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On the progressive order

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


Today is New Year’s Eve, a time to celebrate. The news is amazing. We humans were created with reason and logic. What do we have to celebrate?

A far cry from progressive government, the progressive order of the universe provides we humans with unimaginable power potential. It has come to this nobody, from information available to all, that the only limitation is we ourselves. This was emphasized in a fourteen hour PBS documentary reproduced on DVDs, which I received as a Christmas gift, The Roosevelts, An Intimate History.This documentary is a well done review of the trials and tribulations of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt, all progressives. They saw the merits of big government and put out extraordinary effort to get the ball rolling. They made an indelible impression on future America. I’ve commentary on the result.

The facts speak for themselves. Famine, genocide, war, enormous human suffering, a never-ending story, this is all attributed to big government,

These Roosevelt’s, America’s aristocracy, naturally, would want to share their good fortune with all, by taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  Franklin gets credit for putting New Deal law into effect–forced charity. During his time in office as President, he replaced eight of the nine Supreme Court justices with his choice. Speaking for New Deal law, one of Franklin’s appointees, Justice Brandeis, asserted, “Property is only a means. It has been the frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.”  We are the means of do-gooder ends–anything for the good of all. How noble!  The end can leave the worker without money to buy his own needs.  Nothing could be more wrong.

In the documentary, we see horrible poverty. New Deal law was seen, according to Franklin, as government’s “inherent duty” to the individual, regardless of the fact, he admitted, that it isn’t written in the Constitution. The documentary saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoke no evil.  Since when has government had a duty to the individual? Americans originally came from Europe, giving up everything simply for the opportunity to do one’s on thing. Government cannot possibly know which individual should have government help and which should not. Growing dependence on government is the result of New Deal law. Government is here to do that which the individual can’t do for himself. While government may legitimately create work for the unemployed, government may not legitimately take from taxpayers and hand out the money to individuals. It is bribery—buying votes with other people’s money. New Deal law is lawless, a political con.

By creating a system of wealth transfer, government grows. Like private industry, the idea is government growth, but by robbing Peter to pay Paul. Private industry grows by providing real need. Roosevelt’s New Deal began small—taking only from the rich and giving to the poor. It started as a pyramid game. The winners got a lot for little tax. The New Deal now takes a lot from workers and gives to non-workers, real needs never entering the picture.  Not everyone receiving government help deserves it.  While America was the “Land of Opportunity,” now that it is a welfare state, people from South of the Border illegally coming to America to receive benefits from U.S. taxpayers, the Roosevelt’s aim to do good has turned into the biggest con job in the history of man.

Money goes where money flows. Half of the wealth in the United States is owned by one percent of the population. No, you cannot change the Higher Law, no matter how good your cause. We have a right and responsibility to exist on our own sweat. That was and remains my stand. I was born to be free. The government lost its case against me. I won, but remain a nobody, someone to fear, the Roosevelts, the greatest Americans ever.

President Kennedy asserted that instead of asking what your government can do for you, you should want to do what you can for your government.  President Kennedy was assassinated. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson became President and implemented, his Great Society, greatly increasing New Deal law. The Roosevelts let the horse out of the gate.

The welfare state, like a cancer, has continued to grow. Republican President George H. Bush said, “Read my lips, no new taxes,” President Bill Clinton was a welfare state champion. He changed when he saw he was in big political trouble. Republican George W. Bush, a “compassionate” Republican, ran up the national debt more than any American president in history. He was followed by the all-time biggest spender, President Barack Obama, beating Bush by more than two-to one in borrowing.  With the Wall Street stock market the highest in history, with interest rates the lowest in history, I wouldn’t be surprised at the U.S. going bankrupt, Federal Reserve Notes replaced by some other currency.

The big spending progressive Democrats took a beating in the last national election. Harry Reid lost his title as the Senate Leader. President Obama said he didn’t have to veto Republican legislation while Reid was in control, but now that Republicans will be in control after January 2, he will veto Republican legislation. The fact that his political partly lost big has not fazed President Obama. I’m wondering what he has in mind.  One thing for sure, we will be the last to know. Obama is the biggest liar that ever occupied the Whitehouse.

The big spending politicians speak of “a new world order.” It may well be the biggest year in American history, when we become just one more world where intelligent life exists, just one more member of the galactic community. Astrologers say we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper. Like I’ve said before, 2015 is sure to be a very interesting year in politics. Get ready for a roller coaster ride.



On the year 2015

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

The New Year promises startling changes. The world has literally been living on borrowed time.  Those prepared will profit. Those not prepared, relying on political whim, too bad about that. They are whistling Dixie.

