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Sunday, December 30th, 2012

President Obama says it looks like were are going over the fiscal cliff because Republicans won’t compromise. We’re going over the cliff because Republicans have been compromising.  Out of control government spending is the reason we are going over the cliff.  America is divided. A house divideded soon falls.  You can’t continue putting off your debts on future generations.

Hello World!

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Let’s talk about Christmas Eve 1975

On Christmas Eve 1975, I cast off from Palm Beach, Florida on my new sloop, Bold Venture.  You can read all about my bold venture in my book, In Earth as It is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.

My old life was on the rocks. This was the beginning of my new life—a charmed life. It was the beginning of an offshore sailing adventure, my dream for several years. It was a fun thing to do.  Nobody I knew thought it was the right thing to do.  In fact, nothing I did was seen as the right thing to do.

Not long after I cast off for the first time, I was sailing with a friend off the Pam Beach coast. I heard voices crying out for help.  I scanned the ocean with my field glasses and saw nothing unusual. My friend said it was probably wind on the shrouds I heard. I was convinced I heard cries for help. I sailed in the direction of the voices for perhaps 15 or 20 minutes. The sun had set. I was losing light. Just as I’d decided to come about and head for the inlet, I saw the red flag marking the location of a lobster pot on the ocean floor waving in the distance. I found three young people who got caught in an ocean current while snorkeling. They had drifted for hours and were too weak to climb my boarding ladder. They had to be helped.

I’d left my Flower Mound, Texas home on Good Friday 1975, arriving in Miami, Florida on Easter Sunday. Good Friday, Easter Sunday, the saving of three lives, this, another sign, it all fits with what was to come—not what you would have thought. Off on a lark, a social dropout—and a tax protester—whatever misfortune that befell me, I deserved. That was the general understanding of America’s “good citizens.”

Me against the world—but already the savior of three young lives—it reminds me of someone I read about in the Bible. Moses asked God what he should tell his people his name was. God said to tell them my name is “I am that I am.”  Jesus said that the kingdom of God is in you.  It kind of goes together. His people picked a convicted murderer over Jesus. And now we call it a sin. I never was a “good citizen.” I was a non-conformist.  I didn’t trust authorities, nor do I now. Too often, they are self-serving hypocrites. By coincidence, my thoughts were somewhat similar to Jesus’ thoughts. Maybe I should be crucified.

In late August 1976, I was sailing with three friends from Nassau to Palm Beach. We sailed into Tropical Storm Dottie at 2 am, with near hurricane force wind. It was like walking a tight rope. I was steering by the slope of the deck, keeping the rail just above the water. If the full force of the wind were on my sail, we’d have been knocked flat. I was just off the wind, the trailing edge of the sail wildly flapping. If the wind got behind the sail, that was it. We’d have been left without a sail or a mast. God’s hand must have been on my wheel.

We’d been on a southwesterly course to compensate for the north moving Gulf Stream. With the wind shift, I was sailing to the north. By dawn, the storm center had moved to the north. We were in 25 to 30 foot seas. As we rolled over a giant sea, I spotted smokestacks in the west and headed for them. They turned out to be those of Florida Power and Light, one mile south of our inlet. We had been sailing north on the north moving Gulf Stream. It was impossible but true. We’d arrived at my estimated time of arrival, like the storm didn’t exist, some kind of an aberration.

As we approached Lake Worth Inlet, we were horrified. Seas were breaking completely across the inlet. I was exhausted and my friends were seasick. Something told me to go for it. Seas were breaking on both sides. The stern went up and I held my breath. We slid down a giant wave into the inlet. It never broke. My friends hugged and kissed me. They called it a miracle. They have all gone their ways. I know nothing about any of them, or the three young people I saved from a watery grave—seven lives this dropout saved, including my own, during my sea adventure.  Who cares!

I’d married for the third time. In August 1977, with my wife, I left Palm Beach and headed for Portland, Oregon.  I had decided to get back in the lumber business I’d left in Texas in 1975 due to double digit inflation, not to mention Nixon’s price controls. Watergate was minor, but it got him out of office. Then it was Carter and double digit inflation again. After four years in the lumber business, I returned to my life at sea.

In early May 1980, wife number three left me. Two weeks later, wife number four appeared, as if it were planned. The moment I met her, I got the feeling that she was an old friend I’d not seen for a very long time. Our first date, on May 18, 1980,  a hike to Multnomah Falls near Portland, about 50 miles southeast of Mt. St. Helens, Karen and I were sitting on a log by the side of our trail chatting, Karen said, “I want ours to be a platonic relationship.” At that very moment the sky to our northwest turned black. We hurried back to the car.

