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The Story of Civilization

Friday, January 31st, 2014

The Water-Bearer

There is no such thing as objectivity, unless you are the unquestionable leader and no one else has any rights. Does this make you think of a particular prominent authority? This can never be, so we can say that we are all subjective; we are not a hive society as some authorities see us.  They never win but they never give up. They just keep coming.  It says something about us.

Therefore, in order to call it the law, the law must allow private and personal rights; everyone with equal opportunity, but never equal distribution of property.

Until 8,000 years ago, humans, the same as animals, were nomadic; they moved with their food source. It was the law of the jungle, nature’s law, but something more, reason.  Humans were blessed with vastly more ability to reason.

In the desert between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers, relatively suddenly, sprawling cities, fields of grain and date palms appeared.  Along with this came higher mathematics and great engineering feats, how remains a mystery. There is abundant evidence that other intelligent life played a large role. How extraterrestrial life got here is not important.  How a lot things now are reality was not known in the past.

Came the Persian sage Zoroaster, who was led by a “shining image” to the uncreated God of the everlasting universe.  Gazing at the stars, priests created a map of the heaven called the zodiac. The heavens were geometrized, to say if this is so that must always be so. It is so. How is not important. There must have been something to this, as rulers consulted priests before making decisions.

In the Bible, we read that the Magi, Persian priests, followed the Star of Bethlehem to the place of Christ’s birth. Jesus was predicted by Persian priests hundreds of years before he arrived. The fact is that they did, according to the Bible.  You can come up with all manner of interpretations, but the fact remains the fact, astrologers predicted Jesus to be the king of Jews.

Jesus was for peace. The Jews were for a conqueror to drive out the oppressive Romans.  The story of what happened is well documented in the Gospels, including the teachings of Jesus.  Jesus asserted that the kingdom of God in you; in other words, internal.  Jesus said, “in earth as it is in heaven,” not on earth.  Distinguished philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas, after 30 years of meticulous study of the outer planets of our solar system, proves in Cosmos and Psyche that an astonishingly consistent correspondence between the planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns of human history and biography exists.

The cutting edge of science, from its study of the microcosmic, finds that the happenings in the macrocosmic coincide with the microcosmic; in other words, if this is so that must be so. This is also what the ancients determined.  They gave numbers more than a way to determine the physical.

Einstein, through mathematics, said the universe can be reduced to vibrations.  This is as far as his limited ability to reason took him. He did not believe in an uncreated God of the everlasting universe.  Naturally, he could not envision the single reality, a unity of all forces and all laws of nature, not that he didn’t try. The authorities told Einstein that he was risking making a fool of himself. He listened to the authorities.  His mathematics was limited to things—did not include the internal reality of who we are and what we are about.

The cutting edge of science has now seen that objective reality is flawed; has found that what we thought was an objective world is in fact contingent on the observer, on our combined consciousness. It follows that the God we find must be a personal God. It is here that we see who we really are.

The tests of Bell’s theorem have shown the cutting edge of science that objective reality is not the true fabric of reality.  The observer interacts with matter.  Science has proven that God is real, not some supernatural something that can be anything authority conceives.  This newfound reality is slowly becoming our world’s reality. Science has found ways to measure consciousness, to study its contact with the functions of the brain, and to discover how the mind, through the will affects matter and transcends the limits of space and time.

In Luke 21:25, The return of the Lord in glory, Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars.  He said when you see “upon the earth distress in the nations,”  know that  the kingdom of God, your internal reality is close to becoming  external reality (Luke 21:28).  In Luke 21:36, Jesus said, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the son of man.”


This isn’t me talking. In Astrologer’s Handbook, under Aquarius,  we read, “Individuals born under the sign of brotherhood and fraternity have as their symbol the water-bearer, who spills out to mankind the life-force and spiritual energy.”  The zodiac tells us that we are now at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

In Numerology and the Divine Triangle, the Divine Triangle, incorporating  youth, power and wisdom,  we go though nine stages of development, beginning with the  male principle, the yang, represented by the number 1, the pioneer striking out alone, seeking the experiences which will establish his distinct identity, I did this in 1975.  In the final stage, represented by the number 9, selflessness and compassion, one desires to apply his energy to universal service. That’s where I am now.

For me, it all connects. After finding out who I really was, I found the perfect mate for me, this, the number 2 stage. Together we diversified, “carrying the qualities of manifestation and self-expression….3 is the extrovert whose personal magnetism draws others and inspires them to expand and grow.”