The New Year promises starting new scientific discoveries on the workings of the universe. Reality is nothing like we’ve been taught. Basic to all is sound—string theory—or what Pythagoras, the ancient Greek astrologer called, “music from the spheres.”  He was a musician.  I’ve become a musician.  My music is at  It is a mystery. I record other bands and play with them. They sound better with me. I learned to play like a pro in four years. I can play with any of them. Don’t ask me how.

Folks primarily concerned with their own little worlds is the big problem. When the music stops, they will be left standing. The Bible says we are created in God’s image. The cutting edge of science says, the same as said about God, nothing could exist without consciousness.  Earthbound authority conveniently invents supernatural gods that can be anything. In the latter vein of thought, Allah’s wrath has the faithful going about lopping off the heads of infidels. Likewise, America’s Internal Revenue Service goes about putting tax protesters on the street or behind bars.

A devout Christian, knowing nothing about the law, called me a secular humanist. My dictionary defines secular humanism as “any set of beliefs that promotes human values without specific allusion to religious doctrines.” America, said to be a Christian nation, the U. S. Constitution says in the Bill of Rights, Article I, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech….” No, America is not a Christian nation!  Is there something wrong about reading and understanding what the Constitution says?  If we have the Constitution, why do we listen to others explain the Constitution?  We’re suckers!

All this talk about denigrating another’s religion, namely Islam, but go ahead and denigrate Christianity. It must be something about Christians.  I’m not a Christian, but I believe in Jesus. No, not just Christians, there must be something terribly wrong with all of Abraham’s religions.  They have been killing one another for ages.

The last thought in the Old Testament: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Really! Dare we change anything?  It’s outrageous!

Jesus maintained that the kingdom of God is in you, not in thousands of years old religious doctrines.   Jesus called those high and mighty priests of antiquity, who were ripping off the meek and poor, hypocrites. Read it for yourselves in the Gospels. Jesus was for me and you. Those self-serving “authorities” were robbing the poor, leaving them destitute.  Asserted Jesus:  “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in,” Matthew 23:13. And this: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” Matthew 23:33.

What about those folks primarily concerned with their highly confined, self-serving worlds?  I like looking at the big picture. I dare not mention my thoughts to those I know. I write my thoughts to the world.

The headlines on December 27, 2014: “Atom Smasher Will Renew Hunt for Strange Particles in 2015.” Indeed, 2015 will be a game changing year.  Numerology says that I can psychically separate the true from the false. Those primarily concerned with their little worlds are going to be left at the switch.

The masses know very little about the workings of the universe. Besides the political scene in America, hopelessly in debt and nothing in sight to change the pattern, the odds are that the bubble will burst in 2015. While the masses will wind up destitute—everything they have on paper left worthless—those prepared will gain.

Advanced technology will give the world a never-before boost: free energy. The New World Order, as different as night is to day from the currently planned new world order, is well on the way.

With my life in ruins in 1975, I cut from the herd and went on my own, to discover who I really was. Against legal advice (I had nothing to lose), I decided that Federal income tax, as implemented, had turned into an out-and-out fraud. I went to the source of the law, to the county law library. I read the law for myself, not as interpreted by the conniving makers and keepers of the law, who divide the nation by going only halfway around the circle of truth. That old dog won’t hunt anymore. A change will start in 2015. Where it stops, nobody knows.

My legal challenge against the United States didn’t get anywhere. I appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.  Then I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. An investigation was made. Holger Euringer, IRS public relations officer in Jacksonville, Florida said this: “We did make numerous mistakes in the collection procedures.”  Numerous mistakes? More accurately, obstructions of justice, and not one of eighteen federal judges would hear the case? If I had been heard, Federal income tax would have been ruled unconstitutional.  Federal income tax is the biggest fraud in the history of man. By this crooked device, the United States—the biggest liar ever—is the world’s superpower.

That scumbag, Holger Euringer: “We are very sorry and we apologize. We did not intend in any way to harass or intimidate him; but I can see why he might have that impression.”  The story was printed on the front page, but not one peep from anyone.  The American people try not to think about these kinds of things. I understand, but they are going to find themselves in the bottom of a snake pit.

How could anyone vote for those lying con artists? They have not the foggiest idea of how to get the ship of state back on course. Do you have any idea of how much money a trillion dollars is? They passed a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill without ever reading the bill, so they could cut out for Christmas vacation—the lord of the world, Obama, on another multimillion dollar vacation to Hawaii.  He comes back talking about vetoing every bill the Republicans pass so he can continue calling Republicans do-nothings. He will not have the bumbling Harry Reid to stop every bill the Republican House passes. You’ve got to be in La La Land if you think this mile high pile of crap in Washington is going to continue.

Those prepared will be on the express train to an unbelievable future. Nothing I’ve said has not been said many times before. The cutting edge of science will be coming up with real solutions, empowering us with bold new strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. Happy New Year.

