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On truth is stranger than fiction

Monday, January 25th, 2016

THECATHOLICCHURCHAnger is an emotion. In my early life, I was angry and reactive. I was inexperienced and unwise. I learned. We humans do not live by the law of the jungle.

Yes, I was a nobody, a victim of circumstances, like millions of others; except that I refused to accept my fate. According to my Constitution, as I read it, I saw myself as an equal under the law. The Internal Revenue Service saw me as a “Fifth Amendment freak.”  I was a “tax protester.” The press warned that tax protesters were illegal and many were going to prison. Hitler was legal. Legal is merely the form of law. To be lawful, the law must include morals and ethics. I had the right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. The makers and keepers of America’s laws, going strictly on might being right, place those government entitled ahead of my right to exist on my own effort. What could be more right than my own sweat? My rights are not merely arbitrary constructions of opinion. Rights “are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.” Morrison v. State America’s makers and keepers of the law are crazy! The American people are paying for it.

America’s makers and keepers of the law ate crow on the front page. I won. My rights prevailed. Of course I was only one. The law didn’t change.

The makers and keepers of the law have painted themselves into a corner. We the people are going to pay dearly.

Of late, I’ve been reading the Bible. In Luke 17:21, Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. I’m not religious. I don’t buy the doctrines and dogmas of the religious.  Jesus wasn’t religious. He called his religious authority hypocrites.

Coincidental with the sorry state of things, I looked within and got the right answers for me. The religious tell me I’m wrong. They can prove in the Bible that I’m not “going” to heaven. In Matthew 6:10, Jesus said “in earth as it is in heaven.”  I’m not going anywhere. My immaterial self exists in an eternal state. The religious are nuts!

Of late, I’ve been viewing YouTube documentaries—hundreds on the terrible state of things. I’ve decided to do my own documentary. I’m not going tell of my experience with the makers and keepers of the law, nor am I going to talk about my take on religion. People are not interested.

I’m going to tell it like it is. I have an abundance of pictorial evidence on my diverse life I’m going to use to paint a picture of the higher law of nature. My documentary will start with my life in ruins and end with a good life.  The viewer will make his own judgment on what works, and what doesn’t.

In 1975, with my business enterprise on the rocks, my second wife divorcing me, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on my back, things were pretty bad, you will agree.  In my documentary, you will see how I came from that bad beginning to a good life in the end.

In 1975, I went to an astrologer who predicted my future pretty much as it happened. I didn’t believe him. In Luke 21:25, we read, Jesus speaking, there will be signs in the sun, moon and stars; and distress in the nations…. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things  that shall come to pass, and  to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:36

In The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in heaven (a state of being): for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

The documentaries on YouTube theorize doom and gloom. My documentary is going to be a pictorial summary of my new life, starting in 1975, which went from ruins to a good life, exactly as astrology predicted, and exactly as it was in what Jesus said. Welcome to the age of Aquarius.

Welcome to everything is in divine order-



On America’s heartland

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

The Water-BearerWe read in today’s news that Republicans are facing what could be cataclysmic losses if Ted Cruz is nominated. Frankly, I don’t see a lot of difference in Cruz and Trump.  They say that Cruz is “nasty” and Trump is “arrogant.”  That’s what we need to combat nasty, arrogant Democrats. “Gentleman Jim” Republicans are losing presidential elections.

The New World Order, the biggest lie in man’s history ever told, comes from a great many people crowded into small areas. The world’s population is growing by leaps and bounds. The individual counting for little, this is the inevitable result. Trump, a New Yorker, was terribly insulted by Cruz calling him a New Yorker.  Being from Texas myself, I’m closer to Cruz in my ideology, but I think Trump stands a better chance of beating the Democrat in the election.  That’s the most important thing.  Democrats are socialists. We are made to operate like a school of fish—for the good of all, that is.  It is a lie. We are created subjective.

In America’s heartland, family values remain strong. Self-reliance remains strong. The world economy is weak and, according to statistics, never mind what politicians say, is growing weaker.  The rumor that fossil fuel is about to be replaced with free, clean energy, the same that causes the sun to burn, coincidentally sees the price of oil on a downward spiral.

The reactions of free energy replacing fossil fuel are interesting. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that the world’s big money is preparing for a coming change. It is moving elsewhere and apparently away from fossil fuel. Low demand is false. Demand is growing. Up to this point, big money has been protecting the price of fossil fuel.  A big change is inevitable and big money, knowing it, is on the move.

Nothing is being said in the press about free, clean energy, although we’ve known about it many years. Big money owns and manages the “free press.” Naturally, big money would do all it could to protect the fossil fuel establishment. Billions of people depend on this. All the combustion engines would be obsolete. The power grid would be obsolete, all power plants as well. Oil fields and coal mines would be obsolete.  All of industry would have to retool.  All farm machines would have to be replaced. Every home would have to buy the means of creating energy.  Transportation would have to purchase new vehicles and flying craft. To sum it up, the great change from fossil fuel to free, clean energy is too much to contemplate for small minded people jammed into asphalt junges.

Henry Ford, one free thinker, said, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.” Ford thought he could produce a car that the middleclass could afford, and he did. The Model T Ford replaced horse drawn wagons and buggies. Highways were built. Commerce picked up. There was displacement, but the ingenuity of the human being made things, in a few short years, far better. And the same would be true for free, clean energy, and on a far grander scale.

Industrialization brought about great concentrations of wealth and power. And wealth and power brought socialization. Let’s face it: we are basically self-serving.  We need controls. However, high tech has brought us, besides the atom bomb, abundant free, clean energy, something that could empower the individual; something, too, that would save the environment. Wealth and power has blocked free energy.  Socialism and wealth and power rules the day. The world is catching onto this colossal fraud.

A change is inevitable. But with change comes pain. Politicians avoid risk. As the situation they created becomes steadily worse, they are kicking the can down the road. The smart ones have everything in place for the inevitable. The big money is moving to secure positions. The banks stand ready to close. They have that authority. We will wake up to a new reality one day, the middleclass no more. There will be only the rich and the poor.

