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The big surprise

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

I’m a combat rifleman from World War II. The Veteran’s Administration, in 2007, judged that there is a 60 percent chance that my advancing hearing loss is due to combat in Nazi Germany during World War II. The judgment was that 70 percent hearing loss meant I am unemployable. The American people are paying me the equivalent of a wage, and tax free. Also, I receive free health care. I’m one of a growing number of disabled veterans in America.

Half of the American people are government entitled to a subsidy. It was all so simple. Just invent a yumyum tree.  The cost of all the give-away taxpayer money, having grown out of control, the American people now have a national debt of $17 trillion, and no solution in sight. There is no way that this debt can ever be paid.

All of the above having complicated American lives, further complicating American lives is calling defense of freedom dealing with “workplace violence.” We are not at war with a religion that has declared war on America. Islam, from its beginning, has used beheadings as a means of gaining support.  We know that most Muslims do not subscribe to beheadings, but there is a large number who do, or are neither here nor there about it. America’s fighting men are going overseas to help “contain” Islamic terrorists, called “enemy combatants.”  The political twisting of the truth is costly in more ways than one to the American people, including lost lives. Under current American law, it is lawful to talk about beheading Americans. It is considered freedom of speech. Any and everything can and has been called freedom of speech. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a gyrating female genitalia in your face is freedom of speech.  They know something I don’t know.  They are crazy–stark raving mad!

When Obama was asked on the “60 Minutes” TV show if he was surprised at the swift takeover of a large part of Iraq and part of Syria by ISIS, his response was that his national security adviser was surprised. This is the man who sponsors “workplace violence” and “enemy combatants.” This is the man who is against “racial profiling,” against “denigrating another’s religion.”  This is the man who has vowed to “transform America.”  So far, Obama’s transformation has left America more in peril. This is not his fault, he is quick to let everyone know. The half of America that is “government entitled” is more concerned about their entitlements than the fact that American freedom is in peril.  That 50 percent are more likely to vote for Democrats.  The Republicans have yet to say a word against government entitlement. Why vote?  It is six of one and a half-dozen of the other.  I depend on my government entitlement, but I’m not going to vote. I don’t want to take part in this game of charades. We are being played for suckers. Alas, the dye has been caste, regardless of the vote.  Many hate me for talking this way.When it comes down to the vote, lacking in confidence in themselves, they vote for the big spenders, the enlightened who think of all property is theirs with which to do as they will..

The momentum rapidly increasing, similar to spinning toward a black hole, when all that we know goes down the drain, where does that leave you? More than likely mad as hell for my bringing it up. Count  your beads and say over and over, “This is not true.” Nevertheless, the world we are about to enter is no place for foot draggers, or government dependents.  Obama and following are going vanish like mist in the morning sun.  In fact, religion, as we know it, is going to vanish. Forget the beads.   Jesus had it right. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man,” Luke 21:36.

Time to start thinking about your future. Like it or not, more advanced beings are here in growing numbers. America’s government does everything it can to hide that fact. Extraterrestrials and America’s government have struck a deal, their technology in exchange for certain privileges kept from the American people, as we are the losers.  The facts say the extraterrestrials are paying no attention to the deal. The facts say that America’s government is doing all it can to stop extraterrestrials from finding a home here and hiding it all.  It compares with the Native Americans trying to stop the advanced world from taking over America. They didn’t have the means. Therefore, I put to you the idea that we will fare much better by cooperating with the change taking place, even though it is scary and will surely cause many displacements.

The coming of the automobile caused many displacements. The automobile has its problems.  The automobile is going to be replaced. We are going to move from place to place via free energy. It is already here, thanks to the technical trade-off made with aliens. America’s government is keeping it a deep, dark secret.  You need to know that between America’s current government and international bankers, American freedom is up for grabs. How do you like the idea of Sharia law?  As for me, I’ll take the aliens.

Psychiatrists have noted that patients seem stuck on high center, but then something unknown causes them to resonate.  Their elusive behavior problem suddenly vanishes.  My behavior problem suddenly vanished, and without the help of a psychiatrist.  I cut from the herd, went on my own in a totally new environment. My old way of thinking was replaced by the new situation I put myself in. I discovered power I never knew I possessed.

Little do we know until we are faced with a new situation. Speaking from my personal experience, when forced to think of a solution, I found my solution.  My solution was based on what I knew, what I experienced, and what I was willing to do.  Naturally, I was willing to do more when faced with a new situation.   The life I’d built and was enjoying, had slipped away.  They say the mother of invention is necessity.

How are you going to think when extraterrestrials let it be known they are here, plan to remain, and doing their thing, which is not your thing.  Your place becomes their place.  You think not?  Think about Native America. Those who didn’t go along with the change are on the reservation. The change soon to come will put earthlings in the galactic community of intelligent life. If they can come here, we can go there.  How does that grab you?

Pat Roberts claims we are the only intelligent life in the universe.  Where did he get his idea? This I bring to your attention was all predicted, including Jesus. Those star gazers who made the predictions, told of an age when we become our brother’s keeper.  In Luke 21:25, Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars. Sounds like an astrologer talking.  Little does Pat Roberts know. Little do we know.  Astrologers tell me that I was put here to know. Surprise! Suddenly La La Land is history.

On American conundrums

Monday, September 29th, 2014


America is capitalist and greedy, yet half of the population is subsidized.  Half of the population is subsidized, yet they think they are victims. Their elected run the government, yet the poor keep getting poorer; yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about—yet they want America to be more like those other countries. To my knowledge, no nation in history has ever had America’s current problem: living in Utopia.

Possibly, the answer to America’s problem is an indivisible God. That would be Islam’s god. America’s Christian god is in three parts: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Islam’s radicals don’t think of a three part god as God, so you must quit calling God a trinity. You are denigrating the Muslim’s religion. That’s essential. Otherwise, off comes your head.

My thought: America, indeed, needs an indivisible god. The cutting edge of science has the answer: consciousness—God-given consciousness. In other words, we are at one with God. That should satisfy all of the religious. And how about what Jesus said. The kingdom of God is within you, not in heaven?

With a god in heaven, America is not conscious of reality. But then neither is an illusion of an indivisible god that orders cutting off the heads of non-believers.  In a nutshell, the problem is religion. It’s time has come and gone. We need to replace religion with the reality of who we really are—and what we are here to do. That’s all that matters.  Dare I mention what Jesus offered?  He said we are our brother’s keeper.  That makes sense.  I refer you to my first paragraph. The elected run the government. We are educated to do unto others before others do unto you; in other words, kill or be killed. Crazy thinking.

Science has the answer. No other life form on the planet has but a fraction of the conscious awareness of humans. Humans don’t take what nature provides and leave it at that. We use natural resources to make life more comfortable. But then to destroy what we’ve accomplished and kill our own kind, what sense does that make?  We invent God. I submit that everything in the universe is conscious to some degree, even a rock.  Science has proven that to be a fact.  The name for it is Bell’s theorem. I wonder how many people know this. My guess is that no more than one thousandth of one percent of the total population knows what Bell’s theorem has proven in lab experiments, and little wonder with our education.

