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Friday, November 30th, 2012

Let’s talk about the blame game

The Democrats won the election. Congratulations! Therefore, according to the Democrats now in control again, it is only fair to that the rich pay more tax.  The tax increase on the rich will pay for one week of the federal government’s cost for a year, if it doesn’t go up.  Nevertheless, say the winners, Republicans must agree before they will talk about any cuts in spending, and no way are the winners going to cut government entitlement spending, which accounts for two-thirds of all federal spending, and going up by leaps and bounds. The majority of the American people are solidly behind this.

The federal government, at the present, is spending forty percent more than revenue, and printing paper money with nothing back of it to pay everyone on the dole. The American people, we are told, are at the edge of fiscal cliff, and will go over unless something is done immediately. Nothing is being done. When we go over the cliff and fall back into recession the Republicans will get the blame.

We hear from the winners that the Republicans are too white; that they are living in the past; that they are going to have to change. The winners are totally wrong, ignorant of the facts of life. Change is part of life. Either change or perish. It’s the Democrats that refuse to change. They are living in the past. They took the reins of government during the Great Depression and determined that government had an “inherent duty” to the individual—yes, at a time when twenty–five percent of the working people could not find a job, and could starve if government had not stepped in. The Democrats admitted that the inherent duty to the individual was not written in the Constitution. With World War II, there was no inherent duty of government anymore.  Inherent duty turned into gigantic fraud, buying votes with handouts of taxpayer money.

Taxing the rich more means they don’t hire workers and government handouts continue increasing. Whether the American people like it or not, change is upon us, and guess who is going to be standing when the music stops? Suckers will be owned by the frauds that took them for a walk down their garden path, but not all of us. There will always be those that have and those that have not. There will always be the rich and the poor.  It never changes. I’ve written a book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation. It is available at Amazon for $7.50.  It’s worth the money to learn the nature of things—based on a long life of learning the hard way.

In 1975, I was exactly where the American people are today.  In 2012, my life could not be better. If you want to be owned, do what the authorities order you to do.  I’m a nobody. If you want a good life, do what this nobody tells you to do.  I don’t have anything to lose.

In 1979, I think it was, a TV expert told me to buy gold. It was during Jimmy Carter’s double digit inflation.  I bought gold with my meager savings at something over $400 per ounce.  It’s now worth over $1,700 per ounce. Under Obama’s coming double digit inflation, it is predicted that gold could go to $5,000 per ounce. So what if it does? Those depending on government won’t have the means to buy gold.

We are told not to feed the forest animals, but we’re not smart enough to know that the same applies to us. We were created with reason and logic. What is it about us that makes us fall for political bait?  We want. Desire is emotional.  I wish I may, I wish I might never ever pays.

We are ego driven, but at a deeper level mind driven.  We exist in a state of mind.  A state is boundless. It is extremely difficult to place one’s self in a boundless state of mind, yet when we are asleep that’s where we are.  The first thing I do in the morning is to write down my thoughts. That’s what you’ve been reading, and are reading now.  I’m writing what an unencumbered mind reveals. From the comments I’m receiving, we must be connected at a deeper level. Psychologist Carl Jung called it synchronicity.

Early Americans didn’t have a caretaker government. They were forced to look within for their answers. It was this that made America great. It was not by coincidence that when I was forced to jump into the unknown that I studied the Constitution. It was my calling. I was destined by my Creator to be self-governed.  How many of you would believe that your Constitution had the answers when it was all up to you?

You might as well admit it, folks.  You can’t depend on government to look out for you. You’ve elected a bunch of jerks. They have no answers. You’ve got to start thinking about looking out for yourselves, and me along with you.  I can’t depend on my government entitlement.

Fortunately, I’ve not been sitting and whittling. I’ve been writing and playing music, singing, and doing other creative things.  Yesterday, I placed on Youtube my White Christmas presentation.  Hopefully, when I need to, I’ll find employment.





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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Let’s talk about the binary code

First, I’d like to repeat that numerology says I psychically separate the true from the false.  The locations of Saturn, the learning planet, in relation to Pluto, the generational planet, back this notion. In Astrologer’s Handbook, under Saturn trine Pluto, we read: “This trine gives the natives the ability to understand the laws by which subtle forces are organized, enabling them to use these laws consciously or unconsciously.” When I was born, Saturn was trine Pluto. Also, in the month and year I was born, September 1925, Werner Heisenberg published his uncertainty principle, which later became quantum mechanics. Also, in 1925 America’s Congress authorized the Internal Revenue Service to examine personal records for income tax purposes.  These occurrences in 1925 would have significant impact in my life. You might say the die was cast. I come as a messenger.