Later, I asked Karen what made her say she wanted ours to be a platonic relationship. She didn’t know.  It just popped out, she said. Fifteen years later a friend gave Karen a computer printout of our astrological compatibility, from computer software. I read this in the report: “The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you.”  There’s something going on we don’t know.

On Good Friday 1975, Jesus was not on my mind at all. What was on my mind was the government. I was going to take my government to court over the income tax. When I studied the Constitution, I heard voices of the past speaking.  I had a bigger than life calling. Who the hell did I think I was!  Nobody I know of shares my idea.  This Christmas Eve finds us with an uncertain future, actually like mine on Christmas Eve 1975.

Chirstmas represents the brotherly and sisterly. Until Karen was sent to me, I never know love.  I see the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens as legendary. The Phoenix, a bird that lived 500 or 600 years, and then immolated itself on a pyre, rose to live another cycle of years; it is an emblem of immortality or of reborn hope.   Oregon’s Mount Mazama erupted 6,000 years ago. That eruption was 40 times as great as the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, and yet the crater it left is now America’s crown jewel, Crater Lake.

My old life left me in ruins. I set forth on a serendipitous journey and found good fortune.  Certain things took place. I found a cause, a bold venture, and with those two things working for me, found the right mate. In numerology, the number 1 represents the pioneer setting out on his own to find his true identity. Having accomplished this, the number 2 represents his mate, the right mate.  On this Christmas Eve, one year to the day after I finished writing my book, I’m counting my blessings.  In my book you learn what the numbers 1 through 9 have meant in my life.

Seek and ye shall find; ask and ye shall receive, said Jesus.  Unknowingly, I sought the impossible. I was rewarded. All of my dreams came true. Christmas has a different meaning for me than most folks.  Why me?  We are going to know in the not too distant future.


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Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Let’s talk about the law – in light of today’s needs

First let me say that I’m getting a lot of interesting comments on “cooking America’s goose”—from people who have not yet been kicked in the butt hard enough to act.

The law in light of today’s needs, America’s current driving force, is vastly more costly than the American people want to pay.  If we tax the rich more, America’s capitalists, America’s job creators, there will be less jobs and less tax revenue.  Taxing the rich more is not the answer for those who like the freedom to do their own thing. But it happens to be the answer the majority of the American people want, as it now stands, imposing a great debt on America’s children. Shame on you!

To be honest, we have to admit that we’ve become self-centered and uncaring. We are not the compassionate people the politicians say we are.  The law for humans, the same as the law for beasts, is impersonal and universal.  The law for beasts is might makes right. The law for humans is based on reason and logic, something unique in humans. America’s makers and keepers of the law have regressed to the law for beasts.

America, a Judeo-Christian nation, we are told, Jesus said you can’t serve two masters.  Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you—internal. America’s vote is for external control. Witness the result. Jesus called his leaders hypocrites and wolves in sheep’s clothing. It was not healthy, we learn in the Bible. We sinners crucified Jesus.

“Even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion,” turned into beasts, said Aristotle. “We may conclude then that the law is reason without passion and it is therefore preferable to any individual.” Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, had real answers.

Today’s authority has phony answers. The American people have traded their God-given rights for the typical government answer: place today’s needs ahead of the needs of future generations.

The same type, after spending eleven years bickering, America’s Founding Fathers finally came up with a Constitution they were convinced would guarantee the American people freedom—and expediently allowed for black slavery, thereby setting the stage for the Civil War.  At the time, Southern whites felt that they treated their black slaves good—white Christians, they were. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They felt that ugly black people—I won’t mention the names they were called—were inferior to whites. White Christians reasoned that ugly blacks were paying for past sins.  Hypocritical whites are now paying for their past sins.  Oddly, today’s blacks are much better looking than yesterday’s blacks.  They are winning beauty contests. It’s true, we make our reality.  I wish all blacks were aware of that.

Alas, that old serpent in the tree of knowledge of good and evil tempts us. We read in the Bible that this serpent told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and possess the knowledge of the gods.  Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and were kicked out of God’s welfare state, forced to plow the ground for their existence.  The original man and woman, the original sinners, imposed their sins on all that followed.

There is nothing like guilt to turn you into a slave.  We are  “born in sin.”  How convenient! What suckers we’ve been! We confuse good with evil and evil with good.  I was not born in sin. Coincidentally, my life is good.  I believe that Jesus is my savior and redeemer. I’m in conflict with Christian, Jewish, and Muslim dogma. This weirdo believes that Jesus is everyone’s savior and redeemer.