The molecule transcends the state of awareness of the atom. The cell transcends the state of awareness of the molecule; the quantum mind transcends the state of awareness of the cell. Quantum, the smallest excitation of a quantified wave, in quantum physics, we have been found to possess a mind that actualizes possibilities.

But given a mind that actualizes possibilities, the problem is authority’s penchant for postulating man’s answer: to keep the status quo from ever changing. The powers that be have worked very hard to put themselves in control. Here we sit in 2014 at the threshold of the greatest change in the history of man, and afraid to cross it. In desperation, authority is ordering decapitating heads; in desperation ordering kill or be killed—all in God’s name; and we the people running around like chickens with our heads cut off. The answer is as simple as falling off a log: know thyself.

I’m successful. I know myself. More than nine hundred ninety-nine percent—chickens running around with your heads cut off—laugh off what I know.  It isn’t funny. I was one of you. I refused to face the truth. I took the path of least resistance—swallowed the sucker bate of authorities hook, line and sinker. One day I woke up with my life in ruins, with no way to look but up. I was not who I thought I was.

The first step is to know thyself. I was a successful American businessman, the envy of most. I lived in a beautiful home on 25 acres I could call my own. Half of my time was spent on the golf course or other enjoyable activities—like Obama—I traveled. I’d worked hard for what I had. In my mind, I deserved what I had. Others didn’t agree. They elected politicians—like Obama—intent on taking what I had and spreading the wealth of the nation to have-nots. To those folks, I got what I deserved, a place on the street. Obama got what he deserved his place in the Whitehouse. They got what they wanted, ultimately, a pile of stinking manure.  According to America’s judges, I had the privilege of living on the street, but I did not have a right to a penny of what I’d earned from my own effort. The voters had a right to every penny of my effort.  I have the court record to prove it—the U.S. District Court record, the U.S. Court of Appeals record, the U.S. Supreme Court’s record.

What do you expect from a system of justice that once held a black man to be no more than a mule or a cow in his rights?  America’s judges today hold that we are all slaves of the state. They are not judges, not anymore than Nazi judges were judges. The law is based on reason, not power.

The tax collector, backed by America’s system of justice, by hook and crook put me on the street. This is one thing one can expect from authority. The other is bald-faced lying.  The one thing I had going for me was the “Higher Law.” To my advantage, America’s authorities know only their doctored notion of the law. (They expediently tossed out my Constitution shortly after they wrote it.) By the way, I’m white. Also, I was a property owner robbed of everything. Originally in the United States, white male property owners were the only ones allowed to vote. With everyone voting, my rights are zero.

Presto chango! Through popular appeal—through authority’s usual shell game—misguided into thinking they had better uses for the property I’d worked for—the popular vote and authority stripped me. Hitler had the same idea, but legal conjecture does not pass the test. It has the moral low ground. In short, with the representatives of the people (with the majority vote), with their idea of the law, the property I’d worked hard for went to buy votes and start wars. I’m against war and robbery. Ironically, the world is against me.

To the world, I had a Chinaman’s chance of winning. It’s time to know the truth. With the law on my side, I won. The world is wrong.

If only the people knew. Reality is nothing like the people of this world have been taught to believe. We are not the only intelligent beings in the universe, and some are vastly more intelligent than we. Just because we don’t know how to jump from one planet to another does not mean it is impossible.  Authority on this planet once thought, and not so long ago, that heavier than air craft could never fly. Five hundred years ago, authority had it that this planet was at the center of the universe. I’m talking about authority that lived in splendor while its subjects lived like cur dogs. What do we the people know? Authority sees to it that we know little.  Well, I’ve got news for you. I’m onto authority.

I have the gall to think authority knows how to con people. And why not? In 1975, my life in ruins—and hated—I cut from the herd. I went on my own. I learned who I really was. Lo and behold, when everything should have gone wrong for me everything went right. Authority was forced to eat crow. When has that ever happened? I’ve never heard of it. My case was on the front page of The Palm Beach Post. There was not a peep from anyone, I guess because it was unheard of. This is always the reaction of things never heard of. We are in habit swimming in whatever direction the rest of the fish are swimming.  I was minnow swimming in a different direction, food for big fish.  Guess what? The big fish got caught in their own web of deceit.  There is more to life than we know.

In the summer of 1975, facing a divorce trial that could have left me with nothing, and all that I’d worked for out of my control—I lived in my car and went hungry for a time—I hired an astrologer to create my astrological chart. Not only did he tell me that I was going to come out well in the trial, he told me what to expect in the future. Everything he told me came true. He told me that in my twilight years I’d live a prosperous life. He told me that I had “a part of fortune” going for me. People who try to do bad things behind my back pay dearly.  Too many coincidences to be coincidence occurred in my life, we know little about our reality. Again, earthbound authority sees to that.

Here is something I read yesterday in The Holographic Universe: “In recent years psychologists have become increasingly interested in lucid dreams, a type of dream in which the dreamer maintains full waking consciousness and is aware that he or she is dreaming….in a lucid dream the dreamer is often able to control the dream in various ways—turn nightmares into pleasant experiences…” Exactly what I did! It literally began with nightmares. I had no control.  After I read The ‘Higher Law’ Background of American Constitutional Law, came my lucid dreams. This was followed by my actual reality. With rings in their noses, I led legal authorities to a cliff and pushed them over.

With my lucid dreams, I’m here to tell you, when everything you would have thought would go wrong in my life, everything started going right. I read this: “our minds create the illusion of reality ‘out there’ through the same kind of processes studied by Bekesy. He believes these processes are also what allow the lucid dreamer to create subjective reality….” Bekesy is not the only one who believes this.  The cutting edge of science says there is no such thing as objective reality. It takes a mind to create reality. And wouldn’t you know that authorities have minds?  As it turns out, as unbelievable as it is, authorities minds were no match for my mind, the reason being that my mind was in tune with the law. The proof is in the pudding. There is the “law of the land,” and the “Higher Law,” universal law. The “law of the land,” by common sense reasoning, always submits to the “Higher Law”—no matter what the circumstance. I’m referring to the indivisible God, the God we’ve yet to know. It begins with vibrations—music. They call it string theory.  The astrologer Pythagoras called it “music of the spheres.”

So I ask you, would the indivisible God demand that his subjects lop off heads to gain compliance? Would the indivisible God demand that we kill or be killed?  Fundamental to the law is reason.  We are blessed with the ability to reason. Why do we need external authority to do our reasoning? “’Rather than being unrelated and random, the experiential content (of the mind) seemed to represent a successive unfolding of deeper and deeper levels of unconsciousness,’ says Groff.”  It didn’t take me very long, after my experience with “the law,” to bring the unconscious part of my mind to conscious awareness. There is nothing quite as pervasive as necessity. My very existence was at stake. All the king’s men were not enough to overcome “Higher Law.”  If it was true in my case, why not in everyone’s case? I’m speaking for the uncreated God of the universe, the indivisible God: Islam’s God—Christianity’s God—Judaism’s God.

Time that we knew it is insane to kill or be killed. We are meant to be our brother’s keeper.





