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On Peaceful Coexistence

Saturday, January 31st, 2015


We can either begin again, if we listen to “authority,” as one world, a “new world” order—with zero individual rights; or begin again, as we did before, with a self-governed individual. This is the way America began.  America began, as defined in my dictionary, with a form of anarchy: “theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principle mode of organized society.”

Peaceful coexistence has never yet existed in a situation in which the individual has zero rights, because the individual has been created with reason and logic, something unique in living organisms on Planet Earth. It is amazing how little people think of this, both the governed and those who govern.  In early America, neighbor helped neighbor. This was essential. There was very little government to help people. In fact, there is not one word in the U.S. Constitution about government help to the individual.

In early America, life was simple. If someone was known to build a good wagon, he got more business than he could take care of. He became prosperous, and why not?  Those who were not resourceful lived poorly. But now we have authorities with terribly complex ideas in the limelight. Life has become complicated, nations in big trouble, and ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing feasting on us.

Individual aid came with the Great Depression and the Roosevelt Administration’s New Deal law—better said, government foot-in-the-law law.

Coincidentally, America declared her independence from old-world England and King George on July 4, 1776, when the zodiac pointed to Aquarius, the water-bearer. The water-bearer connects with Mark 14:13. Jesus said to his disciples: “Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: Follow him.” The water-bearer led the disciples to the “upper rooms,” where Jesus and the disciples held their last supper. And they sat and did eat. Jesus: “Verily I say unto you, one of you which eatith with me shall betray me” (Mark 14:18).

Jesus originated centuries before, arriving from Zoroastrian priests—astrologers. It was said astrologers, the Magi, the three wise men, who followed the Star of Bethlehem to Christ’s birthplace. Could this story be metaphor and symbolism, something invented?  The ancients went by word of mouth. The story of my life is full of symbols.

Metaphor and symbolism is a natural. The ancients knew little about the makeup of the universe. Ninety-nine percent of today’s people know little. But getting back to the story, the disciples all insisted that they would never betray Jesus, especially Peter. Jesus said to Peter, “before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.”

Jesus arrived in the beginning of the Age of Pisces, a time when people “desperately want to do the right thing, but as a rule they do not have strong willpower. Therefore they are easily influenced by external factors. They must learn to stand alone and face the unknown with a simple faith.” Astrologer’s Handbook.

The symbol of Pisces is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions. Imagine that! It fits the present like a hand in a glove.  There seems to be something we don’t know about life.

We are now leaving the Age of Pisces, entering the age of Aquarius, whose ruler is the planet Uranus. Uranus is my ruler—the ruler of the United States, and Aquarius. I’m Aquarius rising. Abraham Lincoln was Aquarius with Aquarius rising—another perfect fit.

A Jewish authority on the law, a scribe, upon hearing Jesus and the disciples reasoning together asked Jesus, which was the first commandment of all? And Jesus answered him: “The first of all commandments is, Hear O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord” (Mark 12:29). To this day, Israel has not heard, nor have any of the religions of Abraham heard that there is but one God. They each have their own fabrication of God. And the President of the United States, same as Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, washes his hands, while the representatives of the American people play a game of charades. We are on the Yellow Brick Road, on our way to see the Wizard of Oz, who will fix anything wrong.

Jesus said that in his Father’s House there were many mansions, meaning there was only one God. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus advised this: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth; as it is in heaven.” God is in heaven and in earth—everywhere (Matthew 6:10). “But seek ye first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33), said Jesus.  And Jesus said: “Neither shall they say; Lo here! or low there!”  Who is “they?” In Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image;” in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image;” so said Jesus: “for behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

The first thing Jesus did when he began his ministry was to turn over the moneychangers’ tables. The authorities were living fine lives by the selling of sacrificial animals to the people, claiming the only way to heaven was to sacrifice animals—their blessed animals, and no others—a nice way to riches if you can get away with it. It originated in the Stone Age.  Jesus called his authorities hypocrites and worse.  What would today’s world do to Jesus if he “turned over the moneychangers’ tables?”  Nothing has changed.

Heaven is not a place. It is a state—in you, in me, and everywhere.  But we can’t have that. We wouldn’t need authorities directing our lives. We’d be back like is was in America. We must move forward to “a new world order,” to be ruled by an elite few? Give me a break!

The religious continue to look at heaven as a place, and their place on earth, and as well as their religion, “something” over which to fight and kill for.  Equipped to be reasonable and logical, and now turned into animals—government entitled—we are slaves of the powerful.

I know the power in me. I know Jesus. I remain free. My life is good. It is simple. What more can I say? Look within for your answers.


On the truth

Friday, January 30th, 2015


You never get the whole truth from the establishment. That’s why you have the establishment. Henry Kissinger was President Richard Nixon’s Security Advisor. Nixon resigned under a cloud.  Along with a group of protesters, Kissinger appeared at a congressional hearing. Senator John McCain lost his temper. He called the protesters scum. Senator McCain is a former military officer. He swore to uphold the Constitution, as did his Commander and Chief, the President. As a U.S. Senator he swore to uphold the Constitution.

Kissinger is a regular at the Bilderberger secret meetings. Prominent world political leaders and the richest of the rich go to these annual meetings—where they secretly plan our lives!  Kissinger was secretly taped in a speech at the Bilderberger meeting in Evian, France on May 2, 1992. In his speech, Kissinger said, “Today America would be outraged if the U.N. entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful.” Kissinger is an advocate of “the new world order.”  The Bilderbergers, secretly planning our future, are for one world, with them in control. Senator McCain calls those who protest the new world order scum.

I was accused of being a tax protester in 1975. America’s judges called me a “spurious constitutional objector.”  The press warned that tax protesters were being sent to prison.  The tax collector told me I was a “Fifth Amendment freak”—and he knew how to deal with my kind.

I was following the Constitution; that is, my Constitution, the original Constitution, not the Constitution America’s makers and keepers of the law have foisted off on us.

This in a letter I received from Ervin B. Osborn, Director, Internal Revenue Service Center, Southwest Region, Austin, Texas, on September 6, 1974, as follows:

“You asked if the Congress has the right to tax any amount of personal income tax up to 100%, with no limitation….this amendment (the 16th Amendment), which has been upheld by the Supreme Court, makes no mention of limitations, so I assume that Congress has the power to tax total income at a given level….”

Do any of you Americans know this? Your tax collector has the authority to take every cent of your existence money—put you on the street! The Supreme Court approves of it.

The 16th Amendment was challenged. The challenge was heard by the Supreme Court in Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. in 1916.