Look at today’s world and weep!  It’s a kick in the butt.  We are our brother’s killer. Jesus, opposing authority, advised you to look within for your answers. Call it capitalism. The freedom to do your own thing could not be anything like we are doing under the direction of our world’s outrageous authority. Read about freedom to do your own thing in my book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation. If your life is not good, I tell you how it can be good, but you’ve got to act.  You are human. You are not a herd animal.



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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Let’s talk about the new world

Yesterday was the last day of the old world, we Americans saddened by the senseless killings taking place, gun control dissidents blaming it on Hollywood violence, the government wanting to take our guns.

You people born in 1975 and later don’t know the world I was born in. I was born six years after World War I. Nineteen twenty-five, the Roaring Twenties, the year I was born, Congress voted to allow the IRS, in violation of the Fourth Amendment, to examine the personal records of American income earners for income tax purposes. It didn’t affect anyone but the very rich. Who cared? We don’t know much about human nature.  After Congress got the right to tax incomes, Congress quite naturally found the need to hand our incomes out to those in need, and this in turn to require that we all pay income tax, and the rich to pay more and more of their incomes. And why not, they don’t need the money. If it were not for the rest of us, they would not be rich.

Half of the nation is now dependent on government and Congress, unable to find a  logical answer for the problem Congress caused, Congress resorts to borrowing enormously against future Americans.  President Obama’s answer—tax the rich more—would pay the cost of government eight days.  He does not want to balance the budget. That would mean cutting down on the money government hands out to individuals in need, now a hundred times as many, and growing by leaps and bounds.

The IRS, on a fishing expedition in 1974, with Congress’ blessings, entered my home and spent a week examining my personal records—your government, without a court order, looking for a reason to tax me. The reason for this unholy intrusion was my letter to Attorney General William B. Saxbe advising him that federal income tax was unconstitutional. He passed it on to the IRS.

I received a letter from my Internal Revenue Director informing me that the Sixteenth Amendment, the income tax amendment, allowed the IRS to take up to 100 percent of my income. The reason I wrote my letter was that I was forced to sell land to pay my family’s living cost. My private enterprise was earning zero income. My land sold for double what I paid for it but the dollars I received would buy half as much. Nevertheless, I was judged to have had a capital gain. The Director was wrong. Congress was taxing me when I had zero income. At the same time, those government entitled were given cost of living increases due to the depreciated value of the dollar, robbing me so Congress could say to those receiving the loot, “look what we are doing for you.”

In 1975, I cut from the herd and went on my own. I was born again, discovered the real me.  And now, with an income tax that robs people of their hard earned money, Congress is spending half again what it takes in and cannot find an answer for what to do about it. What do you know, you who were born in 1975 and later. Don’t you ever think about the debt you are heaping on your children?  At the present time, every family has a federal debt of $139,000, but not to worry, the way has been found to solve the problem: print money that has nothing back of it. It’s a moral issue. It’s a shell game—income earners left standing when the music stops. By ignoring the fact that we’ve become immoral and self-serving, and emotionally backing government taking away our guns, can you imagine what happens next?  We are looking at Civil War II, followed by Gone with the Wind II. Welcome to the new world. Not a pretty picture.  But what can you do?  Why even think about it?

I have a different answer than your elected representatives give you, but I’m not seeing people rushing to buy my answer, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation. Actually, it is not my answer. It is voices of the past speaking through me.   You don’t think we are the only intelligent beings in the universe, do you?  Don’t you wonder what all those millions sightings of UFOs really mean?  Are you content with the government answer, UFOs being flights of geese, weather balloons, swamp gas, balled lightning, or simply our imaginations? If you were President Obama, would you want people to know that you had no control over what might be the actual case? As a matter of fact, how do we know that President Obama isn’t being controlled, and whoever controls Obama is also controlled? Who really needs to know?  Better that we don’t know.  It would cause problems. Don’t we have enough now?  We try not to think about it.  What good does it do?

We know that out there are suns and planetary systems—hundreds of billions of them. Science is actually finding them at the rate of one per week. They have not found any planet yet capable of supporting life as we know it. There are none in our solar system, which gives cause to say life supporting planets like ours must be rare.  That would make ours a desirable place for other intelligent life, some with good purposes, some with self-serving purposes, and they would be willing to give something in return for whatever it was that they came for.  They would naturally give technology we don’t have.  Quite naturally, the military would be anxious to possess such technology, in the interest of national defense. Any hard evidence quickly disappears. The military is responsible for that. It doesn’t seem to be the same with extraterrestrials.  They are not hiding from us. In fact, they are appearing in greater numbers. This coincides with our technological advances. Perhaps there is soon going to be a meeting of minds, after we’ve lost all hope of those in control bringing us answers. We might be close to becoming creatures of the galaxy. About that change we are dreading, welcome to the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper.