On the Age of Aquarius, and our brother’s keeper

Monday, December 29th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

Being our brother’s keeper is a far cry from what authority says it is. Our brother’s keeper has a scientific basis.

We’ve thought we knew what electromagnetism does. Electromagnetism is the dominant force of the universe. It accounts for all energy. Gravity is the part of electromagnetism that causes particles to be attracted to one another. Electromagnetism, the source of all things in the universe, up to the universe itself, everything is surrounded by a sphere of electromagnetism, including humans.

We humans are in charge of our bodies, but if external authority can win you over, then your energy adds to their energy—and you are left with nothing you can call your own. As a Roosevelt appointee to the Supreme Court, one of eight out of the total of nine Roosevelt appointed, Justice Brandeis asserted that the old Supreme Court of the United States had it all wrong.  “Property” (my property, your property) is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means the end.”

The old Court: The test of rights is whether the right at issue is “of the very essence of a scheme of ordered liberty,” by reason that neither liberty nor justice would exist if such a right were sacrificed. That line of thinking is gone.  The law now is based on needs.  Government has the “inherent duty” (Roosevelt’s term) to supply those in need with the fruits of other people’s labor. In other words, the government determines our needs, not the maker and keeper of the universe.  Our energy is owned by the United States of America, and to whatever extent required we are obliged to give it freely. The United States believes it knows more than we know how our energy should be expended.

Governments that know how the individual’s energy should be expended never get very far with that idea. They have to cram the idea down the people’s throats.  In Early America, before government was there to “help” the needy, it was neighbor helping neighbor. For those who refused, justice was swift and effective. Those who refused to live under ordered liberty were often hung.

America rapidly grew as one of the world’s major powers under “ordered liberty.” There is a distinct difference in ordered liberty and help for the needy, just because you are needy.  You have the liberty to work for your keep, to keep what you earn, and to save for your old age. Roosevelt’s New Deal Law is proving to be a pyramid game. You give your savings to government to redistribute, expecting the future to pay you.  Alas, you have a pig in the poke, a government promise that can change with the next election.

Roosevelt, an aristocrat, personally knew nothing about working for your keep. His was not a New Deal. It was the same old deal Europeans left behind for the land of opportunity. His New Deal was a move back to the Dark Age.

I was born for a new age, in the “Roaring Twenties.” Born when Calvin Coolidge was President, Coolidge dismantled Woodrow Wilson’s progressive, big government contraption and ended the depression Wilson left us with.

With Roosevelt’s big government came convoluted law. Individual rights became so complex it took a legal expert to determine your rights. Mine were determined to be zero. I didn’t accept that judgment. An individual without rights is a pitiful thing. We were created with reason and logic for the purpose of becoming self-sufficient, reliable adults. Aristocrats see us as helpless vassals and make it so. We are made into slaves of the powerful with such as Roosevelt’s New Deal Law.

In 1975, with my life in ruins, and a choice, I decided to go for independence. In other words, I lost my mind. I saw my problem as Federal income tax, the taking of personal effort, to the extent that one can’t survive. It isn’t law; it is robbery.  Everyone is an individual case. The law says one suit fits all. I have enough sense to know the law is illogical. It is a fraud.  It became me, logic, and lying makers and keepers of the law opposing me. They wanted my survival money to give to the poor and needy. Roosevelt’s was the biggest con in history.  No way were bandit politicians going take what was rightfully mine.

America’s justice system has turned into Nazi law, as far as I’m concerned.  I have the right to be heard when government rips me off. However, if I were heard, the entire con would be ruled lawless.  No court was going to hear me. Tax comes before my right to exist.  After eleven years of butting heads with the bastards, I took the case to the press. An investigation was made. The makers and keepers of the law admitted they were mistaken. Anyone can make a mistake. Mine was the only mistake they made. Nevertheless, I was not heard.

The American people are on their way to becoming slaves. For those who don’t like it, the authorities have already bought enough coffins for 500,000 corpses. Concentration camps are scattered all around the United States. The whole world will soon be under Sharia law. The individual, expediently used, when he is of no further use, will be exterminated like an insect. Currently, politicians, led by the aristocracy, are playing a game of charades. The time is near to lowering the boom.

The ancients saw the above stated scenario as the death throes of a dying age, the Age of Pisces. They saw us becoming our brother’s keeper. I know for certain the ancients correctly predicted me.

St. Augustine: “Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.” Indeed, the progressive order for humanity is an increasing purpose from the beginning of the life of man to his end in eternity.

We are about to leave Stone Age mentality, to enter a New Age, the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper, when authority becomes the servant of the people.  “Watch ye therefore,” said Jesus, “and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man,” Luke 21:36.


On created in the image of God

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

The current swish does not equal the swash. What I mean is that the universe did not just happen.

