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Let us make man in our image

Thursday, February 27th, 2014


Our image,  U.S. Senate Leader Reid. God help us!

After sleeping on the idea of Harry Reid, Senate majority leader’s message to America—we are liars—here’s what voices of the past left me to write this morning.

How we ever got to this from what our Founding Fathers left we Americans, starting with Genesis 1:26, the thing I keep coming back to,“Let us make man in our image,” why this?

No other life form on the planet is remotely as aware as humanity of more than that which we see. We are here for more than to exist and propagate. I read in Genesis 2:7 that like all life we too are from dust to dust, but with living souls. We are immortal—basic to an overall purpose—more than earthbound authority’s purpose, namely, Harry Reid’s purpose.

In Genesis 3:22, I further learn from what God said, “Behold the man is become as one of us to know good and evil;” that we are, indeed, here for more than earthbound authority’s purpose.

How does man “become” as one of “us?” According to the Bible, Eve was told by the serpent in the tree of knowledge of good and evil to partake of the forbidden fruit and thus to know good and evil.  I read in the Bible that when God discovered both Adam and Eve had disobeyed his command God was very angry and cursed them, and all to follow. Reading this, I get a mental picture of Harry Reid and beastly passion.

Thus, with this thought in mind, I read Cain’s response to God’s question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” For thousands of years, we read in the Bible, mankind engaged in one holy war after another.  The Old Testament ends with don’t change anything, “Lest I smite thee with a curse.”  Once again I get a mental image of Harry Reid.

In the New Testament, Jesus speaks of the kingdom of God in us.  Once again, I get the image of Harry Reid, associated with external authority—calling us liars. We’re cannon fodder—disposable meatheads.  Jesus called his authority, the Harry Reids of his day,  hypocrites. Harry Reid represents external power gone amuck.

“In earth as it is in heaven,” externally, we don’t know evil from good. Jesus advises us to look within for our answers. “Let us make man in our image” comes to mind.

According to the cutting edge of science, quantum mechanics, anything is possible.  Think about all the marvels man has brought us in just the past century—and Harry Reid’s backward thinking—similar to the Muslim Brotherhood’s backward thinking: one-world beastly thinking.  The sword of Damocles is hanging over us by a thread.

I recommend reading Luke 21. Jesus speaks of his return, stating that there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars.  Said Jesus, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:36).

Incidental to the current backward thinking, the kind that banned me from delivering my message on, forcing me to return to my own web site,, I note that now has 878 entrées on Google. The number is increasing by leaps and bounds. We read in a number of entrees that I bring the reader useful information.

From the sun, moon, and stars, we learn that we are leaving the age of Pisces, a time when people have been looking externally for their answers. The emblem for Pisces is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions, indicating a time of division and difficulty in making up minds to what is real.  We also learn that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, whose emblem is the water-bearer, bringing to the world spiritual awakening and the idea that we are our brother’s keeper—actually, Jesus’ return.  Four web site directors have banned me, including two Tea Party sites.

Christians are the most concerned about me and my message, people who claim Jesus as their personal savior, and I’m not one of theirs to direct.  A Tea Party Christian asked God to place a curse on me. The rub to Christians is the stars. I’m a threat to their religion. According to the stars, I’m Virgo with Aquarius rising. You can read about me in astrology books. I’m here to bring you the message that we are currently in the death throes of an authoritarian age—including Christian authority—entering now the Age of Aquarius, when we become the image our Creator had in mind when he put us here, to be our brother’s keeper.   So who’s a liar? I believe in Jesus’ message to the world.  Jesus said you can’t serve two masters.



The rise and fall of America: what’s next?

Thursday, February 27th, 2014


On the news this morning, we read 16 Americans that started with nothing are now billionaires. How could that be with America’s economy in trouble?  Think of the power a billionaire has. Money goes where money flows, in Washington, D.C.  The rich own America. This is not by a long stretch capitalism. It’s a rich man’s fascist oligarchy. The statistics show that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.

A suckered America, talked into government entitlement, is in support of a government willfully and deceitfully producing an economic disaster. Yesterday, bought and paid for Senate Leader Reid, a Democrat, had the audacity to announce to the world that the American people are liars, Reid, a paid flunky of organized labor. My advice to Democrats: run for the hills. Your days are numbered.

I’m not a billionaire, but I don’t know how my life could be any better.  How many Americans can say that?  I’m seen by some as a “narcissistic, egocentric bloviater.” I’ve now been banned from four web sites from making anymore comments.

I’m now age 88,in good health, and my dream came true. The American people, in their dumbed-down state, have no idea of how that happened, but the proof is in the pudding. At least some people are interested enough to tune in. I see that the number of registrations on my web site is growing. A growing wave of new and quite different energy is going break one of these days and sweep the world.

