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On the origin of humans

Monday, March 30th, 2015

The Water-Bearer

Shortly after Germanwings flight 9525 slammed into the French Alps, the news came to us that a jetliner descended from 38,000 feet to 6,000 feet and radio contact was lost. My immediate reaction was that there was foul play. The news media didn’t report that.  It was a mystery what happened. Why were the names of the pilot and copilot withheld from the media?  At long last, we were informed that the co-pilot had been diagnosed as suicidal and did not let that be known. German authority, in spite of all that has been going on, had not figured that to leave one person in the cockpit was hazardous.  One hundred and fifty people are dead. This news story is outrageous.

There is much the news media leaves out, things I think about. According to the Bible, all was darkness and Earth was without form. And God said, “Let there be light.” In my Scofield Reference Bible, I read “light diffused” as a reference.  Pure light is laser light.  With laser light, along with diffusion, reflection off of an object, mirrors and a photographic plate science gets a picture of circles on the plate, like the circles you see when you toss a handful of pebbles in a pond. But shine a laser light on the circles and you get a free standing image of the reflected object, called a hologram.  The cutting edge of science says the universe is a hologram, an image.  The Bible says we are created in the image of God. We limit ourselves to that of which we imagine, with the help of earthbound authority. I’ve never heard a theologian bring this kind of stuff up.

Quantum physics now says that we are interactive, in our minds, with a dimension of infinite possibility, and God is universal consciousness. Classical physics says quantum physics is trying to smuggle God into physics. Classical physics says the mind is in the skull, but can’t tell you where. The Bible says we are from dust to dust, but with immortal souls, which connects with interactive minds and a dimension of infinite possibility—the possibility of going to either heaven or hell when we die? I don’t think so. The way that works, in time we would all be gone.  My Creator gave me reason and logic. When we die, we return to the state from which we came, to be born again in another body.

When I was a boy, I believed that God knew me and was frowning. No reason to be born. Nothing beats the guilt trip for gaining control. I kept thinking about sex. Christianity’s clergy held that to even think about having sex was a mortal sin. I was supposed to start thinking about sex when I was married. I’m sorry to say that we don’t have control of the desire to procreate.  Born to this world, where would the world be if  the common folks were in control? Authority invents the law to suit itself.

In the Bible, we read that Jesus called authority hypocritical. I surely do not hold myself responsible for his crucifixion. Furthermore, since Christian authority told me that my Jewish mother was barred from heaven, the mother who bore me,  what was I doing in a Christian church?

Giving them credit for the good they do, look at the horrible things being done in the name of religion. Common sense should tell humans that none of it is God’s work.

Coincidentally, in 1925, to be exact, September 1925, the month and year of my birth, we entered a new age, the age of quantum mechanics, with Werner Heisenberg’s publication of the uncertainty principle. I’m a child of the new age, astrologers say, the Age of Aquarius.

Coincidently, when I was born Uranus was on the ascendant of the Zodiac. According to astrologer Jeanne Avery, “He becomes the water-bearer by walking to the beat of a different drummer. He may be the person to bring back information that has been lost to civilization for centuries.” And—“He is a forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing the rest of humanity the way.”

In concert with this thinking, quantum physicist and brain doctor Evan Harris Walker, under “A God for Tomorrow”: “to unify all our experience of reality into a single conception that would unify all the forces and all the laws of nature into a single edifice, reaching, he (Einstein) hoped, from the atomic to the cosmos—that we first see that objective reality is a flawed and incomplete conception of reality….Now we see that the independent existence of matter and the absoluteness of space were false dogma…..The observer interacts with matter. Consciousness, the substance of this newfound reality that defines the observer, has fundamental existence.  It is the quantum mind that is the basic reality.”

So, the Bible, the cutting edge of science, and the ancients reflect the same idea about humans—created in the image of the Creator of all. We limit ourselves to that which we are trained to imagine through the carrot and stick approach.  We simply jump through authority’s hoops, ultimately to be forced into yet another war.

The news I get from all of this is that we are eternally equipped with conscious awareness of “Higher Law,” the basic of all law.  As written, the U.S. Constitution has for its background the law of all times. From my Constitution, I received a bigger than life calling.

When you add it all up, the universe is nothing like we’ve been educated to think. The universe is multidimensional. The time-space universe, the one with which we are familiar, is but one dimension. The universe with which quantum physicists deal, the microcosmic, the ancients, “so is the microcosmic, so is the macrocosmic,”  so say quantum physicists.

Classical physics says the human mind is in the skull, but don’t know where. Quantum physics says the mind—non-physical—rather than in a place, is immaterial—“nonlocal.”  It is now being accepted that the mind, holographic, in keeping with the world of the very small, there is a dimension of infinite possibility.

So, you look internally for answers if you want the truth, which happens to be what Jesus taught. “The kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

In that there is an overall order to the universe, and ever since the Big Bang, it now appears that it is time for the planet Earth to move on in its development, to become a member of the galactic community. This accounts for the world’s best kept secret: extraterrestrial life here with us.

Intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe have been here for no telling how long, but a rapidly growing increase has occurred since the invention of the atom bomb.  We are like small children playing with fire.