The single most important thing in our lives today is the binary code—which did not exist in our lives a few years back. We take the binary code for granted—never give it a thought.  The binary code, for one thing, has to do with computer processor instructions—binary because the code is made up of the digits 0 and 1.  The code is accomplished by assigning “bit strings;” that is, groups of 0s and 1s that make for individual instructions, such as in letters and numbers.

We use numbers logic (mathematics) to discover things our sensibilities are not equipped to know, for example, to create computers and atom bombs. Werner Heisenberg was Hitler’s atom bomb builder. Therefore, it behooves us to be aware of the good and evil of the binary code.

Forward thinkers can see coming a time when the binary code becomes part of our biology, as if it were not already. The ancient Indian Pingala, who is said to be the author of the Chandasatra, the first known user of the binary number system, the sages of India informed us that so was the microcosm, so was the macrocosm. The cutting edge of science is just now finding that to be true.

What happened was that numbers ceased to be used to define us. We applied divine authority to our leaders. As it happened, Persian astrologers (the three wise men) predicted Jesus. We read in the Bible that Herod, the Jews’ divine ruler, did his dead-level-best to find the baby Jesus and kill him, but the Lord tipped off Jesus’ father, Joseph. He and his family escaped to Egypt.  There you have it, the power struggle. The divine don’t want anyone but themselves to be divine, but I’m here to tell you that everything is in divine order, and that divine authorities are not divine. They are liars and frauds.  No? The combination of what we’ve done through the binary code is represented in Iran’s Mullahs. They threaten the world with atomic destruction and cyber attacks. It is all about power and control.

With this in mind, we read in Matthew 6 “in earth as it is in heaven” and this we associate with God in heaven. That’s wrong. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God,” said Jesus.  He explains that the kingdom of God is neither here nor there, in Luke 17:21, but in you. He called the Pharisees, God’s earthly vicars, hypocrites. He turned over the money changers tables in the temple. He called the Jews’ leaders corrupt.  God is not in heaven, folks. God is in you. How could you be born in sin?  I choose to believe there is a God of the universe—in you.  You need to discover that it is the authorities who attempt to put you on a guilt trip.

What is the moral to this story? In the U.S. Constitution, whose background is the law of nature and nature’s God, which, by voting for Obama for a second time the majority of Americans want to discard—place man’s law above of God’ law—let me advise you that the Constitution never said nor implied that government had an “inherent duty” to the individual.  This was Roosevelt’s doing, which he admitted was not written in the Constitution; thereby putting out the idea that nature’s law is baloney—we the people are no consideration, our authorities are everything.  Think about it.  Justice Brandeis, a Roosevelt appointee to the Supreme Court said, Property is only a means. Our Court has made the mistake of making it the end.”  If you don’t have the right to property, you don’t even own yourselves. You are a property, owned by government, without one right.  Oh, but your government would never take away every right you have, unless there was no other way to keep control of you.

Federal income tax, coupled with government entitlement, has resulted in the biggest fraud of all times.  We are now looking at the consequences, people scared out of the wits over what could become of them. They vote out of fear.  And government, having painted itself into a corner, with no answer other than enslaving the people, what we have is a codependency.

In Genesis 1:26, we read, “And God said, Let us make man in our image.” Our image is the image of the universe’s conscious awareness. Without it, you are 0. You don’t have 1.  That cannot be.  You are brainwashed.

The universe began with 1—hydrogen atoms—which came together to form the stars, whose energy created the universe we know.  The stars exploded. It was star dust the created our world.  Our world is here by intelligent design. We are from dust to dust, but the Bible states in Genesis 2:7 that we are living souls, the essence of all things.

Einstein never accepted the notion that we are the essence of all things. John Stewart Bell, a nuclear physicist, determined to prove Einstein correct, set up a lab experiment, which proved Einstein wrong. It’s called Bell’s theorem, which informs us of the oneness of all things. It’s called the unified field theory.  There is only one law of the universe. It has been scientifically proven.

You can either think of yourself as zero consideration in the scheme to things, and the whole of society as the only consideration, or the reverse, that it all begins with you. In the first case, you give yourself to man’s law and hope for the best. In the latter case, you give yourself to the law of the universe, the background of the U.S. Constitution.