It all started for me with an understanding of the Constitution, that this government is one of enumerated powers.  This government is clearly the greatest con artist the world has ever witnessed.  I wrote Attorney General William B. Saxbe, based on the law, that the government he represented was unconstitutional in its tax collection.  I had the constitutional right to claim that. I wanted to inform Saxbe that I’d be seeing him in court. I made good my promise.

I was before the Supreme Court. I don’t have to be a lawyer—if I have a personal stake in the outcome. Federal income tax is one of those instances. The IRS is a paper tiger. Stand your legal ground and the IRS will hang themselves with their own rope.  The IRS is totally ignorant of your rights under the law.  It is the IRS that should be scared of what the taxpayer might do. Your government is hoping and praying that you don’t wake up to your rights.

The only way your government can continue with the present income tax ruse—favoring the very rich and cheating everyone else—is by denying the truth, which is what Saxbe did before the Supreme Court. He didn’t get away with it, nor did the Court for looking the other way. I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post. You don’t believe me? An investigation proved that America’s government, after its effort to intimidate me into dropping my charges failed, lied to the Supreme Court.  No, the American people are not liars. We are victims of lying government frauds, and I’m the remedy. It is all in the record.  Your government does not have a legal leg to stand on.  It’s playing a game of charades. I’ve proved it, but I’m only one. Your government is operating behind closed doors. It cannot stand the light of day! The rest is up to you. You must get your milktoast representatives off of their asses, not by whining, but by exposing them for what they are–self-serving frauds.



The whole nine yards

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014


“Give us free health care,” scream illegal Mexicans. This is Obama’s doing, one of his ways of taking America down. We have too much.  He is for equality of things and zero rights for the individual.

The origin of “the whole nine yards,” an American expression, is unknown. I’m herein going to give it an origin.  In America’s beginning, if you were not self-governed you didn’t survive. It was the denial of the right to be self-governed that brought people to America.   It was self-governed people that made America great.  But with greatness comes weakness.  Our very success gives us an illusion about life that isn’t real.

There are nine numbers and the highest is 9. The lesser numbers end with 9. The ancients applied the 9 numbers to our human development, beginning with 1, the pioneer seeking for find his identity; and ending with 9—selflessness, the desire to be of universal service. Alas, America began with the “whole nine yards.”

For the most part, the American people, thanks to their government,  no longer even attain the first step in human development.  Many Americans are no more than herd animals being directed by the powers that be in Washington’s cesspool of corruption—composed of bought and paid for politicians and the richest people in America. America has become the typical south-of-the-border oligarchy—with the usual tin-horn dictator, with the usual and customary bald-faced lying—transforming America into the dictator’s personal notion of who were are to be.

The most outstanding feature of America’s present culture is dependence on the taxpayers. Besides getting nowhere fast, a house so divided cannot long stand.

We could look for a one-world, socialist dictatorship were it not for little known energy currently ginning up.

Other web sites didn’t like my offerings.  A couple of years back, I decided to create my own blog site, It wasn’t long until I was overrun with spammers. I then joined  No different than other web sites, my thoughts were not liked—at least by those commenting.  Anything new always brings out the Nay Sayers. The establishment is always lagging for the very good reason that the establishment has put a lot of effort into its creation. Most people don’t like those who rock the boat. They are content to leave well-enough alone. I was one of those.  My business went on the rocks and my wife divorced me.  I was left with nothing. Being left with nothing was the best thing that ever happened in my life. I had nothing to lose!  It forced me to change.

I could have easily changed into a street person, to spend the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself, and down on the cruel world.  I could have taken a gun to a shopping mall and killed as many as I could and then commit suicide. I could have turned to crime.  But because of my background, I turned to the Constitution.  Voices of the past spoke to me trough the Constitution, giving me a bigger than life calling, so to speak, the whole nine yards. The object in life is to become selfless, to be of universal service.

What about my background?  My ancestry dates back to Daniel Boone’s Cumberland Trail.  There is Blackfoot Indian in my blood.  I’m of English, Scotch,Irish, German heritage. According to the ancients, from the location of the stars and planets at my birth, I would have an understanding of the subtle workings of the universe; I would be a thinker and problem solver; I’d be different than most people; and I’d be a style setter.

Thus, with all of this going for me, at age 49, I began life again with a ten year-old car, some clothing, and $250 in cash.  The IRS was on my back for alleged tax and refusing to give me a tax refund amounting to far more than the tax the IRS said I owed. I began life anew with a minimum paying job—and withholding tax. I was unable to pay the rent on my one-room apartment.