American blacks, marching over police brutality and racial hatred they brought on themselves; Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr)is another two-faced American politician  currently serving as the 109th mayor of New York City, Mayor de Blasio became so alienated from his father that he changed his name. At a funeral for a murdered cop, hated by blacks for no reason at all, in a speech, his police with their backs to the Mayor. It is outrageous!

Islamic radicals are wiping out Jews and Christians in the Middle East by the hundreds of thousands—Americans are next. America’s government knows nothing about Higher Law. The only law known is the law of the jungle—might makes right.

Thousands of years ago the ancients predicted precisely what we see taking place at this time. We’re in the death throes of the Age of Pisces, an age when people have been easily impressed by external authority.  The Age of Pisces began with the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.  The first thing Jesus did when he set forth on his earthly mission was to turn over the moneychangers’ tables in the Temple and open the gates of the sacrificial animal pens and drive them out.  His purpose was to demonstrate that Jewish priests were frauds—hypocrites.  They were taking the ignorant poor.  He built a following, but not enough to stop the powers in control. They brutalized him and hung him from a cross as warning to others. For two thousand years, the pattern has not changed.

Jesus preached that the power of God is in you. Jesus said he would return. In Luke 21:25, Jesus speaking, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth stress,” following this: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man,” Luke 21:36.

The powers that be remain in control, but the “end-time” is here. Ancient astrologers predicted the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother’s keeper. Religion, as we know it, will be replaced by a God for tomorrow.  Authority will be left at the end of its time in control. The law of might makes right is going to end in a fight to the finish.

In 1975, I went on my own and discovered who I really was.  After that, I lived a charmed life. Before, if anything could go wrong, it did. Everything in my life has worked out according to astrological predictions. The God in you will be in control.  But you can take it or leave it. It is your choice.

In 1975, I was unaware of all that has since taken place. I started with the thought that the makers and keepers of the law were unconstitutional frauds. It took me eleven years, but I proved it. One person doesn’t change anything.  “The Law” has continued its tap dance around your rights.  The music is going to stop any time. Are you going to be left standing?

The Higher Law, the background of the U.S. Constitution, gave me rights that I have not given up, regardless of the law in practice.  I had to fight the tax collector.  The Holy Grail of American politics, government entitlements, made me public enemy number one. The very idea that I had a right to the fruits of my own labor—to exist—was seen by the tax collector as a joke.  They said they knew how to deal with my kind.  The American press backed them.  I was a nutcake on my way to prison.

I knew the law, first hand. Every case is different. You have to match the law with your situation.  The law says you cannot tax an individual out of his existence. I had a legitimate right to be heard, but I was not heard by the tax collector, by Members of Congress, or by the courts. I took the record to the press. The press investigated and discovered that I was right and the government wrong.  My rightful property was returned.  The case was closed eleven years after the government lawlessly took my property, put me on the street, and then admitted it was a mistake.  For political reasons, a mistake?

Does the good offset the bad?  The facts speak for themselves.  It is not good for working people, giving others money for which you worked. The makers and keepers of the law are getting what they want—control.  Your work is financing their unscrupulous scheme.

Unaware of what I know today, in 1975, I had a bigger than life calling to pursue the Higher Law, the background of the U.S. Constitution. I, and I alone, gave myself the right to “due process of law,” as written in the U.S. Constitution. This one individual beat the United States of America on their own legal turf. It is all in the record.  I was created in the image of God.





On God in Heaven

Friday, December 26th, 2014


Another Jesus birth celebration has passed, with mass protests on American streets over claimed racial killings by America’s police.  That’s the way you want it. That’s the way you have it. We’ve got to stop those racist cops from killing blacks!  That’s the only issue, according protesting blacks, and some whites. They refuse to think anything else. They want to talk about it. Let’s talk.

“God” told Moses, in Exodus 3:14, his name was I AM THAT I AM. According to that line of thinking, said Jesus in Matthew 6:10, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” In Matthew 6:33, Jesus: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God….” And in Luke 17:21, Jesus: “behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” It all says that God is internal, not some place in heaven. It is a contradiction to pray to God in Heaven. So—Let’s start praying where God is.

On earth, the law of might makes right prevailing; God is external—of this world alone—a mere speck in the universe. A God internal, a state of being, the cutting edge of science says without consciousness nothing could exist, are you merely a chip floating on the tides, with no thought of your own, doing as your peer group does, or, are you a rock in the stream?  I’m accused of being a rock in the stream. Those on the street protesting are floaters.

The authorities, those on which the American people depend, have divided the people. A house divided soon falls. If your peers hate cops, what rules you, your peers or the Higher Law of the universe?  In other words, are you ruled externally or internally?