But with free energy, in short order, the economy will be moving again, with never before vigor. A new world order as different as day is from night to the one authority has planned is going to be our reality.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. You can read about your future in the New Testament. Read it with an open mind. Jesus said you should look within for your answers. So, “pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:36


On quantitative v. qualitative

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

imagesCAF1MI3DWe are leaving the Age of Pisces, a quantitative age, entering the Age of Aquarius, a qualitative age.  In the Age of Pisces, for 2,000 years we’ve relied on external factors, according to astrology.  Quantum, the smallest of excitations, quantum physics deals with the world of the very small. It began in September 1925 when Werner Heisenberg published his uncertainty principle, in the month and year I was born. Quantum physics is now looking for what it calls the God-particle, a subatomic particle that cannot be divided, the beginning of the space-time universe.

We’ve got religious authorities and their various takes on God. We’ve got the makers and keepers of our laws and their controls. But the bottom line control of our planet comes down to a tiny fraction of one percent with the big money—money the root of all evil. We’ve got a problem. The authorities, unable to sidetrack us, are painting themselves into a corner. We are forced to face the reality that the world’s leaders have led us to a dead end. I faced the reality in 1975, at age 49, with everyone against me.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I was a nobody. Government officials told me they knew how to deal with me. Intimidation and harassment is enough to scare people from demanding their rights.  They didn’t scare me.  I was before every federal court in the United States, save the Court of Claims—me, without a lawyer. I can read the law as well as anybody. I know right from wrong. I know reason and logic.  Nobody is better able than me.

This nobody was before the U.S. Supreme Court. They couldn’t stop me. Not one court heard me.  I had rights being ignored. Nobody knew that. I took the court record to the press. The press investigated. The United States apologized on the front page.  I’m one case. I didn’t change anything. A thousand such cases would have made a change.

The people have allowed unwarranted power to gain control. We have rights that are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State. The law of the land in the United States is the greatest fraud of all times.

According to astrology, in the Age of Aquarius we look internally and become our brother’s keeper. In Luke 21:25, Jesus speaking of his return, there shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and despair in the nations, he said, the Gospels and astrology agree. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. A new age God is being born.



On our two realities

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

IMG_0408In the news today, we read, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing, Rex Lewis-Clack croons, his head joyfully bobbing in time with the Duke Ellington standard. The 20-year-old musician accompanies himself on a grand piano, deftly striking the keys with a dexterity reminiscent of the Duke himself….This cherubic young man was born blind, due to a congenital condition called septo-optic dysplasia. He had serious cognitive disabilities as a child, and severe symptoms of autism.

What do we know about the power within us? We know nothing. Given that Donald Trump is a New York progressive, and mad as hell about being called that, and Ted Cruz a Constitutionalist, the first a pragmatist, the latter a spiritualist, where are the American people? In my opinion, in La La Land, my vote is for Trump, although my heart is with Cruz.

Please let me explain. Very similar to the present political circumstances, in the 1970s, I knew my lumber business was headed for the rocks and there was nothing I could do to change that. I didn’t know the power that lies within me. My bitch had to do with taxation, inflation, Nixon’s biased price controls, and government entitlement. Government favored big business in price controls. The deck was stacked against independents.  Nothing has changed. We don’t know the power that lies within us.

“It don’t mean a thing if we ain’t got that swing.” In my eighties, I became a musician. I’ve been a businessman, a layman lawyer, a videographer, and now in my nineties a philosopher. I got the swing.

In 1975, I was out of business and entitled to nothing. Ain’t that nice! How come? I was self-employed, and asked to pay more tax than the wage earner. Furthermore, I sold property to pay my living costs. I was subject to a capital gains tax, although I did not gain. I didn’t earn a dime in 1975. The dollars I received would buy half as much as the dollars I paid for the property, but I owed income tax. They’ve got to take from someone to give to another. So they picked me. Those government entitled received cost of living increases.  The self-employed pay the price. Corporations own America’s politicians. They get tax breaks the rest of us don’t get. They get corporate welfare.

Not only was I an independent singled out to rip off, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), “mistakenly” assessed me taxes I did not owe.  I had voiced my opinion to the powers that be. They didn’t like it.

My second wife was divorcing me. What sane person would attack the government? My wife had our bank account in her name and the IRS on her side. I was living from hand to mouth—working on a temporary job as a security guard.

I came home from work. At 12:30 P.M. My key would not open my one room apartment door. The lock had been changed. My take-home pay, after Uncle Sam got his part, was not enough to pay my rent.  Homeless, out of site, out of mind, ain’t that nice!  A mile long food stamp line down the road from my pad was composed of snow birds from the north drawing unemployment pay out of my paycheck.

I was a Constitutionalist, not a lawyer but I knew the law, which is based on reason. I went to a payphone across the street and called the police. I was on the street one hour. The police gave me the new key. My landlord had not followed legal procedure. The following day my lawyer called to say that my wife had repudiated our property settlement agreement. She wanted it all.

I had studied the Constitution. The IRS doesn’t know anything about that. I felt that my spiritual guides were with me. The IRS called me a “Fifth Amendment freak.” To everyone I knew, I was a nut job. The press had a term for me. I was an “illegal tax protester.” Federal judges had a term for me. I was a “spurious constitutional objector.”

I got the swing of things.  I was equal to those who accused me. However, it took four years to be heard in the U.S. Tax Court. They’ve got the deck stacked. Taxpayers are guilty until proven innocent. Ain’t that nice! Everyone except taxpayers in America is innocent until proven guilty. Coincidentally, America is the one superpower in the world. Yes, I got the swing of things. It don’t say a hell of a lot for the American people. It’s admirable to be a constitutionalist, but that ain’t gonna get the job done. We need a pragmatist in the Oval Office.

Back to my case. The Tax Court ruled in my favor. The IRS was “mistaken”—and remained mistaken. They ignored the Tax Court Order.  After returning my property, they reassessed me and confiscated $3,260 of my property.  Not one of three U.S. District Courts would hear me. They used the Declaratory Judgments Act.  A nobody like me is never heard. It has to be a large movement to be heard. Federal judges are too important to waist their valuable time on people like me. My case had already been heard in I think 1946. Federal income tax is not confiscatory.