There are now over 900 whistleblowers ready and willing to testify, under the laws of perjury, that the U.S. military-industrial complex has learned from extraterrestrials how to produce zero gravity and abundant free, clean energy that would replace the fossil fuel industry in its entirety.  Quite a change, and people don’t like change, especially those who would be replaced, not to mention authority.

Just think, the answers to most of the world’s problems are being kept from us. How do you change that?  All I can do is speak for myself.   I took on the challenge, without help, of correcting the lawless U.S  Internal Revenue Service.  I was born with the ability to reason.  One of America’s Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, said that he believed in God on the basis of reason and nature, with rejection of supernatural revelation.

The makers and keepers of America’s laws didn’t listen to me. The courts refused to hear me.  But with the facts before the American press, I was heard. A front page story was printed.  The lawless IRS admitted on the front page that it was mistaken from the first. When the truth is revealed it is a wholly different world. Never expect the truth from those in power. The Bible: “And God said, Let us make man in our image.” Genesis 1:26  I take it that God was speaking to “us.”


On things to come

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

The Water-Bearer

I see that U.S. Senator Harry Reid, the former hard-nosed Senate majority leader, has announced that he will not be running for office again. Quietly, Senate Democrats have picked Senator Chuck Shumer to take Reid’s place. Shumer is not the favorite of the far left, President Obama’s crowd. Even if Obama is successful in making a deal with Iran, Shumer and the Senate Democrats are liable to take issue. There will be less rancor between Republicans and Democrats.  Obama will be loser. But no matter what is done at this late date nothing can stop the ultimate outcome. We’re in for a drastic change. And I’m not alone in my opinion.

I get my ideas from astrology and the latest science. The two are coming together. We are left with a choice: the world, figuratively speaking, is flat and at the center of the universe—or  merely like a tiny grain of sand on all the ocean beaches in the world.

It is hard to imagine the vast universe with this one planet containing all of the intelligent life—not if you consider the present understanding of the universe. It is hard to imagine the entire universe with this world’s understanding of God; that is, the many understandings of this world.  Even harder to imagine is going to war over the many understandings of God; how this could be something being done everywhere in the universe.

The way I read this, we are now in the Bible’s Battle of Armageddon, the end of the world we’ve known. The various sides in the battle see a world of their making.

Some planets with intelligent life, common sense says, could have had intelligent life a million years before intelligent life on this planet.  As much as we currently know about the universe—it is multidimensional—there is more than the time-space dimension, we can guess that other intelligent life could know how to be interactive with other dimensions.  In fact, quantum physics now says our minds are interactive with a dimension of infinite possibility.

In a sense, this world remains flat.  People hate change.

Government is composed of people, “all for one and one for all,” they say, educating us to wear one suit and jump through authority’s hoops. Here we are in America, government taking the place of God, cruising down the river with a waterfall around the bend. Suddenly, it becomes everyone for himself. Let me explain.

Money goes where money flows. Nice work if you can get it. Currently, one percent of the population of U.S. citizens own 50 percent of the wealth. Most of the balance of Americans do not have a month’s wages saved.  Without government entitlement, most Americans would be utterly helpless.

Government entitlement, so the U.S. Supreme Court says, is a “preferred freedom”—preferred before one’s right to exist on the fruits of his or her own labor.  In practice, due to the escalating increase of those government entitled, and the need for more revenue to pay this increase in numbers, it becomes necessary to borrow money.  The U.S. government signs a note to the money printer, the Federal Reserve Bank. At the present time the national debt of America is over eighteen trillion dollars and growing by leaps and bounds.

Since we the people owe the money to ourselves, and the borrowed money is being spent, the economy is moving ahead, but that above waterfall is just around the bend.  The Federal Reserve Bank is talking about raising interest rates, with a national debt of over eighteen trillion dollars.  The interest goes to the lenders.

The next step is to inflate away the debt, make the dollar buy less, and give those government entitled more money.  The independent business pays. Millions go out of business.  The final answer is a totally government regulated economy. The blame is always pinned on selfish, immoral people who don’t deserve to live—thus the Battle of Armageddon .

But getting back to the vast universe, we are being visited by intelligent life from elsewhere.  They have been visiting this planet for no telling how long, but we’ve noted a growing number ever since the atomic bomb.  The evidence points to their concern over this advance.

The U.S. military has been hiding the evidence, and logically. The military has no control over these beings.  What we don’t know is that the U.S. military-industrial complex has learned from said extraterrestrials how to produce unlimited energy direct from the universe—absolutely free!  As fuel, fossil fuel is no longer needed.  But think of the change that would be involved, the displacement.

On the other hand, think of what abundant free, clean energy would mean.  It would be the answer to the problem this planet now faces.  We’ve a long way to go and a short time to get there. The news media, ignoring it all, lives in the stone age.


