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On numbers and logic

Friday, July 31st, 2015


From the sublime to the ridiculous, Thomas Paine in 1794, in The Age of Reason, stated that the two are so closely related that it is but one step from one to the other.

MSN news: “Shady dealings run amok in sunny South Florida (in Jeb Bush country). I should know. I lived in South Florida 19 years. On April Fool’s Day 1999, my wife and I departed for good on a jetliner. It was back to square one in Portland, Oregon. On April 21, 1999, we departed Portland in our home on wheels where we spent the next nine years. Home was wherever we were.

Our wanderings ended, from the ridiculous to the sublime, in the tall timber near Mt. Hood, Oregon. Most folks are not on my wave length, but I must tell you that it is rewarding.

Binary, composed of, relating to, or involving two; dual, the binary code of computers for instance, ones and zeros, forming computer language, numbers have a fascinating history.  It would seem that numbers language is basic.

I recall the experiment in a corn field with crows. A blind was built in the middle of the corn field. One man entered. Until he departed, the crows stayed away. Two men entered the blind. Until both left, the crows stayed away. Five men entered the blind. Until all left the crows stayed away. Six men entered the blind and five left. The crows returned. They can’t count past five.

The use of numbers, making logic, goes beyond our sensesibility.  We humans, thousands of years back employed geometry in not only magnificent buildings but in determining events and personal characteristics, based on when and where the person was born. They geometrized the heavens. And now we’re being told by the cutting edge of science that the universe is nothing like we think.

In lab experiments, science has learned that light waves, when observed, turn into particles called photons. Photons enter our heads through the optic nerve and we see things—holographic allusions. Light waves “travel” in a vacuum. Water waves and air waves travel in a medium. Light wave appear to travel. Science has proven that once two photons are attached they are always in instant communication, even if on opposite extremes of the universe.

Science now tells us that there is a dimension of infinite possibility with which our minds interact. Our thoughts manifest themselves with things. It is mind over matter—and unfortunately , minds manipulated to think what authority wants us to think. Authority in control of our minds.

No other life form on the planet can use natural resources to manufacture any more than the most rudimentary things.  Extraterrestrial humanoids have been here thousands of years, we learn, bringing with them advanced knowledge. It is kept secret by an elite few in control, but cracks are appearing in their armor. The knowledge they now hide is being exposed. It is just a question of time until their big secret is exposed.

The world is on the threshold of a quantum leap forward. The race is on as to whether the powers that be can enslave us before we the people take charge. In either case, the aliens will play a role.

The present scenario reminds us of the situation when more advanced Europeans moved onto native America’s land.  Natives faired poorly, except for those who moved into new ways, such as living in a permanent home rather than a wigwam.  It reminds us that during the pioneer days, rather than depend on government, neighbor depended on neighbor. The people I know don’t want to talk about it. Sorry about that.


On Mother Earth

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

The Water-Bearer

On today’s news a significant development in the disappearance of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 on March 8, 2014 turned up in a part of an airplane’s wing on an Australian beach, almost certainly from MH370.

Almost daily, we learn of innocent lives being sacrificed due to individuals with a personal cause. In my youth, I rarely heard of this.

Millions of people around the world are reporting seeing UFOs. A growing number of reports tell of alien abductions. This, too, is something new.  We are forced to think something big is about to happen.

They deliberately hide the truth, for our own good. Our trust in authority is at a low point. We were created in earth’s environment. “in earth as it is in heaven,” said Jesus. Our archetype is from elsewhere in the universe. We are immaterially different from other life on the planet. We know good and evil.

Our actuating cause of life has been consistently sidetracked by a “blueblood” breed obsessed with the idea that they know far more than ordinary mortals—no more than one-hundredth of one percent of the population—living by their own conceited set of morals—while making and keeping our laws behind closed doors. They have successfully implanted their wills upon us, and, of course, want no part of aliens.

One might compare the current scenario with the invasion of advanced Europeans in native America. What right did they have to take the lands of native Americans? They took America and put native America on desert reservations.  Under the law of the jungle, might makes right. But we humans are equipped to use reason and nature in our laws. Do we need these tyrants?

The help authority gives us is solely based upon the help the public gives authority.  We can survive without help from this world’s authority.  It is a wheel of fortune. Authority helps those who help authority remain empowered.