I was locked out for non-payment of rent. No one was aware of these things but me. Down the road from my room was a mile long food stamp line.  I wasn’t entitled to food stamps, but I was locked out of my room. I was on the street, with the IRS on my back, thanks to America’s makers and keepers of the law.  I was working for my keep, but to get me started in my new life, the lying frauds in control kicked my rear.

Movie maker D’Souza, now under criminal indictment by the Obama Administration for making a highly critical movie on our President, ought to make a movie of my life. For a  proven fact, the Attorney General of the United States lost his case against me—tried to lie his way through the system of justice and was forced to admit that he lied. How can it the law he defends?

Those phonies honestly don’t know the law. Obama is using the IRS to punish D’Souza, the same as the frauds used the IRS to try to stop me.  Did not God create us all with reason and logic?  Why is mine inferior to anyone’s?  Why is D’Souza’s? D’Souza better not depend on lawyers. I didn’t—and I won!

At this point in time, my story is perfect for D’Souza to paint a yellow stripe down Obama’s back.

The law is based on reason and logic.  The law in practice makes no sense. I proved it. The makers and keepers of the law had no right to deprive me of my existence. The lying frauds tried to force me to comply and lost—ate crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post!

Those in control didn’t change at all. I’ve got their record. The job remains to be done, Mr.D’Souza, and you are the one who can do it.  It is all recorded. They can’t deny it.  They could not stop me. They don’t know the law. It is either them or us. I’m here to help you, Mr. D’Souza, and the world into the new age.

I see that 860 entrees appear from Google’s search engine under “”  These are people who have taken note of my site, and many recommending my thoughts to others. More than 4,000 people have registered on my site. How could this be? I’m a nobody!  I have no standing anywhere. I’m yet a voice in the wilderness, but one revving up in preparation for the vast change coming.

From now on, more and more, you are going to see government fail to provide answers. Medicare patients are going to learn that Medicare is not going to pay their hospital bills. Veterans’ medical records are being destroyed. The economy is going over the cliff. Most of us will be where I was in 1975—with nothing.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  This is the whole nine yards. Best that the makers and keepers of the law head for the hills. Time has run out for them. They can’t hide the truth anymore.

Jesus saves

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


What is this! Am I nuts?  No, you people are nuts for listening to lawyers.  What about the parents, now on the national news, whose child was snatched from them by lawyers.  You allow for this? You’re nuts! The parents were ordered not to speak of it. They were allowed to visit their little girl once a week, and then supervised. The reason: the lawyers didn’t agree with a medical diagnoses. And you take this as the law? You would take Nazi law. Those bastards of the law accepted the opposing medical advice that the child’s disease was all in her head.  These freaks have stuck to their decision for a year, while the child’s physical condition, deprived of her medication, deteriorates. But it is all in her head, claim the “authorities.”  Her parents have no say. The child’s parents are said, by “lawyers,” to be medically abusive of the child—this little girl who was given life by her mother and her father—placed in their care by our Creator—have zero rights?

Now these  “lawyers” want to put the child in foster care. The child’s mother, upon hearing this, collapsed and was taken to a hospital. Said “lawyers” are traitors.  After WWII, the law called for hanging Nazis. This is not what I fought for in WWII. The case has been on the national news for a week and nothing yet has been done.  The only possible answer is that the American people have been rendered mindless herd animals by America’s lawyers.

The news today includes two bullets coming at a bus driver that were stopped by a Bible in his pocket. His Bible literally saved his life. It is a sign. The law in practice has got to go.

Thomas Jefferson, a secular humanist, (and doomed to eternal damnation according to some, the kind that burned witches at the stake in Massachusetts; the kind that killed Joseph Smith and drove the Mormons out of the State of Missouri, and got away with it under the law in practice) created the Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted Textually from the Gospels.

With respect to lawyers, do you know what Jefferson said? “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions….If the nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects something that cannot be.”

Natural law (the uncreated law), the background of American constitutional law, found the Persian sage Zoroaster being led by a “shining figure” to the “uncreated God of eternity”—so-to-speak, the uncreated law of the universe. It was Zoroastrian priests (astrologers) who predicted the coming of Jesus.  It was authority—the self-serving creators of a phony god—who crucified Jesus.

Jefferson, advocate of natural law, authored the Declaration of Independence, which told King George III  that we Americans were not going to pay his tax.  Now, if the IRS says you owe tax, you have zero rights to claim otherwise.  For the “good of all” this is necessary, say lawyers.

I was banned from the Tea Party for talking down the income tax—for stating that I have rights incapable of being taken., owned by a lawyer, the very thing Jesus spoke against—hypocrisy—banned me from ever again posting my disagreement on his site. His loyal support is fundamentalist Christians. Birds of a feather flock together.