As a voice of experience, say I: “Provided that you are not part of the current external protestations—in La La Land—you have the right to be heard, a legal remedy.” The bully cops in the Internal Revenue Service routinely shove people around. Tax revenue, on which America’s growing government exists, allows expedience in tax collections, in fact, in all three branches.  I didn’t take to the street—throw rocks, loot stores, burn buildings.  I didn’t make a public scene.  The IRS apologized on the front page of The Palm Beach Post. I had the Higher Law. The IRS had the law of might makes right. The rock throwers have the law of might makes right.  They lose. The government is mightier.

Politicians spend years building their image before audiences that look to government for answers. Not only do they spend time building an image, but it costs millions in advertising to win an election.  After being elected it takes the majority of a politicians  time soliciting money for his next election.  Money goes where money flows.  The home of the “brave and the free” has become a “money talks” game.

The Roosevelts, a Dutch family, came to America on a sailing ship in the seventeenth century, landing in New York Harbor. They never left New York City. The Roosevelt’s became a prominent family. They were dignified, intelligent, the closest thing to royalty in America, they were very wealthy.

Theodore Roosevelt’s mother and father, both very loving of Teddy, gave him a good start in life. Teddy was sickly as a child, but this caused him to strive harder. He worked out and became  physically powerful. He read a lot and became mentally powerful.  He was extremely active.

Roosevelt’s first wife died shortly after the birth of his first child.  Roosevelt was so depressed that he decided to leave his plush life and live in the Wild West. He became a cattle rancher in North Dakota. After several years a cattle rancher, a harsh winter killed most of his heard. He returned to his old life.

Theodore Roosevelt was very outspoken and forceful, a natural born leader. He became a Republican President.  Roosevelt was a visionary. He saw the United States of American becoming the most powerful nation in the world.  He had big ideas for the American people. His great exuberance turned off conservative Republicans.

Theodore’s Cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, won the presidential election in 1933.  The progressive liberal steamroller Theodore started moved in fast.  America was in her Great Depression. Traditional America, the family the cornerstone, vanished from the scene, replaced by New Deal Law—big brother government.  You can’t change the nature of the beast, the aristocracy. America went back to the time when the masses looked to the aristocracy for answers. FDR said we only have fear itself to fear; that the government, although departing from the Constitution, nevertheless, had an “inherent duty” to the people.

Similarly, when the Great Depression bankrupted Germany and Hitler took over, the Audubon was built, many magnificent public structures were built by money Hitler seized from Jews and by borrowing money from the same international bankers Roosevelt borrowed from to fund his programs. Hitler’s programs included building a war machine and building an army.  International bankers orchestrated the Great Depression and financed both sides. Nothing like a World War to make money.  They are still at it. Leave to bankers and the world will be enslaved.

The year 2015 promises to be a big political year. The Republicans will be in full control of Congress. Will they spoil the plans of the international banker’s world takeover?  Will Republicans ever again turn to conservative politics?  We will know in 2015.


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

The Water-Bearer

In the news this morning, we read: “It would make sense, then, that when the sentiments of the community change, the way of maintaining law and order must change as well.” This is the liberal news media’s response in America to police efforts to maintain law and order.

Says John DeCarlo, a 34 year veteran policeman who now is a professor at the City of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, “Mistakes have been made and the community is speaking.”

The old saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” applies.  One world united, with liberal and conservative ideas in play, instead of a United States of America, the world is “progressing” toward a “new world order.”

Alas, the universe is nothing like we’ve been told. The current establishment was a long time in the making, and a long time in the breaking. In order for new ideas to work, they must be backed by a foundation of truth.  The media is made of up spin doctors.  You never get the full truth. Spin doctors deal only with the symptoms, never the fundamental problem. Spin doctors are responsible for keeping the status quo in place.  The public is in the habit of observing the surface and making snap judgments. As one of my relatives told me, “I try not to think about it.”

For one thing, the cost of getting one’s self elected to high office assures that the status quo remains in place. The status quo will never change as long as the fox is guarding the henhouse.  For another thing, as long as government entitlement remains in place in America, be assured that those elected are going to keep government entitlement in place. More voters are government entitled than not. How to break the status quo is the central question.  We don’t discuss it. We are addicted. In other words, the American people are trapped in a box of their own making.  Any significant change would take a total break with the law in practice. The police are as much victims as the rest of society.  I have not heard this mentioned.

Something new: advanced understanding of the makeup of the universe; it is nothing like we’ve been told. The cutting edge of science tells us the same as the ancient sages of India: so is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm. The universe is mirrored to infinity. There is no beginning and no end.  We exist in an illusion.

Something old: As long as the individual sees himself government entitled, he will continue in that box—and borrowing against the future of America.  There comes the inevitable we do not mention.