On our whacko world

Thursday, March 26th, 2015


Human life has become a bargaining chip. From the evidence, it appears that a German national co-pilot of a Germanwings jet liner brought down the plane killing all 150 on board. He had “never been flagged as a terrorist.” We don’t know who this guy was. It isn’t revealed just yet. It will be revealed when a story can be told that exonerates all officials involved of any laxity.  We know that on U.S. airliners two people are required in the cockpit at all times. Not so in Germany. The co-pilot locked out the pilot and flew the plane into a mountain in the Alps. The voice recorder picked up banging on the cockpit door. It was fatal mistake on the part of authority.

The West is concerned about human welfare to the extent that we must all be eligible for government help. In America, it used to be the family’s responsibility. President Roosevelt changed it to a government responsibility.  Governments in the West play the role of Big Daddy.  Representatives of the people are elected based on how good they are in bringing help to their voting constituency.  It encourages personal immaturity and raw power.  A cycle of central planning and control in the West that now includes America is bringing down the West. In the Middle East, it is religious autocracy—and individuals sacrificing their lives to make the evil in the world pay.  We could all become history written in the rocks.

Here is a quote from Astrologer’s Handbook. “Pisces (this is the end of the Age of Pisces) is a sensitive sign and those born under it are extremely responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around them. They desperately want to the right thing, but as a rule they do not have strong willpower. Therefore, they are easily influenced by external factors.”

We are now at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius—moving out of and away from the Age of Pisces. “Individuals born under the sign of brotherhood and fraternity have as their symbol the water-bearer, who spills out the life-force and spiritual energy.” This happens to be the message Jesus left.


On the current world state of affairs

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015


The Obama Administration is putting the pressure—wrongly—on Israel’s newly reelected Prime Minister Netanyahu to allow negotiations for a state of Palestine to proceed including Israel’s land won in a war started by the enemy of Israel; this knowing that the enemy of Israel is determined to take all of Israel. How would the American people go for the same kind of deal—give Texas back to Mexico? The Arab nations declared war on Israel and lost.  They never have accepted their loss.  We recall that when Obama was in Texas he refused to go to the border to see what was going on at the time he was near the border. Obama would give Texas to Mexico.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was just reelected on his stand. The Obama Administration has proven over and over that he is not to be trusted. Obama is simply riding on America’s past.  Obama won his election on an out-and-out fraud and continues to campaign on absolute lies, yet dares to criticize Netanyahu’s campaign tactics. President Obama’s support goes on emotions, not facts; not the law. President Obama supports Reverend Al Sharpton, a rabble rousing promoter of racial issues.  His former pastor, for 22 years, was Reverend Wright, who goddamned America.  The list goes on and on.

Given Obama’s behavior, the UFO question is something to consider.  ufologist Steven Greer has amassed over 900 witnesses willing to testify under oath, and on penalty of perjury, the truth about the U.S. Military-industrial complex hiding free energy. Including Obama, the U.S. military has lied its way into a box.

Hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars are going into the development of abundant free, clean energy. Within one generation, all the poverty in the world could be wiped out if the secret were known.  The military debunks anything extraterrestrial. Not a single member of Congress is willing to investigate this issue. Why would Obama talk about closing down air-polluting energy producing plants and coal mines, and limiting oil supply, when the U.S. military-industrial complex is hiding free energy that would eliminate fossil fuel—eliminate global warming.  Mexico’s authority is talking about UFOs, as is England, France, Belgium, and Russian’s authority.

The cat is out of the bag. Millions know. Well, know this: It is from extraterrestrial intelligence that the U.S. military-industrial complex has produced free energy.  America’s authority isn’t talking, the reason: insane control.  Isane control freaks negotiate peace with Iran, another insane control freak. It does not take a genius to know why. It is all just too weird to accept.


On our senior years

Monday, March 23rd, 2015


President Obama, either campaigning or playing golf ninety percent of the time, has the gall to criticize the just reelected Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu for his campaign tactics.  If Obama has ever spoken the truth, I don’t know when. I didn’t vote for him.

A 90 year-old woman I recently met had an extremely sharp mind. She said she had no problem with memory. She remembers everything. With this woman’s mind, she could still do the work she did for many years. This woman walks with the aid of a walker. She is obese. Her legs are swollen. I asked her what she did with her time. Her answer: “Not much of anything.”

My legs were swollen. They are not now. I’m exercising. I’m 89 years old. I walk without an aid. I’m occupied all the time with cooking, writing, playing my musical instruments, or gardening. The 90 year-old woman agreed that she needs to get more exercise. It is as easy as falling off a log to become sedentary.

We all hope to live to a ripe old age. In our younger years, though, it is eat, drink and be merry. We like to lay on the beach and get tan, never thinking that one day we are going to pay dearly. I learned how to deal with those skin cancers. They can be rubbed away by firm rubbing every day. It beats being put to the knife. I’ve also revitalized my hair by vigorous scalp massage.

We dream of the day we retire, in our leisure time making ourselves couch potatoes viewing TV and playing electronic games, and at a very early age. Have you noticed all the pudgy and downright fat kids.  By the time we reach retirement age, we are obese and plagued with heath problems. But medical science keeps us going 20 or 30 years after we retire in a poor state of health—watching TV, eating, and not much of anything for our remaining years, because that’s all we can do.  I’ve got the answer for that.