These are the kinds of things that people find hard to connect with because it has not occurred in their lives.  It happened in my life when I was a rock bottom. I cut from the herd and went on my own. Everything fell into place.  What about all those people in America at rock bottom—people dependent on government—people listening to external authority?

Jesus advised us to look within for our answers.   Along with the Age of Pisces, an authoritarian age, America on the wane, America, born under the sign of Aquarius.You can read about my life in my book, In Earth as it is in Heaven 2012: an explanation for the underlying mechanism of creation now available at Amazon.  I’ve created a slide presentation on a DVD that dramatizes mine and Karen’s life together.  If you would like the DVD and book, email me at






The government tapdance around your rights

Thursday, January 30th, 2014


Most of the American people realize that government is doing a tap dance around our rights.

Science has discovered from the microcosm, which quantum physicists believe is connected with the macrocosm, as did the ancient sages of India, that there is no way to measure the details of our paths without disturbing the end result.  It is the uncertainty principle published in September 1925 by Werner Heisenberg, in the month and year of my birth.

Science has now discovered that if you know energy—consciousness—time doesn’t mean much. With energy, you exist in a state, time a limited dimension; therefore, if you are human, government can’t regulate your life. Humans are directly linked with the universe’s energy. A government regulated human is a beast controlled by the carrot and stick approach.

Thought I’d better let you know this as government is about to lower the boom on you.

Virtual Reality

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The Water-Bearer

After Obama’s State of the Union Address, I don’t think anyone could say Obama knows anything about virtual reality, other than his own.  I seem to hear the music, Darling I Am Growing Old.


Wikipedia: Virtual reality (VR) or also called Immersive Multimedia is a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. Most current virtual reality environments are primarily visual experiences, displayed either on a computer screen or through special stereoscopic displays, but some simulations include additional sensory information, such as sound through speakers or headphones.


Our imagination is stimulated by “Immersive Multimedia.”  It is said that it would take a thousand words to say what one picture says. In more than 300 pictures with background music, by and through VR or Immersive Multimedia, I have created a 33-year story of mine and my wife’s married life in 14 minutes and 12 seconds. With a computer I’ve accomplished more than you could know in a 200 page book.


The pictures I used were all stored and catalogued on my hard drive, as well as the music. All I did was follow my Apple (iMac) Computer’s instructions to end with a professional audio-visual documentary.


It is easy for me to imagine because I’ve lived what is seen in the pictures. With the present mindset, it is going to be difficult to communicate what I’ve thought concerning my above described production.  I’ll use the meaning of words, in and of themselves, to communicate my thought.


Digitized gives much meaning to virtual reality. Einstein said the universe can be reduced to vibrations. Vibrations are represented by numbers. The universe is said to be a doubling process. We are the result of a doubling process. Harmony is a result of a doubling process. Middle C on the piano is 512 vibrations per second. The next C up is 1024 vibrations per second.


Computer language is digital.  A processor turns it into sight and sound. Our minds, the same, they allow us to “see” the unseen.”  Our minds interconnect with the quantum world; that is, the smallest of excitations.  In lab experiments, quantum physicists have discovered that by observation we change light waves into particles, tiny bits of energy called photons.  By a processor in our brains, we “see” photons. By a process in our brains, we hear sound waves. Light waves, by the way, travel through a vacuum. Travel? At the speed of light time stands still. In lab experiments, science has proved that photons communicate instantly, once connected, even if on opposite extremes of the universe. Light does not actually travel. Time, as we’ve been programmed, is merely the thing that separates events.  We exist in a holistic universe—with more than one dimension.  Science says we humans are in contact with a dimension of infinite possibility, in every sense of the term, virtual reality: whatever we see is real. We know what Obama and following see. Nice work if you can get it.  “You can keep your health insurance, period.”  No way, Jose!


In my pictorial and sound dramatization, the unseen is love, in my case, love at first sight. I met the love of my life in Greenwood Inn, a popular place for people who love to dance and meet people.  I asked Karen for a dance. The moment our hands touched, I felt warm vibes. The music was too fast. I asked Karen if she would like to sit this one out with me. The moment we started conversing a strange feeling came over me that I was sitting with a woman I’d known.


I was 30 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. My wife was a good cook—my third wife.  Only two weeks had passed since my third wife walked out. I never saw her again. It had to have been planned that I would meet this someone I’d known, I don’t know when.  I asked Karen to hike with me to Multnomah Falls.