The American people have been sucked into the greatest legalized con of all times—government entitlement—or the duty of government to the individual—Roosevelt’s idea during the Great  Depression. How convenient! First you create a depression. The cure is enslavement. There is not a word or an implication in the Constitution that the government has a duty to the individual.

There is this in the Constitution: The individual has the right to due process of law; that is, the right to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place. “Oh that,” say forked tongued lawyers, “that case was heard long ago.”  Yes indeed, if the case bears any resemblance to a case already heard it will not be heard again—if lawyers so will it. In my case they willed that. We leave that up to the lawyers to decide.  What they learn in law school today is how bewilder and bamboozle people.  I can read the law as well as they, and I can reason. Also, I can read the Bible and reason.

Case in point on federal income tax: The Court of Appeals decided in the 1940s that federal income tax was not confiscatory.  That’s the excuse for never hearing an individual’s income tax case on constitutional grounds.  However, that does not include giant corporations. How frigging convenient!   If the tax is clearly not tax but an IRS idea of tax, the giant Corporation has the right to enjoin the Commissioner from collection of the tax until the case is heard in a court of law.  But of course, say lawyers, we can’t allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry the same. It is not practical.   It isn’t practical?  Was it not the same kind of lawyer reasoning that allowed black slaves in America?  Give me a break! The law has to be practical?  How stupid can the American people get?  I can tell you from personal experience that it is judged not practical to hear the case where a taxpayer is lawlessly put on the street by the IRS. I was out of sight, out of mind.  It’s for the good of all that courts refuse to hear the case—on the legal ground that the case has already been heard, and I’m on the street?  Who needs lawyers?  I sure as hell don’t.  All it takes is knowing the law and reason to beat lawyers. I’ve done it a number of times. The DOJ couldn’t beat me.  That’s more than Congress can say.

For the good of all, the Great Depression came about, according to Nobel Peace Prize winner economist Milton Freidman, by progressives on the Federal Reserve Board—by  their flawed thinking.  After the stock market crash of 1929, the Fed raised interest rates, thus causing business and bank failures in the thousands.  That’s what caused the Great Depression, not the stock market crash. President Obama says he is a Roosevelt Democrat.  George Bush was a Roosevelt Republican. Both gave themselves the right to tax and spend limitlessly.  You can believe that from the state of the economy.  Thanks to lawyer tinkering with the law, the American people have a government mandate—government entitlement to go bankrupt.

In reading the Bible, I read that Jesus said, “in earth as it is in heaven,” followed by “seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you.  For preaching that idea, external authority crucified Jesus. The choice: internal authority or external authority.  Jesus said you can’t serve two masters.  I reason that I can’t serve the United States and be true to my savior.  Contrary to the law America’s lawyers give us, being true to the law of all times has turned my life around. My dream came true. I serve internal authority. In trying to stop me, America’s lawyers hung themselves with their own rope. It is all in the record.

Thus, are you saved by asking Jesus to forgive you for your sins?  Christians boastfully claim Jesus to be exclusively their savior. (Everyone else is going to hell.)  A Tea Party Christian publically prayed that God would cast a curse on me.  Thomas Jefferson wasn’t a Christian.  He rejected supernatural revelation, but he accepted Jesus as his personal savior. Not to mention other religions, Christians go about the world teaching Christian doctrine. We Americans, if we are true to our cause, have no right to talk any religious doctrine as America’s doctrine. It was religion that had Jesus’ people in a straightjacket.  He let his people know that their religion was a money-grubbing racket.

I can read, and I can reason.  Since God is internal, I don’t know religion.  But I do know that

America’s lawyers, and holy Joes—the “authorities”—including Hollywood  stars and all the other frigging loud mouths beating their godless drums—have gotten us into one war after another—have made my country into a money-grubbing fraud despised and ridiculed by the rest of the world.  It is a terrible shame.

I refer you to Luke 21, wherein Jesus speaks of his second coming—wherein Jesus speaks of signs in the sun, moon and stars—astrology talk.  Astrologers say we are leaving the Age of Pisces, an age when people looked externally for answers. They say we are entering the Age of Aquarius, an age when we become more spiritual; when we become our brother’s keeper. That’s the way I read Luke 21.

Christians don’t know that their savior was an astrologer. When they cast aspersions on astrology—when they hatefully throw me out of their exclusive club—they deny their savior. America’s establishment is the worst thing that could happen to a peace-loving people.

P.S. My message is resonating. Yesterday 24 signed up. Not too bad for one month of blogging.

Roast lawyer for dinner

Monday, February 24th, 2014


I thought this picture represented the Democrat mood at the present.  Behind closed doors they decided the way to go on our health care.  The Supreme Court backed them.