In my Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court in the October term of 1980, “taking away my personal liberty in that the amount of income tax I am asked to pay, not income tax per se, is depriving me of essential needs,” I followed with this from Brushaber, spoken by the Supreme Court. If the tax on income, “Under the seeming exercise of the taxing power, the taxing statute is so arbitrary as to compel the conclusion that it was not the exertion of taxation, but the confiscation of property, or is so wanting in basis for classification as to produce such a gross and patent inequity as inevitably to lead to the same conclusion,” why do none of the legal authorities in America not know this? This Supreme Court brushed me off without a comment.  The Solicitor General, for the tax collector, using Brushaber as the tax collector’s authority, in his response to my above stated contention: “There is no basis for petitioner’s claim that the income tax is unconstitutional confiscation of property.” Keep in mind that Director Ervin B. Osborne assumed that Congress, including Senator John McCain, through the 16th Amendment,  believe the United States has the authority to take everything a citizen has, down to his toothbrush, in the name of tax. The Supreme Court, accepting this crap, brushed me off.  Senator McCain calls people like me scum.

Ask the tax collector. He will tell you that income tax is voluntary. Voluntary defined: done, made, brought about, or undertaken of one’s own accord or by free will. Would anyone of his own free will agree to be taxed out of existence?

The Solicitor General’s argument: Petitioner’s charges of fraud and harassment by the Internal Revenue Service are similarly without merit. The charges are based on an error made by the Service….”

Yes, by error upon error upon error, the tax collector put me on the street.  Senator McCain calls people who protest scum.  Now they refuse to call Islamic terrorism what it is.  President Bill Clinton called is is. Said Clinton: “I did not have sex with that woman.” Said Bush Senior: “Read my lips. No new tax.”

I lived in Flower Mound, Texas. The chief of police warned me that my political enemies planned to murder me. He advised me to leave town for a while. The mayor of Flower Mound had tried to strangle me with my necktie in the Denton County Courthouse.  I was taking him and his cronies to court. They unconstitutionally, without an election, took over Flower Mound’s government, with Denton County officials behind them, with the press behind them.  When the Denton County Court heard that the Mayor of Flower Mound attempted to strangle me in the courthouse, the court refused to hear my case.

With my business enterprise on the rocks and the “good old boys” of Flower Mound threatening my life, and my faithless wife was divorcing me, up jumps the tax collector wanting to squeeze blood out of a turnip.  Coincidentally, I left Flower Mound on Good Friday 1975 and never looked back.

The tax collector dealt with this “scum” by assessing me a tax I didn’t owe.  On December 1, 1986, in a front page story, the tax collector apologized to the world for having made numerous mistakes in taxing me.  I heard nothing from the makers and keepers of the law, and nothing from America’s taxpayers.

Coincidentally, I left Flower Mound on Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified. Jesus had said the kingdom of God is in you. From the day I left Flower Mound, I looked within for my answers. When my luck seemed to have run out, just the opposite, when everything should have gone wrong, everything started going right.

Numerologists say that when I started looking within for my answers, I discovered the real me and got on my path of destiny.  My path of destiny number is 7.  This means that I would be a teacher of ethics. I would be able, psychically, to know the false from the true. I would be able to solve some of the mysteries for a waiting world.

We learn from the cutting edge of science that reality is what we make it. Those who want to keep the status quo in place are the ones calling those like me scum.  My life is good. My dreams came true. I don’t know if Jesus was real. The ancient Egyptians had Horus, the spitting image of Jesus. There were other spiritual leaders preaching the same as Jesus in the ancient past. But Jesus must have been there for me when bad changed to good. Jesus is spiritual. I didn’t know Jesus was there at the time of my need. I’m reminded of this song

What a friend we have in Jesus.

All our sins and griefs to bear,

And what a privilege to carry

Everything to God in prayer.

My ancestry dates back to the Cumberland trail, the trail Daniel Boon blazed.  I’ve some Blackfoot Indian in my past, also some English, Scotch, Irish and German. My mother was a German Jew.  In Astrologer’s Handbook we read that when Saturn, the learning planet is trine Pluto, the generational planet (a trine is the best of angular alignments of the planets) the natives can understand the subtle workings of the universe. In my astrological chart, Saturn is trine Pluto.  My destiny, according to astrology, is seeking fundamental and irrevocable changes in my own and others lives.

May God bless you. God bless America.

On human bondage

Thursday, January 29th, 2015


In the news Senator John McCain called protesters scum. We Americans learned on the news that a man and wife devoted to helping others were murdered—shot in the head. It makes one wonder if there is a God watching over us.

The greatness of Rome, built on the toils of slaves, dating back as far as you want to go in the history of man, to be sure, slavery was present in America’s beginning, and remains in principle. We’ve got many in America who do not live by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We’ve got the reaction of some, taking out their anger on innocent people.

God is there watching over us, but we humans were created with reason and logic for the purpose of living by the Golden Rule. Along this line of thinking, I’m reminded that while we might have all been created equal, we don’t remain equal.  The law of the jungle remains firmly in place.

Take multicultural America for example, a conglomeration of races, cultures, questionable social attitudes, and slipping back toward oppression. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle had something to say about it. Referring to law professor Edward S. Corwin’s essay, published in 1925, the year of my birth, he had what would be considered today a rather quaint idea on the law—in his The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law. (I purchased his essay for one dollar in a second hand law book store.)

We find in Corwin’s essay that Aristotle advanced in his Ethics the concept of “natural justice.” Don’t ever mention this to today’s makers and keepers of the law. You will be judged a crank. I say this from personal experience.  The tax collector called me a “Fifth Amendment freak.” In the Fifth Amendment, I’m given the lawful and legal right to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaning place if and when I have a personal stake in the outcome. Try it and the authorities will do their utmost to make you sorry that you did.

At any rate, Aristotle: “Of political justice, part natural, part legal—natural, that which everywhere has the same force and does not exist by people’s thinking this or that, legal that which is originally indifferent.” Justice is forced, maintains Corwin, and “not of the state’s own contrivance; it is a discovery from nature and a transcript of it constancy.” Yes, that was in 1925, not in 2015. No way!

In Aristotle’s Politics, we learn, he answers his own question—and our question with—“To  invest the law then with authority is, is seems, to invest God and reason only; to invest a man is to introduce a beast, as desire is something bestial, and even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion.”

From Professor Corwin, we learn that in his Delibus the Roman judge Cicero identified “right reason” with human nature in that he associated civil law with harmony in the universal attributes of human nature. Wrote Corwin, regarding the source of laws and rights, quoting Cicero: “We are born for justice, and right is not the mere arbitrary construction of opinion, but an institution of nature.” Hmmm!  Are we to take for granted what authority has in mind for us? Don’t think about it. It’s a waste of time.  Why were we created with reason and logic?  Am I not just as qualified to determine what the law says as a lawyer.  It is my rights, not a lawyers rights that are in question. Lawyers have frittered away our rights.

Having taken all of the above to heart, America’s ideas of truth and justice opposing mine, and by vote, the vote might make robbery and murder just, might it not?  The vote doesn’t make the law right or just.

It was my task to prove that the vote does not make the law when I wrote the Attorney General of the United States, the top law enforcement officer, informing him that as implemented, the income tax law was unconstitutional. I maintain that government entitlement is nothing more than bribery.

Attorney General William B. Saxbe sent my letter to the tax collector. I was judged to be one of those nutty tax protesters. The director of internal revenue ordered an audit of my records. A tax was invented.