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Friday, December 21st, 2012

Let’s talk about Charlie Rangal

We received this message: “Whomever produced the statement that this was a good Website actually needs to get their brain looked at.”  Maybe you better think again, my friend.

Charlie, Harlem’s congressional representative since 1970, told the press this: “I don’t know what the hell is happening”—on the day the world comes to an end. Does anybody?

This is one of the world’s most uncertain times.  We know that a big change is on the way—and as always, dreaded. Hey Charlie! What are you going to promise Harlem when the money runs out? You better start thinking about it. Your constituents are going to be looking at green toilet paper, that which they formerly bought life’s essentials with.

If you want to know what will likely happen in America, read the history of Germany’s National Socialism. Then think about this: The American people are well armed. America is not pre-World War II Germany.  If you think your government is going to take away the American people’s guns, my friend, you better have your brain looked at.

Get ready for Civil War II, and Gone with the Wind II. I’ve written a book for those who want to know their future,  In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Let’s talk about habits

From the heart-wrenching tragedy of Newtown, I would say that our habits need to be discussed, not by those with the public voice we should know by now, but by the nobodies like you and me.  Having been here for 87 years, I can say that our habits have changed for the worse. No Jack Riley, I’m not here for the money. Giving you my thoughts is the least I can do. The taxpayers are paying me, government entitlement, you know.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You can’t say the same for those with the public voice. They have their agendas. Their agendas are for the good of all. Those parents who lost their little children would have a hard time convincing themselves that the makers and keepers of the law are doing what is best for all.  We pay, and, pay, and pay. It is hard to bare.   No, it all begins with the individual, my friends—your children, my children. What kind of life are you giving them?

For instance, take the right to life. If that’s so, then society has the obligation to see that we each have what is needed for a productive life. It is the person who shot and killed 26 people, not the gun he used.  What made him do it?

The Founding Fathers of America signed a declaration of independence, which stated that we each have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those little children never had their chance to their God-given right to live.  It makes you want to cry.

Your President was quick to seize the opportunity to talk with the grieving parents of the dead little children.  Your airheaded President, a strong anti-colonialist, appointed to the Supreme Court Elena Kagan, who told the Senate that the Declaration of Independence did not enter into her decisions. The signers were anti-colonalists.  Kagan is a liberal activist who believes the law should be interpreted in light of today’s needs—for the good of all. In Kagan’s stated view, the individual counts for naught.  That’s what made the shooter do it. Obama said, “We can’t tolerate this.”  No we cannot, President Obama! We want our God-given rights back. You’ve taken the place of King George III and his empire.

From any reasonable thinking person, it should be obvious that we humans are the most capable of all life forms of bettering our lives. Instead, we elect politicians bent and determined on turning us into herd animals.  We’ve become addicted. Too many are government dependents.

My father was a World War I hero, one of General Pershing’s 100 heros. He won the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery in combat. What happened? He died alone, save his cat, drinking a quart of whiskey every day. The shame of his alcoholism deeply affected my life. My friends, dependence is a bad, bad problem.

There came the time in my life that it was either depend on myself or fall into the abyss. I had been one of those who took the path of least resistance. I ceased going with the flow. Everyone I knew thought I was nuts. In order to be independent, we need to know that the fruits of our own labor are not to be transferred to others. It breeds addiction to the hand that feeds the mouth, the very people you elect to public office.

To others I was a tax protester who did not want to pay my fair share of the taxes. That’s what you’ve been taught. High tax and redistribution of wealth—for the good of all—has caused an addiction to government, and property merely for government’s worthy causes.

And what are the government’s worthy causes? The addicted, incapable of rational thinking, this gives rational thinkers an advantage.  With this in mind, I legally challenged federal income tax. It was like throwing holy water in the devil’s face, but I was legal in doing it. The IRS hung itself with its own rope.  You would not believe what happened. The IRS ate crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post.  And who am I? One of those out of sight, out of mind taxpayers, a nobody from Nowheresville.  And your President is for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. But the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Money goes where money flows.  The rich make billions and the poor get a pittance. Nice work if you can get it. Give me a break!

It is a very dangerous thing, redistribution of the wealth.  If I could beat the IRS at its own game, think what wolves in sheep’s clothing can do with America’s values. Little wonder that incidents like what happened in Newtown are happening everywhere. An addicted America is fast becoming a lawless basket case.