They got away with it because nobody was going to know what they did. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against me. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear my case. The IRS was guilty of obstruction of justice, and not one judge in America was willing to hear me.

I took the record to The Palm Beach Post. With my record in hand, a reporter confronted the IRS.  He got an admission from the IRS that it had been wrong from the first. The story was printed on the front page.

Including my family and everyone else that I knew, not one word did I hear, not from my representatives or anyone else.  No one responsible for this criminal act was punished. I was asked by one of my “friends,”  “Was it worth what you went through?”

When the music stops, the American people are going to be left standing without a thought of what to do. With the Constitution and a dollar they can buy a cup of coffee.  The “new world order” will be their answer.

There are people who do have thoughts of what to do. The energy is building. When it gets to a certain point, lightning is going to strike. All those people who never did anything to protect their rights will be sitting at the switch when the express to the future rolls by. We will look back at this time as the end of the Stone Age.

But back to me in 1975, I went to an astrologer.  From my astrological chart, he informed me of what the stars told him about my future. It turned out that he was right.

I read in Luke 21:25 that Jesus said there would be signs of his return in the sun, moon and stars.  We are entering the Age of Aquarius, astrologers say a time when we become our brother’s keeper.

When I saw the handwriting on the wall about my future, and started studying the Constitution, I ran across a book in a secondhand law book store I bought for one dollar, law professor Edward S. Corwin’s The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law. The book in only 89 pages told me what I needed to know about the Constitution.  I’ve referred to it numerous times.

In Numerology and The Divine Triangle, we read under The Path of Destiny, that the number 7, my path of destiny number, means that I could “psychically separate the true from the false and can discover some of the mysteries of life for a waiting world.” The time of my birth fits that description. I’m Virgo with Aquarius rising. There is no other explanation for the events in my life.

But let me say first that Donald Trump is the right man for the job at hand. We need a pragmatist. The “folks” Obama keeps referring to have been asleep at the switch ever since the powers that be swatted John F. Kennedy. Remember Kennedy saying “Ask not what your country can do for you.”

There is so much in astrology and numerology that fits my life story that I’m forced to conclude the ancients knew far more than we know today about our reality. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. I’m here to tell you about it.

On President Obama’s last State of the Union Address

Friday, January 15th, 2016

second comingAfter informing the American people of all he has done for America—I mean in equality—“Social justice”—and how we must feel about that—upbeat—take a look at Greece’s socialistic government. Civil disobedience is the outcome of socialism. Next comes concentration camps—Nazi justice.

Free, clean energy is readily available. It would totally replace fossil fuel.  Free, clean energy, and I don’t mean windmills and solar, is the biggest of U.S. secrets. I know about it, as do millions of others. America’s representatives know nothing about it. The press knows nothing about it. But like jack-in-boxes cheering on Obama during his State of the Union Address, Congress knows nothing about abundant free energy. A growing number of Jack-in-box representatives in Congress, and a following of 58,000,000 strong, recipients of food stamps—counting such unfunded liabilities, like Social Security—our planet could be completely papered with the money it would take to pay off the national debt. We Americans owe more than the rest of the world put together.

It is not a matter of if, but when the U.S. takes bankruptcy. What then? History gives us the answer: totalitarian government. You will know it on the day that it happens—and not before. The middleclass will have nothing it can call its own. From that day forward, there will be no middle class—only the poor and the super rich.

I didn’t have a pot or a window in the summer of 1975. I had been locked out of my apartment for non-payment of rent. At the time, I was working on a minimum paying job. My employer withheld 22 percent of my meager wages for Uncle Sam.  The tax collector was on my back for tax I didn’t owe. I could not pay the rent on a one room apartment!

Federal income tax began with a tax on the rich. Down the street from my apartment was a mile long food stamp line. Since I was self-employed in the lumber business, I was not eligible for any government entitlement. I was unemployed—out of business. And, I was asked to pay more tax than others with the same income.

I was left without an income, yet I owed tax on a capital gain. I didn’t gain. The dollar diminished in value. Those government entitled received more money to compensate for inflation. It was clearly fraud, the biggest ever. It was the majority vote. America is not a pure democracy.  The American people don’t know the law. The individual has the right  to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The appreciation I got from the government of the United States for my service was to be put on the street in the name of tax. How many Americans, including veterans, victims of U.S. policy—are living on the street? It is outrageous! America is owned by a rogue government.

Money goes where money flows, to Washington, D.C. I was an independent lumberman. Government favored big business, corporations like Georgia Pacific and Boise Cascade. Independents like me were out of sight, out of mind.  While the Nixon Administration put me and thousands of independent lumbermen out of business, by favoring big business, the press concentrated on the Watergate break-in.  The public knows little about the Nixon Administration’s corruption.

I knew the IRS was lawless, for the good of all socialists. The left leaning press lumped me with “illegal tax protesters.”  I took my case to the press. An investigation proved that I was right and the United States wrong. The United States ate crow on the front page.  It is all recorded.

Only one case of exposure, my cause changed nothing. So, in 2001, twenty-one years later, the World Trade Center’s two towers were taken down, and a third building. The Pentagon was also hit.  We now have incontrovertible evidence from documentaries on YouTube that the 9-11 event was an inside job, Moreover, we learn on YouTube that the U.S. military-industrial complex is keeping secret the knowledge that abundant free, clean energy is available.  What the United States uses in a day would be like taking a thimble full of water out of the ocean, and at no cost. The sun burns on said free energy.

In order to protect those with the greatest wealth, America’s jack-in-boxes, bought and paid for representatives, are not willing to lift a finger for America’s oppressed. This is what Obama praised in his State of the Union Address.

Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s most revered Founding Fathers: “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the final arbiters of all constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.” One percent of America’s population—an oligarchy—owns 50 percent of the nation’s wealth!