Years ago Senator Bob Graham,  another Democrat,  Florida’s Senator, wrote me that the IRS, according to Congress’ lawyers, is allowed to use “Draconian” methods to collect the income tax.  Do say! As it happened, the IRS ate crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post. The above remark was Senator Graham’s response.  According to lawyers, the individual citizen is of zero consideration.

Having said this, the owner of is a licensed lawyer.  He doesn’t like me.  I’m a layman. I know the law. Lawyers lose every time they attempt to stop me. Can you blame the guy for not liking me?   The owner of this Tea Party web site banned me from further commentary.

I ask you, who but a tin horn lawyer would claim that health insurance is the same as a tax. That  seat of the pants lawyer was Chief Justice Roberts decision.  Look what that wolf in sheep’s clothing caused the American people.

Ever since the Big Bang, the universe has been a story of connections. The last connection was humans. Nothing is higher than human intelligence, according the  Bible. We’re created in God’s image.  To the cutting edge of science, God is universal consciousness, which knocks the props out from under religion and the makers and keepers of the law.  There is nothing supernatural about consciousness, and our battle for survival.

Not so, you say? Five hundred years ago, in the days of the Holy Catholic Empire, our planet was at the center of the universe. Say otherwise and face horrible consequences.  We were powerless to stop those Holy Joes, with nothing of any value whatsoever about the universe to offer.  A century ago the Milky Way was the universe. Today there are hundreds of billions of galaxies and a microcosmic world inconceivably small, but vast–with the law and religion going back in time.

Digital sound is better quality, and copies do not diminish in quality.  Anything digitized can be saved—that is, represented with numbers.  This includes the universe.   Astrologers have geometrized the macrocosmic.  They can tell from where you were born and the time you were born your character and events in your life.  But far from everyone’s life; only those lives that follow their paths of destiny. My life was in ruins in 1975. I had taken the path of least resistance. I got on my path of destiny. My dream came true.

I’m finding–since I’ve stated again to blog on  Nobody can tell us why Google has 858 entrees for

I see that one of those entrees advises us that I’ve been banned from Tea Party—banned for knowing and advocating the law. That’s nothing!  Jesus was hung from a cross for knowing the law, no? Are you prepared to say that the makers and keepers of America’s law today know the law better than Jesus?

One of Google’s connections with came for a website with the name “sociology” The title of the blog, “In Earth As It Is in Heaven,” the same as my book title. What I read in this blog is what I wrote in my book. Jesus said that we should seek first to know God law. He said God’s law is in you.

I clicked on “recent messages” in the above mentioned blog.  The massage was on electric guitars. I’m thinking about buying an electric guitar. I’ve got a keyboard, banjo, and acoustical guitar–and An electric guitar should not be hard to learn. How do you explain the continuing coincidences I’m experiencing.?

There are many coincidences in life that cannot be explained. Time is running out.  We need to ban  four-fifths of our lawyers. They are the bane of our existence.


Sign of the time

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

My web site ( was overrun by spammers.  I started blogging on Tea Party “Command Center” forum. I’ve been suspended. This site is privately owned.  Tea Party is conservative. I’m not conservative. In fact, I not liberal and I’m not religious. I have no identity. I’m a nobody.

I wrote “” in Google’s search. I received 857 separate items in reference to my blogs.  Some folks like what this nobody has to say.  We nobodies are going to take over the world.

Welcome to my world

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Get_Involved[1][1] (2)

If you like your life and want no change, don’t read this. Change involves chance.

I refer you to the Bible—my idea on what it says.  The Bible says that God made heaven and earth, and then said, “Let there be light, and there was light.”  The cutting edge of science agrees, except to say that God is universal consciousness.  If you are conscious of that, then you can say you have a personal God.  But to say that your personal God is in heaven, I say is wrong, and Jesus agreed. He said your personal God is in you.  A God in heaven is external—authority’s  idea.  That idea is what brings us war, a personal God love.

Einstein, who did not believe we have a personal God, tried to do the math of a unified field theory, and failed. It took quantum mechanics to prove a unified field.  Einstein felt that quantum mechanics was an incomplete science.  In the law, juries use circumstantial evidence. Why doesn’t science?

Werner Heisenberg proved mathematically that there is uncertainty in the physical world.  You can know the distance between two points, and know the speed, but you can’t know mathematically exactly where you would be in-between the two points.

With certainty, you can say you will die.  Nothing physical lives forever. Both the Bible and the cutting edge of science agree that consciousness or God is not physical. Classical physics conveniently disagrees—maintains that quantum physicists are trying to smuggle God into physics.  You can’t eliminate the qualitative.  Your wealth remains after your death but your sole goes with you.  Jesus’ thought: You can’t serve two masters.