In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation is the true story of a nobody who jumped off the cliff and flew with eagles. As you read my book, as I did when I wrote it, you will begin to learn who you really are and what you are about.  You will end understanding how and why you were created, and what role Jesus plays in your life.




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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


Let’s talk about “Peace and Plenty”

Far from the world’s turmoil, in partly forested hills, is a place where truck farms and nurseries abound, where many of America’s Christmas trees are grown, in the shadow of Mt. Hood, Oregon, near Trickle Creek, in a forested valley, live two lucky people, my wife Karen and I at “Peace and Plenty.” We have a Boring, Oregon address. Actually, though, we live a fifteen minute drive from Boring, and our lives are anything but boring.

The picture is of me and the wooden sign I’ve just attached to a tree stump.  My face is red, my shirt sweaty; you can see that I’m breathing hard.  I chopped out a place with my ax to attach the sign. For an eighty-seven-year old, it was hard work.  It was Karen’s brain storm.  She found a local sign maker to produce her idea of a sign to identify the place we live. Karen wanted to screw the sign to the side of the house that faced the road. But on the stump we can now sit on our screened porch and enjoy our sign and the wild life, permanently encamped in our dream home.

There is a story behind this sign worth telling. I want you to know that I’m not here by accident. Numerology gives me the number “7” as my Life Lesson Number and my Path of Destiny Number. We read in Numerology and The Divine Triangle, “You should learn to spend time by yourself, in the woods or by the sea shore, where you can get in touch with your inner self and your deepest thoughts because your destiny is to use your mind—this for my Life Lesson Number, and for my Path of Destiny Number, “You psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world.”   Yes, how we got here is kind of interesting. In fact how Karen and I got together is even more interesting.  You can read about it in my just published book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.  

But first, let me tell you about “Peace and Plenty.”  It’s a club on St. George Cay in the Bahamas’ Exumas, a string of small islands stretching southward from Florida. We were on our way to the Virgins aboard our new thirty-eight foot sloop, Bold Venture II when we anchored on Elizabeth Harbor off of the Peace and Plenty Club.

We never made it to the Virgins. We ran aground on the Caicos banks and returned to Florida where we remained for 18 years working for a living.  Our boat was insured. After we spent $10,000 in legal fees trying to get the insurer to perform, the insurer brought what remained of our boat back to Florida and put her in like new condition. If we’d only have known that our insurance policy was only the right to sue, it would not have cost us anything like as much to repair the damage out of pocket and be on our way.  A fishing boat pulled us off the reef and towed us to South Caicos. Most of our rudder was broken off when we were pulled off the reef.  We didn’t receive a dime for the expense the insurer imposed on us.  Lawyers get rich; we get poor. It pays to know the law.  We sold the boat and bought a home in West Palm Beach.

Sailing to the Virgins was not meant to be.  We can’t always be right, especially when we are impetuous. I read this about me in my astrology.  Saturn is the learning planet, and usually the hard way.

I was seventy-one years old when I said to Karen, why don’t we sell out when you reach sixty-two (she was sixty-one), buy an RV and hit the road?  She jumped on the idea like a mockingbird on a June bug. Both of us are gypsies.

Shorty after we met, I chartered a sailboat in Seattle and took Karen sailing for her first time. Four years before we met, I’d spent two years on a sailboat in the South Atlantic.  We motored out of the harbor onto Puget Sound. We were beating, with the boat heeled way over. Karen was sitting on the high side. I asked her how she liked sailing. She turned, her face wet from sea spray, her nose red, and said, “I love it.”

There was just one thing about sailing Karen never liked. That was docking.  It always made her nervous, she says. The first time we docked, I cleated a docking line to the bow and explained to Karen exactly what to do with the line. I nosed the boat up to the dock. Karen was supposed to step onto the dock with the line in hand and wrap it around a piling. She put one foot on the dock and hesitated. I had begun bringing the stern in, Karen squealing as she did the splits. A gentleman grabbed her outstretched hand and pulling her onto the dock, saving her from plunging into the icy water of Puget Sound.

We sailed up Hood Canal, a slender finger of ocean extending between the mountains well into the Olympic Peninsula and anchored for the night on remote Squamish Harbor. I pulled out my guitar and sang, “Let me be your salty dog or I don’t want to be your man at all. Honey, let me be your salty dog.”  I’ve been Karen’s salty dog ever since. She’s been my fairy princess.

