of collectivists is to one-world government, including Republicans. It includes Islamic terrorists. Sharia law comes straight from God. You should know by now that there can only one way to peace, when everyone accepts Islam’s God.  Cutting off heads and burning people alive is a favorite way to gain compliance.

A significant thing, the majority of the English voting to get out of the one-world socialist European Union, part of their reason was the number of Islamic terrorists in England. They pose a huge threat. Somehow that seems  to escape the lamestream press’ attention.

In America, Islamic terrorism is used by Democrats—socialists—as the reason to place suspected terrorists, including local terrorists, on a watch list under the control of a nameless bureaucrat. I’m familiar with that. The IRS is a nameless bureaucrat. The Republicans have for the past 30 years been trying to control IRS abuses, and have never yet succeeded. The name given Republicans is right on target, the do-nothing party.  No wonder many Republicans don’t like Trump.

Under socialism you are guaranteed an existence—if you comply with the rules and regulations. If you don’t, well, whatever.  You should have complied with such as Hillary Clinton’s crooked rules. To hell with that! I was born with the capacity to reason. I trust that enough are like me to put an end to this insanity. This is just one planet in a universe of uncountable planets. We are planning to have it our way, which is the universal way. Take this advice for whatever it is worth.

As for me, I’ll do it my way. I’m now age 90 and life has been very good. By the way, the one-worlders lost their case. They were forced to eat crow on the front page back in December 1986. This bottom fish would be only too happy to inform AP of exactly what happened to leave egg on the face of the  one-worlders.  But I guess that would be asking too much.

Go Brits, go

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Like the Brits, I’m a nationalist.  If the globalists win, here I job

On Change

Monday, June 27th, 2016

AAhCCmH[1]Change from the established way always has a consequence. America’s Founding Fathers thought this through and wrote a constitution that restricted politicians—forced them to adhere to basic laws that don’t change.

We learn this June 27, 2016 from’s Brad Plumer the dire consequence of Briton’s “Brexit,” the vote to leave the European Union. Why would the Brit’s vote to get out? Obviously, they felt that to remain would result in worse consequences. From the lamestream press we get a one-sided view.

I’m reminded of those millions of Europeans that migrated to America. Why did they prefer facing the unknown? Their situation in Europe was hopeless.  They came to the land of opportunity, landing in New York City, a huge metropolis composed of people of various customs and languages, a new Babylon. Many ended in New York sweat shops.

Which is better, a guarantee of enslavement or an opportunity for something better?

The Roosevelts, Dutch immigrants, became wealthy New Yorkers, and remained there, the first American aristocracy. Theodore Roosevelt became a Spanish-American War hero. Feeling invincible, Colonel Roosevelt charged up a hill, horseback. On top of the hill was heavy Spanish fortifications. Roosevelt survived but 186 of his men didn’t.

President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, had big ideas for America. He was the first progressive—for centralized government. The Roosevelt clan had always been for the “disadvantaged.” Theodore’s distant cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, was a great admirer of Theodore. Franklin said government had an “inherent duty” to the individual, even if it wasn’t written in the Constitution. The Supreme Court didn’t agree with Franklin. Franklin packed the Supreme Court. 

One of Franklin’s appointees, Justice Brandeis, had this to say: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.”  The money we earn to feed our families is property.  Authority gets the idea that it knows better how the money we earn should be spent. Redistribution of wealth is the idea one worlders have.  The individual has zero rights.  It doesn’t work. The government put me on the street.

The Brits had a choice.  Anything is better than zero rights.

On inalienable rights

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

20140910161713!TheRoosevelts-BluRayDVD-Cover-20140910The PBS series on the Roosevelts is on YouTube. It says a lot about the present situation.

Well, here we are at June 26, 2016 and the financial tsunami has not yet hit America.  The rising price in gold says it is coming. The Brits, already awash, are bailing out of the EU. America’s lamestream press, as usual, continues reporting liberal propaganda, and not a word about what I’ve revealed on the greatest fraud in the history of man—and I should know.