My thought: we come equipped to cope. The U.S. Constitution backs me. I have the Bill of Rights—the inalienable right to exist on the fruits of my own labor. The three branches of the federal government are together in placing government entitlement ahead of my inalienable right, which may not be lawfully taken. Name one of your representatives who supports my right to exist. The majority vote is for government entitlement, my rights be damned.

In my case, neither the politicians nor the courts supported my right to exist on the fruits of my labor. I took the court record to the press. An investigation was made. The IRS admitted that I was right and it was wrong.  The case was published for all to read in The Palm Beach Post on December 1, 1986.  People tell me they don’t want to hear about it; they don’t want to think about it. The average American taxpayer’s life is made hard by federal income tax.  Their tax goes to make my life good.

Everyone thought I was crazy for challenging my tax.  The guy that started this pyramid game—this out-and-out fraud—Franklin D. Roosevelt—was heard to say, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Don’t fear going over the cliff.  The good fairy will take care of you, the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro—and Obama.

The science of numbers

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


The image is a graphic of the universe’s energy,  causing everything to spin toward a black hole. The dotted lines are representative of the original energy that produced the universe, emanating from the center point.  Everything has a beginning and an end.

My web site,, was taken over by spammers.  My web master, WordPress,  had the solution.  I stopped the spamming, and as well all comments. It was obvious to me that the only reason people visited my site was for a self-serving purpose, to advertise whatever they had to sell.  Generally, people had no interest in my far-out theories.

I started blogging on  The director of that site warned me to stop knocking lawyers. The site was owned by a lawyer.  I started blogging on Tea Party Patriots.  In short order, I was banned. No explanation was offered.  I returned to  I’ve been banned. I’m a “bloviater.”  In other words, the folks at Tea Party see my blogs as hogwash. They are “conservative.” Obiously, I’m seen as liberal.   Obviously, both “liberals” and “conservatives” offer hogwash. We’ve never been more divided.  Thank the makers and keepers of the law—lawyers.

The record proves that lawyers were no match for me and the law.  With the law, I forced the makers and keepers of the law to eat crow.  But who am I to be throwing mud at the establishment? I’m a bottom fish. I’m not blinded by surface reflections.

I’m back blogging on mymiraclemessage.   People are signing up to be notified of my blogs—people from all over the world.  The number signing up is growing, at the present around 17 per day.  When I started blogging again on my own site, it was one or two a day.

Look at the world today. Everyone is looking for answers for what has gone wrong. No logical answers as yet. I’m thinking you who want to hear me hate being labeled.  I assume no comment means that you have not ruled out my ideas; that you are independent in your thinking; that you will continue to think what you want to think; not what authority wants you to think—which is precisely the way I think.

I’m allowing comments on my site.  No comments, and the number of signups is increasing.  From the science of numbers, the esoteric, today, I’m going to relate some things I’ve observed. You can take it for whatever you make of it, for you were created with logic. If the shoe fits, wear it.  The stupid idea of authorities is one shoe fits all.  Authority is not in touch with reality.

Now for the science of numbers. The nine numbers date back to the ancients. Why nine numbers?  We note that 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36; and 3+6=9. We note that +8=45; and 4+5=9. It starts with 1 and ends with 9, thus in the beginning, 1, the pioneer seeking to find his identity. That was me.  Once I found my identity, I found the right mate. The 2 represents mating. Everything begins with 1 and then seeks a mate. This is universal, a fundamental law of nature.

Numerologists, people who study the science of numbers, give me a shoe that fits; that is, after I parted with the establishment and went strictly on my own.  Everyone I knew thought I’d lost my mind.  And,they do not want to hear how good things turned out for me that proved them wrong, especially the religious. I can tell you my anti-religious stand is like waving a red flag in a bull’s face.  “This is a Christian nation,” declare the Tea Party folks.  The author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, was not a Christian.  The Fist Amendment to the Constitution gives us freedom of religion. By claiming this to be a Christian nation, Christians wave a red flag.  So there you have it: discord and division over “numbskulled” ideas, to use the First Lady’s term, including her ideas about our health insurance.

The Constitution gives us inalienable rights, rights incapable of being taken. That  claim waved the red flag—caused’s management—owned by a lawyer—to blow his stack. What a terrible thing for me to say!  The very idea that I have rights that can’t be taken blows that lawyer’s mind.

Moreover, I see myself without  coercive government. That’s a dictionary definition for anarchy.  I believe in the voluntary association of individuals and groups.  Whoever heard of such a thing? I’m seen by “conservatives” as an anti-Christian, “secular humanist,” me and Thomas Jefferson.  I don’t believe in supernatural revelation. It can be anything the mind conceives.