The law says the tax collector is always right unless the taxpayer can prove him wrong in court. In other words, the taxpayer, for practical reasons, is always guilty unless he can prove he is right in court. The tax collector knows that a peon like me cannot afford to hire a lawyer and take him to court.  This alone makes income tax a fraud. Why an income tax? Why not a tax on spending?  In America, the individual is innocent until proven guilty. The makers and keepers of the law knew before they made income taxable that they were going to be unconstitutional. They knew when they wrote the Constitution that they were going to be unconstitutional on the slavery issue.

The truth of the matter: Supreme Court Justice Brandeis, a Roosevelt appointee—“Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means an end.”  There were other than constitutional considerations in America that went into the making of the law, according to Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the judges he appointed to the Supreme Court. There are always other considerations.  Said Roosevelt, the government has an “inherent duty” to the individual—“even if it is not written in the Constitution.” The American people voted for this inherent duty of government.  It is not the law, but might makes right. The makers and keepers of the law in America are playing a game of charades.  If you think it isn’t known, you are wrong. Millions of American know. This American knew and took legal action. It came as a big surprise to the tax collector, who had lawlessly taxed me to teach me not to protest my tax.

I didn’t hire a lawyer, I studied the legal procedure and petitioned the U.S. Tax Court.  The tax collector countered by refusing to send me my $5,000 tax refund, unless I agreed to pay the illegal tax plus penalty and interest. I could surely have used the money. At the time, I was working as a security guard at minimum wage. Twenty percent of my pay was being withheld for Uncle Sam. I could not pay the rent on my one room apartment. I was locked out.

Too bad, but that’s the way it goes. There is nothing that can be done about it. I shouldn’t have protested my tax, right?  I was on the street and a mile long line down the street from my pad was waiting for the handout of food stamps. I was on the street because my work effort went to food stamps. You can’t be serious.

With the whole nation against me, I fought on. I’ll skip all the details. Four years after filing my U.S. Tax Court petition, my day in court finally arrived. A few days before, I’d received the frozen tax refund. The lawyer for the tax collector asked the court to be heard before the trial commenced. Permission was granted. It was admitted that the tax collector had been mistaken. The mistake was corrected. The tax collector is a snake in the grass.

After the case was closed, I received a tax assessment for the admittedly mistaken tax plus penalty and interest.  This was not enough to convince me that my effort was futile. I petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals. In the meanwhile, the tax collector seized the money from me to pay the assessment. The Court of Appeals ruled for the tax collector.  I appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in a Writ of Certiorari, Case Number 1570 in the October term, 1980.

Wade H. McCree, Jr., Solicitor General, of the U.S. Department of Justice, argued that there was no basis for my claim. I was dismissed by the Supreme Court without comment.

The tax collector got away with outright robbery, but not for long. I filed my third complaint in the U.S. District Court. The court decided to hear me. The U.S. Department of Justice wrote the court that the IRS had “wrongfully” taxed me. The money, with interest, was returned to me. The case was closed. But the lying frauds with unwarranted power remained.

The tax collector then went to my bank and stripped me of every cent—my means of survival. Talk about Islamic extremists, what is worse than the United States lawlessly taking a person’s means of survival? President Obama claimed that the tax collector was impeccably honest. Has he ever told the truth?  I took the tax collector’s notice to my bank to the Palm Beach Post, and the court record. An investigation was made. The IRS admitted that it had made numerous mistakes in collecting tax from me, and in a front page story. There was not one peep from anyone.

Was my supreme effort a total waste of time? It would seem so. Be reminded of the couple, good people who gave their lives to helping others, shot in the head. It is enough to lose faith in God. But not for me! I’ve been rewarded. God works in mysterious ways. All of my dreams came true. Imagine that! The whole American nation against this so-called tax protester.

Osama bin Laden said he held America’s taxpayers accountable. You have a choice. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is in you. He called his authority hypocrites. In Luke 21:36 Jesus: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things (as I’ve above revealed) that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Looking back on it all, I marvel over my experience. We never know. How many of us on our dying day wish that we’d done better?


On authority

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015


It is bad enough that President Obama walks like a clod hopper, does a dance up and down stairs, and salutes with cup in his hand. Those klutzy Obamas could not do anything right if their lives depended on it. They cut short their visit to India in order to pay their respects to the dead Saudi king. Mrs. Obama was roundly criticized for not wearing a head scarf and showing her bare arms.

But alas, the worst thing that ever happened to today’s authority is the Internet and billions of bits of information. Obama, like most other problems, can’t do anything about it. He will likely go down in history and the worst president the American people have ever endured.

I’m a World War II veteran—born six years after World War I ended. There have been so many wars since the war to end all wars, World War I, and so many living veterans that veteran’s hospitals all over the United States are swamped with veterans’ medical needs. Congress has passed a law that allows outsourcing.  Veterans can go to privately owned health care facilities when Veterans’ hospitals are overbooked. The government now pays the bill for disabled veterans like me. So, not only the horrific cost of continuing wars, I was outsourced when the Portland, Oregon veteran’s hospital was overbooked on skin problems. I have a skin cancer problem.

By the time of the operation, I’d cured my two skin cancers by massage.  The surgeon told me that the cancers could be active under the surface.  I told him I’d take the chance.

The surgeon was right. The two cancers appeared again. I massaged them away. I went into an extensive skin massaging program. I massaged my face several times a day. I’m in control of my skin cancers. They are gone.  I’m in control in more than that.  I’ve learned a lot in the school of hard knocks in my 89 years. I can’t tell the authorities anything. I’ve offered my services to the Veteran’s Administration. So far I’ve heard nothing back.  Think of that! I have the cure for skin cancer and they are overbooked.  Think of the taxpayer money that could be saved. You can’t tell authorities anything. They know it all. We are a bunch of dumb clucks.  But I don’t have skin cancers.

Everything I know has come from others. Thanks to the Internet, I know a thousand times as much as ordinary people knew 500 years ago, before the printing press. But even so, not everyone is up to speed. On TV, a college student was asked who the first president of the United States was. He didn’t know. I knew when I was six years old. And look who they voted in as President.  What does this goof-off know? It is pathetic how spaced out the American people are. Look at them! Many of our young are fat as hogs going to slaughter.  They’ve got nothing better to do than punch buttons on those little gadgets you see them with everywhere they go.

In the Middle Age, Western Europe was backward and suffering horrible oppression.  The ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago knew vastly more. Authority uses the carrot and stick approach to dumb us down for the sake of power and control. Like dumb animals, millions are jumping through hoops.

Europe’s Age of Enlightenment ended the stranglehold the Holy Roman Catholic Empire held over the individual in feudal Europe. The Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, came to America, where there was little formal government, where people were their brother’s keeper. America prospered before the government got big and powerful. Now the richest of the richest make ungodly profits and ordinary folks are being squeezed out of their independence by lackeys of the rich, America’s so-called representatives.