Inalienable rights “are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.” Morrison v. State. When the American people declared their independence from Great Briton, in their Declaration of Independence was this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (inalienable) rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” We humans are independently blessed with reason and logic. Think! We don’t live by the rules of an ant colony.  Created equal—like ants—does not mean in property but with equal opportunity.

A Roosevelt packed Supreme Court of activist judges offered this bullshit: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.” Justice Brandeis. My property, the fruits of my labor is the means? Thomas Jefferson, author if the Declaration of Independence: “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

That Great man, Franklin D. Roosevelt: “While it isn’t written in the Constitution, nevertheless it is the inherent duty of Federal Government to keep its citizens from starving.” That great man said, “The balance of power between the three great branches of the Federal Government has been tipped out of balance by the courts in direct contradiction of the high purposes of the framers of the Constitution.” That’s pure bullshit. America’s growing bureaucracy assumes.

Politicians are busy looking for donations for the next election.  Do ordinary Americans donate?  No, the richest of the rich donate. Fifty percent of the wealth of America is in the hands of one percent of the population. Money goes where money flows. Congress is too busy with important business—keeping representatives reelected—to give even a passing thought to the little guy. Like Jefferson said, America is an oligarchy.  In the present presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton’s campaign funds—from the richest of the rich—are against the law. Donald Trump’s campaign funds are from his own savings. He’s obliged to no one. The stupid American people are whistling Dixie.

To wit: The Director of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Dallas, my home at the  time, who taxed me out of existence—put me on the street—Ervin B. Osborn wrote me this: “The Sixteenth Amendment (in the Bill of Rights, the income tax amendment) makes no mention of limitations so I assume Congress has the power to tax total income at a given level.” In other words, my Bill of Rights does not allow me to exist on the fruits of my own labor, according to Director Osborn, who assumes—who has the authority, and did put me on the street.

As a matter of fact, the 16th Amendment, by the words of the Supreme Court, does not allow what amounts to the lawless confiscation of property, “or is so wanting in basis for classification as to produce such a gross and patent inequity as inevitably to lead to the same conclusion.” Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R.

America’s representatives of the people, thinking about us—suckers that we are—provided  a legal procedure by which an aggrieved taxpayer may challenge the legality of a tax. Since the IRS had illegally assessed me and had frozen a large tax refund (three times the amount of tax I allegedly owed), I petitioned the U.S. Tax Court.  The tax refund the IRS froze would have paid my rent. The lock was changed on my one-room apartment door for nonpayment of rent because Director Osborn assumed. Down the road from my pad, there was a mile long line for food stamps, which my tax deduction from my pay check paid. It’s the biggest fraud in recorded history.

It took four years to be heard in the U.S. Tax Court. I was robbed by the IRS. My representatives in Congress gave me no help. The tax court ruled in my favor. The IRS ignored the ruling. The Supreme Court refused to hear me. “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.” The fruits of my labor, considered property, according to the activist judges interpretation of the law in America, I don’t have a right to one cent of my income—no inalienable right at all.

I took my court record to The Palm Beach Post.  A reporter was interested. He investigated. Since he had been a  Palm Beach Post reporter for 23 years, his editor let him publish his report. The headline on December 1, 1986: “Tapayer wages 11-year feud with IRS.” In the report, Holger Euringer, public relations officer, said, “We did make numerous mistakes in the collection procedure.” There was not one peep from anyone.  Might as well have saved the ink and space.   Senator Graham, Democrat, Florida, wrote me that the IRS has authority to use “draconian methods” in tax collection.  At the time, Congress was investigating the IRS. Congress has been investigating the IRS for 30 years, and will likely continue.

Don’t get the idea that it is the money you paid into the Federal Insurance Contributions Act that you will get back some day. It is money that the last generation paid that you will get, if anything at all. Your tax goes to pay future generations—60 percent of the tax you pay. At the present time you owe $18 trillion, and nobody wants to loan us money anymore. Where is the money coming from to pay you? As long as the American people continue to be government entitled—entitled to other people’s property—it is not likely that there will be any significant change.  At the moment, with the financial situation what it is in the EU, money pouring into America, we are O.K. but this will not last long. What happens to your  government entitlement, also your savings in the bank and in stock? Time to think about it.