We’ve now got a “war of the worlds;” we the people, the pawns. The aliens are making no secret of their presence. .  We haven’t wanted to talk about it.

The news that the price of gold is due to worsen; gold coins are out of style, a silly old way to hoard; the value of the dollar is stronger, scares me. The dollar is not stronger. The Euro is weaker. On the news, the recession is over. The job situation is steadily improving. Stores are full of shoppers. America’s government has restored confidence.

Wall Street is selling snake oil. Politicians are lying. America is on the brink of financial collapse and no way left to bail out the economy.  China’s stock market crash has triggered big losses for American investors. It will not significantly affect China’s economy, but it is a different matter in America. Americans are dubious of the information they receive. The time is nearing when big lie falls apart. America will wake up one morning to a totally new world.

What will it be like when the American individual can’t look to government for a bailout?  Those compassionate politicians will suddenly become a dictatorship, American freedom a thing of the past.

One might liken the current situation to that of Native Americans when advanced Europeans moved into America.  Promises were broken. There was much brutality on both sides. Native Americans lost. They were moved to desert reservations where many remain living in poverty, while America’s leaders preach liberty and justice for all.  America went to war over the right to own slaves.

Here we sit in America with the Sword of Damocles hanging over us by a thread, hoping and praying what we hear from the mainstream is right.

I have zero trust for America’s authority.  I’ve learned over the years to trust in my answers—and  Jesus’  answers. From a life in ruins, I’ve brought my life up. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m for working with the aliens.

On the path of destiny

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015


We are each born with a destiny. I discovered my path of destiny when I cut from the herd in 1975 and went on my own, the pioneer seeking to find his identity.  When everything should have gone wrong, everything started going right for me.  Was it the luck of the Irish?

While the government of the United States remains on the path Washington insiders want, this blog is on electromagnetic energy—free energy—all the energy anyone could ask free of cost.

Three hundred million people live in a desert the size of the United States, the Sahara, barely hanging onto life. Free energy would end their suffering.

We are leaving the Age of Pisces, a time when people have looked to earthly authority for answers. How many religious points of view are there, each with its own idea of God?  We determine that God by killing the enemy of our one God. This has been ongoing since time immemorial, and now with the United States, the epitome of corruption, wheeling and dealing with the world’s greatest terrorist government, Iran. Good luck!

Governments continue to give us wrong answers. America began with people fed up with coercive government. On the American frontier, it was individuals doing their own thing and helping their neighbors. They succeeded in building the greatest nation ever built.  But their very success led to voting for evermore government, voting for government handouts. This led to complacency and don’t tell me the problem; my mind is made up. The majority of the American people are living in La La Land. The day of reckoning is near.

On electromagnetism, a universal force, our universe began with the Big Bang. Out of chaos came progressive order, life, and then intelligent life—a higher order—everywhere—in earth as it is in heaven, Jesus’ words. That higher order found its way to our planet thousands of years ago. We learned to geometrize the universe, and to predict the future, such as the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper. There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars, Jesus’ words.  Thus, electromagnetism, conscious awareness and God, all one thing–religion, the law, and government, all one thing—the uncreated God of the universe, all one thing. The burden is light, the yoke easy, Jesus’ words, the kingdom of God is within you.

You can accomplish any goal you have the will to accomplish. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

On electromagnetism (continued)

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015


The picture is a crop circle, an alien message on the harmony and symmetry of the universe.  Why don’t we know this?

On Glenn Beck’s On Today’s Program—“Stunning pattern of radicalization attended Chattanooga shooter revealed.” We don’t get it. Think about the person who has utter disregard for human life. It is this kind of psychotic individual who largely rules the world. At this rate, we will destroy all that went into our making—and even to leave us history written in the rocks.

Electromagnetism is a force field that surrounds every “thing,” down to the smallest excitation, something quantum physics is vitally interested in. Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe that interacts with “things.” The other three forces include the strong and weak atomic forces and gravity, and are of little concern to us at this time.  We are not on the atomic level and we can now eliminate gravity by and through electromagnetism. We can also create the means, through electromagnetism, of turning matter into energy or visa versa. The atom bomb turns matter into energy. It takes a great amount of energy to create matter.  We know what electromagnetism does. We don’t know what it is. This is of vital importance.