On Jesus

Sunday, September 28th, 2014


An Oklahoma woman, on her job in a food processing plant, was beheaded by a Muslim. This Muslim had revealed his religious beliefs for months on  No one is safe. Anywhere, at any time, you might share this woman’s fate.  This is the object of the beheading. By terror, the hope is that you will give up your religious views and accept Islam.  Jesus had a totally different approach.  His was to look within for God. They hung Jesus from a cross.

The picture of the Peace & Plenty sign and me after I hacked out a place to hang it on a stump, is where I now live, in the tall timber near Mt. Hood, Oregon. I was a long time getting here, in fact 83 years, but my trials and tribulations were worth the time it took.  One doesn’t get a life by dreaming what he wants and then forcing the pieces to fit. As the ancient Chinese said, it takes a first step in a thousand mile journey.

As for that first step, Christians speak of being born again.  I was born again, but I’m not a Christian. Anyone can be born again. The way I did it was to cut from the herd with two things in mind: (1) to remake my life, (2) to let go of the trunk of the tree and go out on a limb for the fruit.

In President Barack Obama’s view, we must not “denigrate” another’s religion. He makes it clear to Muslims that he is very sorry that many Americans are prejudiced against Muslims. He spoke at the UN about Ferguson, Missouri, about the racial issue there, to let the world know that we Americans have our problems.

Obviously, President Obama thinks that by being contrite about America’s faults, Muslim terrorists will leave us be. He makes it a point whenever he speaks to Muslims of being pro Muslim. We Americans are at odds with Obama’s approach. The kill or be killed approach now taking root, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Besides the appeasement and war options, there is a third option not mentioned, the new age approach, which requires getting up to speed.  High tech is moving much faster than the establishment. The religious argument is based on metaphor, the high tech argument on reality. We make our reality. Our current reality, bringing death to many innocent victims, is based on myth.

What Jesus taught is identical to what the Egyptian god Torus taught, both teaching truth and justice for all. Muslims give Jesus credit for being a great prophet, in fact, second only to the prophet Mohammad. The only significant difference is that Christians believe God is a trinity. Muslims believe God is indivisible.  My question: where is God? Neither religion has answers that make sense.

For God’s sake, we are not here to kill our brothers on some misbegotten notion of what God reprepresents.  God doesn’t hate. God loves his creation.  It took me 55 years to learn this truth. The love of my life was sent to me—after I discovered the real me.  At least 95 percent of the people believe as I believe. Yet it takes only takes 5 percent forcing us to fear God’s wrath to take control of the world.

Is God in a place called “Paradise?”  No, God is spiritual—boundless, oneness—cannot possibly be in a place. God is in the smallest subatomic particle up to the entire universe. The only idea that fits my perception is consciousness. All things are conscious to some degree, even a rock. We humans did not come from osmosis. We came from the elements. Before anything comes consciousness. This has been proven in science labs. Consciousness is infinite. The whole has no beginning, no end. It can’t be physical. The simple fact is that we humans are natively observers. This is what sets us apart. Animals take whatever nature gives them.  Nature serves human needs in such ways as comfortable homes, many things for our comfort and convenience. This is great as long as we don’t forget the basics. Our problem: We’ve forgotten the basics.

I’m just a bottom fish, someone not blinded by surface reflections. Rather that killing nonbelievers, or killing before being killed, the human way is to talk reason and logic. Read the Gospels. Then learn all  you can about the latest scientific discoveries. A great essay to read, The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law, will give you a basis for the law of all times.

I can only speak for myself, but these are the ways I was able to find “Peace & Plenty.”  If you will do all of the above, and then act, you will not only protect yourself from wolves in sheep’s clothing, you will be your brother’s keeper. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

P.S.  Pursuant to my American constitutional Bill of Rights, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others my take; but, as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”  Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.

With my Bill of Rights, I acted against the Nazi tactics of the United States of America.  The United States of America ate crow. It is all in the record.




Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Crater Lake, Oregon

Ever since humanity’s dawn, has been the belief in our divine origin.  Along with this belief has been the belief of good and evil. It is this that sets humanity apart from the animal kingdom. Early in our existence, human sacrifices were made to let our Creator know that we believed and wanted to pay for our sins.

Holy men had differing ideas of what God wanted of us. A reward in heaven, fear and guilt were the chosen ways to sell one’s faith.  The name Allah immerged for God. Led by the prophet Mohammad, faith in Allah was asserted by lopping off the heads 700 infidels on the first day of Mohammad’s reign. Whatever works, right? We are willing to pay for our sins by decapitating non-believers.  Another way of paying for our sins is going to a crowded mall with a bomb attached and blowing ourselves and others to kingdom come.

Well, I have a better idea, also based on whatever works: “get up to speed.”   The cutting edge of science has concluded that there is a God of the universe: consciousness. We are vastly more consciously aware than Mohammad and following. There is a progressive order in the universe—from hydrogen atoms to the elements, to water, to life, to humans, and back again to repeat the same. We don’t die and go to heaven or hell. There is no eternal paradise. It’s a myth.  Consciousness is a process, a state of being, a quality.  Place is manmade. We are from dust to dust—with immortal souls, a quality.  The answer science gives us for Earth and everything else is a dimension of infinite possibility. We are observers. We make our reality.  This being the case, monster or human? It is our choice.

As for humans, I speak from personal experience. We don’t need bribery—die and go to Paradise. We don’t need fear, suffering, or the threat of going to eternal damnation. We can live happily by reason and logic, and die and come back again to correct our wrongs, according to the cutting edge of science. Which makes more sense? Might we live happily by reason and logic?

This current idea of kill or be killed, does that make sense?  It is the law of the jungle, no different than killing for Allah and going to Paradise. If you truly believe humans are blessed with more intelligence than animals, then lend me your ear.

Think of your conscious awareness as an awareness of all of nature potential, a reverence.    This idea came to me at Crater Lake, Oregon. At the time of my visit, I was very down on things. Crater Lake was once the scene of horrific violence. The top of Mt. Mazama was blown off. A 2500 foot deep crater was left. In that crater is now the 1,500 foot deep Crater Lake, called the gem of America.

This is legendary: after a calamity, hope and renewal.  Crater Lake is nature’s way of telling us about God. But far greater understanding has come from science’s laboratories.  Light waves, when observed, become particles. How can something be two things at the same time.  How can waves travel in a vacuum. Water and sound travel in waves, in these cases with a medium. The idea of light traveling in a vacuum will not stretch.  Science has found in Bell’s theorem that once connected photons are always in communication instantly, no matter how far separated. Light does not travel in waves.  The universe is a state, not a place. Consciousness is oneness. We are at one with God. How do we know—by looking to authority,  looking to ISIS inflicting pain, suffering, and death—no way! By looking to any religion, all inflicting pain, suffering and death if one does not follow this or that particular believe—no way!

I can only speak for myself. I know what works and what never works. I would never try to force anyone through fear and intimidation to do my will.  But I don’t do what I know to be wrong. I knew the tax collector was wrong. The tax collector attempted to force his will on me. The Tax Court ruled for me. But that didn’t stop the Tax Collector.  He ignored the Tax Court’s order. Two U.S. District Courts refused to hear me. The U.S. Court of Appeals refused to hear me. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear me. Had I  been heard, the makers and keepers of the law would have had to change the law. The taxpayer is guilty until proven innocent.  Federal income tax would have gone down the drain. Right or wrong, you pay your tax.  Millions of taxpayers can’t exist on their after tax income.  They require government entitlements. First the government forces people to depend on government, then gives people help with their own sweat.