The tide turned when progressive government took charge. Bigger and bigger government, more and more government entitlement has meant the loss of individual independence.  More than half of the American people are either partly or wholly dependent on government.  Personal will shrinks; authorities more in charge, we Americans are retrogressing back toward authoritarian control.

Quite naturally, up jumps the Islamic Caliphate, a return to the sixth century. The Caliphate controlled all the land from India to Spain before it was over. We Americans are in a war that isn’t called a war.  We don’t know who we are fighting, but we are losing. President Obama’s huge failure is nothing to consider. He wants to “turn the page:” get on with his agenda of shrinking personal will and himself more in control. Our lives mean nothing to Obama. Obama is down the line on the side of the Caliphate.

Voices of the past are speaking to you through me. How come me? What is an eagle that I am not? Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you. Jesus said, “Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together.” You can’t tell me from them, but I’ve got the law. They have a pile of crap. You have a choice: the law or shovel shit.

You don’t get the full meaning in the Gospels from Christian preachers.  You get authority’s version. Jesus said God is in you, not in your Christian preacher, but from Jesus to you.  I learned a long time ago that Jesus didn’t require a ritualistic approach. In fact, in protest of the ritualistic approach, Jesus turned over the money changers’ tables.  Jesus told his following that he was low and humble. Jesus: “Come unto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

While authority struggles to remain in control, Jesus makes the burden light—gives us hope; he gives us our native talents.  A Christian told me that God never speaks to psychics. She got the idea from earthbound authority. The facts speak for themselves.  The most reliable authority, at least on earth, is the cutting edge of science.  The universe is nothing like we’ve been taught.  It is mind over matter; that is, mind or soul, our immaterial essence—without boundary: everlasting, never ending—here on earth for a limited time. Teaching guilt and fear, authority has us going to heaven or a place of eternal damnation. The God in me says no way.  When my body dies, my soul occupies another body.  I’m back to correct the mistakes of my past life.  I can live with that idea because I was created with reason and logic.

From my experience, I take it that the law backs me. I don’t go to lawyers. Their ideas of the law are convoluted, aimed at making you pay, and that, as well, goes for judges. The law in America is a many splintered thing. I go straight to the source, the Constitution, which gives me certain rights, one being the right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. This right goes back to the beginning of human life.

Government entitlement comes secondary.  This was my stand and remains.  The U.S. system of justice disagrees with me. Government entitlement overrides existence by the fruits of my own labor, if not in fact by rote. America’s judges maintain the case was heard long ago and will never be heard again. I was taxed out of existence. I was not heard by any court. I was before them all.

I was heard by The Palm Beach Post. Their investigation found that the United States of America was wrong and I was right.   The law of all times stands behind me. It is little wonder that my life is good.

The world has the United States of America and the Islamic Caliphate. You are witness to the results. You and I have God in us. If you believe that, you have power that no man can take. If you people can believe that, you will have a world at peace.  But what do I know? Your future will make today look like the Stone Age.

I go to the Gospels for answers. I believe in astrological predictions. Astrology says I can see the future. You who believe will be able to say, “my life is good.” It is all on the Internet. Whatever your question, seek and you shall find the answer. Those that stick by the fraudulent establishment will be sitting at the switch watching the express to the future pass them by.

On the human role

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015


The picture is of me and my sole mate for 34 years., and not by chance. She was sent to me.  I knew this the minute we met. My work was cut out for me and she was there to help.

I take it that our reason and logic, being unique in our world, means we are of the highest in conscious awareness.  And it is not limited to those in control; and it is growing, but offset by the establishment. Authorities have gone to considerable trouble to make our world what it is and they are always going to fight change. Thus, given the fact that we grow more aware with the passing of time, this coupled with civilization’s conformance to patterns long ago set, the result is a growing hazard. For instance, we now possess the atom bomb. Compare this with bows and arrows.

We note that ever since the advent of the atom bomb, with authorities, as always, fighting for control, there has been growing evidence of aliens from elsewhere. Authorities are in denial, but their denials are stupid. According to authority, we’re seeing flights of birds, swamp gas, or balled lightning.

Terror is now and always has been authority’s way to control, the beastly way—like cutting off heads. In my case, Uncle Sam taxed away my existence, illegally, as it were. I made waves. I had to be stopped and fear is the only way authority knows.  We are not given credit for individually possessing reason and logic. This is an omen.

Be reminded of this: “Let us make man in our image,” before man’s arrival on earth (Genesis 1:26).  The current world is not what man’s archetype planned. Richard Tarnas, distinguished philosopher and cultural historian, author of Cosmos and Psyche, after a thirty year study of the outer planets, concluded that there is consistent correspondence between the outer planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns of human history. If this is true, then the universe is nothing like we’ve been taught.  

Saturn and Pluto are outer planets. In Astrologer’s Handbook, by coincidence , we read, “This trine,” in reference to Saturn and Pluto, and a trine alignment between planets is the best, in my astrological chart I’ve been blessed with Saturn trine Pluto.   This alignment gives natives the ability to understand the laws by which subtle forces are organized. “They are able to work slowly and make fundamental and irrevocable changes in their own and others lives. Often there is a sense of destiny or a peculiar karmic mission which they must fulfill. This is one of most profound of aspect.” Other planets in my astrological chart tie in with this configuration.  When everything should have gone wrong in my life, my dreams came true.  How many can say that?

My astrological chart has me Virgo with Aquarius rising. The famous writer of the future, H. G. Wells, with a practical answer for our future, was Virgo with Aquarius rising.  Wells envisioned a socialistic new world order. My vision is esoteric.

My view fits with something I read in The Scofield Reference Bible’s introduction on September 11, 2003—on the day Islamic terrorists flew airliners into the two World Trade Center towers and into the Pentagon. These were acts of war, but seen by those of the liberal persuasion as criminal acts.  War is something in which nations are engaged.  A criminal act is confined.  It is convenient to the current authoritarian agenda to call Islamic terrorism something it is not.  War is not always a national thing. It is a usual thing. When the acts are worldwide, criminal doesn’t fit. It is a convenience to call it criminal.

The liberal word is progressive. In the Scofield introduction, “The Dispensations are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links together the ages, from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity.  Augustine said. ‘Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.’”  Speaking of the ages sounds astrological. Progressive is not progressive government. It is progressive individual.

When I read the above in the introduction of The Scofield Reference Bible I was writing my memoirs. Events in my life were connecting, and many were not coincidental.  Dots were connecting to make a picture of the future.  Nothing in my life, past or present, indicates the socialistic New World Order futurist H.G. Wells invisioned.

Speaking of man’s increasing purpose, astrology informs us that we are leaving the Age of Pisces, whose symbol, appropriately, is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions, whose time has been spent looking externally for answers.  In the age we are entering, the Age of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer, the age when we become our brother’s keeper, according to both Jesus and astrology, we will look within for answers—unlike fish, cease to mindlessly dart here and there in fear of predators.