The force of electromagnetism is a scientific explanation of the workings of God, materially.  But we have a soul, if you will, an immaterial part that is boundless. Science refers to it as our consciousness. All in all, a unified field, electromagnetism, without it the universe would cease to move.  Without movement, it would cease to exist. We move physically and immaterially, and at times retrograde.

We strive to keep the idea that things are going fine.  We need to manipulate to keep it going right. We need to keep this allusion for security reasons. If new information is presented to us, we usually act defensively.  We don’t want information that rocks the boat.

The idea of security control has to be replaced with the higher law and higher self. We can then energize those who cross our path.  I’m working on that, now that I’ve learned my astrological and neurological destiny.

My ruling planet, Uranus, retrograde in a prior life, I may have exercised my freedom without due consideration for others. Says Café Astrology, my ideas are so far in the future that others may find me difficult to understand.

Michael Faraday was involved in one of the greatest experiments in human history, dealing with the production of electricity. The insight behind this experimentation was his belief that electricity is one of the basic manifestations of unity in nature.  Electromagnetism is the energy that brings it all together–in a unified field–in a holistic universe: the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Namely God—the uncreated God; or as science now puts it, universal consciousness, without it, nothing could exist.

In the world of tomorrow, God should be a far cry from the God the religions of Abraham preach. Astrologers thousands of years ago, from the mathematics of the heavens, determined today’s scenario. We are in the death throes of the Age of Pisces. The external factors “authorities” have preached for two thousand years have yet to work.

Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, in Luke, 21:25. And when this occurs, said Jesus in Luke 21:28, “then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh….So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.”Luke 21:31.

Consciousness is real, and for the first time we have used it to understand who we are and what we are about–how these processes I’ve mention fit into our actions; how the interactions of the universe, all the way back to the Big Bang, leads to the undeniable fact that consciousness (or God) orders the universe.

Knowing that consciousness is real; that our existence is infinite—and in many places—“in our house there are many mansions”—faith was never meant to be blind faith; that faith is the revealed truth, the discovery of the greater truth will find untold wonders hidden in what the religious already believe. Welcome the Age of Aquarius.

PS- When mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear.  Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into illuminated faith, and fear into love.

On electromagnetism

Monday, July 27th, 2015


Electricity and magnetism—electromagnetic—actually one entity, we know what electricity and magnetism do; we don’t know what they are.

The news today on the Washington Examiner, this July 27, 2015: Forty-seven years ago the musical Hair opened on Broadway.  We were instructed that we were entering the Age of Aquarius. “Hair’s version of history—hundreds of years of oppression suddenly followed by a sudden trend to ever more liberation—seemed plausible, even pervasive….especially to the aging baby boomers who expected the Age of Aquarius to continue indefinitely.”  Too bad about that.

Our sensibilities are not constituted to know it all. However, if we knew what is available to know, we would have far greater understanding of “things.”  Things and energy are really one entity. For instance, an atom bomb, the “thing” turns into a hell of a lot of energy.

The universe is teaming with energy—free energy—if we knew how to get it.  With what we already knew, plus what we’ve learned from captured flying saucers—we’ve reverse engineered them—we’ve got free energy. We’ve had it for 70 years, that is, the U.S. military.  For security reasons, we the people don’t have it.  Security comes ahead of free energy in every home, ahead of free energy in transportation, ahead of free energy for every factory. Security comes ahead of clean air. It comes ahead of an end of the power grid. Security comes ahead of the end of poverty. Security is more important than trillions of dollars of tax money going to the military’s “black projects” rather than left in the pockets of American taxpayers. What do we have for the money? A lying, secret government and hundreds of whistleblowers exposing the fraud for what it is. We must not allow free energy to be used for anything but national security; that is, a secret known only by a few rich and powerful liars? Give me a break!

Everybody knows that you can’t take something with giving something in return.  But what about the air we breathe, and give back to the universe?  We take electricity from the universe, use it, and give it back.

When I bring up free energy to family and friends, it is usually, “Do you really believe in flying saucers from elsewhere?” People avoid dwelling on troubling things—people who know next to nothing about electricity, except that in powers their many toys. It is like paying for sand in the Sahara Desert.  To do otherwise would have a disastrous effect on the economy.  It is the exact reverse of this, but “we” don’t know what we are talking about.