Now hear this: If you have a personal stake in the outcome, such as an IRS “mistake,” and they are frequent, Amendment Five of the “Bill of Rights,” gives you the right to be heard in a meaningful way, in a meaningful place. They didn’t deny my right. But from my own experience, know ye that America’s federal judges go on “legal precedence.”  Your tax case has already been heard, no matter what. Our Constitution has been changed by federal judges to say “in light of today’s needs.” Nothing new about this. It is Nazi justice.

I took the court record to the press. An investigation got the admission that the United States was “mistaken.” This mistake includes every court in the land, save the Court of Claims. I’ve been before all of them.  You have no right to anything.  A politician’s job is to paint the rosiest picture possible and do what is best for himself.

Thousands of years ago, the ancients followed the movements of heavenly bodies and predicted the future. We are now in the death throes of the Age of Pisces. Jesus was born at the beginning of this age. In Luke 21, Jesus speaks of signs in the sun, moon and stars. He speaks of distress in the nations, “the seas and the waves roaring….And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

In astrology, rather than a being named Jesus, what we see is the coming of the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper. Jesus said, in Luke 21:36, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

The Bible rarely talks reality. It talks in spiritual terms. In Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image….So God created man in his own image,” moving now to  Matthew 6:10, in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, he said, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” Keep in mind that we are talking spiritual—in a state of being, not a place. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus speaking, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God,” and in Luke 17:21, Jesus speaking, “behold, the kingdom of God is within you,” think of the power within you, spiritual power.

Jesus called his priests hypocrites (Matthew 23:13). Jesus said, “Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the alter that standeth the gift?….And whoso shall swear by the temple, sweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth therein,” Matthew 19 and 21. But you are not material; you are spiritual.

Therefore, according to Jesus, why would you let someone else interpret what you read in the Bible?  And the same for the Constitution.  I’m speaking especially to those who volunteer to fight for freedom. They lawlessly put me on the street, a World War II veteran. You need to know your own government. And don’t think your government doesn’t know this. They will be coming after you first, my veteran friends, to take your guns.

All I can say is that the Bible and Constitution, as written, works for me. I assume they would work for you.

The root of all evil: money

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

BBbz15i[1]An omen of things to come, today’s headlines—“Oil plunge sparks bankruptcy concerns for one third of US firms.”

For a century, oil has been obsolete as a source of energy. In one cubic centimeter of space, there is enough energy to supply US needs a day. If you knew this, you would be talking about it. Why isn’t government talking about it?

Big money is keeping secret that free, clean energy in abundance is readily available. It is actually against the law to make it available. That’s right!  It’s a security breach. Most of today’s problems would be solved if free energy were made available.  The law protects fossil fuel, which pollutes the atmosphere. A rogue government in the shadows is in control. You can bet that American politicians are squirming over declining oil prices. Big money is not at all happy about this.  It could let the cat out of the bag.

Imagine that you had $15 trillion—fifteen thousand million dollars.  The Rothschild banking family is estimated to have this much wealth. To be the richest man in the world would be a fantastic ego builder. He would want to keep himself in control. He could think he had all the answers. The 7.5 billion humans in the world would be like teeming insects.  Best to eliminate a lot of them, he would be thinking. He’d be doing us all a favor. Add to this a mere handful of corporate heads with annual  incomes in the millions. This handful of people sets policy. They would most definitely not want their oil incomes replaced by free, clean energy. They call it their new world order.

With free, clean energy, in a few years poverty would be eliminated.  The Rothschild family would not be financing wars. A prosperous world would live together in peace.  The current big money cartel would not exist. Self-serving politicians would be replaced with government functionaries

President John F. Kennedy insisted on transparent government. He didn’t just talk about it, he acted. He told the American people they should ask not what government could do for them. He annoyed big money. They swatted him like a fly. It has come to light that a lot of people were involved. In all 16 shots were fired. The shot that blew Kennedy’s brains out came from an opening in a storm sewer fifteen feet from Kennedy’s head.

Kennedy’s replacement, Lyndon B. Johnson, established the “Great Society” which is currently out of control and bankrupting America morally, spiritually, and fiscally.  Johnson got us into the Viet Cong war big time.  He perpetrated a lie, an admitted lie, claiming that the Viet Cong attacked a U.S. naval vessel.

The big push is now on for gun control. This is always the push when a dictator is about to take control. They’ve got to move fast. The public is catching on.


On President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address

Monday, January 11th, 2016

second comingIn his final State of the Union address tomorrow, so we learn this January 11, 2016, America’s President Obama will reflect on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the country, of course with all that he has done for us, such as giving us affordable health care insurance.

“Even in times of great challenge and change,” Mr. Obama says, “our future is entirely up to us.” I’m not quite sure about what he meant. Given his actions in the past, it could be a veiled threat. “That’s been on my mind while I’m writing my final State of the Union Address,” says Mr. Obama. I’m really curious just what is on his mind, and I have good reason.

I feel that I must respond, given that Mr. Obama has clearly demonstrated that he favors Muslims.  As a child, Mr. Obama was trained as a Muslim.  And now he wants to bring Muslim refugees to America.  We learn that Muslim male refugees in Germany are raping German women and raising hell in other ways.  Mr. Obama would condemn me for saying this. We’re not to denigrate another’s religion, he says. So, just what is on Mr. Obama’s mind? He is not making good sense to me.

To me, it is beyond belief that God would bless the male who brutalizes females, the bearers of our lives.  This brutalization of women is rapidly growing. It is part of being a Muslim. In the Middle-East, which was largely Christian, Christianity is on the decline, Muslims beheading Christians and burning their churches. These Muslim males plan to reestablish a Caliphate and rule the world. It is no secret. Fear is the radical Muslim’s main means of control.  Animals fear. Humans are meant to use reason and logic. I’m safe is saying that Muslim radicals are reduced to animal behavior.  Regardless of what Mr. Obama says, he has no way of distinguishing Muslim radicals from other Muslims.

There is nothing new about this latest move. Mr. Obama has been bringing into the United States very bad people all the time he has been President. He has supplied these bad people with guns and wants to take guns away from law abiding Americans.  So, my friends, it is all up to us. We have a choice. Judging by history’s record, I’m not slated to have a choice. The plan is to eliminate me.  Those left will have only one choice, Mr. Obama’s choice, if he has his way.