In my case, authority’s scheme didn’t work. I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post.  Under question, the tax collector was forced to admit that I was “wrongfully” taxed.  But one such admission changed nothing; that is, for the general public.  My effort rewarded me.  All my dreams came true.  I won by adhering to the law. The government didn’t.  Not one life was lost.

By sticking by the law, miracles occurred in my life. During my two years at sea, I saved seven lives, including my own, from a watery grave. After I left the sea, I lived a charmed life.  Can others say the same? No!  By sticking by the law, did anyone suffer? No.  Kill or be killed?  I wouldn’t think it would be a very good idea. A lot of people would be killed.  I guess we are stuck with that remedy, at least for the time being.  It is up to we the people to correct this wrong.

“Don’t denigrate another’s religion,” President Obama’s words. Tell me one thing President Obama has said or done that was proven right.  By my action, I’ve not only denigrated another’s religion, but I’ve denigrated another’s government, and came out far better in the end.  I’ve done this without harm to anyone.

I took what I read in my Constitution to heart. The system, solidly ingrained in America’s current thinking, took the opposing position in my tax case. Dumbed-down America does not want to hear what I offer. The torch of liberty is up for grabs.




On the reason for everything

Friday, September 26th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

I heard President Obama speak before the United Nations. He doesn’t know much. If I were before the United Nations here is what I’d say:

The universe does not exist in and of itself, nor do the laws of the universe, but for a purpose. We are not here because we are here, but for a purpose, for our individual purpose. We are not hive insects.  One thing for sure: we are not here to carry out the will of the powerful. The powerful don’t agree.

Oh, I’m seen as a bad influence on others because I don’t follow the customs.  I could say the same as others say about me.

Well, it’s because of this or that. For a long time we’ve been going on this or that. Really!

Is it wrong to question the status quo? Why were humans created with reason and logic? Well, anything new could be a problem. Better to leave well enough alone, right?  We would still be in the Stone Age if anything new could be a problem.  I mean, really!

So now we’ve got terrorists wanting to take us centuries back, and all because we are afraid to cross the threshold of the future.  High tech is roaring ahead.  We are facing grave danger.  The cure is to stop all progress. Turn the clock back.

I’m sorry if you don’t like me, but I was born to be independent—with a mind of my own. I can’t help it. Ever since civilization began—ever since we left the Stone Age—we’ve been ramping up our advancement. We’ve gone from stone implements to computers. I hear that we’ve got a new code for our computers, a quantum code.  Computers will soon be a thousand times as powerful.  It’s hard to imagine.

Technology has more lately been moving forward many times as fast as human mentality. People are afraid of change—and ignorant of their potential. Some are radically resistant to anything new. In any event, kill or be killed is no answer.  The only logical answer is getting up to speed.  So what do the powerful do? They proceed to dumb the gullible down. I mean more than half of America is dependent on government! Fifty-eight million Americans can’t exist without food stamps. What on earth are America’s leaders thinking?  And we want to tell the world what to do? Obama gave the UN half answers—political answers. What government could hand out as much as the Obama Administration hands out?

The answer of the powerful is always greater central control. Alas, we are just not smart enough to be in control of our own lives, simply because that’s what the powerful want us to think.  The result is the law of the jungle, and ISIS. “We’ve got to wipe this scourge from the face of the earth.” It always comes down to kill or be killed—the law of the jungle. No?

Case in point: With the advent of America’s Great Depression, the powerful: “While it isn’t written in the Constitution, nevertheless, it is the inherent duty of the Federal Government to keep its citizens from starvation.” Given credit for being the greatest American president of all times, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, said that.  Obama is a Roosevelt Democrat, and proud of it.  He has built America’s debt far more than any other president. To all you Roosevelt lovers, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

The Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates after the New York stock market crash in 1929. Why?  It should have lowered interest rates. By raising interest rates, private bankers (The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned) caused the Great Depression.  This is an indisputable fact. But to be sure, they gave us reasons. They always do. And who are we to question these learned men? The powerful always give us reasons for everything they do—self-serving reasons. There is the arcane God in heaven, the guilt trip approach, or the political bribery approach, to keep people jumping through the hoops. Take your choice.

The next step of the pre-planned banker take-over of bewitched America was to place starving people ahead of the Constitution.  For eleven years, the political stooges of international bankers, America’s Democratic Party, moved in on the American people’s private lives. Then the inevitable banker planned World War II occurred. Private bankers loaned the United States a vast sum of money and received interest. The same private bankers loaned the enemy a vast sum of money and received interest.  Banker gamesmanship allowed bankers to become magnificently empowered, while the world fought, and suffered, and died by the millions. It is simply amazing what money can do.

I came home from World War II to a booming American economy. But the same policy as the powerful put in place to keep people from starving remained in place. Once the powerful get their foot in the door, it is next to impossible to force it out.

President John F. Kennedy attempted to get the banker’s foot out of America’s door by ordering the U.S. Treasury to print silver and gold certificates to replace Federal Reserve bank notes—which were backed by nothing. His act got his brains blown out.

Kennedy was replaced by Johnson, the best friend bankers ever had. The first thing President Johnson did was to declare war on poverty. Then he declared war on Viet Nam, all for the glory of international bankers. Millions suffered. Thanks to America’s sell-out artists, international bankers now own half of the world’s wealth.

What do the instigators of the greatest fraud of all times offer? With the Obama lead it is kill or be killed! International bankers salivate.

We Americans are in a war that isn’t a war, with over half of the American people depending on government in one form or another, with a $17 trillion dollar national debt, thanks to President Obama. America’s makers and keepers of the law, having painted America into a corner, are going every direction. Only fools depend on this America.

As for international bankers, their American playhouse about to collapse. They are practically giving away Federal Reserve Notes to the United States, and still making enormous profit, but not for long. The tap is about to be closed. America is close to being forced to default. The world is cashing in their dollars for another currency.

There is a limit in the number of mistakes a government may make. What will it be when the big terrorist attack on America occurs?  It isn’t a pretty picture.

A great change is in the wind and America’s authority is powerless to stop it. Who is going to grab the ball and run with it, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Russians, the Chinese? They are all eagerly awaiting the great downfall of America, drowning in debt, her gas bag is about to pop.

Alas, it is always darkest before the dawn.  Once the resistance is overcome, radical change occurs fast. It matters not who wins the November election in America. The dye has been cast, without a shot being fired. All will be replaced.

A new order will place the responsibility on the individual. And what can the individual do but turn his life over to a dictator? With the individual in control, America, the king of high tech, teaming with individuals looking for a way to make a buck, the opportunities will be many. Those big business moguls in cahoots with government will be reduced to pipsqueaks.  New businesses with innovative ideas will grow like Jack’s bean stalk.  But best of all will be a worldwide network of horse traders, a bonanza for resourceful individuals. Politicians will become public servants.  Political boundaries will disappear.  With nothing to keep international terrorism going, it will go away. Religious intolerance will go away. Socialism, communism, authoritarianism will go away.