It so happened that on the day I departed my old life—on Good Friday 1975—the day Christians commemorate as the day Jesus was nailed to a cross, this was the day I was reborn the individual I was intended to be. I cut from the herd and went totally on my own.  It is an interesting comparison with the September day Islamic terrorists attacked America in the name of Allah.  The comparison is between the practical and the esoteric: the one to fear God, the other to love God.  Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.  The calling to kill fellow humans is a false god—man’s invention.

My calling left me with the ability to psychically separate the false from the true. Coincidentally, numerology gives me the number 7 as my path of destiny number. My depth of character, I read in Numerology and The Divine Triangle, destines me to be “a teacher of ethics.” I’m informed that I will “discover and reveal some of the mysteries to a waiting world.”

The fact that I departed my old life and looked within for my answers, with the assistance of my Constitution, all of which caused me to turn my life around, is not something you hear from the establishment. It is something you read in the Gospels, numerology and astrology. It fits with the age we are entering, when we become our brother’s keeper.

On freedom from want

Monday, January 26th, 2015


“Japan working to gain IS hostage release.” “Saudis fortify their border as Mideast chaos grows.” We don’t get the news that counts from the news media, but it is there on the Internet. Free clean energy is now a reality. Fossil fuel is going to be replaced. You can bet on it.  The “New World Order” you hear so much about from politicians is nothing like they envision. The world we are about to enter will make the present world look like the Stone Age. No one will want. Free clean energy will be abundant.  There will not be any authority, only servants of the people.

With the ungodly amount of suffering in the world, I can truly say my dreams came true. Why, you might ask. I’m a sinner.

It has to do with my time and place of birth—my astrology.  It was all written in the stars.  But, if this is so, then why isn’t it so for everyone? Why am I singled out to be favored?  Not everyone follows his or her path of destiny. I didn’t.  When I was age 49, my good life ended. I was at the bottom of a snake pit. My successful business enterprise of 25 years was on the rocks. My second wife was divorcing me. The tax collector was on my back for unpaid taxes.

In July of 1975, I happened upon an astrologer. With all my bad luck, I hired him to create my astrological chart.  When he read it to me, it was not me.  But I didn’t believe in astrology. At the time, my only thought was,  “what did I do to deserve this?” The answer was the corrupt government. I was not going to take it. It took me eleven years, but I beat the tax collector on his own legal turf. During that eleven years a lot of signs appeared, as I look back.  At the time, they meant nothing.

After my divorce, I was left with enough money to buy a sailboat. I was sure enough on my own. After two years at sea, with God’s hand on my wheel, I left my life at sea and took a career job.  While at sea, I saved seven lives from a watery grave, my own being one.  Attacking the tax collector and going to sea on a small boat, anyone would say that everything should have gone wrong.  Everything went right. Was it the luck of the draw? I don’t think so.

In May 1980, my third wife walked out. I never saw her again. Two weeks after her departure, wife number four appeared. I’d vowed that I would never marry again. We’ve been happily married for 34 years. Like a lot of things in my life, God has blessed me. But why me? I’m a sinner.

The only thing I can put my finger on is my Constitution, as distinguished from the U.S. official Constitution. My rights have been frittered away by self-serving politicians. My attack on the tax collector turned into a bigger than life calling.  The $350 in question was not the point. It was the principle. Speaking of principle, $350 became $2,560, counting accruing penalty and interest, plus the cost of filing fees. I was before the tax court, three U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, and all for naught. Think of the amount of work I did. Why? It does not make sense. I was forewarned.

It made sense to me. It was the principle. I didn’t owe any tax. I had claimed that as implemented, federal income tax was unconstitutional. That was the principle. The courts do not allow the principle to be debated. Why? Everyone and his brother would be in court debating his  tax. In my case, the tax collector was expediently allowed limitless mistakes. In the end, the mistakes were corrected.  To me, and voices of the past, it was the principle. Yea, I got my property back, plus interest.  But more than that, I’ve been rewarded in ways you wouldn’t think.

I never got a minute’s help from my congressional representatives. They play a game of charades. Congress’ investigations of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue are jokes—all blather aimed at convincing taxpayers their representatives are for them. From personal experience, I know better.  You taxpayers are wasting your votes. Federal income tax is rigged to favor the richest of the rich, and to sock the working stiff.  Your congressional representatives are bought and paid for—and the same for the vote. The fact: one percent of the American people own 50 percent of the wealth. With the present shuffling of tax receipts to help the poor, and most of the rest of America’s workers do not have any net worth; they struggle to pay their debts and tax. And yet the American people kick my butt for challenging the biggest fraud of all times. Quite naturally, the American people would not know why I’m free from want. I’m not religious, but say I, Jesus is my redeemer and savior. Say some: I’m the work of the devil. I know this: America’s representative would just as soon that I be one in need of their help. They gave me zero help. Believe what you will. My life is good.

Although I didn’t believe in astrology in July 1975, every aspect of my astrological chart has come true. It all came true after I got on my path of destiny in 1975.  From our teaching, we surely could not know reality.  It beats me why the world accepts a supernatural God somewhere out there.  Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you.  Would you cut off my head on God’s order?  That’s what some of the faithful are doing. Would you pilot an airliner into the Word Trade Center on God’s order?  This isn’t Islam’s thing. It is just terror for terror’s sake, according to the President of the United States.

If you are religious, you are likely to believe God is supernatural and beyond your comprehension. You are likely to believe that I’m the work of the devil. We know that the sun out there gives us life, but as for God being out there, it is strictly on the word of religious authority, hypocrites, Jesus called his religious authority.

If everyone believed what Jesus taught, I dare say we would not have any more religious wars. If everyone in America believed what Jesus taught, America’s government would be replaced. America would not be called the Great Satin.  Like Jesus, the American people would be for the God-given rights of all people.

What are those God-given rights?  They are rights that the bearer alone can give up.  Case in point: West Va. State Board of Education v. Barnette. “The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to life, liberty and property….and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections.”

The future is bright. But before we cross the threshold, there is much to do, and it is not a pretty picture. I look at the homes of the rich. I wouldn’t live in them. We want too much.  Your representatives, high paid gangsters, as the rich take billions, you get pennies. You are going to want as long as you refuse to face reality.  

On getting a life and spreading the word

Sunday, January 25th, 2015


Here is news you don’t get. I’m an 89 year-old World War II veteran. In spite of all the misdirection, I owe my good life to the American people. My dreams have come true.

I recommend a study of law professor Edward S. Corwin’s essay, The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law, quantum physicist and brain doctor Evan Harris Walker’s The Physics of Consciousness, Chapter 18, “A God for Tomorrow,” the book of Genesis, and the four Gospels in the Bible. This will give you a basic understanding of how the universe works.  It is nothing like you have been taught.

The story of America began with an idea in Europe of freedom and opportunity. The Pilgrims, with these ideas, gave up everything they had in Europe and set sail on the Mayflower for America. Conditions were poor. Most perished on the way. Those who survived the voyage depended on Native Americans. Otherwise, they would not have lived through the harsh New England winter. This is an example of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you—Christ’s teaching, the cornerstone in building America.