What would happen if a million taxpayers legally challenged federal taxation. Where would union thugs be?  They are going to fight the right to work law. taxpayer money pays them to rob you of your right to work. Where would Attoney Genereal Holder be? I beat the tobacco chewing hick from the sticks Attorney General William Saxbe. He failed to defend the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. I’m not a lawyer. What I did is for you to do if you have a personal stake in the outcome. Don’t listen to lawyers.  Lawyers are paid to confuse and confound the law.  You don’t need a lawyer if you have a personal stake in the outcome, not that you are going to get anywhere.  What you do in challenging the makers and keepers of the law is to get a record and take it to the press. You want the press to work for you? They are not. They are working against your rights.  I’m only one. It worked for me.

What I’m saying is that if you love your children and America, you have to demand your rights. Take away our guns for the good of all, say public voices. Millions have died for the good of all. You parents, how do you feel about the jeopardy you have voted your children into? Shame on you.

You can read all about it in the book I’ve written, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.


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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Let’s talk about the end of the old

With three days left to the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar, it is a good time to talk about it.  The movement of the sun and solar system, in relation to the Milky Way, brings us once again to a point where we were 26,000 years ago.  We don’t know a lot about what it was like 26,000 years ago, but we’re still here. We are likely to be here 26,000 years from now.  So the end is the beginning. That’s very encouraging, but with beginnings, we know, comes hardship.  This is very bad for our children and grand children, but we are afraid to face hardship. There is a consequence.

The zodiac, a map of the heavens invented by the Persians around 5,000 B.C., is a circle representing 26,000 years.  Within the circle are twelve spokes, each 30 degrees apart, and each representing a sign, the sign of a star constellation. Coincidental with the 26,000 year circle, the earth’s axis wobble, like a spinning top, forms a circle, also 26,000 years. The axis points to the 12 star constellations. It’s like the parts of an engine all working together to produce universal energy, each of the star constellations delivering a certain type of energy. It puzzles me how the Persians knew all of this. Who would have thought this?

And then I read, “And God said, Let us make man in our image” (Genesis 1:26). God said this to whom?  It all points to our human archetype, at least in our immaterial part. We did not originate on this planet. Having come to that conclusion, that we are in the image of God and given dominion over all other life on the planet, as stated in the Bible, consciously aware of vastly more than other life forms,  consciousness must be basic to existence. As I’ve pointed out in Bell’s theorem, every physical thing, down to the smallest, is conscious.  We humans, created with reason and logic—and astro-logic as well—we must be more than we give ourselves credit for being.

As evidenced, we have the beast in us. I figure it is because physically we are beasts, spiritually, God’s creation. The beast in us seeks control. We are now at the end of the 26,000 year circle, and at the end of the Age of Pisces, one of those 30 degree slices of the pie.  It all fits. This is what astro-logic says about Pisces: Sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, unconsciously. Pisceans absorb ideas and the thoughts of their associates. They desperately want to do the right thing, but as a rule do not have strong willpower. They are easily influenced by external factors.  Astrologers give Pisces the symbol of two attached fish swimming in opposite directions, indicating mixed emotions. Generally, Pisceans will suffer injury rather than fight for their rights.  They are right for “wolves in sheep’s clothing” to devour.

Now for the Aquarian personality: Aquarians look at others as their brothers and sisters.  Their sign is the water-bearer, who spills out spiritual energy. Friendship is extremely important to Aquarians.  But they are determined and strong willed. They look at those who fail to understand as incapable of understanding. They hate hypocrisy. Aquarians operate as equals among equals. They are very independent.

They say if the shoe fits wear it. You can see how the current state of things would be very uncertain. We are going through a transition—in the next step of human development.  A sign is the brutal murder of 20 small children and six courageous adults. It was for a reason that you’ve not heard. We are notified that we are moving forward to our next step of human development—away from the beast in us.

Also interesting, I was born Virgo with Aquarius rising. Astrologers say I would be visionary. Actually, I took the path of least resistance. Astrology says that as I aged I would become more Aquarian, and visionary.  When I read about the Piscean personality and compared it with the Aquarian personality, it gave me the vision of “the perfect storm.”

Speaking of signs, I cut from the herd and went on my own on Good Friday 1975. I headed from my North Texas home for Miami, Florida, arriving on Easter Sunday. At the time, it meant nothing to me. I’d left my Christian religion years before my departure. My purpose in going to Miami was to buy a sailboat and spend a couple of years at sea. I set sail on Christmas Eve 1975, also by chance.  After my two year sabbatical at sea, I returned to the work world, so-to-speak reborn. Ever since, I’ve lived a charmed life.

This is worth mentioning. Astrologers say that my ruling planet is Uranus, and that Uranus was in opposition of my Sun, Moon, and Mars when I was born. This is very bad. By the time I was in my forties, Uranus had transited to a position opposing itself. This indicated change. I was age 49 when I cut from the herd and recreated myself.