In America’s beginning, it was on individual terms. We were a nation of innovators. In the Bible, we find in Luke 21 that our redemption is now at hand.  An implicate, infinite order in the universe, what comes around goes around, welcome the Age of Aquarius, when we become one world and our brother’s keeper. “Kill or be killed?” Really! This that I tell you was predicted thousands of years ago. The unrecognized authority lies hidden in you. Pain and suffering comes from earthbound authority. Everything is in divine order.

When there was no way for me to look but up, I looked within for my answers. With the world against me, I found the universal answer. The universe doesn’t exist for some arguable arcane purpose. The universe is neither more nor less than consciousness. This non-limited substance is at one with me, and with you. My dream came true. To know the ultimate truth of human life, that we are in the image of God, and inescapably connected, I know from personal experience that this truth will set you free—will carry you forward to an unbelievably marvelous future.  Bombs will not stop ISIS, nor will boots on the ground. There will soon be no reason for ISIS or any other terrorist threat. The world is moving on.



On the Big Bang

Thursday, September 25th, 2014


From the Big Bang came an orderly process. Giant stars formed. The heat and pressure they created caused the forming of the elements from hydrogen atoms.  These super-stars exploded spreading their dust throughout the universe.  From this came the forming of the present universe—billions of galaxies spiraling toward black holes, to become only information in the vast ocean of space that will create new galaxies.

What do we know? What does an ant know? What does an atom know? I know I’m conscious. I know that God is universal consciousness. My objective is to be as consciously aware as I possibly can.

The tangible realities of our lives are based on the theory that it all began with a bang—literally or figuratively? The order of things builds resistance to change. When the force of change becomes great enough, there is a sudden reordering. An example would be a volcanic eruption. From the dust of the old comes new and better life. On the first date with the love of my life, a hike in the mountains near Mt. St. Helens, she erupted. From that day forward my life was better. Love and life is my goal. My life is good.

Whenever the potential for change becomes great enough to overcome the resistance, there is sudden chaos followed by change. This occurred in my life. The new order begins with the most versatile; those best adaptable to change; those with great depth of understanding; those with experience taking advantage of new opportunities. That’s why my life is good. With the passing of time, new opportunities have exponentially multiplied. A coming change is going to give the resourceful greater than ever opportunity.

The proverbial Big Bang occurred in my life in 1975, when I found my life in ruins—everything I’d worked for gone with the wind. I cut from the herd, went on my own; according to most not the thing to do. I was looked upon as a nutcake. We are taught to play by the established rules. Establishments work very hard to establish rules, and rest assured, will act harshly against those who have other ideas.

If you play by the establishment’s rules, your chances of success are much less. That’s the way it works. Those willing to chance it are more likely to be successful.  This is fundamental law.


Lawyers are for writing laws. Unfortunately, the laws they write are likely to rob Peter to pay Paul.  Take, for instance, Federal income tax, enough rules and regulations to fill a boxcar. Tax law is ambiguous. The result: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. America is now owned by the super rich, who can afford lawyers. We can’t. They will never change.

I couldn’t afford a lawyer, so I read the law.  The U.S. Constitution was understandable to this high school graduate. That’s more than I can say for the U.S. Code, written by lawyers. To understand their cock and bull crap, you must be a lawyer. When I got into the law, I found from lawyers that I did not have a right to one penny of my sweat. It was in their “legal” reality, their form of reality, to put me on the street.  “Legal precedence” stripped me of my inalienable rights. What we have in America today is Nazi law.

Lawyers told me right. I didn’t have a chance of winning.  Nevertheless, I went through the motions. I then had a record, which I took to The Palm Beach Post.

The Palm Beach Post investigated. The IRS admitted that it made numerous mistakes.  Why didn’t the lawyers know that? Why didn’t the Federal judiciary know that?  The entire U.S. system of justice has become an outrageous fraud against America’s freedom. You don’t know that the makers and keepers of America’s law are frauds if you don’t make it your business to know. If they had the law on their side, I would have lost. They ate crow. I know the law. The makers and keepers of the law in America are the biggest, most costly frauds in the history of man.

You can be sure the pressure is building for change. If one pauper, namely Joseph W. Smith, Jr. could turn the U.S apple cart over, surely others could do the same. Run for the hills, your time in the sun is about over, guys.

Gee, I just heard that Attorney General Holder resigned.  How about that!  I’m right up to the minute in the news.

The last president for the American people’s freedom, President John F. Kennedy, ten days before he was assassinated, in a speech at Columbia University, asserted: “The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.”  Those were fatal words.  No other President has dared to say the same, Republican or Democrat.  What happened to Kennedy’s support?

It was President Kennedy who asserted, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” It was President Kennedy who cut taxes to help grow the economy. It was President Kennedy who ordered the U.S. Treasury to start printing silver and gold certificates in competition with Federal Reserve bank notes. No other President has dared to do the same, not even Reagan.

Congress goes to the Federal Reserve Bank with a request for billions of dollars to hand out for what good purpose?  For votes.  During the Reagan Administration, the national debt increased dramatically.  The Federal Reserve Bank receives from U.S. Taxpayers interest for paper that cost the bank practically nothing to print. Nice work if you can get it. This interest money goes to private persons, the interest on trillions of borrowed paper dollars. How did we ever come to this? This kind of political-banker back scratching has been ongoing hundreds of years. It makes wars and finances wars. Think of it, a tiny fraction of the world’s population, from a self-serving racket, owns half or the world’s wealth. America is controlled by a gangster government. Is it any wonder that America is called the Great Satin?

The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned and authorized to print paper money with nothing behind it, authorized by the big spenders in Congress. Who gained and who lost with this authorization? The richest in the world gained. Individual freedom lost. America’s elected representatives are playing games.  We should replace their frigging paper money with real money. They are nothing but con artists. Kennedy knew them—plotters out to destroy the American’s freedom.  They should be in prison.

With this kind of control, we can be manipulated to the heart’s content of powerful evil doers. Nobody dared to question this bloodthirsty American aristocracy when President Kennedy’s brains were blown out. The American people have no reason to believe one word their leaders utter.

If Joseph W. Smith, Jr. by himself, without legal help, could get an admission on the front page of The Palm Beach Post from the U.S. government’s own mouthpiece that its fraudulent tax collector made numerous mistakes against Smith over a period of eleven years, while the taxes of Smith were before the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, then you ought to know the entire system is the greatest fraud of all times.

They used the lie that my case had already been heard, the idea that no matter what the IRS does, the taxpayer is automatically wrong. This is Nazi law. They didn’t get away with it.

I’ve given you the absolute truth. With the greatest fraud of all times in control of America, you can expect anything.

President Kennedy was murdered for trying to end this lawlessness. What have following presidents done? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

The world’s forces of evil currently have the people between a rock and a hard place. What would it be if everyone knew that within lies a power greater than any man?  What makes me different than other people?  At the same time the authorities in America are about containing ISIS, they should be promoting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead, the frauds promote government dependence.