This will be his last State of the Union address, but I don’t think Mr. Obama plans to leave office.  I think he plans to declare martial law and call off the election. I’m not alone in that thought.

We humans are created to love. We are created with the potential for reason and logic.  No reasonable, logical male would rape a woman, or cut off human heads, or sell children as slaves.  Only the worst of cowards would use women and children as shields.

Many in the Middle-East danced in the streets on the news that the twin towers in New York City were reduced to rubble and thousands died. Mr. Obama was in favor of building a Muslim holy place adjacent to the site of this carnage.

Deeply imbedded in the Muslim’s faith, death to infidels, on the day Mohammad was made a prophet, off came 700 heads of infidels, or so I read. In short order, Islam spread from India through Spain and all of North Africa. Of one thing you can say, fear works.  The macho male Islamic coward uses the weaker sex horribly to prove he is right. They call it Sharia law.  It works to control people.

What will it be when the money runs out, when no one will be entitled to other people’s money because the money has run out. America is bankrupt, morally, spiritually and fiscally.  While the published amount we Americans owe, thanks to an incompetent, lying Congress, is only a small part of what we Americans owe.

We have unfunded liabilities—food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and on and on.  The game is up, over, done for!  What we see taking place in Greece is soon going to take place in America.  Obama will declare martial law.  One way or another, all the guns in America will be in the hands of law enforcement people, they hope. The election will be reduced to one candidate, Mr. Obama. You vote for Mr. Obama or face dire consequences.  This has happened before. There is no reason it will not happen again.

Europe’s economy is crumbling, and in no small part, Islam is bringing down Europe.  After Europe’s economy is in ruins, the next to go will be Japan’s.  The wealthy, knowing what is taking places, are moving their wealth to America. For the time being, America’s economy survives, but it can’t for long.  The truth is out, America is hopelessly in debt.  Nobody is going loan a deadbeat a dime.  Anything paper will not be worth a “continental damn.”  Only things with tangible value will have worth. Millions will find themselves jobless and penniless. I’ve been there. Had I not had faith in the “Higher Law” the background of American constitutional law, I’d have been a street person. I have a book by the foregoing name, written by law professor Edward S. Corwin in 1925, which happens to be the year of my birth. Professor Corwin would be pleased to know that I used his message to save myself from a government gone awry. I’m passing his message on in these blogs.

There is a choice, other than Obama’s choice. It worked for me. It can work for you. History proves me right. It is written in the stars.

On standards of behavior

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

ATT00001[2]With paranoia gripping a great many people today, I remain searching for the truth of the matter.  For one thing, I’m not hooked by religious dogmas and doctrines. For another, I don’t have any political affiliation.  I look within for my answers. My awareness is continually expanding.

In my view, the morals of the American people are declining. I was born in a different generation.  In my generation, the family was America’s cornerstone.    We didn’t want nor expect government to be involved in our personal lives.  That idea went out the window during America’s Great Depression. Before I get into that, however, I want to bring to attention what led to my morals question.

In 1925, in the year I was born, Congress voted to give the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the authority to examine our personal records for federal income tax purposes. It was in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. Congress brushed criticism aside. No big deal. Only millionaires paid federal income tax.

Federal income tax itself—the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution—was  challenged in Brushaber v. Union Pacific RR.  The U.S. Supreme Court allowed federal income tax—with this reservation: If “Under the seeming exercise of the taxing power, the taxing statute is so arbitrary as to compel the conclusion that it was not the exertion of taxation, but the confiscation of property, or is so wanting in basis for classification as to produce such a gross and patent inequity as inevitably to lead to the same conclusion, “ guess what? The tax is unconstitutional.

Was the Court speaking to millionaires, the only people being taxed. I don’t think so. The Court was talking to ordinary taxpayers. You’ve got something here to think on, friend.  If you allow your government to rip you off, it is your fault.

God gave us reason and logic, but the American people have allowed themselves to drawn away from reason and logic—by “There but for the grace of God go I;” by “Those mean old Republicans pushed poor Grandma and her wheelchair over a cliff; by “They take food from hungry children; by  “There is nothing that makes me as mad school children being killed by guns;” by “We are born in sin. It is only by God’s grace that we are we saved.”  The guilt trip is the way America’s control freaks gain control, and has been as far back as history goes.

This brings us to Astrologer’s Handbook. Under Pisces, we read, “Pisces is a sensitive sign and those born under it are extremely responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around them. They desperately want to do the right thing, but as a rule they do not have strong willpower. Therefore, they are easily influenced by external factors.”

“They are not combative. Their aversion to struggle often makes them indecisive in thinking and acting. They will generally suffer injury rather than fight for their rights.”

Is it any wonder that the symbol for Pisces is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions and getting nowhere?

With the above to consider, now for the morals question. In 1975 my lumber business was on the rocks and my second wife was divorcing me. It was seen by all to me my fault.  My answer: I cut from the herd and went on my own—with a bigger than life cause.  I blamed government. I had my constitutional rights. The Department of Justice and the Internal Revue Service (IRS) didn’t agree with me, so we went to Tax Court. The Tax Court agreed with me.  The IRS ignored the Tax Court order.  Two U.S. District Courts had dismissed my complaints. I appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, on the decision of the U.S. Tax Court.

Docket No. 79-7039- Memorandum, before Goodwin, Sneed and Reinhardt, Circuit Judges

“Despite the fact that the amount of taxes owed by the taxpayer may well be less than the amount the united States must spend to collect that amount, this is a case in which the excess should be expended to validate once more the legitimacy of the federal income tax.”

Despite the fact that I owed no tax and the IRS was in violation of the Tax Court order, these three judges held for the IRS.  The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear me.

I filed a third complaint in the U.S. Distict Court. The court decided to hear me. The Department of Justice wrote the District Court that the IRS had wrongfully seized my property. This lawless seizure was done before I filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals. So these above mentioned three judges allowed the IRS to get away with obstruction of justice and the U.S. Supreme Court concurred, on “the excess should be expended to validate once more the legitimacy of the federal income tax.”