If you want to know more about electricity, go to  Read Chapter 12. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.  By the way, I wonder what the poor folks are doing today?


On free energy

Sunday, July 26th, 2015


Again today, MSN news places presidential candidate Donald Trump first in the news. Trump remains attacking his Republican opponents. After insulting war hero Senator John McCain, Trump “gleefully” insulted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and remains high in the polls. The news media, in denial, does not know what is going on. Trump isn’t a billionaire without knowing something. Trump is a wheeler-dealing like nobody else.

It is as clear as the nose on your face what is going on.  Diverted by politics, with a waterfall just around the bend in the river, we’re blind to the facts.

We fear God, an imaginary supernatural entity not happy with us. “He” knows our minds and punishes us for our wrongs.  It’s the old shell game. The intelligentsia of the West is more sophisticated than crude ISIS. At the same time teaching that God is love, preaching a guilt trip, what better way to control?

Confess your sins or go to burning hell for eternity. Which is worse, your head removed or to eternally burn in hell?

Here’s the good news!  You can pay to get out of “Purgatory.”  Like insurance, you assure yourselves, and your family—such a deal–that you will go to Heaven instead of Hell.   Such a deal got us Protestants.  Religion is a diversion—and never-ending war.

I speak as though I’m from a different world, what those from a different world must think. Winged angels and such—or those in “flying saucers?” This brings me to “free energy.”

Solar panels are a good example of free energy. The sun gives us electricity. However, generally the so-called Law of Conservation of Energy states that more energy cannot be taken out of any system than is put into that system—that is, in nature.  We are not limited to nature.  Plutarch (40-120 A.D.) a Greek priest and leading thinker in his day was heard to say, “An idea, having no form by itself, but giving figure and form to shapeless matter, becomes the manifestation.”  Quantum physics says there is a dimension of infinite possibility with which our minds interact. You would think that we would buy this. But no, we dare not think on our own.

Jesus advised us that God is within us—not out there somewhere frowning down on us.  Jesus said that we should love God (in us) with all our hearts, minds and souls.  Jesus told us external authority is hypocritical. External authority is “raving wolves in sheep’s clothing,” said Jesus.  His first act was to turn over the moneychangers’ tables in the temple, the priests’ means of extracting riches from the poor, from sacrificing animals.  Jesus opened the gates and drove them out.  And here we are buying our way to heaven.

You never know. I take Jesus at his word. “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” Matthew 23:13 “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell? Matthew 23:33

The name of the game is charades, a guessing game. Do we know good from evil?  I’ve been told, “I try not to think about it.” I’ve been told, “Let’s change the  subject.” As T. H. Huxley put it, “Extinguished theologians lie about the cradle of every science as the strangled snakes beside Hercules.”

I’ve been told I’m the work of the devil. A woman publically called on God to place a curse on me. Another woman told me, “God never speaks to physics.” The obvious—consciousness—anathema and estranged by theologians—nevertheless, physics predict things that come true.

Ancient star gazers predicted Jesus centuries before his arrival. They predicted the Age of Aquarius, which we now enter. Astrologers give me the talent of predicting the future. Things predicted in the past are coming true.

Out of a sea of seething energy, we see things form; we see things end, progressively creating a better place for us to live and grow.  Science sees mathematically that which we cannot see, like E=MC2.

Magnets demonstrate energy. If we arrange magnets in a certain way, in a magnet dynamo, they give us electric energy. All it takes is an initial spin from another source. We call it zero point energy. We can extract energy from the universe.

Why, therefore, are magnet dynamos not in general use?  It is a matter of security; that is, a game of charades—wealth and power opposing mankind’s advance.

The U.S. military is the self-appointed protector of the status quo. It has been lying to us 70 years. In the name of security, we are denied the means of eliminating fossil fuel and pollution of the atmosphere. We are denied free energy in every home, in all vehicles, in factories, and the elimination of the power grid. With free energy, within a few years poverty would end.

A secret organization of very few has added to what we already knew, the reverse engineering of captured flying saucers.  The military is in charge of keeping it all secret.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who is fully aware of what has taken place, morally, spiritually or fiscally. What I know has come from the same source, the Internet, that millions of others around the world have at their disposal.  A growing number of individuals are aware of what has taken place. A wave is building that is going to break and sweep the world. It could happen any time.