Before we were not physically fit, we sold out in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1999 and flew back to square one, Portland, Oregon on April Fool’s Day. We hit the road in an RV on April 21, 1999. For nine years our home was wherever we were. We’ve seen all the wonders of nature in the Northwest—even lived in the midst of nature’s best, with million dollar views out of our picture window while we dined. In our large rig we had all the comforts of home, and at less cost than living in the asphalt jungle. During the winter, we went south and worked part time jobs to save for summer travel.

The 90 year old I mentioned said she lives all alone in the home she has lived in 65 years. Her husband died several years ago.  She says she still manages to cook for herself. She gets around the house without the walker by holding on to things.

My doctor, in 1998, said I was a candidate for heart surgery within five years. My wife is in remission of her cancer when we cut out. On March 15, 2008, we moved into our dream home in the tall timber near Mt. Hood, Oregon. In our retirement years, there has never been a dull moment.

In my youth I was all of the above. As it turned out, when I was age 49, my 25 year self-employed business went on the rocks and my second wife divorced me. I went on my own. My life changed to that which I was put here to do. We all have a destiny.

I launched a legal attack on America’s powers that be, probably one in a million. I had read the U. S. Constitution and imagined voices of the past speaking to me. It was a bigger than life calling, something I was meant to do.

With my wife divorcing me and our joint assets tied up in the divorce (by my wife’s legal councilor’s advice), I was forced to take a minimum paying job, and to fork over 21 percent of my pay to the Federal Government. Under the law, I was considered a single taxpayer with no deductions. Imagine that! Entry level Americans on their first job. I couldn’t pay the rent on a one room apartment with my take-home pay, and I owned my car. I didn’t have car payments. With this kind of take-home pay, the young are forced to live with their parents, if they have parents willing to keep them. Otherwise, they are on their own, many to find their home behind bars. Raising the minimum pay doesn’t help. It simply means fewer jobs, more tax, and higher prices.  The Federal Government takes our rights, hands back a pittance—out of the taxpayer’s pocket. This is what happens when voters determine the law.

In West Va. State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943), The Supreme Court: “The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and established them as legal principles to be applied by the courts.”

In 1943, I joined the U.S. Army to fight for America’s freedom. Let the world know that the present leader of the free world, the United States, is a lawless renegade no better than Nazi Germany. The American vote put this worker on the street in favor of government entitlement. The act was sanctioned by 18 federal judges. It is all in the record. But this isn’t all. Read on.

During this period, the tax collector illegally froze my rightful $5,000 tax refund, when I couldn’t pay my rent, and illegally assessed a tax the collector knew I did not owe. The Tax Court ruled in my favor, after a four year wait to be heard, but the tax collector ignored the ruling. The U.S. Court of Appeals ignored this obstruction of justice as did the U.S. Supreme Court. All of this action was because I claimed that Federal Income Tax, as applied, was unconstitutional. They must be desperate. It was to teach me a lesson that you don’t mess with authority.

America’s makers and keepers of the law hung themselves with their own rope.  After 11 years of gamesmanship, they apologized on the front page. But this isn’t all. Read on.

Hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money is disappearing without a trace of where it went. All we know is what is reported. It goes for defense. Many attempts have been made to know more. All have failed. It has now come to light where the money is going. Steven Greer, a ufologist, has over 900 witnesses willing to testify under the penalty of perjury that the money is going to finance, among other things, the development of free energy. Free energy came with flying saucers.  The U.S. military-industrial complex has built flying saucers since 1954, and kept this fact hidden. Would you call this defense of the nation or lawless fraud?  The control of our word, the richest of the rich, are in a war with extraterrestrials. Would you call that defense, knowing not one thing about it? How do you know extraterrestrials are here for evil purposes?  You are given nothing to prove it. The cat is now out of the bag. If it were not so weird, the culprits would now be running for the hills.

Just think! Within one generation, with free, clean energy, poverty in the world would be eliminated, not to mention that there would be no more pollution of the atmosphere. Fossils fuels would be history. This isn’t pipe dream. It is fact. So, how do we get it?

Which do you prefer, government entitlement or free energy? Don’t think your representatives are going to give you a dime’s worth of help. We’ve got the evidence. All it takes is action.

By the way, as far as senior citizens are concerned, our work is cut out for us. We Americans may be surprised how quickly we snap back when the government’s music stops.  This is a do-it-yourself thing. I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to rejuvenate myself. Already, I’m no longer winded from climbing the five steps to my home. I mowed the yard without stopping. My weight is lower today than it was 10 years ago. I look and feel younger. When the government’s music stops, I may be a writer or a musician. I’ve learned to do both in my retirement years.

On natural law

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

The Water-Bearer

On the news this morning, March22, 2015, we learn that unskilled workers in oil producing states in America cannot expect salaries of $100,000 per year anymore, due to the steep decline in oil prices.

I’d like to bring attention to the author of America’s Declaration of Independence, which subjected the signers to being hung by orders of the king of England, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  Just imagine the king of England saying, that was fine by him.  He would have been the laughing stock of the old world.  It seem that the old world remains in control.