Considering that as I aged I’d become more Aquarian, coincidental with my departure, I studied the Constitution for answers. I got my answers and acted.  As a taxpayer, I was being screwed over by the IRS.  Birds of a feather flock together.  I didn’t get anywhere.  I took the record to the news media. An investigation was made. The IRS admitted on the front page of The Palm Beach Post that it had unlawfully seized my property for eleven years. They called it a “mistake.” It was obstruction of justice.

I’ve lived a charmed life, why not you?  This is interesting. The United States of America was born under the sign of Aquarius.  America is failing because the American people have regressed. They arrived Aquarian; most have become Piscean in nature. Your government is merely a reflection of you.

If you want the truth, to all of your broken-hearted people, I’d like for you to know that I’ve written a book, entitled In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation. It is available at Amazon.

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Monday, December 17th, 2012

Let’s talk about Bell’s theorem

I got a huge response from my message on the binary code.  Bell’s theorem connects with the binary code. It deals with awareness.  That ought to bring a response.

We are now aware of the non-local universe, something beyond local forces—like gravity and electromagnetism.  Don’t get turned off. I’m going to make it simple. We are now aware that subatomic particles communicate. It has been scientifically proven that photons instantaneously communicate, once connected, even if separated by the whole universe. It says that God is in everything and everywhere.  Science now says that God is universal consciousness. That’s not personal. Who is God? That God is the God in you.  The trinity is actually God in everything and everywhere—universal consciousness—and the personal God, the God in you. Jesus was a messenger of our future, the Age of Aquarius. Now that isn’t the way the holy trinity is explained by the Pope, but nevertheless true.

This is all déjà vu to me, this train wreck we’re headed for.  I’ve got something very different to sell—all your dreams come true. In 1975, my business enterprise was on the rocks. My second wife was divorcing me. I blamed it all on government, and I acted. All my dreams came true. There is a reason.  Witness the horrible things some people are doing. None of this would happen if people only know the power that lies within them.

Actually, I studied the Constitution with the idea of using it to take the IRS to court. I had a personal stake in the outcome that qualified me.  There was no argument from government. I took the IRS to court—to the tax court, to the district court, three times, to the court of appeals, and to the Supreme Court, all to no avail. The reason: legal precedence. My case had already been heard.

The government’s case is for the good of all. The government cannot possibly know what is good for each and every one of us. As good citizens, we look at it being team players, but we are aware of being individuals. It isn’t for the good of all. This is the issue that is not being heard by America’s makers and keepers of the law.

The IRS, doing as directed by the makers and keepers of the law, decided to teach me a lesson. They took the law into their own hands and ended eating crow on the front page of Palm Beach Post. But the question remains, is the law for the good of all or for the good of the individual?  Legal precedence says the law is for the good of all; the individual’s property merely the means to an end.

We are not aware of the non-local universe now scientifically proven. The law in practice is man’s law. It contradicts God’s law, or Bell’s theorem, whichever you want to call it.

The makers and keepers of the law have now come up with the “too big to fail” theory—no problem with causing you or I to fail. In the wake of the brutal killing of 20 little children and 6 adults, President Obama, being a parent, had quite an emotional reaction. He went to Newtown, Connecticut and told their broken-hearted that they must think bigger than life, the President who thinks in terms of what is good for all.

The question: Which is best for all, God’s law/Bell’s theorem or man’s law?  Conveniently, God’s law is separated from science, and man’s law separated from God’s law as well. God, according to Bell’s theorem, cannot be separated.

Like everyone, I put off the inevitable as long as I could. In 1975, I was shoved over the cliff to an unknown future. I could either fall into the abyss or soar with eagles. I chose the latter. When I read the Constitution, I heard voices of the past speaking.  I had a bigger than life calling. Mysteriously, when everything should have gone wrong for me, things kept getting better and better. Now in the twilight of life, I count my blessings. All of my dreams have come true. You can read all about it in my book, In Earth as It Is in Heaaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Let’s talk about the fast approaching new age

I received this comment: “I much like the invaluable information you offer in your article.” I’ve received hundreds of similar comments. WordPress says that in 23 posts I’ve received 1,469 approved comments.  I received the invaluable information I pass on to you, in part, from law professor Edward S. Corwin’s essay, The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law. In his essay, I underlined this: “There are certain precepts of law which have perpetual necessity, having the force of law among all nations and which absolutely cannot be broken.” John of Salisbury, who wrote this, was the first political writer of the Middle Ages. John goes on to write that a tyrant is “one who oppresses the people by rulership based on force. A prince is one who rules in accordance with the laws….not through fear of penalties of the law but through love of justice.”