I liken the current situation to the entrance of advanced Europe to the Stone Age new world.  It was a no-win fight on the part of native Americans.  There was much brutality on both sides.  The new world emerged with the United States, the most successful, to become the most powerful nation the world had ever seen.  This very success led to external factors and the individual asking more from society than society could give. It all adds up to a reshuffle of power.

The reshuffling this time it is going to be different, advanced technology at a new level. Technology at a point when our speck in the universe expands beyond our wildest dreams, but like in every new birth, pain is going to be involved, instead of looking externally for answers, many will look internally.  A vast shift in power will occur.

My predictions come from the fact that I was born at the time the new age started (with the introduction of quantum mechanics). With my ruling planet Uranus on the ascendant of my chart, the same as in the chart of the United States, by the time I was in my forties my ruling planet had transited to a position opposing itself.  It meant change. At age 49, on Good Friday 1975, I departed my old life and was reborn. When everything should have gone wrong, everything went right.

In Luke 21:25, Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius—or remain sitting at the switch.



On the real God

Friday, July 24th, 2015

th[10]The message we get from America’s media is that the top Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, representing the establishment, is challenged by outrageously vocal Donald Trump, running for president as a Republican.  According to the media, Trump has a “small” following of conservatives against immigration. My question: who are the others bringing Trump’s poll numbers up to Bush’s poll numbers?

Instead of apologizing for his insulting remark on war hero Senator John McCain, Trump continues to hurl insulting remarks at his Republican opponents. The poll numbers remain at the top.

Trump’s opponents don’t have a clue of what is taking place.  Instead of the masses being beguiled by the “authorities,” the authorities are stewing in their own juice.  From all appearances, Trump is wise to the change.

Having said this, I’m bringing up the author of America’s Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. He believed in God on a basis of reason and nature. He totally rejected supernatural revelation. Actually, Jefferson pieced together his own bible, the Jefferson Bible, the Gospels, leaving out any and all references to the supernatural.

Existentialism, a philosophical movement of the 20th century that stresses the individual’s position as a self-determining agent responsible for his or her own choices, my dictionary’s definition, it matches in the Gospels the kingdom of God—within you–Jesus in Luke 17:21.  But Friedrich Niezche, an existentialist, the “God is dead” guy, what! Christians say Jesus died for our sins. It would not have been my choice to crucify Jesus. It was the “authority’s” choice.  I believe that I’m responsible for my choices. I’m an existentialist. But what if I believed that I’m a sinner—born in sin—and only by God’s grace might I go to “heaven,” living with that guilt trip?  How would I think about someone with my thoughts?  Would I think I’m my brother’s keeper, what Jesus taught?  More than one Christian has told me I’m going to burn in hell. A Christian preacher told me that it is written in the Scriptures that Jews are barred from heaven.

Is it reasonable to believe I was born in sin? Is it reasonable to believe I must be forgiven of my sins to avoid burning eternally in hell? I’ve never read anything in the Gospels on the idea of confessing my sins. Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Matthew 7:7 Jesus called authority raving wolves in sheep’s clothing. He called authority hypocrites.  Why should I confess my sins to authority? If we practiced what Jesus taught, this would be a world at peace.

Jesus said that I should love God with all my heart, mind, and soul. This so called Christian nation, America, is constantly going to war. The religions of Abraham have been going to war for thousands of years.  Like Jefferson, I believe  in God on a basis of reason and nature.

In the Jefferson Bible, we read “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10  We read, “No man can serve two masters.” Matthew 6:24 We read, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God” Matthew 6:33  Jesus taught that God is in you; that is, immaterially in you—in your state of being.  Your state of being has no boundary. You place the boundary wherever you choose.  In the Bible, in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image.” Is the image in a place?  No, claims the cutting edge of science. Our minds interact with a dimension of infinite possibilities. We are eternally in a state of consciousness—not in heaven; not in hell, ever.  It’s all supernatural mumbo jumbo. There’s nothing like the guilt trip to gain control.

There is a new message out. We are not the only intelligent life in the universe.  Other life far more intelligent than we is here, but kept from us by lying dogs in the manger. It would be devastating to the religious if we but knew.