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, the policy of the three branches of the U.S. government, in the summer of 1975, with my business enterprise on the rocks, with my wife divorcing me and I was cut off from my bank account, and working on a minimum paying security guard job, the IRS demanding tax I did not owe, and holding my rightful tax refund until I paid a bogus assessment, my employer withholding 21 percent of my pay for Uncle Sam, I had no allowances or deductions, I was locked out of my one room apartment for non-payment of rent.

The Department of Justice, admitting that the IRS had wrongfully robbed me, refunded the stolen money. The IRS then went to my bank with an unsigned form, handed it to the bank, the bank gave the IRS every cent in my bank account.

Everything I’ve written is documented. Is the United States moving forward or backward as far as morals are concerned?

I took the unsigned IRS form, which the bank gave me, to The Palm Beach Post. An investigation was made. The IRS admitted to the newspaper that it had mistakenly taking my bank account, but it meant no harm. The money was put back in my account. The newspaper printed a front page story. It got zero response.

I spent 11 years on my rights case and ended with what was rightfully mine, nothing more.  Was it worth the effort? Remember that I was born at a time when the family was the cornerstone of America. We’ve been educated to look externally for our answers, to Washington, DC.

Now for the good news. Never fear fighting for truth and justice. Before I went for my rights, if anything could go wrong it did.  After I cut from the herd and went on my own, when everything should have gone wrong for me, according to the way we are taught, everything went right. At age 90, I can say that these are the best years of my life. God works in mysterious ways.


On the magic of numbers

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

The Water-BearerWe read in today’s CNN news that a Muslim woman, Rose Hamid, in the stand behind Donald Trump at a political rally in South Carolina Friday, when Trump suggested that Syrian refugees were afflicted with ISIS brutality, stood in silent protest, with the camera on her. She was dressed in the Muslim woman’s typical garb, not what Rose normally wears. Rose is an airline stewardess. Does this lady know where she is? I don’t think so. The audience started yelling for her to get out. She was escorted out.

This was a political stunt orchestrated by Trump’s opposition to make Trump look bad. By the way, Rose is for peace (on her terms). Rose says that right now she has nothing to say, but she might, depending on what happens. Really!  I have something to say now. I hope Trump hears what I have to say. It is something that needs to be said. It will help Trump win the election. It will help Muslims get their thinking straight. No, it will not be what CNN wants to hear. No way! CNN will not think what I have to say is newsworthy.  You can count on that.

Mr. Trump spends a lot of time citing numbers, numbers that place him the number one Republican candidate. I don’t blame him, but I’ve got numbers for Mr. Trump that will do more for him—and for all of us who want peace, including the Muslim woman in the news.

Why does anyone want war? Maybe CNN could answer that question, as CNN is partial to the current war-making government of the United State. Of course CNN is owned by a billionaire with an ultra-liberal  agenda.

The United States is losing one war after another—in fact ever since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He wanted to get the United States out of the Viet Nam conflict. His successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, got us deeply in that war on an out-and-out lie.  It’s odd. Kennedy is taken out; Johnson is in. America has been going downhill ever since.

Kennedy and I were in the last war America won, World War II. And CNN, seemingly on the losing side alwlays, I mean in the end, now in support of a Muslim’s plea for peace—with Sharia law, no doubt. Yes, with peace or off comes your head.

I know, I know, I’ve committed a hateful act.  We are not allowed to denigrate another’s religion; that is Islem.  But, hey, I’ve got a better idea: quit being religious; start being logical.  It will amaze you, CNN. Your ratings will soar.

War is highly profitable to bankers. They finance wars. They charge interest. War is highly profitable to giant corporations, who spend big money getting politicians elected.  We exist in an economy that thrives on wars, CNN.  And now you support a Muslim’s idea of peace? Trumps audience: Get outa here!

I’ve thrived in peace, CNN. I’ll give you a story worth repeating, but not that Muslim woman. She’s beating a dead horse.

It is logical to assume that before language came numbers. Fingers were used to communicate. A finger pointed the direction and fingers the number or deer or whatever.  After speech came, numbers have explained that which our limited sensibilities can’t. I’m thinking about Mario Livio’s The Golden Ratio, the Story of Phi: the World’s most Astonishing Number. The number is 1.61813. This number, besides being of particular importance to mathematicians, has been the subject of numerous experiments in psychology.

One of my key interests, CNN, the law, brought me to the Supreme Court. No, this nobody did not make the news, not at that time. But later The Palm Beach Post, in their investigation found that the Supreme Court ignored the law. That’s big news, right? It was on the front page of The Palm Beach Post. It didn’t change anything. The Supreme Court allowed the United States to commit obstruction of justice and CNN said nothing, in fact never knew. I was a nobody, out of site, out of mind. They could have stood me against a wall and ordered a firing squad to eliminate me. No one would have known the difference.

In The Golden Ratio, Livio wrote about Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Before he was a Supreme Court justice, Holmes was a physician who wrote and published witty poems. In “The Chambered Nautilus” Holms found a moral in growth, of logarithmic spiraling of this mollusk. I spent two years of my life on a 37 foot sailboat island hoping on the Bahamas banks. I’ve walked many isolated beaches and was amazed by the beauty and symmetry of sea shells. I thought at the time that nature’s higher law involved harmony and symmetry.

When you match numbers with harmony and symmetry, the reality is somewhat different than man’s law. Einstein’s magic formula, E=MC2, everything ultimately reduces to vibrations, and vibrations are represented by numbers, our reality takes on an image unlike humanity’s manmade law and its inconsistencies, which CNN supports.

The ancient science of numbers—numerology—has it that all numbers reduce to the discrete numbers 1 through 9. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36. 3+6=9, the discrete number, in numerology 9 represents selflessness, man’s desire to be of universal service, in nature, God. We’ve managed to eliminate numerology—expediently replaced it with man’s less than godly law.  I’m talking about CNN’s giggle stuff.