I received invaluable information from The Physics, of Consciousness, the Quantum Mind and the meaning of Life by Evan Harris Walker. In his book, brain doctor and quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker writes: “We have discovered proof that we exist as more than matter….The observer interacts with matter.”

Plutarch, a Greek Priest and leading thinker, 40-120 A.D., said, “An idea, having no form by itself, but giving figure and form to shapeless, becomes the manifestation.” This being the case, the observer interacting with matter, the quantum mind is basic to reality. Therefore, the mind, through the will, transcends the limits of space and time. Can you say I’ve not been an observer? We are at one with our creator. No question in my mind about it. Ever since I went on my own—ignoring authority—I’ve experienced the inexplicable.

When I was born, Saturn trine Pluto, the most in planetary alignments. We learn in Astrologer’s Handbook that I’m here, perhaps, with “a sense of destiny or a peculiar karmic mission.”

The ancient Mayans, we’ve learned, knew that at the center of our galaxy life begins and ends. Modern science has discovered that at the center of our galaxy is a black hole into which the whole galaxy is swirling.  How did the Mayans know?  It is told that “sky people” informed them. The Mayan calendar tells us December 21, 2012 marks the end of the world.  On December 21, we will be lined up with the center of the galaxy.  It happens only once every 26,000 years.  Twenty-six thousand years ago, our planet was in its last ice age. Something happened to reverse the process. Five thousand years ago civilization began, with tyrants—and with astrologers. Persian astrologers predicted the coming of Jesus. Little wonder that the authorities make Jesus into someone he was not.

But speaking of authorities making saviors into something they are not, there was the 9-11 event, alas Allah’s servants carrying out Allah’s orders. There was the bearded one in the U.S. Army, now on trial for carrying out Allah’s order, by killing our troops. The judge on the case was removed for ordering the beard cut off.  It was against army regulations, but we can’t allow “denigrating” a person’s religion, can we?  Muhammad, Allah’s prophet, the Muslim savior, so we read, cut of the heads of 700 infidels in one day. Obama, the buck passer, is responsible for the killing of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, but we must allow the personification of evil, right?  President Obama wept over the evil murder of 20 little children. He’s an airhead, a reflection of the intelligence of the American people. You say my information is invaluable. Your work is cut out for you.

There have been recent signs, including “the perfect storm” a few days before President Obama was reelected. What does that tell you? The people in New York who lost everything voted for Obama. They don’t get it. Just between me and you, they live in La La Land. Expect more of the same.  There is turmoil in the Middle East—plenty of signs that we are going to hell in a hand basket, praise Allah, under the leadership of Obama.

To me, this is all déjà Vu, except for this:  In Luke 21, Jesus tells us, there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, and distress among the nations. He tells us the kingdom of God is at hand, and that the kingdom of God is in you. I never knew that Jesus was with me all the time. Now it is all too clear. It took the bull by the horns.

I cut from the herd and went on my own on Good Friday 1975.  I drove to Miami, Florida, arriving on Easter Sunday for the first day of my new life. On Christmas Eve 1975, I cast off for a two year adventure on the South Atlantic Ocean.  While at sea, all on my own, God’s hand was on my wheel more than once.  While at sea, I was recreated the person I was meant to be—the sea the source of all life.

It all began with my letter to William B. Saxbe, Attorney General of the United States. Saxbe forwarded my letter to Internal Revenue Director Osborne, who wrote me that he was going to audit me.  I’d informed Saxbe that federal income tax was unconstitutional and I’d see him in court. Osborne audited me and said I’d failed to report income. I told Osborne I’d see him in court.

I was prompted by The “Higher Law.”   The IRS called me a “Fifth Amendment freak.”  Little does the IRS know—and little does the Attorney General of the United States know. Just look at the present Attorney General. He knows not how to enforce the law, but how to get around the law. The two idiots trying to invoke the law on me hung themselves with their own rope.  I’d been before the tax court, three district courts, the court of appeals and the Supreme Court, the whole nine yards of justice American style. I’m not a lawyer. I know the law, not how to get around it. That’s invaluable information you should take stock in. Federal income tax is unconstitutional. Your government is using Chicago gang tactics in enforcing the law. Hitler was legal.

I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post.  An investigation was made. The IRS admitted that from the beginning it had been “mistaken.” The IRS was guilty of obstruction of justice.  But since the United States is the maker and keeper of the law, the United States gets away with being “mistaken.”

Anarchy has commenced in the United States, with President Obama’s encouragement. Labor union thugs get away with acts of violence. Law enforcement does nothing. This is a sign.