Something out of the blue:  Building energy will overcome resistance.  History ceases to repeat itself. We get out of the box—become members of the galaxy. Earthbound authority becomes extinct—no more supernatural gods in heaven; no more spin doctors, no more cradle to grave security. Said Jesus: “Neither will they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you,” Luke 17:21. You will be on your own. If it worked for me, it can work for you.  Please help me spread the word.

On God in heaven

Sunday, December 21st, 2014


Is this picture the beginning of the end of America?  The torch of liberty in the foreground, people jumping from the top of the World Trade Center in the background.

The news this morning in America:  Two New York City cops executed—two lives to pay for one taken by the cops, said the executioner. This is an example of age-old misdirection, an angry God looking down on human sin. It goes back to the dawn of human history.

According to the cutting edge of science, we are part of the consciousness of the universe, It is nott here nor there. Consciousness is the state of being.  Without consciousness, nothing could exist. This is today’s scientific conclusion.

Consciousness and God are one and the same.  God cannot be in a place looking down on our sin and at the same time everywhere.  This idea is personalizing according to your idea of God.  Once you get that idea in your head, you are dangerous—easily mesorized.

The latest scientific theory is that the universe is a holograph.  We look out from earth at a starry universe.  We do not look up to heaven and think of God out there somewhere, unless we’ve been brainwashed.  What we see is an illusion, like the flat earth. We’ve been programmed to a time-space consortium—everything with a beginning and an end. What about our DNA?

Consciousness made us what we are. In that sense, we at one with God—neither here nor there, but everywhere at the same time.  All these gods we’ve got are manmade for political reasons.

People are placed in authority—given credit for knowing more than the self-serving individual. We expect proper guidance from authority. New York City’s Mayor Bill deBlazio, by expressing his view that cops can be brutal in an already charged atmosphere, taking the position of anarchists, leaves deBlazio with blood on his hands. President Obama congratulated deBlazio for his brave stand. Obama has blood on his hands.

Hitler was Germany’s supreme authority. He left millions of people dead—and more millions homeless, for what? Germany was left flat on the ground. I’m an eye witness. I was selected to put an end to Hitler’s rule. I was a combat rifleman in World War II.

Civilizations come and go, as does suffering humanity from misdirected authority. Why don’t we use our God given intelligence? Those fools out on the street protesting, goaded by profit oriented sharks, are asking for enslavement.

In America, we have a system of justice in which people, including police officers, are guilty on the judgment of their peers, but the majority of black, and some whites—losers all—have the notion that their peers are biased.  That’s always the way with losers.  They blame everyone for their personal woes. So now they have killed two police officers hired to keep the peace.  When authority second guesses what justice should have done, it is always for their own political gain.  Those executed police officers where there to see that the law was enforced.  This senseless execution could start a conflagration that turns into a prairie fire. Mayor deBlazio says he wants New York City police reeducated. Mayor deBlazio and following need to be reeducated. Ruthless dictators in the world waiting for the giant, America, to become weak enough to overtly attack.

President Obama, before becoming President, was a constitutional lawyer. The government of the United States was originally one of enumerated powers. President Obama, a Roosevelt Democrat, believes the government has an “inherent duty” to the individual, even if it is not written in the Constitution, asserted Roosevelt.  An inherent duty to the individual is outrageously impossible. The U.S. Constitution was designed to give every individual equal opportunity. There is a great difference in government “leaving no child behind.” That is not a government responsibility, and it is costing America her liberty.  The statistics prove it. Before Roosevelt and “New Deal Law,” it was a family responsibility.

People unwilling to take personal responsibility for their lives, deserve to be enslaved.  America is out of control, our freedom up for grabs.  God is not in heaven.  God is in whomever.  Take your choic

On fear

Thursday, December 18th, 2014


Fundamental to life is fear. This is a dangerous world.  Nature provides protections, but without consuming other life we can’t exist. In any event, the process worked to create us, the lords and masters of all life on this planet.

Strangely, we are our worst enemy.  In early America, whites had the right to own black slaves. Males had rights females did not have. Property owners had rights non-property owners did not have.  “Equal rights” means who among us is big and bad enough to conquer the wills of others. It remains the law of the jungle.  We’ve kept working on that in America until now the authorities leave us stripped of all rights.

A New World Order

The problem lies in the blue-blood element, an inherent thing, the man-made notion that the blue-bloods are greater than ordinary folks. We love the type, or hate them, but more love them so much they will even give their lives. It must be animal instinct. Take President Barack Obama, he came from a dysfunctional family. He has nothing of his past that makes him a blue-blood, but he thinks he is a blue-blood.