I believe like Jefferson.  He believed in God on the evidence of reason and nature, and rejected supernatural revelation, and naturally a divine king. In America, the law was king.

As history records, no sooner than a government was formed in America, and no different than any time, than does a process began to make government the master and the people slaves, there is no better way to make government the master than to entitle certain people to other people’s efforts. The opportunity to do this showed itself during America’s Great Depression, which was planned by the Federal Reserve Bank, owned and operated by private individuals, and many in Europe.  Europe had the Fabien Socialists, Germany’s National Socialist Party, England’s Marxist communists, Italy’s fascists. America had individual grants in aid, later called entitlements—all forms of socialism—taking from the rich and giving to the poor. This is the name of the game. It calls for big, powerful central government. And, of course, money goes where money flows. The rich and powerful to gain full control.

In today’s America, one percent of the population owns 50 percent of the wealth; this after rights changed from individual to the right to state welfare and the majority vote. I lost my right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. The government confiscated my rent and grocery money.

No system is perfect, right?  Mao, China’s communist leader, saw fit to murder 58 million Chinese on the ground that China could spare that many people.  President Obama’s spokesperson admired Chairman Mao. President Obama admires his anti-colonialist, communist, Islamic father. He refuses to associate Islam with international terrorism. After the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed America’s ambassador and four other Americans, said President Obama, “We must not denigrate another’s religion.”

The question arises as to how much power and control over his own life should the individual have.  With a government that relies on the vote, the individual has a right to nothing.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul has become the law of the land in America.

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t you can’t.”  Ford replaced the horse and buggy days with an automobile the average guy could afford. That’s all it took to change the world forever.

I thought I could change the law in practice. Image the response.  But what is this world compared to the universe?  No more than a grain of sand on all the beaches in the world, the “Higher Law” never ending. The U.S. Constitution is based on the “Higher Law.” Constitutionally, I’m equal to the highest authority on earth. As a practical matter, though, I’m not.  On this matter, however, being taxed out of existence is not acceptable. The bozos collecting tax didn’t know that. With their power, they thought they could frighten me.  The high and mighty lost. By exposing the system for what it was, I kept my right to the fruits of my labor. But I didn’t change the policy. In today’s America, by majority vote, government entitlement comes ahead of the right to exist on the fruits of one’s own labor.

What is to stop the majority vote from enslaving or killing the minority?  Would we not enslave of kill the minority in America?  What makes Americans different than other humans is the law, not the vote.

So, getting back to the news today on the decline of oil prices, I’ve great news for everyone. Fossil fuel is soon going to be history, along with engines with moving parts that use fossil fuel; and along with this the end of the power grid. We will not need it.

Presently, it is being kept secret by richest of the rich, those dogs in the manger. Their world is going to go up with their smoke. So environmentalists, take heart, your dream is soon to be reality, and a blessing to all, not a challenge.

The best kept secret ever in the history of man is being rapidly exposed on the Internet’s YouTube presentations. Steven Greer has over 900 credible witnesses ready and willing to testify, with the risk of perjury.

For 70 years, America’s military-industrial complex has literally been the world’s Great Satin. The only American president to know what was going on, President Harry Truman, who took office when Roosevelt died, who ordered the atom bombs dropped than ended World War II, committed the United States to secrecy on flying saucers. At this time, the military was bringing Nazi war criminals to America by the thousands to further the advance technology they were into in Nazi Germany. President Truman’s time was the beginning of a change that will make the present look like the Stone Age.

President Dwight Eisenhower warned America about the power of the military-industrial complex when he discovered that he was not in control.  President Obama and the others involved in “peace negotiations” with Iran need not strike a deal. Israel need not worry. International terrorists will not bring about their hoped for change.

All the brutal killing, all the hunger and suffering in the world will soon be over.  The only thing holding back full exposure of the world’s secret power structure, “the Great Satin,” is the weirdness of it all. It isn’t a question of if, but when we take that quantum leap to the future. Within one generation all poverty will be wiped out. An ancient prophecy will come true. We will finally become our brother’s keeper.

Natural law, the bane of human law, is nature’s gift to humans. There is no such thing as heaven and hell. It’s all human invention. This is my conclusion after 89 years in this life. My conclusion is a perfect fit with the latest scientific discoveries—and going back in time to the first civilizations. When you discount all the religious doctrines and dogmas that have plagued humanity and rely on your own intelligence, you cannot help but conclude that there is but one uncreated God, the consciousness of the universe. There is nothing to fear in God, and everything to rejoice. Potentially, you are equipped to create anything your heart desires. I would not say this if my dream had not come true.





On authority

Saturday, March 21st, 2015


When Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani visits Camp David, Monday, the presidential retreat, once again to serve as the venue for important negotiations, Secretary of State John F. Kerry and other Cabinet members will host Afghanistan’s President, but President Obama won’t be there, the Washington Post reports. The President, who prefers the golf course to this cloistered compound in Maryland’s Catoctin mountains, we recall, interrupted his golf game for two minutes to express his concern for the ISIS beheading of an American journalist.