We are at the edge of a fiscal cliff. Your government—with “the law”—has become a basket case. That’s a sign. You should have listened to me years ago.  This “Fifth Amendment freak” knows the law. The United States knows humbug. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The signs are everywhere that our world is at the threshold of drastic change. It all fits like a hand in a glove. Now in the twilight of life, and my dreams come true, I find that numerology gives me the number 7 as my Path of Destiny number. “You psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world.” I’ve written a book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation. It is available at Amazon. Your world is going up in flames. Read my book and be a winner.

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Let’s talk about gun control

We read on that twenty-year-old Adam Lanza, after killing 20 small children and 6 adults, killed himself with a gun registered to his mother. His mother was found dead in the home he shared with her.

From a WordPress blog, this:

Some narcissistic mothers fixate on their son as a golden child and a psychological partner. The son of the narcissist is adored by the mother. Although there is no actual incestuous interaction between mother and son, the narcissistic mother can be provocative and psychologically seductive with this child. Learning from early childhood that he is the prince of the household, he feels superior and self entitled to do whatever he wants. The father is out of the picture and takes no significant role in the child’s development. The narcissistic mother has no interest in her spouse. The focus is on her special boy: his talents, charm, brilliance and superiority to everyone else. Early on the mother communicates to her son that he has no limits and is perfect. This boy knows from the time that he is very young that he is golden—adored and revered by his mother. The narcissistic mother often raises a narcissistic son, an individual she can turn to for validation and a special person on whom she can attach her grandiose dreams of worldly success and power. Mother’s adoration and psychological fusion come at a weighty price. Narcissistic sons of narcissistic mothers have great difficulty becoming real men. Mother has manipulated her child as an adored object. As a result the narcissistic son cannot have emotionally and psychologically intimate relationships with women. Many of these male narcissists detest women and are frightened of being emasculated by them. This is a painful psychological remnant of growing up being suffocated by mother and not allowed to develop a separate identity as a man. Although these narcissistic man can appear to be normal with spouses and families, they are going only through the motions, creating and sustaining an idealized image of spouse and father. Beneath the elaborate facade, the narcissistic son remains trapped in the psychological strangle hold of his narcissistic mother whom he now treats with cold contempt. Visit my

Linda Martinez-Lewis, Ph.D.

We are witness, in this tragic shooting, to a narcissistic mother’s mentally infantile sons, out of control temper tantrum.

I’ve been mad enough to kill, but in control of my emotions. Mothers adore their sons, and millions possessively. We read that Adam had a history of mental illness. Even so, there is too much of this kind of thing going on to leave it at that.

We are very much aware of the growing irresponsibility of the American people.  The reason: a codependency of people with their government.

The symptoms of codependency:

  • Inability to know what “normal” is.
  • Difficulty in following a project through.
  • Difficulty having fun.
  • Judging self, others without mercy.
  • Low self esteem, often projected onto others.
    (eg: Why don’t they get their act together!)
  • Difficulty in developing or sustaining meaningful relationships.
  • Belief that others cause or are responsible for the codependent’s      emotions.

(Codependents often use language like “you make me feel ______”, or “I was made to feel like ____”)

  • Overreacting      to change. (or intense fear of / inability to deal with change.)
  • Inability to      see alternatives to situations, thus responding very impulsively.
  • Constantly      seeking approval and affirmation, yet having compromised sense of self.
  • Feelings of      being different.
  • Confusion and      sense of inadequacy.
  • Being either      super responsible or super irresponsible. (Or alternating between these.)
  • Lack of self      confidence in making decisions, no sense of power in making choices.
  • Feeling of      fear, insecurity, inadequacy, guilt, hurt, and shame which are denied.
  • Isolation and      fear of people, resentment of authority figures.
  • Fear of anger      or bottling anger up till it explodes.
  • Hypersensitivity      to criticism.
  • Being      addicted to excitement / drama. (Chaos making.)
  • Dependency      upon others and fear of abandonment.
  • Avoidance of      relationships to guard against abandonment fears.
  • Confusion      between love and pity.
  • Tendency to      look for “victims” to help.
  • Rigidity and      need to control.
  • Lies, when it      would be just as easy to tell the truth.

I refer you to “Let’s talk about cooking America’s goose,” and the comments.

We elect narcissistic, over-protecting politicians. We get unconstitutional government entitlement.  We don’t need gun control—politicians in control of guns—themselves in control, with all the guns in the country aimed at us!  Look at what Union thugs, encouraged by Obama, did in Lansing, Michigan. Big labor owns Obama! Then the hypocrite sheds tears over the shooting of little children. We need to return to constitutional government.

You folks are self-appointed to help me bring the American people to their senses.



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