I’m not a Christian. Neither was Christ. The Son of man was not religious. He called his religious authority hypocrites. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is in you—all of you.  Said Jesus: “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7).  Jesus did not teach praying to a supernatural god in heaven. Said Jesus in Luke 21:36, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Who is the Son of man? In Genesis 1:26, “And God said, Let us make man in our image.”  What is “our image?” In Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image.”  God’s image is spiritual. In Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” Our soul is our immaterial essence.  In Genesis, you read nothing about a supernatural God in heaven.  The kingdom of God is in you, although you wouldn’t know it if you believe your earthly advisors.

President Obama tells the American people to never denigrate another’s religion. He refuses to connect Islam with terrorism, although radical Islam is responsible for wholesale death and destruction. Of course he wouldn’t. Obama is delusional, an ideologue. He sees himself as eternally right and all who disagree eternally wrong. President Obama doesn’t have answers for the rest of us; that is, those of us who think. The absence of truth is a lie. Through lie and deceit, America’s politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, have attempted to undo the American people’s values and principles, to replace the law of all times, the “Higher Law” if you will, with their “New World Order:” what is fondly known in America as government entitlement.  Actually it is robbing Peter to pay Paul, a far cry from being our brother’s keeper.

Government is not where faith, hope and charity originates. Government entitlement is man’s law—one suit-fits-all law. Our Creator gave us reason and logic, designed us to be self-governed.  Therefore, government entitlement is lawless confiscation—political favoritism—bribery. Unfortunately, most Americans are lacking in determination. They try not to think about what they know is taking place.

Well, I’ve been around 89 years. I was here when European cultists formed the German Workers Socialist Party. Said European cultists studied ancient times and were in contact with aliens of this world. Their symbols, the cross and swastika, ancient religious symbols. This cult rose to conquer Europe and to end in disaster over a period of only 12 years. But that was not the end of the cult.

The U.S. military, knowing that Nazi cultists had learned advanced technology beyond this world, quietly brought thousands of Nazi scientists to America, to form operation “paperclip.”  With American taxpayer money, in secret, the lying frauds worked on anti-gravity and free energy from the universe to successfully build craft like millions have seen everywhere in the world—UFOs, and all under the guise of defense.

The New World Order is Nazi justice. Only certain people will control the world. The inferior will be exterminated.  We see an example in radical Islam.

What we see in America today, through the implementation of government entitlement, which is bankrupting America, took place in Germany. World War I left Germany’s economy weak. War reparations bankrupted Germany. Anarchy took over and Adolph Hitler took charge, the head honcho of the German Worker’s National Socialist Party, Hitler, one of the occultists.  His occultism, in secret, is very much alive in America. We have no need to know this. It is all for the betterment of mankind.  America’s military-industrial complex, under the control of a few banker trillionaires, with an idea of taking control of the world—after they drive off the aliens and bar them from ever coming back—we the people of the world are like chips floating on the tides.  We don’t know what is best for us. This is the thinking of men who do not connect our planet with the rest of the universe, the kind that only 500 years ago claimed that Earth was the center of the universe.  Heretics were burned at the stake. Said bankers are taking the place of the Pope.

Ancient astrologers, from the stars, learned about the Age of Pisces, which began with the arrival of Jesus.  They learned that this age would bring people that depended on external factors.  Jesus preached an internal God. The authorities crucified him.

Jesus said that he would return. The Age of Aquarius we are now entering, ancient astrologers said, would bring the world people who believe we are brother’s keeper, not merely chips floating on the tides.

The universe, according to science, is made up of four forces, electromagnetism, gravity, the large and small atomic forces, all in all, at the same time expanding, pulling together all the pieces.  The universe, being eternal, there is more than the space-time dimension. The cutting edge of science, from its study of the microcosmic, finds that there is a not yet material dimension of infinite possibility.  Our quantum minds interact with this dimension.  We are capable of connecting with infinite possibility and manifesting our thoughts with things. We are co-creators, and dangerous if we have the idea of controlling others.

We have a choice: Believe in the “New World Order,” or the kingdom of God in you. Depending on what you believe, I believe we are very close to becoming members of the galactic community of intelligent beings.

My belief has thus far worked for me. No, President Obama, you lose. I won. It’s all in the record.

On Compensating

Saturday, January 24th, 2015


It comes to my attention this morning that living organisms compensate for their weaknesses. In humans, this process is both mental and physical.

It also comes to my attention that some humans overcompensate for their weaknesses. I’m thinking about self-centered President Barack Obama. News pundits are calling him delusional.

Societies tend toward discouraging self-governance—to form establishment rules; to overcompensate; to know what is best for all people, like Barack Obama.  He claims to be all-American, although he gave himself an African name in honor of his Kenyan father, who was an anti-colonial, communist. With President Obama, it is his way or no way, the communist way. This is also the radical Islamic way. Obama’s father was a radical Islamic.

Most individuals simply want to be free to do their own thing.  They realize it takes hard work to get ahead. But society often denies the weaker minority equal opportunity. It is after me, you come first. The logical remedy is education—in America, teaching the full meaning of the Constitution.

Barack Obama knows America’s Constitution. He is a constitutional lawyer.  If you want your constitutional rights represented, don’t hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will be opposed by a lawyer. Both will be enriched and you will lose your case. Fighting for your rights is a do-it yourself thing.

In Colonial America, lawyers were not allowed in the courtroom.  Your rights were quite a different thing in Early America, as was economic growth. Early America didn’t have an astronomical debt to put a damper on economic growth—a debt paid by taxpayers, not the borrower, the United States. The United States is passing out the borrowed money to its choice of people, unproductive people for the most part—at taxpayer cost. Nice work if you can get it. It costs a billion dollars to finance your presidential campaign.  Guess who donates the major part of campaign costs.  A hint: one percent of America’s population owns 50 percent of the wealth of the nation.

Money goes where money flows. Washington, DC is the richest city in the world. The logical remedy for the one percent American oligarchy is education. America’s Constitution has been altered to allow nondiscriminating government assistance to individuals. Giving taxpayer financed aid to individuals is the equivalent of handing out heroin, only more addictive. It most assuredly is not government’s “inherent duty,” as President Franklin D. Roosevelt claimed. Government’s legitimate purpose is doing the things the individual can’t do for himself. The best government can do for the individual is to create an environment helpful to private enterprise, or if private enterprise fails, to provide public works projects that allow all wanting to work a job. The only direct assistance to individuals, constitutionally, is to those physically or mentally incapable of doing for themselves.  All other citizens have the constitutional right, and the personal responsibility, to do for themselves; that is, work for their existence. There should always be a job available.

How old is a worker when he or she can’t work anymore? I’m going on 90. I’m a writer. I’m a musician.  If I needed to work for a living, there is work I can do. But at age 90? We are brainwashed. We don’t want 90 year-olds working.  It’s a terrible to think that at age 90 one would still be required to work.  We want to think that some day we will be able to retire. What a laugh! You are dreaming. The government is broke.