I’ve reasoned that authority begins individually, with his or her sphere of influence, and grows accordingly, as did the Big Bang, speaking of the external universe. There is an internal universe that is never ending. The external universe comes and goes.  The internal universe, the state of consciousness—at one with God—my goal is to make as many as I can aware that we are immortal. We don’t come and go, nor, in my view, do we go to heaven or hell. We remain in our immortal state, and what’s the point other than to occupy new bodies?

External authority’s goal—for control—includes the so-called carrot and stick approach, and take from the rich and give to the poor. It includes join or die. It includes finding a scapegoat on which to place the blame; and last but not least, religious doctrines and dogmas.  And all of this, confined to earth—completely oblivious of the conscious universe of which we are each an inseparable part—there you have it, the whole nine yards on external authority.

We continue in vain searching for a savior we can all know. It has yet to happen. Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you. Do you feel guilty of your sins? In my youth, by and trough my Christian teaching, I was made to feel that I was going to hell. Generation after generation, authority has made us feel guilty of our “sins.” Radical Islam chops off the heads of sinners. Guilt and fear are the conventional means of control.

When I was age 49, in March 1975, my business enterprise on the rocks, my wife divorcing me, the tax collector on my back, and my community down on me for my political convictions, with nothing to keep me from it, I cut from the herd—went strictly on my own. Anything good or bad in my life was my own doing. Let’s find out what happened.

The Constitution, as written, was taken from a background of law, which widely differs from America’s progressed Constitution. I go by the Constitution as written. I had a bigger than life cause.  When everything should have gone wrong, everything started going right.

But let’s take the case of Dred Scott, an escaped American slave captured by bounty hunters and returned to his master. The Taney Court heard the case. The U.S. Supreme Court held that because Scott’s skin was black, he was the property of a white man, the same as a mule or a cow. The law is based on reason.  This decision was based on popular demand.

The United States was originally a republic, which does not go on popular demand. It goes on the law. Many thousands of Americans died over the slavery issue.  Slavery was abolished, but that didn’t change the thinking of many Americans, or many of the courts. They remained, not adjudicating the law, but going on popular demand. This thinking did not change for my cause—the right to exist on the fruits of my own labor, equally as fundamental as Dred Scott’s right to be free–government entitlement by popular demand came ahead of my right to the fruits of my own labor, according the America’s law in practice.  It is as lawless as forcing Dred Scott to be a slave.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933, asserted that regardless of the fact that it was not written in the Constitution, the Federal Government had the “inherent duty” to keep the American people from starving.

In 1937, President Roosevelt asserted that the balance of power between the three branches of the Federal Government had been tipped out of balance by the Supreme Court, which had rejected the first government entitlement program. The court: A tax to promote the general welfare cannot be wrested out of its setting and legalized by ignoring its purpose as the mere instrumentality for bringing about a desired end.

“Legalized,” as reported in Black’s Law Dictionary: Legal “goes no further than to denote compliance with positive, technical, or formal rules….A further distinction is that the world ‘legal’ is used as the synonym of ‘constructive,’ which ‘lawful ‘is not. Thus legal fraud is fraud implied or inferred by law, or made out by construction.”

America’s government has constructed a “legal fraud.” Roosevelt and the Democrats packed the Supreme Court with judges that ruled “in light of today’s needs,” as if they knew, as far as individual’s are concerned, today’s needs. The individual’s needs are none of the government’s business.  But one of Roosevelt’s appointees, Justice Brandeis: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.”  That is, my sweat—property—is the means to an end,” which could “legally” leave me out. In my case, this is exactly what the Federal Government did.  They did it because they could, or thought they could. They hung themselves with their own rope. They ended by apologizing to me on the front page, and after 18 federal judges had ruled against me—and for the tax collector.

I took the court record to the press. An investigation got the admission that the Federal Government was wrong on all counts.  But if you think that changed the makers and keepers of America’s laws, you are wrong. By popular demand, the taxpayer’s rights are second to government entitlement.  America practices the law of the jungle, the “Higher Law” be damned—and at enormous cost for all, spreading lawlessness around the world. You could say that the United States is the world’s worst enemy. But this isn’t all that makes the United States the world’s greatest enemy.

Why doesn’t the Washington Post report this that I write along with the fact that President Obama’s golf game is more important than governing?

I can give The Washington Post the irrefutable proof that, under the law in practice, I have zero right to one penny of my own effort. In fact, Ervin B. Osborn, Director of the Internal Revenue Service for the Southwest Region wrote me this: “I assume that Congress has the power to tax total income at a given level.” He assumes and acts with the full support of the courts. At any rate, the Internal Revenue Service lawlessly froze my rightful tax refund and assessed me a tax I didn’t owe, leaving me penniless and locked out of my apartment for non-payment of rent. The reason given by the courts: My case has already been heard and ruled against.

If you think President Putin and Russians are bad, know that the President of the United States is worse, and the American people worse for going along with him. If President Obama has ever spoken the truth, I don’t know when. Obama, by definition, a person who commits treason by betraying his country, is a traitor.