We were sitting on a log by the side of the trail to Multnomah Falls chatting. Karen said: “I want ours to be a platonic relationship.”  I thought what a strange thing to say.  The sky turned black to our northwest. We rushed down the trail to the car and heard on the radio that Mt. St. Helens, to our northwest about 50 miles had erupted. I took it as a sign. In nature, after such a calamity nature repairs the damage.  It is legendary that after turning into ashes, a new life cycle begins. 


The eruption was an emblem of immortality.  In my pictorial dramatization, the viewer finds that nature played an essential role in our union. Fifteen years later Karen came to me with one of those computer generated astrological compatibility reports. I read in the report, under “Your relationship with Karen,” “Karen is the kind of person that is intellectually stimulating. Together you could spend great amounts of time exploring ideas and concepts, taking walks, and even short trips. Talking until dawn is not impossible with her. The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you. Even if lovers, you will always be first and foremost, good friends….She seems almost like a family member, and you two feel good when the two of you are together….”


“Traveling somewhere together would be ideal. She tends to open up your mind to new, perspectives, and possibilities….She exerts a powerful dreamy influence over you which could appear as a perfect union. There is no doubt that the two of you may run around together in a kind of trance.”


Under “Challenges in Your Relationship with Karen,” “Karen refuses, or is often unable, to get your meaning. (She isn’t alone. I’m eccentric. It’s written in the stars.) She may feel that your own feelings are lacking as a motivating force in your life. (Yep, that’s written in the stars.)  This can lead to harsh exchanges and hot tempers….She is critical of your ideas, and you may feel somewhat tongue-tied when you are around her. She may feel that you refuse to consider her problems or that you dismiss them with a few words.”  I could not have said it better.  They read this in the stars.


Indeed, we are very different people. Karen is interested in family and day today events.  I’m naturally a thinker (it is written in the stars), inclined to look at the big picture, and to be exasperated (also written in the stars) when people show me they are small-minded. We are getting much better in understanding those differences, even to see the advantage of that difference in us.  In any event, no matter what, we are spiritually bound together; never to part. It was that way from the moment we met. God brought us together. It is written in the stars.


In every way,  I’m the image of what astrologers and numerologist say. That can’t be said for most; in fact, could not be said of me, not until my bigger than life calling, when my life was in ruins.  Sometimes it takes nowhere to look but up. I found the real me first, and then found the right person for me. In every step of my new life I’ve followed the pattern numerology gives us.


I’m now in the final step, the ninth, when one becomes selfless—if he has followed the previous steps and desires to be of universal service. I’m looking for all the help I can get.


Note: I’m the author of In Earth as it is in Heaven 2012: the underlying mechanics of Creation. It’s for sale at Amazon.  If you would like a DVD of my above related life story, for $13, I’ll mail you a copy of my book and DVD. By the way, the music, “Dreams,” the DVD’s background music—it puts you in a trance—is on the Internet at   


Somebody should tell our President about this. It is a look at the future. It might change his mind—and change the world for the better.


My email address:  For my book and DVD, send me, Joseph W. Smith, a check to my street address: 32700 SE Leewood Lane, Unit 83, Boring, OR 97009.








Barack Obama vs. Joe Smith

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


Many have registered with my Web host, Bluehost , for my blogs  on, I would not know how many. I’ve not been active on this site for months. I came back when Tea Party banned me.  I insisted that I have inalienable rights that are incapable of being taken from me. Tea Party insisted that government has the right to take from me whatever government wants that I have.    I’ve started to allow comments again.  There have been none.  That’s good.  When I abandoned  my web site, there were more than 200 comments every day, and all them spam.  That’s why I disallowed comments.  That’s when no one came to my site.


I wonder how Obama’s State of the Union address tonight is going to register with voters. I’m betting that my message would win more votes than Obama’s were my message heard by as many as will hear Obama’s message .


I’m the author of In Earth as it is In Heaven 2012: an explanation for the underlying mechanism of creation. In the King James version of the Bible, it is in earth in the Lord’ prayer, not on earth.  This is followed by seek ye first the kingdom of God. In Luke 17:21, (speaking to the Pharisees), said Jesus, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” In  earth as it is in heaven—in you dwells your immaterial essence, the actuating cause of human life—this is Jesus’ message.  He was not a Christian or a Jew.   Jesus, the Son of man, was man’s archetype, the Bible says, knowing good and evil.  Out of envy, Cain killed his brother Able.  The Old Testament ends with no change, and God warning  Jews that if there were a change of thinking God would smite them.