On my standard model

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

images[4]The Standard Model of particle physics is a theory concerning the electromagnetic, weak, and strong nuclear interactions, as well as classifying all the subatomic particles known as a collaborative effort of scientists around the world. This being the case, beyond my immortal self and a personal God is universal consciousness, which science has come to agree, in that from nothing you get nothing.

Particle physics takes apart the material universe to see how it works, and is down to the question of the indivisible particle, called the God-particle, my standard model takes it a step further. Quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker’s thought, that “we have found that hiding place (within the atoms). We have found that the universe springs from every thought of God and matter from the very existence of mind.”

Beyond the personification of a devil, Satin, a destructive element in the material universe, and the personification of God, as well an element of construction, we get the beginning and end of all things, but neither of the elements dimensional. The universe is holographic—entities come to more than the sum of the parts.  We have to include this in the Standard Model.

I like the definition of the soul in Webster’s Colligate Dictionary: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life—that is, in all rational and spiritual beings–of course, not including beasts. Humans are created with the potential to reason.

In my Webster’s College Dictionary under logos, (in Greek philosophy) the rational principle that governs and develops the universe. In Christian theology, the divine word or reason incarnate in Jesus Christ. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, what else? It doesn’t take a genius to understand this.

In none of the above definitions is there an unknown God somewhere out there condemning all who disobey “his” commands.  In Islam, God (Allah) condemns all “infidels” as not fit to live. Allah’s “real Muslims,” we read, are carrying out Allah’s orders. And if that is not ridiculous enough, in Christianity, an unknown God somewhere out there condemns all who disobey his commands, for eternity to burning hell we go. These are the doctrines and dogmas. However, since they don’t bode well with intelligent people, it is O.K. to spin them.  Peace, however, can only be attainable if and when the whole world is of one thought.

In Islam, the crucifixion of Christ never happened. Furthermore, if you believe that Jesus died for our sins you blaspheme Allah. You are not fit to live. Islam is a religion of hate. Imams may say Islam is a religion of peace–but only on their terms. The world can only live in peace under Islamic law, Sharia law. The individual has zero rights.

Fear and guilt are the usual backhanded methods of bringing about peace. From nothing you get nothing. That’s religion. Religion doesn’t fall within my standard model.

The U.S. Constitution says Muslims have the right to their religion and so do Christians.  Allah does not accept this, according to the Quran.

In Luke 17:21, Jesus, speaking to his Jewish authority, said the kingdom of God is within you.” They didn’t accept that. They crucified Jesus.

Christians believe that Jesus died for our sins. Do they believe that the kingdom of God is within the individual? No, they send you to hell if you don’t follow their doctrines and dogmas.

Religion doesn’t follow my standard model. In my model, you have a soul. In Genesis 2:7, we read that man is from dust to dust, but “God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” This is a metaphoric way the Bible put it to ancient people. It is no different in scientific reality of today. God is universal consciousness.  Humans are vastly more conscious than any other life form on the planet. Why are the religious killing one another in the name of God (Allah)?

In ancient Greece, where people believed in God being the rational principle that governs and develops the universe, the philosopher Aristotle reasoned it this way: “To invest the law then with authority is, it seems, to invest God and reason only; to invest a man (such as Muhammad) is to introduce a beast, as desire is something bestial, and even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion.”                                                                                                               On June 24, 2016, big news: Great Britton has dropped out of the EU.  The British people have spoken in clear and certain terms. They are fed up with the way authority has messed up everything. Other Europeans are thinking about dropping out, especially the French.  Many an American is boiling mad. The frauds in control are in a dither. A big change is inevitable.

What will Barack Hussein Obama’s regime, the unelected Islamic Caliphate, do? Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood head, Hussein’s buddy Morsi, is behind bars facing a death penalty.  Hussein’s closest advisors are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not too healthy, Hussein.