We are living in a crucial time. In lock step with unconstitutional finagling, Congress and the Administration, robbing America’s taxpayers of trillions of dollars in behind closed door schemes, such as Obamacare, and silent on what the Department of Defense is doing with trillions of taxpayer dollars.  We the people do not have a word on what is going on at so-called Area 51.  The news is out that it is more than defense taking place at Area 51.  I refer you to YouTube and Steven Greer’s reports. He has over 900 witnesses that know the truth being withheld, truth that would forever change our world beyond I wildest imagination for the better.

The military-industrial complex of the United States, the enemy of mankind, is under the control of the worlds richest and most powerful, as is the government of the United States.

It has been 40 years since I took legal action against the United States.  It took me 11 years of relentless legal struggle, and a willing press, to put this giant juggernaut in its place. Like 300,000,000 other Americans, I’m just one unknown.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” I learned to type this in high school typing in 1942. In October 1943, I was inducted in the U.S. Army. I was a combat rifleman in Nazi Germany and an M.P. in the Army of Occupation in Japan. I was honorably discharged before my twenty-first birthday. I did my part in more than one way. Time is running out.





On making connections

Friday, March 20th, 2015


The news from the Middle East today, March 20, 2015, leads one to believe the Middle East has gone crazy. I was born in America, “the home of the brave and the free.” Today’s news leaves one to wonder if we Americans are losing our minds.

Years ago, I got in the habit of writing down my thoughts first thing in the morning, before my mind was cluttered with the day’s activities. Events in my life began to connect forming a picture of who I really was. Putting it all together, my life took a turn for the better.

One for all and all for one only makes sense after you allow the individual the right to be what he is intended to be. It makes sense to live your life and let others do the same.

The best government is the least government. Higher law says we are created with equal opportunity, which flies in the face of selecting certain people to be entitled to other people’s efforts. It is impossible to know who is entitled and who is not.  As for those deprived of their own effort, it is impossible to know how much one needs to exist.

Government entitlement is a political ploy.  The vote goes to the politician that offers the most. The result is runaway government spending and central government with enormous power. Also, money goes where money flows. With government entitlement, came the flow of money to the richest of the rich. One percent of America’s population owns 50 percent of the nation’s wealth.

This brings me to the definition of the human soul in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.”  With government entitlement a right, is the individual reduced to meat?  It is but a question of time before we know the truth. Will this happen before a building financial disaster occurs? Hundreds of trillions of dollars in oil, in gas, in coal, and in uranium left in the ground, how could that be? The powers that be are hiding from the public free, clean energy from the universe. The change this would cause is not about to happen if those in control have anything to say about it.  As for the politicians, they are bought and paid for. This leaves the masses to face the consequence of political will.

We could be enjoying, right now, every household with abundant free energy, with the environment freed of the pollution from fossil fuels.  Within a generation the world would be freed from poverty.  We would be freed from the risk of a power grid failure.

The talk not about free energy. There would be displacements. No one wants to talk about such a drastic change. Free energy is something to put off.

The world is currently facing a financial disaster that will affect everyone. When the pain is great, change takes place. Will it be to free energy or jumping through authority’s hoops? It is foolish to think those in control will ever change.  When things get bad enough will the masses capitulate to authority or will they look within for their answers?  Free energy could be our reality soon or a hundred years down the line.

The cat is out of the bad. Millions know about free energy, but knowing and doing something about it are two different matters. When you have something you are reluctant to change.  Seeing  yourselves with nothing could be the catalyst.

Those with minds set in stone hate change. Those on the dole will resist. With many, fear is overwhelming. There are those who depend on the fearful. But the change will come some day that brings Earth’s people in contact with the uncreated God of the universe, the same as universal consciousness.

On serving two masters

Thursday, March 19th, 2015


The popular conservative talk show host Glenn Beck has publically withdrawn his support of the Republican Party. It has me thinking.

You cannot call yourself conservative, in my opinion, and support government entitlement. Every Republican representative in office supports government entitlement. The instigator of government entitlement, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt himself admitted that although not written in the Constitution, it was the “inherent duty” of government to keep people from starving—by taking from the rich and giving to the poor, as it turned out. This hue and cry of Democrats, being of popular appeal, was, alas, picked up by Republicans.

America began as a republic, not a democracy.  The idea of the inherent duty of government to keep people from starving is democracy, or the popular demand.  The republic idea of government allows that the peoples’ representatives, knowing more than the people about governing, and the law, thus the need of a written Constitution. Roosevelt and the Democrats did away with the republic—turned America into a democracy. Roosevelt and the Democrats packed the Supreme Court with political activists during America’s Great Depression. Speaking for political activists on the Court, a Roosevelt appointee, Justice Brandeis: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means an end.”  In other words, the fruits of you labor is the government’s to do with as it wills. Nice work if you can get it.

World War II ended the Great Depression. The American people had a cause. A republic gives the representative the responsibility of giving the people a cause. Republicans flubbed the dub.  Roosevelt and the Democrats gave themselves the inherent duty of following popular demand during hard times. The conservative Republicans actually offered nothing to the millions of Americans without a means of doing for themselves.  They could have offered them what they wanted, a job, and been within the Constitution, but they didn’t.  Why?