ISIS has God in an external place, ordering ISIS to kill all who do not adhere to their phony god’s demands. What does the ISIS god have going? Terror, period! What does the opposition, America, have going?  Terror, period! They put me on the street in the name of tax. ISIS or otherwise, it is all the same. It is up to we the people to bring the world back to our true destiny.  The killing is senseless. What are lawyers but professional liars? What are the other self-appointed authorities?  They are all paper tigers. They are the reason for terrorism! It is time to join me and beat the lawless bastards in control through the law of all times. Once they know us, the world will be behind us, ISIS and all like them.


On growing old

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Photo on 9-24-14 at 5.14 AM



The picture is of me holding a photo of my wife Karen and I taken on October 25, 1980. I was 56 years-old and Karen 46 years-old.  I was 89 years-old on September 17, 2014.

I’m looking at a birthday card Karen is going to send to a middle age friend. It reads, “The really frightening thing about middle age is knowing that you will grow out of it.”


I can say for sure that I would not trade my present life for the life I lived as a young adult. Not many can say that at age 89.

I’m guessing that many of you would like to know how to make your lives better as you age. I can only speak for myself, but the shoe may fit.

Married at age 25, I was still in my twenties with a wife and three babies born one year apart. I was a lumber salesman, working on a commission.  I received a lot of nos but enough yeses to make a living. I came home in the evening, only to hear my wife’s problems during the day. She considered my life far better than hers. It finally dawned on me that she married me only for what I could give her, and that wasn’t enough. I left her at age 34. She got custody of my three girls over my protests. My girls were pretty much on their own. Judges paid no attention to the facts.  They did the customary thing.

Within a year I was married to wife number two, who had been married and had a young boy in her custody—and no child support.  She gave birth to our boy.  I’d become a successful lumber wholesaler, now with a wife and five children to support. My three girls lived with their mother. I paid child support. After ten years with wife number two, with double digit inflation and price controls, my business enterprise went on the rocks. Wife number two filed for divorce.  She had married me for what I could give her.  My three girls by my first marriage were adults and on their own.  I gave my second wife our home and 15 acres of valuable land, plus child support. The court didn’t give her anything but the furniture in our home. I owned the land before we were married. All the improvements went to me.  My second wife, very reluctantly, agreed to give me an amount in cash equal to a fourth of what I gave her. That was in 1975.  I bought a sailboat with my part of the property settlement and set sail on the South Atlantic Ocean.

During my two years at sea I married my third wife, my first mate.  I left the life at sea in 1978 and took a job selling lumber in Portland, Oregon. Wife number three walked out in early May 1980. This made three women who married me for what they could gain.

The Carter welfare state had put America back into double digit inflation. I was on a commission. With mortgage rates at 16 percent, the lumber business was back like it was five years earlier, when my business went on the rocks. Two weeks after wife number three walked out Karen walked in. I knew the moment we met that at last I’d met the right woman for me.

Karen had been divorced a year. She had four grown children. I still had my boy by my second wife to support. I sold my condo and moved in with Karen—without a job, mind you. Karen sold her home. I told Karen I was going back to Florida. She had to love me to go. I was going back to sea. We headed for a life at sea. With our joint funds we bought a sailboat and were married in October 1981.

My idea was to sail to the Virgin Islands.  I had purchased an industrial quality video camera and editor. Video was new. I planned to video the places Virgin Island “bareboat” charterers went and sell my videos to the large bareboat chartering industry in the Virgins. I’d thought of doing this when a decided to return to the lumber business.

Unfortunately, on our way to the Virgins we ended on a reef. We saved our boat, but spent a year fighting with our insurer. In June 1982, our boat was returned to us as good as new. We sailed her from Miami to West Palm Beach where Karen was working as a medical assistant. I was planning on getting into the real estate business. We lived on our boat which was docked in downtown West Palm Beach.

In February 1983, we sold our boat and bought a home with no money down on the GI Bill of Rights. With the money we received on the boat, I made the down payment on a 10 unit apartment complex, and put a display ad in the Yellow Pages as Action Video Productions. The real estate business was not for me. In no time, I was booking weddings, parties, and even some commercial in house videos.  My profits went to purchase more advanced video equipment. Karen’s income was tax free because I’d taken accelerated depreciation on the apartment complex.

We plugged along for ten years. We lived well enough, mostly on Karen’s tax free income. Karen didn’t marry me for what I could give her.

Drugs moved into the neighborhood of my apartments.  My insurance rate doubled after Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida. My property taxes tripled. Due to drugs in the neighborhood, my rental income went down. This was of no concern of the elected. They looked at me as a tax slave. I couldn’t make my mortgage payments. The bank foreclosed. The IRS didn’t like the fact that Karen wasn’t paying any income tax. Illegally, the IRS attempted to take our home in payment of tax we allegedly owed. I went to my congressman. He stopped the IRS. Both Karen and I were totally stressed out over the continuing IRS frauds.

By 1995, because commercial television companies were allowing their employees to use their broadcast quality equipment to compete with me, my video production business ended. It was that and my growing hearing problem, a development from World War II cannon fire.  This was no concern of the elected.

Karen was soon to be eligible for Social Security. I was already on Social Security and Medicare, something the elected are concerned over.  My doctor told me that within five years I’d have to have open heart surgery. Karen had undergone surgery for breast cancer and was still in radiation treatment. She was medical assistant for a cancer doctor, and on the phone a lot talking with dying patients. It was a high stress job. Our stressful working lives was of zero concern of the elected. Their concern was for redistribution of the nation’s sweat.

But Karen and I had something bigger than life going for us—our love for one another. We were spiritually united.

Our friends all wondered why we decided to sell out and pull out—to trade our good lives for a life on wheels.

Starting in April 1999, for nine years, Karen and I lived in a 33 foot fifth wheel RV, travelling and working some in temporary jobs, living on this and Social Security, and paying zero tax.

Karen and I, if nothing else, are flexible. We would not trade our life on wheels. In August 2007, we dropped our landing gear on a wooded RV park site 34 miles east of Mt. Hood, Oregon. This park was 250 acres in the tall timber, and mostly manufactured homes. In November 2007, Karen said, “Joe, I hate to think about living in this RV the rest of my life.”  She was dreaming of buying a manufactured home in the park.  It was out of the question. We didn’t have the money.

One week after Karen’s remark, I received a letter from the Veteran’s Administration stating that I’d been accepted for 100 percent disability due to my World War II caused hearing loss.  We could afford to buy a manufactured home. In March 2008, we moved into Karen’s dream home, and mine. My long-time dream was to retire in the tall timber.   This October will make 33 years of wedded bliss.

We’ve encountered many challenges. In all these many years of trial and tribulation, we’ve and came out in good health. Karen is in remission. I don’t have a heart problem.  Conventional life in America is a killer. People wonder why we cut out. If they only knew.

When I was 49, I cut from the herd, went to sea where it was just me and God. God’s hand was on my wheel. Karen was sent to me.

When I was 49, not only did I cut from the herd but I threw down the gauntlet to America’s makers and keepers of the law. I took the Commissioner of Internal Revenue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Eighteen in all—America’s judges refused to hear that the IRS is lawless. (In my case, the IRS violated a Tax Court Order and a U.S. District Court Order.)

For an undeniable fact, the IRS is lawlessly robbing the American people in order that the governing body can buy votes with handouts of taxpayer money. People simply refuse to see this truth.