And, America’s elected representatives, having reverted back to a body of screaming imbeciles now engaged in a temper tantrum over gun control—over the worst Islamic terrorist attack since 9-7,  by a “real Muslim,” Barack Hussein: “Islamic terrorism or merely terrorism, just words.” And Hillary Clinton: “What makes the difference now?”  The American people don’t know whether they are afoot or horseback, but angry.

While Hillary Clinton wants to greatly increase Barack Hussein’s quota of Muslims from the Middle-East entering America, without knowing who they are or what they might do, Trump wants to ban them until we  find out who they are.  It makes sense, but screaming protesters object.

It looks very much like “the end time” of the Age of Pisces, when we looked externally for answers and got screwed blind.

It is always darkest before the dawn. Welcome the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper, when my Standard Model, Jesus, is  everyone’s model–and Muhammad a memory of the Stone Age.

On World War II GIs

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

searchWe learn on June 23, 2016 that the U.S. Supreme Court ended President Barack Hussein Obama’s immigration plan as it deadlocked in a 4-4 split, leaving a lower court ruling on the initiative intact. The Obama Administration had hoped that the Supreme Court would overturn the Fifth Circuit Court’s ruling that blew Obama’s plan for five million illegal immigrants on American backs to hell in a hand basket. How many votes will that cost Hillary Clinton?  How will it affect Donald Trump who says he wants to send them all back where they came from?  It is going to get interesting.

ATT00001[2]Barack Hussein Obama is not the name on his birth certificate. President Obama gave himself an Islamic name. He was raised, we know, in the Islamic faith. As President, Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim in sheep’s clothing, placed his hand on the Bible and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

For political purposes, we learn, imams can and do soften the religion’s approach. No matter what they say, they accept Sharia Law. Certain acts of homosexuality get the death penalty. The Islamic killer of Orlando, Florida called himself a real Muslim. This “real Muslim” went to a gay bar in Orlando, Florida and shot 100 people, killing 49 of them.  President Barack Hussein Obama, sizzling mad over presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks on the massacre, if that isn’t crazy enough, the Democrats in the House of Representatives demanded to be heard on their gun control legislation by staging a sit-in. Speaker of the House Ryan closed business until July 5.

What is the difference in an assault rifle and other legal rifles? None. The law on gun control is adequate in the United States.   We have background checks. The Orlando shooter was under investigation by the FBI for 10 months. Under the guidelines enforced by Muslim lover Barack Hussein and the Attorney General, the FBI found nothing to deny this killer the right to buy guns and ammunition. He bought the guns and ammunition legally. By the way Obama’s Attorney General says the way to beat ISIS is through love.  The worst part of it is that the majority of Americans are passives. They buy this bullshit.

Barack Hussein gave Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi jet fighters and tanks. What happened to Morsi? A court in Egypt has confirmed a death sentence handed to ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Obama is in the same league. The Obama Administration has Muslim Brotherhood advisors.

I’m a World War II veteran. The Muslim Brotherhood was on Hitler’s side. Hitler’s National Socialist Party had a lot in common with Sharia Law.  The Muslim Brotherhood advises Barack Hussein.

I can say this: Those who fought with me in World War II, those dead and gone, would be sad to know how the American people have turned. Now we Americans are watching Obama and his kind gear up for World War III.



On the New World Order

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

IMG_0408Reuters: “Images in March of a smiling Kim Jong Un inspecting a silver sphere, purported to be a miniaturised nuclear warhead but likened in the media to a disco ball, burnished the North Korean leader’s international image as deluded and reckless.”

On this June 22, 2016, I ask whose world order? The Bushes are strongly in favor. Hillary Clinton has spoken of it as a global village.  Obama wants a Muslim brotherhood. The United States, under the control of Democrats, even though Republicans are in the majority in Congress, what I make of this is a game of charades the object of which is to divide and conquer the American people—both Republicans and Democrats. Donald Trump is odd man out. He is strongly nationalist.

The news media doesn’t report the news. It is all liberal propaganda. North Korea’s Kim Jong is a diversionary tactic, a reason to prepare for war. There are lots of other reasons.