In numerology, we begin with the pioneer seeking to establish his identity. Without awareness of this, I cut from the herd and went on my own at age 49, in 1975, on the very day Christianity commemorates as the day they nailed Jesus to a cross. (I was not religious. I was not aware of this.)

By cutting from the herd, CNN, I was the pioneer seeking to find my identity, which numerology gives to 1. In numerology, 2 is given to pairing.  In the Big Bang, first atoms and then pairing, this gives us order in the universe. Go ahead and laugh it off.

After my departure, my life was ordered according to numerology’s numbers, an amazing thing. After discovering who I really was, out of the blue appeared the right mate for me, my fourth, as a matter of fact, and after I’d sworn to myself I’d never marry again. I knew the moment we met that Karen was made for me. My fourth wife appeared two weeks after wife number three walked out. For the first time in my 55 years, I knew real love. My love for Karen has grown over the years.

My first date with Karen was a hike to Multnomah Falls on May 18, 1980, the day Mt. St. Helens erupted. We were perhaps 50 miles to the southeast. The northwestern sky turned black.  In nature’s calamities,  a new, more beautiful scene often emerges. I’m thinking about Crater Lake, Oregon, the scene of a volcanic eruption 40 times as great as that of Mt. Saint Helens. Laugh if you will. Crater Lake is known as the crown jewel of America. My life is a hundred times better. You don’t report the good news, CNN. You report the bad news.

On a world scale, the year 2016, the discrete number 9, the final number, selflessness, the desire to be of universal service, peace, says the Muslim woman, who doesn’t know whether she is afoot or horseback. We’ve already seen a significant beginning in the direction of obliteration. One can predict that by the end of the year, an enormous change will be under way. We’ll be separating the sheep from the goats.

Could my personal experience be an omen? At age 90, these are the best years of my life, in 1975, my life was on the rocks. Too much has happened for it to be of coincidence. Of late, I’ve been studying the Gospels.  I’ve given Jesus credit. Interestingly, this adventure began with my studying the U.S. Constitution—as written.  When you throw numerology and astrology into the mix, you get an amazing revelation.  They all connect.

Our world’s authorities have it all wrong.  This “end time” is the beginning. Every end has a beginning.  We are in the death those of the Age of Pisces, just as written. With change comes pain. We are entering the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper, just as Jesus predicted. Over there in the Middle-East, they are desperately trying to take us back through fear, and we want to bring them over here? Peace? Get outa here! Take a look at Germany. Muslim men are raping German women.  I guess it is OK with Muslim women. It isn’t O.K. here in America.

  1. Astrology gives me Virgo with Aquarius rising. I’m the practical visionary.
  2. Numerology gives me the number 7 as my path of destiny number. I psychically separate the true from the false. I can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world.
  3. My rising sign being Aquarius, I can become the water-bearer to humanity. I might bring back information that has been lost to civilization for centuries. I might be the forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing humanity the way.
  4. With Saturn trine Pluto in my astrological chart, I might have the ability to understand the laws by which subtle forces are organized, enabling me to use these laws consciously or unconsciously. I could have a peculiar sense of destiny, or karmic mission.

All of the above seems to have applied since I cut from the herd in 1975 and started looking within for my answers. It would be very hard to say it is all coincidence.

During my two years at sea, inexplicably, I saved seven lives from a watery grave, including my own. It is hard for me to think my life has no meaning, or that Jesus has not been with me every step of the way, or that finding love is not the best thing that can ever happen to a human being. And to think, I’m not religious, or I don’t call it religion.  It came to me in a natural manner.

Jesus, my redeemer, who or what is Jesus? His message is attributed to at least five other men of God. In the Age of Aquarius we become our brother’s keeper. In Luke 21, Jesus speaking, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars….and when these things begin to come to pass then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh,” Does this mean Jesus is going to come in the form of a man out of the sky?

Jesus wasn’t religious. He accused his religious authority of being hypocritical.  Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you, a spirit—one spirit speaking to you and everyone who will allow themselves to hear.  How can you say that Jesus is Christian, folks? The little known Baha’i sect of Islam describes God the way Jesus described God. In fact the ancient beliefs of God are connecting with the cutting edge of science. But we’ve all this flapdoodle in the news.

The Bible was written in a time that men wrote more metaphorically, to allow people to imagine reality.  They didn’t have the knowledge of our time.

We Americans don’t dress like George Washington. In the less advanced Muslim nations, they dress like they dressed a thousand years ago, and think like they did a thousand years ago. It is idiotic to go to a Middle-East nation with the thought of converting that nation to our American standard.  What we’ve done is not what Jesus would have done. So, we are going to have to look within for our answers. The fools in control are losers.  We’ve made a terrible mistake.

America, controlled by an oligarchy of super-rich tyrants, with the means of buying or killing anyone, illustrated through lap dog Barack Obama and a do-nothing Congress,  we Americans are becoming a docile herd of dumbed down animals. This evil is spreading like a wet blanket, smothering for self-serving purposes, progress. It can and does create any situation it wants.  We the people are being deprived of technology that would solve most of our problems. May God bring us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The same as I went through, our situation forces a solution coming from those that think for themselves.  We are going to have to quit looking to government for our personal needs—take personal responsibility for our lives.

The best way to good government is to limit terms in office and cut the pay of legislators to no more than they could earn in the private sector, which could not be much. You know very well they are not going to do what we want.  Until we take the bull by the horns, they will continue turning us into herd animals.

On the great transformation

Friday, January 8th, 2016

IMG_0294Barack Obama campaigned for America’s transformation and won the election. In a backhanded way, he has succeeded. Read on.

Better known politically as “the new world order,” in Christianity, our rebirth, in my view, our metamorphosis from grub to butterfly, in President Obama’s view, conversion to Islam. In any event, with change comes pain.  We are satisfied to leave well enough alone.  That was the old me. You must hear what happens. Surprise, surprise! Not to Islam, not to Christianity, not to the new world order, nothing like we’ve ever dreamed—we become our brother’s keeper—never another war. It is written in the stars.