We bought a tent and camped out a lot. One day we hiked a trail in an old growth Douglas fir forest, shafts of sunlight lighting brilliant red sumac. Karen and I lay on our backs in a mossy place. Looking up at swishing branches high above, the sound reminded me of a distant ocean beach. I missed my life at sea. It wasn’t long after that experience that I had my final falling out with my boss. We never got along. Karen and I took off for Florida. We bought Bold Venture II and headed for the Virgins

Getting back to the story, on April Fool’s day, 1999, we departed West Palm Beach, Florida and jetted back to square one, Portland, Oregon. Everything had been converted to cash. We didn’t remain long in Portland. On April 21, we headed for Blue River, Oregon in our new RV. After a month in Blue River, we cut out for Grand Canyon and the other spectacular works of nature in the area. We spent the balance of the summer in Southwest Colorado in the San Juan mountains, and spent the winter in Austin, Texas where my daughter and family live.  I gained 20 pounds on TexMex food. I love it. The following summer we visited all the marvelous works of nature in the Northwest, including Alberta and British Columbia and spent the winter near  Prescott, Arizona on the side of a mountain with a magnificent view out of our thirty-three foot fifth wheel’s rear picture window.  The sunsets were breathtaking.

Incidentally, when we departed West Palm Beach I had a heart condition. My doctor told me I was a candidate for open heart surgery.  Karen had been operated on for breast cancer. The stress of the asphalt jungle was killing us.  My heart condition went away and Karen is in remission.

I had a job lined up in Shady Cove, Oregon in the spring of 2001 working in an RV park. I was turned down because of my poor hearing. They hired Karen.  My barber told me I was eligible for veteran’s benefits. Her husband left the service with a back injury that kept him from being employed.  I left the service after World War II with my ears permanently ringing. A doctor told me my hearing would gradually deteriorate.  I took my barber’s advice and applied on the basis that I was unemployable.

In August 2008, we left Shady Cove for our present location near Mt Hood. We rented an RV site. In November, 2008, Karen said, “Joe, I hate to think about living in this RV the rest of my life.” Said I, “Quit thinking about it.” After we sold our home in West Palm Beach, prices on homes doubled, while our RV depreciated.

A week after Karen’s remark, notice came that my application for veteran’s benefits had been approved—five years after I applied. We had to pinch ourselves. Could this be true?  We had the money to buy a home! Payments were retroactive.

At this very time, “Peace and Plenty,” one of the best sites for a manufactured home turned up in the park where we’d rented an RV site.  We bought a manufactured home and left our RV life.  Is it win some, lose some? You never hear our answer, but an answer that is backed by irrefutable facts.  You never hear our answer simply because it puts you in the driver’s seat.

In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012 tells you in great detail how I got control of my life. It is now available at Amazon for $7.50. So won’t you please buy it? With government spending forty percent more than it takes in revenue, and no solution, our government entitlement is soon to end.  We can—with no government entitlement—both survive the coming economic meltdown if we know the truth of the matter.



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Monday, November 26th, 2012

Let’s talk about why we let this happen

We seem to be in agreement on “how this can be.” So now I ask, “Why?”

Most of us have wondered why we let this or that happen. I’m sure General Petraeus is wondering why he let sexual desire destroy his illustrious career. We Americans can wonder why we allowed a robust  economy to fail; why we allowed federal spending to get out of control.

President Obama, why did we let this happen? We let our ambassador to Libya and three other loyal Americans to be murdered by Islamic terrorists.  We read that the prophet Mohammad—in one day—cut off the heads of 700 infidels. Am I denigrating a religion to bring this fact to your attention, or are you hiding behind your own great mistake?

I’m not religious. That does not mean that I don’t believe in America, God, and liberty and justice for all. President Obama, I question what you are up to.

President John F. Kennedy at Columbia University—ten days before his assassination—said, “The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.”  President Kennedy was shot and killed by the communist Lee Harvey Oswald. President Obama has surrounded himself with communists. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  He wants to tax the rich and give to the poor, the same-old-same-old that got us here. They are playing the blame game, folks. They are all at fault.

Henry Ford said, “I never objected to paying taxes but I object to government eating up the real wealth of the country on the pretext of giving it back to the people. It never gets back to the people.”