If we but knew that earthbound “authorities” are hiding from us free, clean energy, and have been for 70 years, there would be a change.  There are a growing number of whistleblowers.  The “authorities” are losing control.  We could do much worse than Trump. We could elect a reincarnation of Hitler.

On America’s current presidential campaign

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently the focal point of Democrat and Republican. He’s a huge problem. MSN news reports this morning, July 23, 2015, Donald Trump as saying, on whether he would run as a third party candidate, that if he fails to cinch the Grand Old Party’s nomination, “I’ll have to see how I’m being treated by the Republicans. Absolutely, if they’re not fair, that would be a factor.”

Donald Trump, a New York liberal Republican, in November 2008, voted for Barack Obama. He says he gave Republican candidate John McCain a campaign donation of a million dollars. Obviously, Trump has had a change of heart.  He is running as a Republican because at the present time he sees it as his best chance, but could change to a third party–liberal but flexible.  One thing for sure, Trump would get things that need to be done done.  We see how he operates. He’s provocative. The focus is always on Trump.

Trump’s remark about John McCain was the provocation. Trump, personally, would prefer a war hero that was not a prisoner of war. McCain, a naval aviator, shot down by the Viet Cong, after three years of brutal treatment was offered his freedom. McCain turned down the offer. His reason: he could not bear to leave his fellow prisoners suffering Viet Cong cruelties. He preferred to suffer with them.

I’m against Social Security. I’m receiving Social Security benefits.  Should I turn down said benefit payments? Would that change anything?  Would I be seen as a hero or a fool?

Donald Trump’s wealthy father was the silver spoon that made Trump a billionaire. My father’s independent lumber business was the silver spoon that made me an independent lumberman. Independent lumbermen are like the mom and pop grocery store. We’ve been replaced by the supermarket, and the same goes for weavers and shoemakers. Trump became a billionaire. I lost, as did millions of others. I don’t like it, but I give credit where credit is due.

America was the home of Stone Age people. Advanced Europeans moved in and moved America’s natives to the reservation. Brutality was the name of the game both played. One cannot fight progress. Our universe began with nothing but hydrogen atoms and ever since ordered progress. Science calls it consciousness. Nothing could exist without it. Conscious awareness is something worth keeping in mind at this crucial time.

Advance is always seen as a threat to one’s comfort zone.  Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  God was angry when he saw them with their sex organs covered with fig leaves, a sign that they had become man and woman–knowing good and evil.

Says James Allen in As A Man Thinketh: “not until a man has extirpated every sickly, bitter, and impure thought from his mind, and washed every sinful stain from his soul, can he be in a position to know and declare that his sufferings are the result of his good, and not of his bad qualities, and on the way to, yet long before he has reached that supreme perfection, he will have found, working in his mind and life, the Great Law which is absolutely just, and which cannot, therefore, give good for evil, evil for good.”

In reference to the “Great Law,” Jesus, to the makers and keepers of the law: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

According to James Allen, As a being of Power, Intelligence and Love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which may make himself what he wills.”

Augustine said: “Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.” The ancient Sumerians, the first to civilize, recorded everything on clay tablets. They tell of extraterrestrials. How else could they have accomplished the building of great cities and vast fields of irrigated crops in a desert in a relatively  short time? After 250,000 years in the Stone Age? Impossible without outside assistance.  The Stone Age people in America remained in the Stone Age.

We humans have exhibited progressive order and increasing purpose from the beginning of the life of man, and no reason why not intelligent life everywhere in the universe. Therefore, who is best equipped to run the individual’s show, earthbound makers and keepers of the law, or the individual? Our chosen authority is inflexible and clinging to powers it does not deserve.

Do we Americans need a caretaker government in Washington, D.C.? In God’s name, why?  Trump has proven to be a fearless fighter—and a winner!  Who else has proven as much?

In this day and time, one has to be flexible. It is now becoming common knowledge that our world is being occupied by extraterrestrials, and has been for thousands of years—and no matter how impossible it seems. TV was impossible before the appearance of TV.

What other candidate has the presence of mind to deal with vastly more intelligence life than a deal maker like Trump?  His present poll numbers tell the story. Trump will not sell us short. Write the Republican Party to wake up to the facts.