Then came Jesus and the New Testament, Jesus telling us that we are our brother’s keeper. He didn’t limit it to those of any religious faith.  The Muslim Brotherhood has other thoughts.  Either you are of Islam’s faith or off comes your head; the only law Sharia law.  Obama has shown that he favor’s the Muslim Brotherhood. Both favor socialism.


We note that many people are unhappy with their lives and take it out on others, especially in Egypt. It is causing much violence and nobody with a public voice knows the reason. The Bible tells me Jesus is my savior; that I’m the master of my fate.  What I do that is bad for others is no one’s fault but my own; what I do that is good for others is rewarded.  Jesus has never let me down.  I don’t need a big brother government.  My God isn’t in heaven. My God is internal.


Perhaps the reason you are here is the name, mymiraclemessage; you are looking for a miracle.  I’ll try to make it worth your time.  My life is as good as life gets.  There is no reason why you can’t say the same.  We are all God’s children, according to Jesus.


In Obama’s State of the Union message tonight you will hear Obama beat the drums for taking from those who have and giving it to those who don’t.  Is it feeling or politics?  Those who don ‘t have don’t provide jobs. They don’t give us products and services we need.  The rub is that those who do provide jobs and things we want are out to make a profit.  They are capitalists.  The poor and needy are being taken by capitalists, according to Obama.  He wants equal distribution of the nation’s wealth. Yet  the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer.  Obama is a miserable failure.


I maintain that the individual has inalienable rights incapable of being taken.  For insisting on this in my Tea Party posts, the owner of  banned me. I’ve written Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden. I’m awaiting his answer.  Senator Wyden is a Democrat. I’ve yet to hear a Democrat praise the Tea Party.


In his State of the Union address tonight, Obama will push for immigration legislation.  The American people are against this legislation, as are the majority of House Republicans.  If House Chair Boehner  pushes for a vote, the Democrats will win with the majority.  It is a game of charades?  As I see it, the idea is to keep the American people divided while the powers that be continue to take every right the individual has.


Are you with or against Jesus. He said you can’t serve two masters.  Again, Jesus has never let me down.


There is so much to do

Monday, January 27th, 2014

We must do all we can to stop global warming, according to Obama.  Other nations are not shutting down coal mines and coal generating plants. They are on the increase.  Other nations are not curtailing oil production.  Everything Obama does or does not do has a political agenda behind it.  Politics plays a role in everything the United States does, as the United States goes down the tube.  Don’t look to Washington for answers.

No comment?

Monday, January 27th, 2014

I see that the number of people registering on my site has picked up since I started posting again. I understand why they are not commenting.

Time that we know

Monday, January 27th, 2014

President Obama says there is yet more to do in America to end poverty. There is always more to do, according to government. Poverty hasn’t changed in America but the cost to cure poverty has multiplied to the point that the national debt is astronomical and growing beyond the ability of the taxpayers to handle.  The Democrats call us mean spirited.

Obama is a Roosevelt Democrat. President Roosevelt, during America’s Great Depression, told the American people that government had an “inherent duty” to the individual, “even if it isn’t written in the Constitution.”  Chairman Mao would have agreed.

Forty-three years ago Senator Lawton Chiles wrote me that he received more letters complaining about the IRS than all the other letters he received on other matters.  Why didn’t he want the public to know my answer?  Senator Bob Graham took Senator Chiles’ place. He wrote me that the IRS has the authority to use “draconian methods” in tax collection.

Even if it isn’t written in the Constitution, claimed the IRS to me, it has the right to take everything I had in payment of federal income tax. The IRS put me on the street. How long will it be before your government can take your life if you don’t agree to be put on the street in the name of tax?  President Obama says he plans to use his power to do the things that need to be done, even if he has to go around Congress.  With the tacit approval of Congress, Obama can use “draconian means” to collect tax.

House Speaker John Boehner has notified me by email that the opposition will respond to Obama’s State of the Union Address tomorrow at

I, for one, am still looking for Congress to give me the answer on why it approves of the IRS using “draconian” power to collect tax. In my case, the IRS used its power to collect my property and put me on the street. It is in the record. The IRS apologized for its “mistake.”  Nevertheless, in order to do more to end poverty, the United States of America is putting taxpayers on the street.  It is time that the American people know that.