Out of fear, we become aggressive—lose our native sense of reason.  Hitler feared Jews.  America’s slave owning South feared the North’s move to free their slaves. We have the equal right to kill one another for our cause, because we are more intelligent than animals. Moreover, we American are proud that our freedom allows us to vote people into high office who express our desire.  We are divided, yes, which allows our representatives to use that division in their game of charades.  Name one of our representatives that advocates phasing out government entitlement.  The division allows them to be our masters. Their solution: “a new world order.”  No more division because they will be our absolute masters.

Something tells me they are not looking out for us. I call it voices of the past.  This began after I studied the U.S. Constitution. There is a big distinction between the way I read it and the way authority reads it. I’m able to reason. I read it with my rights in mind. They read it with their authority in mind.  I believe it was written with my rights in mind, and I’m not going to bend an inch.  The self-appoint bluebloods lost. I won. The proof is in the pudding. The U.S. Constitution was written with the individual’s right uppermost. But it was written by people with a double standard.  It was merely words, but nevertheless the law.  The writers had no right to own slaves.  I do not allow this double standard. Authority is under the same law I’m under.

Name one of America’s representatives that advocates phasing out government entitlement, which began with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal law, the idea that government has the “inherent duty,”  Roosevelt’s own words, even if his law does not pass constitutional muster. He admitted that!  The courts allow deviations for “today’s needs.”  The Constitution has a background of law that does not change.  The government’s one-suit-fits-all approach is not the law.  We are not hive insects.  I have rights that may not be taken or transferred.

The majority vote doesn’t make the law. West Va. State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943): “The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of officials and establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts.” Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Good luck.  You are going to need it.

Let the world take note that the current U.S Supreme Court says the money you pay private health insurance companies is the same as a tax—and is under the control of the lying, scheming, conniving Internal Revenue Service.  This is Roosevelt’s New Deal law.  You do without health care insurance so those who vote for Roosevelt Democrats can afford health care insurance.  Nice work if you can get it, but what is different in Obamacare and Castro’s health care. By the way, Obama and Castro are now pals.  They think alike.



On legal process

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


It is easy to become confused between legal process and lawful process. Legal says the form of law. Hitler was legal. In today’s America, we go mostly by legal process. Lawful contemplates the substance of the law. To say that something is lawful is to say that it is authorized, sanctioned, or at any rate not forbidden. This would include anything that doesn’t violate other people’s rights to the same.  I would not be lawful to deceive someone for my personal gain and their loss.

Having said this, the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, spelling out my rights, the makers and keepers of America’s laws have deceived the people at my loss. The form of law in America eliminates my constitutional rights upon the phony reasoning that government has the “inherent duty” to give personal aid to people in need, and out of my pocket. It is utterly impossible for government to know who needs help and who does not need help. To help those who do not need help brings great harm to those struggling to help themselves.  It is an extra burden to bear, as well as inducement on the personally irresponsible to let others supply their needs.  This is proven fact.

Why would government do such a thing?  It is a vote buying scheme, parasites with the power to sap the energy of the resourceful.  The “inherent duty” of government is President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brainchild.  He admitted it is not written in the Constitution.  He preyed on the compassion of the American people during the Great Depression.

The Great Depression was the result of backroom banker wheeling and dealing. The Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates after the New York Stock Market crash of 1929, to further harm the American economy.  America was deliberately put in bankruptcy. Roosevelt stole the people’s gold and pledged it to the Federal Reserve Bank in order to borrow money. The taxpayers paid the interest. It was a game of charades from the beginning and remains that.

Social Security, a Roosevelt-Democrat pyramid game, “gave” the American people a great deal to begin with, and a terrible deal for today’s taxpayer. This government entitlement is largely responsible for the current national debt of over $18 trillion.  It is unprecedented. To keep America’s economy from melting down, the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank, and Congress, in a hand is quicker than the eye fraud, has invented “quantitative easing:” printing trillions of paper dollars with nothing to back them.  The taxpayers are paying private bankers hundreds of billions of dollars in interest for what? This is the greatest con job in the history of man.  A Roosevelt appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Brandies: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error or our Court that they have made the means the end.” You taxpayers are the means to a “legal” end: the same as Hitler’s end, enslavement.

Just what did Roosevelt and the Democrats have in mind when, under their “inherent duty,” they created their “New Deal Law?”  They opened the gate and let the horse out.  Individual freedom was bound to be replaced with government control. This is proven fact.

The easiest people to control are the young and inexperienced, the old and feeble, and the irresponsible. Government entitlement is the best answer.  It leaves the “working stiff” with the burden to bear. In short order, the vote is bound to go to those on the receiving end.  This is a proven fact.

With the horse out of the gate, what can we do? There is only one answer, what I did. On my own, without legal help, I took the makers and keepers of the law to court. I had the right. You have the right. I was all by myself.  The judges, with the Democrat idea that property is only a means, brushed me off. They would have a problem brushing off a million people with the same right I had.