America’s pioneers did not have government directing them.  Liberals and conservatives alike,  why are we government entitled? It’s another way of saying government slave. How could we exist without our government entitlements?  I can tell you. I was here before any government entitlement.  It took only one worker in a family.  The family was America’s cornerstone.  We surely did not need government to meddle in our family affairs.  Divorce was not a problem. Children had mothers and fathers.  With government evermore in control, America is going down the tube.

Once the government’s foot is in the door, it is simply a question of time until the individual has no right to anything, the only consideration the good of all, as determined by authority.  What’s a few million less people? There are too many people in the world. It is environmentally harmful. For the good of all, it may be necessary for you to give up your life, or at least to be reeducated in a concentration camp. It wouldn’t be the first time.  Since Obama thinks it legal to kill American citizens on foreign soil by drones, Senator Paul asked the Obama Administration if it would use a drone to kill an American citizen in America.  The answer was that the Administration had nothing like that in mind. Senator Paul asked that the Administration sign a pledge to that effect. The Administration refused.  A movie producer who produced a movie on Obama’s life, a proven to be true story, is now under criminal indictment.  What for?

There is much evidence that extraterrestrials, or by whatever name you want to call them, have been here. The Bible speaks of chariots of fire and angels. “And God said, Let us make man in our image,” in whose image?  In man’s image, we know good and evil, says the Bible.

The ancient Persian sage Zoroaster claimed to have been led by a “shining figure” to the “uncreated” God, the God of eternity, the same as saying any other idea of God was false.  Zoroaster was into astrology.  Zoroastrian priests followed the Star of Bethlehem to Jesus’ birthplace.  Jesus was against the establishment’s religion.  He called the Pharisees hypocrites.  He spoke of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  For claiming the kingdom of God is in you, Jesus was crucified.  He promised his return.  He speaks of his return in Luke 21.

But, conveniently, authority places God in heaven, where we can’t know God. Authority, with God out of our personal understanding, can look at your lives objectively. But if God is in you then God is subjective. Speaking subjectively, would you ever be for settling our differences by war? With all of these things we’ve now got to think on, Jesus said in Luke 21 to always pray that you will be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of man.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, ruled against my right to property. It ruled for the lawless IRS. It also ruled against the Pledge of Allegiance’s “one nation under God.” So much for man’s phony law. I’m an anti-religious believer in Jesus and my Constitution. My dream came true.

What is necessary and proper?

Friday, February 21st, 2014


By knowing what is necessary and proper, it is amazing how my life changed for the better.  The talk is about the power of the President. Is he going too far?  Is he a threat to our liberties?  The Democrats are angling for complete control through the federal judiciary.

On his last day in office, President John Adams—for strong federal government, a Federalist—named  forty-two justices of the peace and sixteen new circuit court justices, an attempt to take control of the federal judiciary before Thomas Jefferson, an anti-federalist, took office.  Adams signed the appointments as did the Secretary of State Marshall.

Since the appointments were not delivered, Jefferson refused to honor them. One of the chosen justices of the peace, William Mayberry, applied to the Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus to compel Jefferson to put him in office.

Under Article I, Section VIII, paragraph 18, “To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers vested in the Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or office thereof,” since President Adams acted in the appointments of judges, on the Organic Act of Congress,  a political move to cling to the power of the federal judiciary, and his Secretary of State Marshall also signed for the appointments, who was later made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,  and the necessary and proper clause applied, the appointments stood.  Politics won. Politics was held to be necessary and proper.

Then came the case of McCulloch v. Maryland.  Chief Justice Marshall, ruled as follows: first, that the Constitution was ordained by the people (not Congress); secondly, that it was intended to endure for ages to come; and thirdly that the National Government is one of enumerated powers.  He ruled the opposite!  The federal judiciary was obliged to take into consideration, according to Marshall, the letter and the spirit of the law.  How about that!  What else is new?

Rather than equal justice for all, the Supreme Court represents a political conspiracy against all rights of the individual.  The U.S. Supreme Court is the usual and customary hypocrisy of the high and mighty.  What is necessary and proper depends on whether you are helped or hurt.  By allowing the President to become imperial, the majority think they are being helped. It is a travesty.  The future is obligated to pay for present excesses.  Under the present excesses, necessary and proper means after me you come first.

Thomas Jefferson was for natural law, without any allusion to supernatural revelation.  The dictionary defines Jefferson as a secular humanist.  The American people accept two masters. Jesus said you can’t do that. Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you.