The cause and the cure

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Darion Marcus Aguillar, a 19 year-old, has been identified as the assailant in Saturday’s shooting at the mall in Columbia that killed two innocent victims. Aquillar shot himself.  This is getting to be a common way to kill yourself and take others with you to leave the world your message that your didn’t like the way you were treated.

I know Columbia. It is a New Town I visited in 1974. Edward Marcus, the Chairman of the Board of Neiman Marcus took my wife, the town of Flower Mound, Texas secretary, me, and the other town officials and spouses on an all-expense paid tour of Columbia and Reston, two New Towns near Washington, D.C.  Marcus and associates were planning on making Flower Mound, a rural community  25 miles northwest of Dallas, and 2 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport a New Town.

A New Town is a completely planned city to replace the bedroom community of metroplexes. Developers go where the land is relatively cheap to build residential communities, which means costly freeways and utilities. It means the poor are left to live in the center of the city. It means lots of time and costly fuel to get to and from your job.

The New Town concept  gives people attractive residential neighborhoods with parks, playgrounds, and community centers. Nearby schools are accessed without crossing a busy street. The rich and not so rich live in close proximity and work together on things that come up.  There is a central commercial and industrial complex. People don’t drive long distances to their workplaces.

Marcus and Associates had acquired a HUD grant to build the most modern sewage disposal plant in the United States.  Flower Mound’s “old settlers” were bitterly opposed, one being the local septic tank cleaner, who was to be put out of his business.  Denton County was against it, Denton County controlled by corrupt county officials and private citizens, some in Flower Mound.  The press visited me.  Not one thought I gave the press was printed.  The press chose to tell a distorted story of the “old settlers” being deprived of their place, of course, by the rich out to make a profit.  Everybody loves to read this kind of stuff.

The “old settlers” decided to take over the town government. The septic tank cleaner was appointed mayor. He shut down Flower Mound New Town. It was the “will of the people.”  I visited a local lawyer I knew. We decided to take legal action. We met at my home with around 20 local people and decided to hire the attorney to take the matter to court.  The attorney could not find a county judge willing to take the case so he got a judge from a neighboring county to take the case.  While all of this was taking place, Edward Marcus died of a heart attack.

On the day of the hearing, around 200 people had gathered at the Denton County Court House. The appointed mayor and two cronies grabbed me, the mayor strangling me with my necktie. This started a free-for-all. The judge decided not to hear our case.  The police chief of Flower Mound visited me. He had heard that the “old settlers” were planning my murder.

Texas was celebrating her Bicentennial of independence from Mexico and advertising for citizen participation. I was picked to present the case of Flower Mound being unconstitutionally taken over by thugs.  The Chair of the Texas Judiciary Committee thanked me and picked me to be on a committee to investigate corruption in Texas counties.

My business enterprise of 25 years, thanks to government, went on the rocks in 1975. My second wife filed for divorce.  I told my divorce lawyer that Denton County’s population allowed for a District Attorney. My lawyer got an election called and won it, after I’d left Flower Mound for good. Flower Mound is today a large bedroom community of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

It isn’t all that hard to know the problem.  When the cat is away the mice will play. Don’t look to the politicians or the press to help. They are the cause. How many more innocents will die before we the people fix the problem?

Quantity and quality

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Learn to distinguish between the quality and the quantity of your life.  First comes quality. If you are at rock-bottom and no way to look but up, think of a bigger than life calling that appeals to you and go for it. Instead of thinking about your troubles, I can tell you, you will begin to think how you can help to make things better. Somehow, some way, I call it voices from the past, you will begin to live a charmed life. One day you will say that life doesn’t get any better than your life.

Something to think about

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Science informs us that the universe began with a Big Bang. Before the Big Bang, the universe, energy; that is, consciousness or self-awareness, somehow self-awareness became the first physical excitation, a subatomic particle, the so-called God particle included, called the indivisible Higgs boson.  The Higgs boson as now been discovered. They think it has subdivisions.

At any rate, from the smallest excitation came the universe we know but don’t yet understand. However, we’re getting there.   If you want to know how something works, you take it apart. That’s what quantum physicists do with the universe.   What they find dovetails with ancient sages, who maintain that so is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.

Everything in the space-time universe has its time and place, from the subatomic particle and nanoseconds to the life of a star in billions of years.  We see but we don’t understand.

Since awareness does not involve space and time, therefore unlimited, we are potentially equipped to know far more then we know. We know as much as we can handle.  Authority’s task is to know more than the masses. Authority makes that decision.   Why?

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