The news that adversely affects every living human on earth is what is going on in the so-called Illuminate, a secrete organization planning the new world order.  War is on the new world order agenda. What these control freaks are planning is a closely guarded secret. No reason is given by the news media.

The main reason for the new world order, unchallenged control of the world, is to keep this world isolated from the rest of the universe. I don’t waste my time with the establishment’s news media. I get my news from the Internet and report in brief what I learn.

The question comes to mind this morning on how we became civilized. I’ve been reading (on the Internet) about extraterrestrials among us, the evidence says for thousands of years. We became civilized around 8,000 years ago. We were nomadic for 200,000 years. Suddenly, there appeared sprawling cities and magnificent structures, large fields of irrigated grain and endless rows of date palms. What brought this about was extraterrestrials. Nothing else makes sense. In fact, on the clay tablets of the Sumerians we read about the Annunakes, intelligent beings from elsewhere.

How was it that the Sumerians knew the planets of our solar system and star constellations—knew  geometry, and used a clockworks map of the universe, called the zodiac, to geometrize the alignments of planets, and from that ti determine events and human characteristics—all you might say in a relative snap of the fingers? Impossible without outside help. I could go on and on with this line of reasoning. It’s 99 percent certain that we’ve been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere, and still are. If they had planned on taking over they would have done it long ago. So why get rid of them?  The only thing I can figure is control. The biggest secret ever in history is free energy from the universe. If we had that, within five years poverty could be eliminated, as well as war. We can’t have that. The tiny group of freaks now in control would lose control.  They have reverse engineered the operating system of flying saucers. We now have U.S. made flying saucers, and the means of producing free energy from the universe.

The next thing that comes to mind is one civilization replacing another by might and secret orders leading up to this up to the present. All these past civilizations now buried in the sands of time, and they didn’t have atom or hydrogen bombs. In that we do, we could become history written in the rocks. The Bilderbergers finished their secret meeting in Dresden, Germany on June 12, 2016, as the world gears up for war. And we don’t have the right to know anything that was discussed. It is lunacy.

Why secret orders composed of the world’s most powerful?  For one thing, wars require enormous borrowing. Banks are here to loan money and collect interest. For another thing, heavy industry is here to mass produce. During times of slumping economies, war is the usual solution.  It doesn’t take a genius to know why. The world economy is on the brink of collapse, and  World War III is just about to start. So what did the Bilderbergers talk about? The nations of the world are playing a game of cat and mouse. Peace-loving people in the United States, passives, I call them, those who want to share and share alike, Democrats,, you liberal press people don’t want to let them know your plan. Since you own the press, you put the blame on Republicans—especially that nasty talking Donald Trump, the billionaire crook cheating the poor. He doesn’t even have the Republican establishment’s support.

I’m not a Democrat; I’m not a Republican; I’m an independent for Donald Trump. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a nationalist.  I Iook upon the current one-worlders as the  biggest frauds of all times.

I’ve been blogging my views for a couple of years. I’m being read in 26 nations. From the reports I’m receiving, the people who read my blogs read many of them. The views in my blogs are not my own. They are a consolidation of many views I receive every day on YouTube. They are my conclusions.

In 1975, my old life ended on the rocks. Like most folks, I’d been taking the path of least resistance. If anything could go wrong, it did. When you end with nothing, naturally, you are inclined to ask yourself, “where did I go wrong?”  You don’t pray to God to help you out. You’ve already done that. It didn’t work.

I was in business for myself. The thing that took me out was big government and big business, a partnership backed by the passives. I didn’t take it. I fought back.

Donald Trump is an independent businessman, in my estimation, a smart billionaire, and beyond being taken out by government and big business. Those who paid for his advice and it didn’t pay off call him a crook. But the majority who paid for his advice say it paid them well.

Passives don’t understand free enterprise. You have to be really on your toes. I wasn’t.  I learned the hard way.

When your business fails, it is your fault. I couldn’t provide the grand lifestyle my second wife enjoyed. She divorced me. Where did she get her ideas?  When I was a child, the divorce rate was very low. There was only one child in my class whose mother was divorced. She had to work. The child paid in more than one way. His peers looked down on him. I didn’t. He needed a friend.