We can retire, if we save. When we are required to give up half of what we earn for this or that tax, we can’t save. Our leaders don’t want us to save. They want us to borrow and spend. It keeps the economy robust, and more tax money to spend. It is a joke. The Obama Administration is proud to say that it has brought America out of a 10 year recession, and get this: by borrowing more money than any nation in the world’s history. Obama never mentions the debt—a debt that will be passed on to future generations. I’ve yet to hear Obama utter the truth. He always stops short.

Work is not nearly as laborious as it used to be. How old is one who can no longer pull levers and press buttons? A worker today puts out many times as much work as past workers. Products cost proportionately less, therefore, more affordable. There is no reason for recession, none other than government. In America, a worker is automatically government entitled to receive Social Security at age 62.  Eliminate the automatic age to go on Social Security. This would drastically cut the need for taxes. It would put lots of money in the buyer’s pocket, thus creating the need for workers, and less need for government.

Who is in control?  Government, labor unions, and government dependents.  It is a great fraud. The taxpayers are being taken—and there is nothing they can do, or so they think

The very thought of working until you drop dead is horrible.  After government put me out of business, my life turned exciting. I had the money to buy a boat. I sailed the South Atlantic for a couple of years at very little cost. Then I became a videographer for 12 years. I produced wedding and party videos and some in house commercial videos. One was to fly over a multimillion dollar yacht in a helicopter on an ocean test run. I worked out of my home. My apartments allowed me to take accelerated write offs. I also had video equipment write-offs.    My wife worked as a medical secretary. With the write-offs, we didn’t pay income tax. The tax collector called us tax protesters and tried to take our home. They didn’t get away with it.   I retired and hit the road in an RV at age 73. My wife and I lived comfortably in a 33 foot fifth wheel coach with two slide-outs for nine years. We occasionally took part time jobs. At age 82, the Veteran’s Administration agreed that I was unemployable, and that it was due to a war related injury.  We bought our dream home in the tall timber. Horrible life, right?  The psychotic United States, first a bald-faced liar and tax thief, then rewards this World War II veteran. I’m paying my way by informing the world of the biggest fraud in man’s history, the United States of America.

In our travels, we met lots of people who lived in RVs and worked part time jobs. It is a great life after the children are on their own. If people knew they are not going to receive government help, besides giving us a booming economy, people would work toward a job they enjoyed, or take to the road, or whatever. The American dream would become reality. Instead of retiring and becoming cliff dwellers in some dinky condo in South Florida, we would get a life—live to a ripe old age in good health.

One thing I didn’t mention I’d like to now tell you was my taking my government oppressor to court.  It is really nice to fly with eagles. I was in Tax Court. My judge invited me into his chambers. He wanted to know why I thought I didn’t need to pay my taxes when everyone else paid their tax. He found out and ruled for me. The tax collector did not like my claim that the tax was unconstitutional, so to punish me United States deliberately overcharged me.

The all-powerful, lawless tax collector ignored the tax court ruling. Two District courts had refused to hear me. That gave me the right to appeal to the Court of Appeals, all of this over $3,525, including penalties and interest. The Court of Appeals turned me down, stating that federal income tax is legal. In other words, this three judge panel felt that I deserved to be cheated for having dared to question my tax.

I filed a Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court didn’t even acknowledge that it received the Writ. I contacted the U.S. Postal Service. I’d asked for a return receipt. The Supreme Court acknowledged receiving my writ to the Post Office, not me. For what I did, I didn’t deserve the courtesy. Now you know how U.S. judges think.

I filed a third complaint in the District Court. This court, quite remarkable, decided to hear me. Immediately, the U.S. Department of Justice wrote the court that the IRS had wrongfully taxed me. The money, with interest, was sent to me. The case was closed, after which the tax collector took every cent in my bank account. The District Court refused to reopen the case. The judge told me on the telephone that he wasn’t going to stick his neck out for me again. And you think radical Islam is bad? You don’t know the United States of America.

The tax collector then proceeded to strip me of every cent in my bank account. I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. The tax collector admitted to a reporter that it had made numerous mistakes from the first. If it had been a private citizen, it would have been obstruction of justice. It is all in the record.  The case was finally closed, justice at last having been served, no thanks to America’s system of justice. You may wonder why I went to the trouble. The United States has a problem. It is time that you knew this. Most of the world knows this.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God is in you.  The United States of America is playing God.  After I departed my old life, everything started going right for me—when everyone I knew thought I’d lost my mind.

By the way, we see that the so called Islamic State murdered one of the Japanese hostages yesterday. That is, the IS that President Obama refuses to call Islamic, radical Islamic murderers everyone else in the world calls Islamic.

Too bad about America’s tax collector. The Palm Beach Post let the world know that America’s system of Justice allows the tax collector to make limitless mistakes. I wonder what America’s poor folks are doing today, those not on the street protesting police brutality, those depending on President Obama. My life is as good as life gets.

On the law in practice

Friday, January 23rd, 2015


How 11 of 12 footballs used in the last Superbowl were under inflated remains a mystery, underinflated just the way quarterback Brady likes it. Brady said he never noticed it. We can wonder. Was it just a coincidence?

If you happen to be of a certain mindset, like me, you can listen to or read some thought and conclude the opposite of others.  There are those of us who question and those who don’t.  My concern is the law in practice. Others say it is much ado over nothing.

Only if you question that which you are educated to believe can you answer the question of what the law says. For you are educated to take authority’s word.

The law is according to one’s own experience. There is nothing like experience. As far back as you want to go we humans knew that the energy from the sun keeps us alive, something not of this planet. The law does not originate on this planet. We are educated to think the law originates supernaturally.  It is the commonly accepted way of believing that which we can’t directly know.  Does killing those who refuse to believe in our supernatural ideas have anything in common with the law? It is in common with religion. I’m “denigrating” religion.

How do we know whether the law of the universe calls for love thy neighbor or kill thine enemy?  Knowing how the world works, love thy neighbor can get your head cut off.  My answer is to think for yourself. Others condemn my kind of thinking as Satin’s work.  I’m seen as heartless.  Why was I created with reason and logic? Why wasn’t I created with insect mentality, or herd animal instinct?

The law for humans is based on reason. The law of the jungle is based on emotion. Might makes right. There is much to say for love your brother, but the law is based on reason. Reason says we have individual rights, rights that cannot be taken without the owner’s permission.

Does reason say we have a right to take from a producer and give to a non-producer? America’s politicians say we producers have that obligation.  Would you say it is right and lawful to take ones means of existence and give it to another that does not have a decent existence, another who is capable of supplying his own existence?  Or would you say that one’s existence, unless he or she is incapable on existing without help, is a personal matter?

Giving government the responsibility of seeing that everyone has a shot at a decent existence, President Obama’s stand in his State of the Union Address to a wildly cheering Democrat audience, and no matter what, places government in the queen bee position, the individual with zero rights. Although I’m age 89 and dependent on government, I can’t think of a single way this idea agrees with the principles and values that made America great.