Astrologers say that we’ve been in the Age of Pisces for two thousand years.  In the Age of Pisces, people are impressed by the vogue; not normally strong willed; and they look to external factors for guidance.  Authority would naturally take advantage this weakness in the Piscean’s makeup.  Astrologers say we are at the end of the Age of Pisces; at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. In the Age of Aquarius, we become more spiritual; become our brother’s keeper.

Thomas Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence.  It was signed by his colleagues on July 4, 1776. Astrologers say the United States was born under the sign of Aquarius.  Has a single politician in either political party offered a cure for the excess of spending?  Both political parties, just the other day, voted to increase the debt limit.

Two thirds of the present government expenditures, and growing by leaps and bounds, is in government entitlement. America’s workers make this possible, and at great cost to their security. The vote tells us that the source of this great cost, the working people, is dwindling.   I follow the necessary and proper clause and the Fifth Amendment in the Constitution. I follow the thinking of Jesus. I follow the thinking of astrologers, and by the way, the thinking of the cutting edge of science. But for talking about the cold, hard facts, the Tea Party called me a narcissistic, egocentric bloviater—and banned me from further comment.

We’ve been living in La La Land for a century. To the average American, La La Land is permanent.  We don’t think far into the future. We prefer to live in La La Land, but unfortunately, as history reveals, it is a fool’s paradise.  There is a hard future for those remaining. It is nothing new. As for me, now in the twilight of my life, things couldn’t be any better. They aught to make a movie on the story of my life.

Terms of endearment

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


The picture is of Shirley MacClaine. Shirley seems to be on my wavelength–an eccentric.   I get a kick out f Shirley and her antics.

Einstein mathematically proved that the universe can be reduced to vibrations (E=MC2), therefore, numbers. I wonder why he didn’t know that.  Ask Shirley. She can tell you.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that I make many connections in events—personal, world, and universal.  You know that I believe God and universal consciousness are interchangeable.  These are not my thoughts. They’ve been here since ancient times.

The ancients, from my celestial address, gave me the number 7 for my path of destiny.  The 7 means that I would use my mind to psychically separate the true from the false and can discover some of life’s mysteries for a waiting world.  But I have other choices.  The choices I made were bad–until I cut from the herd and went on my own.

The cutting edge of science, in touch with nature, includes humans in the makeup of the universe.  A supernatural God can be anything man can conceive. How convenient! Get ready for the God of tomorrow, the God Jesus gave you. The kingdom of God is in you.  This brings me to the movie Terms of Endearment I viewed last night starring Jack Nicholas and Shirley MacClaine. Jack and Shirley were next-door neighbors—both  extremely independent, and in conflict. Shirley saw Jack as a sicko. He was always on the make.  There were laughs and sadness in this movie—the story of my life, and I suppose other lives. How did the writer come up with story?  They ought to make a movie out of my life. It would reveal a lot.

My daughter came for a visit with her four year-old son. We had words.  I didn’t like the freedom she gave her son.  He was allowed to run wild my home. No way! That’s what is wrong today. Kids have no respect for my values and principles. My daughter left in anger and wrote a nasty letter.  We ceased to communicate, until her phone call informing me her son was dead.  He went away to college and died of an overdose of heroin—so we hear, not so uncommon!  What do you expect?

There was a lot stupid crap going on, and then a death in Shirley’s family.  When a loved one departs, we are reminded how temporary our lives are.

Twenty years after Holly left in a huff, she came for a visit,  bringing her son’s guitar with her. She plays the guitar and sings.  She wanted me to learn to play so we could play and sing together. Apparently, Holly missed her dad.   A year later Holly asked me on the telephone how I was coming along on the guitar. I confessed that I had not been playing it. She expressed her disappointment.

I started playing.  After a year, I bought a new acoustic guitar.  I had a keyboard, which I’d been playing for years.  I bought an Apple computer that included a feature called Garageband, a built-in recording studio. I could plug in my acoustic guitar and the keyboard. I bought a mixer and microphone.  I started my own one-man band.  I recorded other bands as well in Garageband on a track and played and sang along.  I’ve spent much time with my music.

All is not lost after a calamity.  My wife gave me a banjo for my birthday, all to leave pretty good music. By the way, my astrologer said that I was musically inclined.  I play by ear. Never had a music lesson in my life.  Give me a listen.

After the calamity connects with everything in our space-time consortium.  They tell us the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas.  Out of chaos comes order; out of order comes chaos.  It is the law of nature.

A study of history tells me earthbound authority excluded humans from the makeup of the natural  universe for a self-serving purposes. A supernatural God can be anything man can conceive. Get ready for the God of tomorrow, the God Jesus gave you. The kingdom of God is in you.  How did the writer come up with Terms of Endearment?  They ought to make a movie of the story of my life.


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