I was out of business. My wife was divorcing me. I had no friends. The government was after me for tax I didn’t owe. I cut from the herd. I looked within for answers. The government lost. I was free to do my thing.  And now life is good.

We know what it is like to have a socialist President. He lies about the state of the economy. We are in recession and its growing worse by the day.  The passives, America’s majority, don’t know that. They don’t want to hear any bad news.  No matter what the opposition says, this gives government the freedom to do all manner of things to enslave us all.

I listened to the passive’s choice for President of the American people last night, Hillary Clinton.  She twisted everything to make presidential candidate Donald Trump look like the Creature from the Dark Lagoon. In her usual boring tone, she read what her 900 advisors wrote for her, to the cheers of the passives.  The news media devotes itself to the nasty things Trump says. It is nice that I know both sides.

When you’ve got the media and the richest, most powerful people in the world on your side, it would take a miracle to win the presidency of the United States other than their choice.  If it does look like Trump is going to win, he could either be assassinated or marshal law could postpone the presidential race.

I heard Obama say the Republic is just about over. Was it a joke? His smile looked more like a sneer. I heard Obama say that no way  would Trump ever occupy the White House. That was pretty brash. It makes you wonder.  Obama says “Islamic terrorist” is only words. He’s talking to passives. He isn’t talking to me. It is words that say what they are.

Trump has largely financed his own campaign. He succeeded in getting more Republican votes in the primary than any other candidate by doing it his way. Trump is obligated to no one. That says something to me. They want to throw Trump to the wolves. What this says is that Trump isn’t part of the 100 year old establishment.  

We’ve moved ahead on earth in the past 100 years more than the rest of recorded history. Passives haven’t the remotest idea of how far behind they are.  The freaks in control are hiding free, clean energy from us, the means of totally eliminating fossil fuel. Free, clean energy could answer most of the questions we face today.  Passives are keeping us tied to the past. The world’s control freaks are intent on isolating us from the intelligence of the universe, stopping us from moving forward to the next step of our human development.  

Getting free energy would be as easy for Kim Jong as falling off a log.  Kim Jong says Trump isn’t screwy. That was a real slap in the face to President Obama.  If Kim Jong wants, we Americans would beat a path to his door. He could kick Obama’s ass. There are plenty of Americans who would work with Kim Jong to give the world free, clean energy. Replacing fossil fuel with free, clean energy would make North Korea prosperous, a world leader, and Kim Jong a hero never to be forgotten.

The individual would be in control of his or her life.  The world’s leaders would be loved as servants of the people.  We could end wars forever, live in peace and prosperity. Well, I can dream.

On the ritualistic

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

imgresOn this June 21, 2016, the news: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Democrats are taking advantage of the Orlando massacre, using it as a political talking point. He called the Republican proposals “real solutions.” Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called the Republican measures “political stunts.”  But Hillary Clinton had only one word for the Senate: “Enough.” She followed with a list of all of those killed by an Islamic terrorist in Orlando, Florida.

My take: All of life is ritualistic. In all life, other than human life, it is natural. Humans personalize it. This is innately human: the ruler of the universe has human characteristics. Religions with different rituals, different personalizations of God, and each competitive, and the same applies to politics, “enough!”

Science, quite the opposite, searches for a greater meaning of human life—reaches out. In the first part, ritualistic, in the second part, reaching out, we are made in these two parts, earthbound authority does all it can to stop us from reaching out for answers.

On the one hand, God supernatural, on the other universal consciousness, the depersonalizing of God, enter classical physics saying quantum physics is trying to smuggle God into physics.  It is time that we admit there is only the uncreated God of the universe; anything else is political or religious ritual.

Quantum physicist and brain doctor Evan Harris Walker, my guru, in a lab experiment to prove Bell’s theorem, according to Walker, objective reality is not real.

Bell’s theorem proves that as observers we are subjective. As for politics and religion, conceptions—constructions built on sand—as for the scientific perceptions of quantum physics—perception, mind awareness—through the agency of the will, says astrology, we now enter the Age of Aquarius.