America’s wealth is going to those—both the rich and poor, mind you—who support the greatest fraud in the history of man. Those con artists, President Obama and Congress, having painted themselves into a corner, cannot now give the people reasonable, logical answers.  This is no longer a constitutional government. It is now might makes right.  It was might that voted Obama back into office.

Benjamin Franklin gave us the answer. Said Franklin, “A hundred percent American is one who puts his duty to his country above his selfish desires, and who is more anxious that his children and his children’s children may live in a country where justice and liberty prevail, than for any profit that he may make for himself during his life by cheating.”  Franklin was a prophet. He knew how this we now have could be.

Along Franklin’s line of thinking, Thomas Jefferson gave us the answer. Said Jefferson, “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy….The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots.  It has more wisely made all the departments coequal and co-sovereign within them.” So what do we do now that we have an oligarchy of the rich and powerful running the show, who throw chicken feed out to the people at the expense of taxpayers? Tell me a better way to enslave a people.

You will never hear this from the makers and keepers of the law. We the people have a Bill of Rights. Under the Bill of Rights, we find that we are entitled to due process of law.  The courts give the government entitled rights and the taxpayers the middle finger.  You can read the whole truth and nothing but the truth in my book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012.  I guarantee you that you will not read the truth anywhere else.

Abraham Lincoln said, “We the people are the rightful masters, both of Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” Tell me another funny story.

In America’s Declaration of Independence Congress signed, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (inalienable) rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,”  President Andrew Jackson in answer said, “As long as our Government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending.” There you have it. Supreme Court Justice Kegan told the Senate at her confirmation hearing that the Declaration of Independence never enters her thinking in enforcing the Constitution, so you know now how this is happening—losing our freedom.

I would like to point out that when you give another individual authority over your life you best question that authority. I studied the Constitution and imagined voices of the past were speaking to me. Why? Because I intended on acting to keep my inalienable right to property a grasping government had lawlessly seized. It was me alone against the power of the United States.  I’d gone to a lawyer. The lawyer told me he had heard much worse. This professional keeper of the law told me to forget it. The cost of fighting for my right to property would be many times as much as that which was seized. The IRS doesn’t seize property from the rich.  They seize property from the poor because we are defenseless.

I had no money to hire a lawyer. In my book, you read about how I made the IRS eat crow before the whole world.  I submit to you that you have no idea of the power your Constitution gives you, if you have faith in yourself.

The free world is facing the same as I faced in 1975. My business enterprise was on the rocks; my second wife was divorcing me.  I let it happen. Live and learn. I was forced to jump into an unknown future—terrified—right where the American people are at this very moment!

It was voices of the past, and my own sacrifice—I was one of the lucky ones to survive World War II—that gave me the determination I needed.  I owed it those who gave their lives—those voices from the past—to fight for liberty and justice. This should be President Obama’s biggest worry in his effort to “transform” America.  I don’t believe he is going to get away with it.  It didn’t take but a few determined people to turn the nation around. A few determined people can turn it back to the greatest nation the world has ever witnessed—to the beacon of hope America once was.  God bless America! E Pluribus Unum – “From Many One”

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I invite you to Joe’s Garage Band




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Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Let’s talk about the meaning of human life

Primarily, my conclusion comes, sequentially, from The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional law, written by law professor Edward S. Corwin, The Physics of Consciousness, written by quantum physicist and brain doctor Even Harris Walker, the Bible, and my ability to reason. My final conclusion is in the oneness of all.

Due to our limited understanding, we need dimensions, such as a Father with a heavenly address; such as Mother Earth.  The “laws of nature and nature’s God” spoken of in America’s Declaration of Independence as being self-evident, Really! What comes around goes around.   We declared our independence and now we’ve lost it—traded it for government entitlement.

Says quantum physicist Walker, in the final selection comes the non-dimensional human mind. “Behind selection is the human will. The will works much like a communications channel linked to a common control center.” Walker speaks of God in terms of the collective will—“a trinity of man, mind, and God;” in other words, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We are speaking about the “Higher Law” the background of American constitutional law and “the unity of nature,” say Walker, and “all things being aspects of the mind.” Therefore, “I am that I am,” at one with God.  This idea first came to me when I was out of site of land on my boat, Bold Venture—just me on the vast ocean. More than once, God’s hand was on my wheel. It’s a miracle that I’m here to tell my story in my just published book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.