You can grow old and be blessed with a good life, or do what “authority” orders and take whatever pittance you get for obeying America’s governing body.

Personally, at this time, I have no complaints. I do what I want 24/7, and somebody else works to pay my way. I did the same for past generations. My father was self employed. He paid self-employment tax for three years and retired. His tax was less than a thousand dollars. He lived to 94 and drew more than $500,000 in benefits. But there is this problem: the building national debt. Those pieces of paper you use to buy groceries and pay your rent say you are responsible for the debt.  You need to speak with  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.  She will tell you how to think of it. This America’s representatives are doing is for the economy.  In any event, I hope this helps.

P.S. I just read President Obama’s UN Speech. Obama has finally heard the same voices of the past I’m hearing. “Ultimately, the task of rejecting sectarianism and extremism is a generational task — a task for the people of the Middle East themselves, No external power can bring about a transformation of hearts and minds.”


Joseph Smith, Houston, Texas – 1927

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On the U.S. Constitution

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


The United States has become a skilled tap dancer. It tap dances all around the law. With my Constitution, on a million to one shot, I stuck my foot out. The United States fell on its face. I represent the hard core of American tradition. It is still there. The wielders of power are still held in check by the rule of law. But it is an individual thing. America’s current makers and keepers of the law are a travesty of law.


How do you like the current idea: kill or be killed?  The President of the United States has no stomach for it. Obama pays no attention to my Constitution.  They call him an ideologue. He’s a good time Charlie. He doesn’t know enough to govern, but some people would vote for a brass monkey if they thought they could get something out of it. There you have it. The United States is a lawless gangster—a legalized mafia. So dream on, you are about to be left at the switch.


In that man can always be led into temptation by the lust for power and control, it is essential that all men know and believe in a written constitution that protects the individual’s God-given rights.  America’s three branches of government, having turned into a lawless conspiracy, are playing a game of charades. Not one single Member of Congress, nor the President, has offered even a clue of what needs to be done.


But who am I to say this?  I’m a high school graduate. I can read the Constitution. I believe in the occult—astrology. I believe that Jesus is my savior. These are contra ideas, but they worked. I didn’t begin with these ideas. If was from facts that I ended with this. It began with the Constitution, then astrology, and lastly Jesus.


With my Constitution, as distinguished from the current U.S. Constitution, on a million to one shot, I challenged the bumbling Nazi Internal Revenue Service.  It collects tax for external control. My Constitution is for internal control. Federal income tax, in its present usage, is unconstitutional. Osama bin Laden was right about that.  We wouldn’t be talking kill or be killed if we’d listened to Osama.  Now you know where Obama stands. He ordered the killing of Osama so he could claim he ended Al Qaeda’s threat. For political reasons, Obama allowed Al Qaeda to kill America’s ambassador to Libya.  He then lied about it.  Stating that we should never denigrate another’s religion, he called the attack spontaneous anger over an individual’s amateur video.  If Obama has ever told the truth, I don’t know when. He is a disgrace, but no more than the whole Washington cesspool of corruption.


Thus it was that on a million to one shot I challenged the bastards and won, or you might say internal control won. We don’t know as much about it as we should. If we did, we wouldn’t be talking about kill or be killed.


Throughout recorded history, man has inevitably twisted and distorted the law into an uncontrollable monster. The ancients gave the ages symbols. The symbol for this dying age is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions.  People in this age are easily influenced by external factors, implying their duality of thought and inability to make up their minds. They are not combative. Their aversion to struggle often makes them subject to injury. Alas, they refuse to fight for their rights.


A move from Al Qaeda to ISIS is the reaction, a move from the frying pan into the fire, and all because we don’t know the law of all times, because we’ve been horns wagged by “authorities” serving themselves at our great cost.


This is all a reminder of the legend of the Phoenix, a bird that after a life of centuries immolates itself on a pyre and rises from the ashes.  It is about being reborn to a new life after suffering a calamity, the story of my life.


America’s time is represented by the water-bearer symbol, the Age of Aquarius. The planet Uranus was on the ascendant of the Zodiac on July 4, 1776, the day America declared her independence from her mother country, England. On the day I was born, September 17, 1925, the planet Uranus was on the ascendant.  I’m Aquarius rising. When I was in my forties Uranus, my ruling planet, had transited to a position opposing itself. It meant change, in my case, a change for the worse. In 1816, forty years after the Declaration of Independence, the world changed for the worse. Severe weather conditions caused food shortages and an extremely cold winter. They called it the little ice age. In forty years after my change for the worse, 2015, the world could see a change for the worse. The legend of the Phoenix, being reborn to a new life after suffering a calamity, read Luke 21:25. Jesus speaks of his second coming, referred to signs in the sun, moon and stars. Astrologers speak of an age when we become our brother’s keeper.


I began over with my life in ruins. It took that to know who I really was.  I’d been taking the path of least resistance.  It all seems to fit. Once I learned who a really was, an order followed. In my twilight years, my dreams have come true.


When I was born, besides being under the influence of Uranus, Saturn was trine (in favorable alignment) with Pluto. Saturn is the learning planet, Pluto the generational planet. This alignment meant that I would understand the subtle workings of the universe; that I would slowly make fundamental and irrevocable changes in my life and other lives. Everything in my astrology agrees with the facts of my life, now that I know who I really am.  Before I knew, if anything could go wrong it did. This is interesting, in light of present circumstances.





On cutting to the chase

Monday, September 22nd, 2014


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama, stumping for the Democrats ahead of November’s congressional elections, has twice invoked Ronald Reagan’s seminal campaign question: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

I had a dream last night that I’d stolen a commercial jetliner. I piloted it until it ran out of fuel. Rather than a message to the world to be afraid of what is coming, my purpose was to attract attention to the enlightenment coming. I landed on the ocean and slid up on a beach. While people gathered, I walked away. I couldn’t make up my mind of who to tell my story.

I’ll make my story much shorter than Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe, a 302 page story. The holographic universe, the big picture, like a three dimensional photograph floating in space, we’re looking at a fact simile, like something by comparison—like simple as falling off a log, or he is growing like a weed, metaphors.

Personification is when we give human characteristics to objects, using words that describe the objective, your particular view. God is the word people most use to describe the whole of things—God in everything, how come we mentally look to heaven when we pray?  Heaven is external. It takes someone with extraordinary imagination to know a God somewhere in the heavens. This extraordinary person tells ordinary mortals that they cannot know what God plans. But they know. They let us all know by chopping off the heads of those who doubt them. We are taught to fear God, for God is looking down on we sinners with much anger, we are taught to believe.  I don’t believe it. While others are being punished, I’ve been rewarded. Others don’t want to hear this. They call me the work of the devil.

I’m one of the new age. Others call the new age a time of demons. Astrologers say the new age is a time when we become our brother’s keeper.  It is your choice. You will be at the switch when the express to the future rolls by.

Heaven is a metaphor, merely an image. If God is in everything, then God is in you. You are the personification of God. When God is external, you are an insignificant speck. Your life has little to no worth. You are merely here to die for the cause, whatever the cause may be.