We are leaving the Age of Pisces, a time when we’ve depended on external factors, such as America’s current makers and keepers of the law, political and religious.  We’ve never been more divided—more ritualistic.

The cutting edge of science is a century ahead. By reverse engineering of extraterrestrial craft, science has built anti-gravity craft that produce energy directly from the universe. A criminal conspiracy owning half of the world’s wealth is in control. Politicians are bought. We are in the most dangerous time of our existence, and a great future if we live to see it.

The more inner directed one is the more powerful.  Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you. The U.S. Constitution gives you a Bill of Rights. A right is exclusively yours. It can’t be bartered, traded, or in any manner or means taken from you. But the Sixteenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, according to the makers and keepers of the law in America, allows Federal income tax to take every penny of your property in the name of tax.

In that this abuse of rights has gone unchecked for many years, you could say it is too late to do anything now. The government needs the money to make war.

Says my guru, Dr. Walker, based scientific discovery, through the agency of the will, we transcend the limits of time and space. We have seen matter and space as the natural consequence of nothing more than the fact that conscious awareness exists.

We’re leaving the Age of Pisces, when we’ve looked externally for answers, entering the Age of Aquarius when we become our brother’ keeper.

Jesus said he would return. In Luke 21:25, he speaks of signs in the sun moon and stars, with nations in distress and the seas roaring he would return. So, when all these things come to pass, will you stand before the Son of man?  You have a choice, your makers and keepers of the law.






On Sharia Law

Monday, June 20th, 2016

images[4]Don’t be fooled by American politics!

Freedom can go to hell. Islam will dominate the world.

On this June 20, 2016, we receive the news from America’s lamestream press that in a letter from the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, said he: “Mateen (the Orlando shooter)  wrote on Facebook that real Muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the West.”

Be reminded that than many thousands of Middle-East Muslims, upon the news that the World Trade Center had been brought down and more than 3,000 innocent people perished, danced in the street. How could that be? And now we learn that the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia were complicit in this terrorist attack on America. How could that be? Please allow me to explain what the lamestream press chooses to ignore, namely, real Muslims.

Here is what the lamestream press reported. “Dr. Khurshed Ahmid was part of a group of Muslim-Americans at the vigil (the reaction to the mass execution of innocent people, the worst since 9-11) Ahmid, one of those who held signs reading “Muslims Condemn Extremism.”

I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I googled Sharia Law. Here’s what I got.  Read this and think. “Sharia Law is the law of Islam.” In Sharia law gays forfeit their right to live. That is to say real Muslims adhere to the law of Islam.

Reading on, however, we find that “Sharia Law itself cannot be altered but the interpretation of Sharia Law (for political purposes) gives imams “some latitude.”  We read that “Sharia Law is cast from the actions and words of Muhammad, which are called Summah, and the Quran.  I’ve read that on the day Muhammad took control, 700 infidel heads rolled. That would surely spread terror. Islam became the religion of choice from India to Spain, including North Africa.  Did you know that Muhammad wrote the Quran?  Each passage stands on its own and most contradict themselves. So, take your choice.  Sharia Law is just about anything you want to say it is.  However, real Muslims hate America. Perhaps that includes Barack Hussein.

Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim name. It is not the name on Obama’s birth certificate, Hussein, the powerful,  gave himself that name. Hussein has never failed to support the Muslim religion, the religion he was brought up in, although he took an oath when he became President of the United States that he would protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, which is by no stretch of the imagination the opposite in purpose of Sharia Law, the uncompromising law of Islam.

In view of the above, keep in mind that the passive, peace loving American people voted for Obama twice to be my President. How could that be?

Under “Questions Presented” in my “Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Case Number 1570 in the Supreme Court of the United States October Term of 1980, I turn to “A Gary Shilling, an authoritative and often quoted economist (page 30 of my brief to the Court) recently applying Department of Commerce figures,” found that 54 percent of the America’s population depended on government spending for a significant part of their incomes.