In my youth, the family was America’s cornerstone.  We didn’t like it when the old folks depended on their children, but children felt that it was their responsibility.  It is now government’s responsibility.  I’m living better than my children, and by their effort. Not only that, the government has borrowed against America’s future to the extent that the future will be heavily burdened with today’s national debt. And not only that, the present generation is heavily in debt. No need to save for the future. Let government take care of the future.  Common sense says that borrowing against the future is stupid and self-serving.  Name one American politician in favor of phasing out government entitlement. They are all playing a game of charades. There is a day of reckoning coming. However, in President Obama’s State of the Union Address he said it is now time to “turn the page” on the past. The way he put it, everything is in control.  The facts do not back his notion. The world is getting evermore dangerous, ever closer to a manmade disaster beyond comparison. How much more proof does it take to let the people know that government does not have answers?

Government is the servant, not the master of the people. My savior and redeemer said you cannot serve two masters. He said to look within for your answers, for the kingdom of God is in you, not in authorities with power. Power can be a corrupting influence when there is too much in one place, as evidenced in America.

The powers that be in America have painted themselves into a corner. Their actions get nuttier every day.  They talk the talk but do not walk the walk.  In fact, they passed a bill in the House of Representatives, the keepers of the national purse, that gave President Obama the money to run his dimwitted programs in all of 2015, and then took off for their Christmas vacation. They didn’t even read the bill.  Their reason: They didn’t want to be held responsible for shutting down the government. Why vote when you get nothing but self-serving knuckleheads?

All I can do is speak for myself. I go by the law of the universe. As far back as you want to go, humans knew the energy of the sun was life-giving. It gives us growing seasons. Climate changes affect our lives. We depend on other than our planet for our existence, the law of the universe.

Knowing this, the ancients created a map of the universe, the Zodiac. They proceeded to geometrize the universe.  Certain angles created by the movements of the stars and planets said if this is so then that must also be so.  From this mathematical process, they predicted events and human characteristics. Distinguished philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas in his book, Cosmos and Psyche, demonstrates the existence of an astonishingly consistent correspondence between planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns of human history.

In the Book of Genesis, Chapter one, verse twenty-six, “And God said, Let us make man in our image.”  We are made in God’s image. We didn’t originate on this planet, not in spirit. We are here in this space-time dimension for a limited time. We are immortal. Would our Creator punish us by sending us to hell?  That makes no sense. It is manmade. Would our Creator reward only those who were religious? That makes no sense. Jesus was not religious.

Jesus said that he would return. In Luke 21:25, he spoke of signs in the sun, moon and stars. He was an astrologer. To hold that view, Christians have told me, makes me the work of the devil.

Modern science has created a state of infinite possibility from its study of the world of the very small. Our bodies are made up of a trillion cells, and each conscious. We compare with God—in charge of a trillion body cells.  This tells us something about the makeup of the universe, from atoms to galaxies, in a time-space consortium. When quantum physics takes it apart, science finds that it is all changing in the microcosmic universe, from the smallest unit of time. Therefore, if we could stop the universe in a single frame, we would get a picture that would tell us how the universe works—how it goes from black hole to new information, the beginning of a new universe. The vacuum of space is loaded with energy.  Science concludes that there is a dimension of infinite possibility and we are connected through our quantum minds. We unconsciously pick and choose our reality, backing that we are made in God’s image, and what Jesus said: We should look within for answers.

President Obama, in his State of the Union Address, warned us of global warming. If we don’t take control of polluting the atmosphere, there will be dire consequences, and time is running out, this with regard to “turning the page;” we have control of terrorism. What we don’t know: We now have the means of controlling atmospheric pollution—and to everyone’s great benefit.  Why don’t we know?

President Obama knows. The U.S. Military-industrial complex has the answer for global warming: free energy from the universe that is clean. We can totally eliminate fossil fuels.  Why don’t we? President Obama wouldn’t be in office if we knew why not. This also goes for Members of Congress. The government of the United States is bought and paid for. Guess who is paying? U.S. taxpayers are paying to keep the world’s richest of the rich in control, international bankers. They are ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing.

After World War II, the U.S. Military brought thousands of Nazi scientists to America, scientists with secret knowledge on free, clean energy from the universe, secret knowledge America’s military discovered after the war. They brought said scientists to America to develop this free energy source, not for mankind’s benefit, but for control under the guise of America’s security.

The U.S. Military brought with said Nazi scientists to America U.F.Os. One crashed near Roswell, New Mexico that made history.  The U.S. Military called it a weather balloon.  We know better.

The U.S. Military made a deal with aliens of this world and brought President Eisenhower in on the act. President Eisenhower warned America of the U.S. Military-industrial complex getting out of control.  Senator Goldwater requested from General Curtis Lemay permission to visit Wright-Patterson Air Force  Base where it was rumored hard evidence of extraterrestrials was hidden. Lemay told Goldwater to never again ask permission.  The U.S. Military continues to stonewall.  We do not know what became of a trillion dollars in taxpayer funding. Congress and the Presidents have no power to stop the continuance of this secrete conspiracy. Something is very wrong, and the wrong is money and power. We, the American people, have been sold out, and the fox is guarding the henhouse.

As a result, we see international terrorism on the rise. America’s national debt is rising by leaps and bounds and no control at all. It keeps the illusion that the economy is rising and the stock market high.  A secret order of trillionaire international bankers is in control. They can cause war, bankrupt nations, control progress to their choosing. It goes beyond this world. The fight is with extraterrestrials. They want to run them off and block them from ever returning. Since politicians have sold out to this control, there is nothing they can do but follow their orders.

There is something we the people can do. We can leave our comfort zones. We can boldly go for the truth, before it is too late, and act to protect our rights.




On the Gaia Community

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


All the world is a stage. The goddess Gaia is Mother Earth. That makes Earth a living organism. We humans and Mother Earth are parts of a greater consciousness, the universe. This is scientific fact. However, we prefer to live in make-believe land. I hear that early poles favor President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

The President of the United States reminded us that he was twice elected, discounting the fact that the Republicans overwhelmingly trounced the Democrats in the midterm election of 2014. Smiled Obama, two for one. The Democrats were ecstatic. By the way, the Gaia Community called me a troll and banned me.  The American people love fairy tales. Prince Charming was once a frog.

President Obama is going to have it his way. The Democrats, from Hollywood to New York City, are off to see the Wizard of Oz.  Where are the Republicans? I wish I knew. When the cat is away the mice will play. Where will we be when the music stops? Sitting at the switch as the future rolls by.

Think of the knowledge we possess today compared with a hundred years ago. Those of us with ingenuity will grab the ball and run with it. For one thing, we are close to becoming one in the galactic community of intelligent life. Dreamers will fade away as did the Stone Age.

According to the latest science, the individual is privileged to make himself what he wills, including females, in fact favoring females. Being the weaker of the sexes, they have had to use intelligence.  What does becoming one of the galactic community do for those who rely on government, those who are government entitled? We’ve got the right man in the Whitehouse to lead America to oblivion.

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