I know our future because I’ve already gone through the process. I’m here to help you understand what is currently taking place. My role, predicted long before our time by Zoroastrian priests who could read from the movements of heavenly bodies future events, finds me born Virgo with Aquarius rising.  For one thing, according to astrologer Jeanne Avery in The Rising Sign, under Aquarius Rising, “He becomes the water-bearer by walking to the beat of a different drummer. He may be very avant-garde. He is the forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing the rest of humanity the way.” But don’t take this for granted. There is much more.

Take my personal experience. I left the usual course people travel in 1975. I’d known what was going to take place for some time, but like most of us, I did not have the answer of what I should do. There was nothing to be gained by dwelling on it.

In 1975, I was out of business and my second wife was divorcing me. If that wasn’t enough, the Internal Revenue Service was on my back for taxes they said I owed. And wouldn’t you know, my misfortune was all my fault. I was a misfit.  Actually, I was a rebel who found a cause, as one “friend” put it, I was a rock in the stream. People are disturbed by those who rock the boat.

In the summer of 1975, after being locked out of my apartment for non-payment of rent, my employer having deducted from my meager pay withholding tax, I’d taken a job as security guard, I hired a lawyer who went to the divorce judge with my plight and got a court order to force my wife to give me living expenses while I waited for the trial. During my wait, I happened upon an astrologer.  He created my astrological chart.  I didn’t take much stock in what he told me, but everything came true. I became a believer.

In early May 1980, my third wife walked out. My astrologer had warned me. I met her on April 2, 1976. He had told me Venus was in the wrong position on that day. A woman I would meet would get in my cash box. Why would I believe that?

Two weeks after wife number three walked out, wife number four walked in. I knew from the moment we met that she was made for me. Strange when I’d sworn to myself I’d never marry again. Out of the blue my soul mate appeared. I realized I’d never known true love. Looking back on my life, from the day I departed my old life, when things should have gone wrong, everything ended going right for me. I didn’t know why. Well, my true love was into astrology. I read in her astrology books who I really was. It was all there, like a hand in a glove, a perfect fit!  I guess there is a lot we don’t know.

Thinking back, I did something most people would not dream of doing, especially if they had no legal training: challenge legally America’s makers and keepers of the law. I claimed they were unconstitutional. The gall of it caused the Department of Justice lawyers to hang themselves with their own rope. The fools admitted on the front page of The Palm Beach Post that for 11 years of my legal actions in every federal court, save the Court of Claims, they had been wrong every time, and not only that the judges as well.  I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. They investigated.

You might ask, what was I thinking about?  I’ve asked myself that question.  My answer: I’m connected with the consciousness of the universe. I got the feeling when I was in the law library putting together my case. The thoughts I was reading were thoughts of the past, something you don’t get in law schools. My spiritual guides were with me. The Department of Justice lawyers did not have a chance of winning. It is all in my wife’s astrology and numerology books.

It was not until I was 85 years old that my Sunday school teaching as a child came to mind. I made a connection with my good life and Jesus. I asked Karen, my wife, to give me a Bible with large print for my 85th birthday. It was all there in the Gospels. Jesus is my redeemer.

After America’s Founding Fathers declared their independence from King George’s tyranny, they wrote a constitution. They spent eleven years in debate and gave the American people the basic law of all times in a written constitution. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle asserted that men’s passions are beastly. The law is based on our reason and logic.  Who is blessed with more reason and logic than those subject to obeying the laws men in authority impose on us? Face it, we’ve been dumbed down. What I did makes sense.

Came Joe Smith, the original, a nobody from Nowheresville to fly with eagles.  I learned the Constitution—as written, with the help of law professor Edward S. Corwin in his The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law.  It is only 89 pages, but is says it all.  Today’s lawyers would require tens of thousands of pages to tell it all, and when you were done reading it all you would not know anymore than you knew to start with. It appears that I’ve proved it. They lost their case against me. All I had was 89 pages to go on. And, ah yes! I had the spirit of the law to go on. Behold, I was empowered.

So, when we think about it, no power on earth could stop me. What else? My spiritual guides directed me. I was 85 years old when the full truth finally came to me. It took that long. You see, I was not religious. I’d rejected all the doctrines and dogmas that Christianity teaches. People looked at me as a misfit. Christians told me I was the work of the devil. Well, I was different.

Well, I read the Gospels. It was all there! For 35 years my savior and redeemer was with me and I didn’t know it. Where I went to church, Christians felt that they owned Jesus.  My pastor told me that my mother, who was born of Jewish parentage, was barred from going to heaven, my mother who believed in Jesus and was buried with a Christian minister’s blessings. That’s how dumbed down we are.

When I split in 1975, nothing I’d been taught dominated my thinking. My mind was wide open to discover who a really was. This is when I got on my path of destiny. In my wife’s numerology book, Numerology and The Divine Triangle, in Your Personal Numbers and Personal Years, my Path of Destiny number is 7. “You psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world.”

Jesus was a misfit. Like me, he didn’t have any use for his religious authority. He called them hypocrites. And we know what they did to him. Now they blame us. We’re born in sin and only if we confess our sins can we be saved. Nothing like a guilt trip to get you under their control. Don’t you see, for God’s sake, you have the law of the universe on your side. You were created by your maker with reason and logic, folks—basic to our law!  You don’t need a lawyer. My only legal cost was the filing fee. I could have claimed to be a pauper and paid nothing.  Had I hired a lawyer, he would have lost the case. Today’s lawyers are taught a totally revised Constitution.  If the truth were known, the fools I challenged were quaking in their boots over this nobody.  And you wonder why your nation is in trouble? Believe you are empowered and do the thing you were put here to do. The only way evil-doers gain control is that good men do nothing.

I would not be here before you if I did not know the truth. Everything is in divine order. I’ve been through all the pain and suffering that change brings.  Read the Gospels. At age 90, I can say these are the best years of my life.

Read in the Gospels the light that Jesus, the Son of man brought us. He came to earth for us. Jesus is our redeemer. Welcome the Age of Aquarius. We become our brother’s keeper.  War will be a thing of the past. Our new world order will be beyond anything we can today dream. Spread the word.



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