Reading on, we find that on page 33 former Member of Congress, Martha W. Griffiths, Michigan Democrat, a 20 year veteran, and who chaired the Joint Senate-House Fiscal Policy Committee, told the lamestream press, “We have 10 legislative committees and 11 executive departments running entrenched social programs without anyone capable of seeing the overall picture….At the present time (in 1974) middleclass persons are paying for better health care for the poor than they can afford for themselves….Legislators like myself, military men, etcetera, all have generous pension plans which cannot  suffer default due to federal guarantees.  But the private citizen is still vulnerable. In America, we virtually worship fairness, but too often we have not been fair to our most deserving citizens.”

Needless to say, I was not heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. “Legislators like myself, military men, etcetera, all have generous pension plans which cannot  suffer default due to federal guarantees.” A federal conspiracy is in control, instituted by big money. Money goes where money flows.

You will be surprised to learn that I was heard by The Palm Beach Post. On December 1, 1980, under “Local News.”  The top headline: “Taxpayer wages 11-year feud with IRS.”  You would think this would be something the American people would grab and ran with. The reporter thought so. He spent a lot of time on his report. There was not a peep.

“The IRS twice collected the money, twice returned it with interest after Smith filed suit, and then again tried to collect the money this month—despite a federal court order that said Smith didn’t owe the IRS anything.”

“Holger Euringer, IRS public relations officer in Jacksonville, said last week that the agency had been wrong all along and that Smith soon would receive a letter of apology from the IRS district director.”

In my brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, in my Appendix Table of Contents, “IRS Letter to Petitioner, Sept. 6, 1974, page 37:  District Director Ervin B. Osborn: “Dear Mr. Smith: “I’m glad to respond to your letter of August 19 addressed to me and your letter of July 12 addressed to Attorney General William B. Saxbe, which was forwarded to me for reply.”

Keep in mind that the U.S. Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer for the United States. He forwarded my letter to the IRS telling him that as implemented, the Sixteenth Amendment—in the Bill of Rights—my rights. The government’s top lawyer does not honor my rights.  The IRS is the agency that taxes my personal income. The Attorney General is the legal representative of the United States.  Make that distinction.  The Attorney General chooses to keep himself removed from the citizenry. In the case of terrorism, the citizenry has no Federal Agency to legally challenge. The President is immune from legal challenge.  Consequently, the government can claim anything it wants concerning terrorism and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  My legal challenge, of necessity, was the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

In my tax case, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, was represented by the U.S. Attorney General, because I took the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court. Any U.S. citizen can by law do the same. Think about that. If the U. S. Supreme Court had agreed to hear me, immediately, many thousands of taxpayer cases would challenge the Federal income tax, the life blood of the world’s giant, the United States–the Great Satin, say real Muslims. So the Supreme Court, by policy—it has that right—simply  ignores cases that would cause the makers and keepers of the law to serve our needs, not theirs.

Would the United States be the world’s superpower if it didn’t have control of taxpayers? Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden claimed that U.S. taxpayers, same as the United States, were followers of the Great Satin.

Now comes the news that Saudi royalty was complicit in the demolition of the World Trade Center. Saudi royalty was involved in a deal with the United States—US military protection in exchange for making all nations buy Saudi oil with U.S. currency. Now comes the news that Israel was complicit in the 9-11 event. Now comes the news that the U.S. military was complicit in the 9-11 event, and as well the Bushes, and as well other big money interests.

“Some glad morning when this life is over, I’ll fly away to a home on God’s celestial shore. I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away!”  Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21  You are conscious. God is universal consciousness. You don’t go anywhere., my man. You come back to life, and to correct your wrongs in this life.

We are advised that the U.S. economy has come out of the recession. The figures are being willfully changed by the federal bureaucracy and the Federal Reserve Bank, my man. The U.S. economy is actually close to collapsing. This means that there will be no money to fund government entitlements.

It was bound to happen, my man. The Feds will be scrambling to keep control. Your rights will be zero! You best believe that you’ve been sucked into greatest fraud in history. We are heading for a socialist takeover of the world— say real Muslims, including Barack Hussein, under Sharia Law.

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