Why did it take a war to bring America out of the Great Depression? The American people’s cause didn’t have to be war. The cause could have been any action to assure freedom and independence, but no, the Republicans, the do nothing party, sat and let Democrats to take the ball and run with it.  Democrats and popular demand is the reason Japan attacked America. So much for democracy and government’s inherent duty.

Had the Republicans inspired the nation by putting everyone to work, which they had the constitutional authority to do, America would never have been in any war. America would have led the world to lasting peace by demonstrating that free enterprise works.  A prosperous world would not need vast sums of borrowed money for wars and welfare.  The plot thickens.

Why should anyone support do-nothing Republicans? The frauds have turned into me-to Democrats—government entitling selected people to other peoples’ sweat. It is the greatest fraud in the history of man. Unfortunately, it has promoted the richest of the rich into a kingdom bent on enslaving the world. America is the instigator of it all.

On YouTube Steven Greer tells it all, and in a way you can’t help but accept. America’s government is responsible for handing the world’s richest trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to reverse engineer those “flying saucers” millions have seen.  The world’s richest, dogs in the manger, are hiding abundant free, clean energy that would replace fossil fuel and rid the world of “global warming.”  Said free energy would eliminate the power grid, now in danger of being knocked out. Free energy would rid the world of poverty. And last but not least, empower the individual.  Those public officials all over the world, hypocrites, one and all with much to lose, are controlled by the richest of the rich.

Money is the root of all evil. Best that you know what those above mentioned dogs in the manger are doing with their secret. They are attempting to drive away extraterrestrial flying saucers, the threat to their control.  Whatever you think of Israel, whatever you think of flying saucers, don’t be fooled by the ongoing negotiations with Iran. The object is to split the power up in a way that enslaves the world.

Looking back, there never would have been a depression had it not been for conniving of bankers. The Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank, run by who knows who, raised interest rates after the stock market crash in October 1929, which caused American banks to close by the hundreds. This is what caused the Great Depression.

Banks make their money by loaning money. Nothing like hard times and war to make the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank immensely prosperous.  The good purpose of a reserve bank was corrupted by corrupt men seeking power and control. Where were America’s representatives?

President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, said, “Ask not what your country can do for you.” This is a strange thing for a Democrat to say. President Kennedy: “The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.” Ten days after he said this, Kennedy was assassinated.

Federal Reserve Notes, backed by nothing, Kennedy ordered the printing of U.S. Treasury Notes. After Kennedy was out of the way, U.S. Treasury Notes ended. America was made a welfare state, and from then on to be involved in one “police action” after another—undeclared wars, all at great cost and great borrowing.  With Republican President George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservative” government, and the biggest spending of all times, followed by the Democratic Obama Administration and double the deficit spending of Bush, the United States, out of control, who but the Federal Reserve Bank made all of this possible?  The U.S. national debt is $18 trillion dollars and soaring.  Nothing is being offered as a remedy. When you read between the lines, in the year 1015 near zero interest rates is all but over. The present low interest rates are the sole reason for the slow improvement in the economy—and not enough. The FED is going to be forced to raise interest rate before the end of the year. This is when stuff hits the fan. When the music stops, when you look around, big money has gone south and you are left holding the bag.

“No man can serve two masters.” Matthew 6:24

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Matthew 6:33

Jesus to his authority: “the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things and shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:36

A change is soon to come that has never, to our knowledge, come before, a change that will affect everyone.  It pays to believe in your inner God-self.



On the connection of events

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


Surprisingly, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu trounced his opponent in the election. Too bad about that. It threw a monkey wrench in the works. The Whitehouse is silent. President Obama is going to call Netanyahu “in a few days” to congratulate him.

And then there is this problem: It took America 216 years to rack up the first $8.5 trillion in debt… then just 8 more years to double that amount. Why has there been very little inflation thus far? Why has nothing “bad” happened after the U.S. government printed more than $4 trillion new dollars out of thin air and borrowed $9.4 trillion more? Since Obama took office, America’s situation has become immeasurably shakier. But this is not what we hear.

From the House of Representatives, H.R. 2847, which went into effect July 1, 2014, America’s representatives made it extremely difficult, if not possible, for the average American to get some of his money out of U.S. dollars and into more stable currencies via foreign banks. This is the kind of thing that takes place when those in the know see the dollar close to a collapse.

The only thing that keeps America’s economy going is almost zero interest rates. The Federal Reserve Board will soon be forced to raise interest rates. You don’t have any idea when. They will suddenly announce it.

The same as before the housing bubble burst, banks are now gambling. Stock market investors are gambling. Bond investors are taking big risks. Real estate investors are taking big risks, all of this on the notion that the economy is improving.  Disposable income is down, not up. This fact has not hit yet. It will later this year when American workers get the bad news on Obamacare.

We’ve seen our grocery bills going steadily up. The numbers don’t add up. Interest rates will soar. The stock market and bond market will plunge. A desperate government will make its move—for the good of all. The rich will know beforehand. The masses, as always, will go to the poor house. We’ve seen this blind mentality before, and always just before the crash.



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