For the past 70 years, thanks to a do-nothing government, a rogue government has taken charge—fleecing taxpayers, building a secret empire from what it has learned from extraterrestrials. Free energy is at its disposal—free, clean energy from the vast universe, as well as antigravity! This mafia government is desperately clinging to its secrets.

Fossil fuel can be replaced, causing a huge displacement. People fear the loss of power, the loss of jobs.  On the other hand, think of free electric energy in every home, free electric energy in every vehicle, every ship, every airplane, every manufacturing facility, and even free energy to the most impoverished people in the world. This is not to mention saving the world from an environmental disaster.

Think of free energy is being clutched by thieves. Where is America’s leadership?  Maybe we need Donald Trump, or be left on the reservation.



On who the enemy is

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


The latest news is most interesting. Republican candidate for President, billionaire businessman Donald Trump, now soaring in the polls, has acquired the name Karadsian. Keeping Up with the Kardasian-Jenner Family, a long-running TV series, an American reality show focusing on the personal and professional lives of this family.

Republican Trump is making disparaging remarks, many say uncalled for, about his Republican opponents.  To this former Republican, I say it is about time.  Say I, Trump owes Republicans no apologies. More power to him.

It all began with America’s Hippie Movement in the 1960s. Something was wrong with the American system of justice and the young were first to be aware.  The law had become part natural, part state contrived—playing on people’s emotions.

This takes me back to America’s Pledge of Allegiance. It was composed in 1859 by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister. Bellamy was a member of the Christian Socialist movement, which dates back to Latin American colonial crusaders and missionaries. (We are our brother’s keeper.)

The big controversy arises in exactly what being our brother’s keeper means. Does it promote socialism? In 1954, in response to America’s communist labor movement, President Eisenhower  encouraged Congress to add to the Pledge of Allegiance the words “under God.”  Eisenhower: “In this way, we are reaffirming the religious faith in America’s heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country’s  most powerful resource in peace and war.”

Jesus made it abundantly clear that the kingdom of God is within you—spiritual.  Jesus called his religious authorities hypocrites.  He was crucified by the state.

God is not the exclusive property of the religious.  Jesus did not die for my sins. I believe in God. Furthermore, I’m against war, period! I wouldn’t do to my brother that which I would not want done unto me. In this way, I’m my brother’s keeper.  Why should I pay for other people’s keep when they are just as capable as I am to work for their livings?

With idea of religion attached to “under God,” The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that procedural problems made the ruling invalid.

In the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” to make God the exclusive property of religion introduces a religious argument. God created me with intelligence. Without consciousness nothing could exist. “Religious faith in America,” Eisenhower’s language, threw a monkey wrench in the gears.  The law doesn’t assume. It either is or is not the law. To say that religion owns God is ridiculous. Religion here on earth didn’t originate in the universe, nor did religious war.

Speaking of war, Hitler built Germany’s autobahn and many public facilities. He built tanks, guns and aircraft, and an army. Hitler, in this manner, ended Germany’s depression, and set forth on his mission to take over the world. During America’s Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt insisted that government had an “inherent duty” to keep America’s people from starving—even if it was not written in the Constitution.  Roosevelt gave us various work projects to put the unemployed to work, but nothing to compare with Germany’s ideas.  Germany’s ideas ultimately got America in World War II.  It took World War II to end America’s Great Depression.

Roosevelt’s “inherent duty” of government started America on the road to socialism.  It continued after World War II, when America was enjoying unprecedented prosperity. Socialism has grown considerably in America, until government spending has far exceeded tax collection, and a growing number of government dependents leaves America in a no-win situation.

With President Obama’s election, and hundreds of billions of dollars pledged to America’s infrastructure, the economy continued to limp along. Come to find out, the money went to pay off America’s fat-cat contributors to Obama’s election. Come to find out, with redistribution in play, and big money flowing to Washington, now one percent of America’s population owns  50 percent of America’s wealth. Not much hope of a change, not with 58,000,000 America’s existing on Food Stamps.

This blog now takes me to “UFO Documentary 2015: The UFO Files-Alien Technology,” published on YouTube on June 29, 2015. As the saying goes, the truth will set you free, but this truth is something we’ve never dreamed, it is very hard to accept. By spending years of reading, and more lately many late night hours watching on my computer and TV YouTube video presentations, I believe that we are being visited by extraterrestrials.  What they are doing here is the question.