If the government makes a mistake, leaving out the Constitution, and the mistake is against your personal interests, you have the constitutional right, the same as I, to take the government to Tax Court. All it costs is the filing fee.  The IRS continued to make mistakes against me.  I took the court brush-off to the press. An investigation found me right and the government wrong.  But I’m only one. It didn’t change anything.  Only the people’s action can stop the government from making slaves of us.

By taking action, by proving to myself the power within me, it made a difference.  Everything began to go my way.  Why would it be any different with you?  It isn’t easy, I can tell you. It takes determination,  but it pays, not only for you but for those who follow.

On a new human model

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


In referring to the news today regarding radical Islam, say I—in agreement, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete- Buckminster Fuller.

Yesterday morning, instead of writing my blog for the day, I drove the 1.5 hour drive to downtown Portland, Oregon (I hate it) to have a skin cancer removed from my nose. The surgeon was visibly shaken when I told him there was nothing cancerous on my nose.  A biopsy several weeks before said I had a squamous cell carcinoma on my nose.

The doctor told me that squamous cell cancers can grow inward; and that to leave them unattended could result in deadly lymphoma. I’d told him I’d take the chance.  I asked him to zap with liquid nitrogen, a spot on my cheek, a spot on my forehead, and one on my jaw near my right ear. The patient telling the doctor what to do?  That’s not right.

What gave me the idea that I didn’t have a skin cancer on my nose? Several years before, I had an itchy scalp. By vigorously massaging my scalp I rid myself of itchy scalp, and more, I reinvigorated my hair. Doctors don’t tell you that. My hair shines now and lays in place. It was thin, dry and blowing uncontrolled.

I’ve had seven skin cancers surgically removed from my arms. The skin on my arms was dry and flakey. All the hair had disappeared. I started massaging my arms with a back brush.  The skin on my arms is now smooth and the hair has returned. I’ve had no further skin cancers on my arms. Doctors don’t tell you that.

When I was informed of the skin cancer on my nose, I started massaging my face with my fingers.  After a while I noticed tingling in different areas of my face, including my nose. I also found spots that stung like fire, which I eliminated by pressing my fingernail on said spots. This, too, caused tingling in different areas of my face, and itching. In a couple of instances, the tingling occurred on my scalp. My scalp started itching. The skin on my face has become smooth as silk and more sensitive to the touch. My doctor didn’t know anything about the tingling, the very thing that changed my skin. The spots I ask him to zap were places I couldn’t remove with the fingernail treatment.

I recall that doctors used to put leaches on us to cure disease. They don’t know it all. I happened to be born to question.  Dermatologists have never listened to my ideas, even though they have seen the results.  If I don’t get the right answer, then I act on my own.

Say I, “Even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in you, so the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than the lowest within you also”- Kahlil Gibran.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”- Ephesians 6:12.

On my way home, I stopped at Guitar Center and bought a Christmas present to myself, an electric guitar to add to Joe’s Garage Band.  Sound is basic to all that is.

It is our complicity, the desire to be ruled, the denial of our true selves that allows evil, self-serving tyrants to leave us dying shells of what we were.  The Roman tyrant, Cicero: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious; but it cannot survive treason from within.” The current massive, widely perceived external thread of follow the leader leaves America in a protective mode, unable to think positively, and leaders playing a game of charades. The masses, in fear and trepidation, are simply automatons led by charlatans.  This game is as old as the hills.

America’s biggest threat is not external.  The problem is ego. Some of the weak compensate by scheming to take control, with the delusion that they are bigger than they are. The resistance, a bigger than life cause, that’s me—a small life but a big cause.  The victim of it all is those taking out their personal weakness on the meek. The egomaniac’s cause always begins with some public need that isn’t being met, some cause to help the poor and needy—to create a public outcry for justice. They use the carrot and stick approach to train their subjects to jump though their hoops. It is the collective consciousness diverted to worldly things. We are not created to live like herd animals.

The egomaniac tyrant never wins, ultimately, because his cause is always self-serving. The Greek Alexander built the first great empire. As soon as he perished, the empire he built faded away.  We are not mindless robots, at least most of us. When the situation gets bad enough, we awaken to facts, especially when the establishment makes less and less sense. When the oppressed begin to pay a really heavy price, they become unified and strike back.

Ancient gurus perceived of us, this planet, in fact the whole universe inside a sphere of electromagnetic energy.  This sphere of energy includes the individual cells in our bodies, all the way up to galaxies. There is this order of the universe. The tingling I felt in my face would naturally be that electromagnetic energy bringing order to my body cells. I have magic fingers. Most of the time, I don’t need a skin doctor cutting or burning my flesh.  It is “the sound of music” that heals our wounds.

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