If you are an authority, you are given credit for knowing more than others. Most believe that. Why, I don’t know. Most are hero worshipers. If God is internal, how do theologians know more about God than the individual who believes God is internal?   God in heaven, a fact simile, the same applies to God internal, right?  It is an individual choice. Am I right or wrong?  Authority gives us one suit for all. How can that be? If you think at all, you know better than that.

Adam and Eve were given the Garden of Eden. The one thing they were not given was the right to know good and evil.  Satin talked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, which she shared with Adam.  When God saw them covered with fig leaves God knew that they were humans, knowing good and evil.  They were ordered out of the Garden of Eden, forced to plow the ground for their existence.  It is all metaphor. The Greeks loved to poke fun at such metaphors.

The mythical Greek god Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. In the Bible, Job gave up everything he had to prove to Satin his loyalty to God. Job was a fool. If you believe God is internal, you don’t have to prove it to anyone.  But no, don’t believe God is internal. God is in heaven frowning on this sinful world. We can only be forgiven by admitting our sins and contributing our money to the cause.

I made a choice in my teens to look within for my answers.  My father admonished me for it. Said he, “God gave Adam everything a man needed, but Adam disobeyed God’s command.” Adam was punished. I was punished for looking within for my answers.  That’s the way of it.  God told the damned fools in Malachi 4:6, to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and heart of the children to their fathers, lest God smite the earth with a curse.

Jesus told his following that the kingdom of God was in the individual.  I’ve followed Jesus’ advice. Individually, how can God be external and internal at the same time? When my life was in ruins—nowhere to look but up, speaking metaphorically, I looked within and discovered the real me.  At the same time that I discovered the real me, I discovered the real Constitution, as distinguished from authority’s Constitution.  Likewise, I discovered the real meaning of the Bible, which is largely metaphoric.

Authority juxtapositions the true and the false—uses the shell game to sell its wares, plus bribery, intimidation, harassment, and last but not least fear. The term for it is the law of the jungle.

When we look within for the law, above animal, we are looking at humanity’s law; we read the Bible and the Constitution for our human benefit; that is, the individual’s benefit. We are not herd animals.  When we punish those who look within for their answers, be reminded that the Nazis looked externally for their answers.  No human that looked internally for his answers would have killed like you kill cockroaches.  They hid the outrageous thing they did by blubbering that they were only following their dead leaders orders, who committed suicide.  What does that tell you?

And now we’ve got Obama—another dictator who knows it all. Obama was going to transform America.  We are finding that he knows nothing. He lives in a fact simile of his own making. That’s fine, but not for us.

Holograph, a word that applies to an image—we imagine—you might say that we exist in a dimension of infinite possibility, not a world of certainty.   This is what quantum physics says. Thus, we can individually make our reality, or collectively as a matter of choice.  It is all imagery, in America’s case, a walk down the Yellow Brick Road.  We are either at the center of the universe: God internal, or, if we choose, we can place ourselves above it all, conjure the result we want and force all the pieces to fit. What a joke!  It never has worked and never will, because we simply cannot place ourselves above it all.

Things being what they are, the image of a cesspool, welcome to the holographic universe. According to the ancients, we are moving into a time when we become our brother’s keeper, and why not? “We are, as the aborigines say, just learning how to survive in infinity,” the closing thought of The Holographic Universe. There you have it in 1142 words, in less than one hundredth of the words of Michael Talbots book.

On seeing is believing

Sunday, September 21st, 2014


What we “see” we believe. Therefore, the object of “authority” is to cause you to see what authority wants you to see, and nothing more.  It’s the so-called “confidence game.” For instance, we are confident that those pieces of paper we call money are going to buy the things we need.  We Americans are confident that we are going to continue to receive our government checks.  Parents want their children to feel confident in their authority.

I’m not confident in one thing external authority wants of us.  I have no reason to be confident. Perhaps I speak for many children.  I believe we are all subjective, including authorities. They encourage us to think after me you come first.

What kind of a world would this be if we all accepted my idea, that everyone is subjective? What if we didn’t trust anyone in roles of authority?  What if anarchy prevailed, every man for himself?  What if no coercive government prevailed? What if all of us were equal in our rights and responsibilities, no expedience of any kind permitted by authority; all authority looked upon as our servant.  How would we act?

The Pilgrims rejected European authority. Their authority was in their concept of God. With that in mind, the Pilgrims set sail for America. They suffered terribly in their ocean crossing. Only a few survived. In their weakened condition, they too would have perished were it not for the help they received from Native Americans.

It was after external authority got control that abuses began, for instance, the Salem witch hunt: Native Americans driven off their land. The devices authority uses include bribery, intimidation, harassment, and guilt.  Common sense is seldom used, the reason being that we mostly have our own ideas. Generally, authority doesn’t accept that. With authority, it is one suit fits all. We’ve been brainwashed to accept that.  By the above mentioned devises and reaction, by the mesmorization of the population, America gradually built her “law of the land.”  Authority changed history.

Compassion isn’t ordered. It is internal, an innate quality in humans, as distinguished from quantity. Quality is the state of being human. Authority, hardly their brother’s keeper, looked at Native Americans as savages and removed them. Authority looked at African American’s as slaves. Authority looked at white male property owners as the only people qualified to determine the law.

Our state of being in mind, people must be aware that knowing good and evil, knowing that the law of all times, being for we humans, is first and foremost that we be our brother’s keeper. This comes from the heart. It is not religious. It is natural. Native Americans looked at the Pilgrims as their brothers and sisters. No, this we Americans practice today is not the law.

If Christians truly believed Jesus’ message, they would know, without being told, that the kingdom of God is in the individual, not earthbound authority.  This cannot be in any way altered, such as sending those who disobey authority’s rules to hell. Christians who do this kind of thing are hypocrites.

We each have a fundamental right, and responsibility, to possess the fruits of our own labor. We are not lawfully taxed out of our own existence so others can be government entitled.  Our existence is not something for society to decide.  If this were the case, society could decide to take every right we have, even our right to live and prosper—even to give that right to only those who agree with the majority. Only animals could believe that. It is the law of the jungle.

If we are honest with ourselves, what we see in ISIS the result of our own weakness of will—brought on by the unwillingness to retain control of our own lives—by allowing external authority to control us. This can only change by individual action, and that’s the rub. We’ve been so dumbed-down that we can’t picture ourselves in control.

You may have heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy: “in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true. This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning.” Robert Merton

It is the above thinking that has caused the American people to fall from grace.  It was after I had fallen from grace, and my life was in ruins, that I woke up to the reality of where I was—between a rock and a hard place. The reality that I had to act forced me to depart my old life and search for a better life.  It was only then that I discovered who I really was—and what the government was.  Lo and behold, I won. The law was on my side, but not according to the IRS, not according to the Attorney General, not according to the U.S. Supreme Court. No, the law was on my side, thanks to the liberal Palm Beach Post. The IRS was forced to admit to the Palm Beach Post that it had been “mistaken” from the first.

So you see now that the “mistaken” IRS, and all that goes with it, is the reason America has fallen from grace.  The reaction is ISIS. The hue and cry is “kill or be killed.”  What Jesus would tell you is that you must first remove the log in your eye before you attempt to remove the splinters from other eyes.

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