There is more than one alien specie here.  I assume they are all here for their purpose, and as the evidence proves, some of their purposes not that great for our purposes.  By keeping it all secret, however, it appears to be great for certain worldly interests.

Earthly secrecy dates back thousands of years.  The Egyptian priesthood  vowed secrecy. The Great Pyramid is an engineering feat that would challenge modern technology. How they did it with their limited resources remains a mystery.  What about 12,000 year-old Stonehenge?  How could they done it? The ancient Sumerians wrote everything they did on clay tablets.  They wrote about aliens from elsewhere being present.  It appears that aliens got civilization started.

Nazi Germany was interested in learning all they could about ancient aliens. After Nazi Germany lost the war, Americans found hidden flying saucers. Thousands of Nazi scientists were quietly brought to the United States for defense purposes.  It seems that defense is not the right word. The right word is control.  The United State is under the control of a secret rogue government.  There is contact with aliens.

The only thing that makes this take-over possible is the lack of public knowledge.  There are many involved, and benefiting at the cost of everyone. One thing for sure, it is bizarre. By hiding hard evidence, the U.S. military has kept the lid on, but the game of charades is about over. Anytime, the game could be over.

What happens next will be like when more advanced Europeans took over the New World. The remaining Native Americans are living in squalor on reservations.

So, who is the enemy?  Like it or not, our planet is soon to become one of the galactic communities of intelligence life. We will look back at today’s world as the end of the Stone Age.  Welcome the Age of Aquarius.


On the old story of power and control

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015


Today’s News: “After long factitious negotiations, world powers and Iran struck an historic deal Tuesday to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars of relief from international sanctions.”  We have now averted the threat of another U.S. military intervention in the Middle East, we are told. The world’s big daddy, America, has pulled it off!  What are we not being told?

After 67 years of bald-faced lies, the U.S. military remains stone-walling the UFO question.  Trillions of dollars of America’s taxpayer money are going to the military’s “Black Projects.”  Not one of the questions have been answered. What do our representatives say about it? Nothing that makes sense.

We know something is going on at area 51 other than national defense. Hundreds of whistle-blowers are ready to testify before Congress—on penalty of perjury—as to what is going on: reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology.

After studying the facts, we can say that America’s representatives, one and all, represent something sinister: one-world control by a few tyrants. They are on the inside; we the people are sheep being led to slaughter.

Millions of American taxpayers are suffering hardships because of the taxes they are forced to pay. By the way, Osama bin Laden once said that America’s taxpayers were as guilty as their government of following the Great Satin’s orders.

America’s representatives have been investigating tax collection frauds for years and still not a single improvement. They speak with forked tongues.

I’m waiting for presidential hopeful Donald Trump to answer my questions.  His recent rant on illegal aliens is opposite his former far-to-the-left views.  He voted for President Obama.  Trump says he plays to win—no matter what it takes?  Whose side is Trump on?  We the people haven’t a clue.

NSA’s Edward Snowden, now America’s public enemy number one, stole secret government information and is now safely in Russia. We are told by America’s representatives that Snowden has jeopardized America’s freedom. To the Russian people, I ask: Where is Putin?  Is he a one-world advocate or for the people?  We all know he doesn’t like Obama. But that doesn’t say he is for the people.  Is Putin another one-world tyrant?

One of NSA’s favorite tools for mass surveillance makes tracking my Internet usage as easy as entering my email address—and provides no technology for preventing abuse. NSA is equipped to know who on the Internet I’m viewing most. NSA knows I’m viewing more than anything video documentaries on UFOs; and knows I’m blogging what I know.

I’m in the know of what NSA is preparing to do with those like me. The American people’s government, under Homeland Security’s direction, has scores of concentration camps ready for those like me. I’m one of a few dissident voices. The Russian people know all about that.

Furthermore, from leaked emails of an Italian based hacker, it is now revealed that the U.S.A. is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on spyware and malware software to accomplish one-world goals. The battle is on and yet no known organized effort of any size to combat one-world aims.  Freedom has never been more at risk. America has never been more divided.  To the free world, I say beware. The Sword of Damocles is hanging by a thread.

We are in a race against time. Who should we fear, extraterrestrials or one-world government?  George Orwell was right. The War of the Worlds is on.

My comment: “Let my people go!”


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