The human mind, vastly more knowing than any other life form, in the Bible we read in Genesis that after God created all other life on earth God decided to create man “in our image” we read—before man appeared on earth.  God was speaking of our archetype; in other words, universal consciousness, what else? Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you.  As we know, that didn’t set well with Israel’s Pharisees.  Jesus was crucified. What does that tell you?  Authority does not permit itself to be questioned. This is in conflict with our being created with reason and logic, which is fundamental to the law.

Because we have yet to learn the law, America is badly divided. In one word, it is convenient. Authority remains empowered by turning both sides against the middle. Additionally, we separate the law, science, and religion. When I asked a geneticist from whence come the genetic code, his answer: “We don’t get into that.”  One can safely say that is generally true. We are not getting answers. Earthbound authorities are giving us a shell game.

America’s government, through government entitlement, has bought the American people—and religion with the guilt trip—there but for the grace of God go I; and we are born in sin. The two authorities dovetail, both preaching all heart and zero intelligence—both out to enslave us. The resistance is building. Lightening is soon going to strike.

In my life story, you learn that with nature’s law and nature’s God, no power on earth can destroy you.

It seems that everything happens for a reason—when you get real. People pray to a God in heaven to guide them. God’s earthly vicars, with varied approaches, teach that. With God in a far away place, we can’t know why God does what he does. I don’t read that in the Bible. God’s “only son” taught that God is in me. I read in the Bible that God made me in his image.  Once I discovered that I was here with a bigger than life calling, mysteriously, when things should have gone wrong, things started going right. I have the Constitution to thank for that. It’s real: trust in God—not in heaven but in you.  All of my dreams came true.


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Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Let’s talk about how this can be

I represent the half of the American people who voted against Obama, and proud of it. Let me make this clear. I did not vote for Romney.  After the election, I picked WordPress for my Internet provider and started posting messages, which I figured would attract both winners and losers. To the winners of the election, say I: “dream on.”  Why face reality? You’ve got a magic genie in Washington.

This amazes me. With no professional advice on how to attract viewers, within a few days the favorable comments began in significant number, 156 as of now, and only one unfavorable—generally, not specifically. The comment, I assume, was from an Obama supporter.  Say I: “If you can’t define the problem or the solution, why do you bother?”

How many have read my messages no one knows. What is it that draws people to me? In the so-called 100 monkey theory, after a critical number is reached people lock onto an idea.  Through some mysterious means, I’ve locked onto an idea that is building. Someone communicated with me, maybe many, I don’t know, but I’m passing on what has been, and is still being communicated by mysterious means.

We’ve already learned here the favorite topics: peace and inalienable rights. These two are getting by far the most comments. But to gain peace, if you listen to the Obama support, it requires compromising your rights. Not so in my book.

In my book, the solution involves the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principle mode of organizing society. Unfortunately, we can’t consider this solution. In my book, Webster’s College Dictionary, this solution’s definition is anarchy. Can you beat that? This definition of anarchy was the modus operandi that built America.

America has not come to an end of her revolution, folks. Obama has poured gasoline on the fire.  We’re moving forward, “in the spirit of 76,” and still with a minority that started the revolution. The majority would have voted to remain under King George. They were not given the opportunity. America was brought into being with the majority against it.

In any event, the absence of coercive government does not mean the absence of human values, but I’ve been called—and by the religious—a “secular humanist.” In my book, a secular humanist is someone who promotes human values without specific allusion to religious doctrines. Let it be known, folks, that America is not a Christian nation. We began with recognition of human values, without specific allusion to Christian values.

I believe I have a soul. In my book, the soul is defined as that immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.  Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, called it nature’s law and nature’s God, which he called “self-evident.”  In other words, rather than external, it is an internal belief, the belief that Jesus preached, but has been distorted.

Obama’s Elena Kagan told the Senate that the Declaration of Independence meant nothing in her decisions. Obama talks about hope and transformation, in the same sentence. Whoa!  You are going the wrong direction, boy. Where have you been, in Kenya?

After I studied the Constitution and what it meant to me, I set forth in a new direction—by the way, in opposition to government’s direction. The government ended on a dead-end street—eating crow.  Imagine that, apologizing to little old me!  I tell you, folks, your Constitution is powerful.

Whereas, if anything could go wrong it did in my old direction, in my new direction, in 1975, when everything should have gone wrong everything began to go right. I can say now that all of my dreams have come true. You can read how my dreams came true in my just published book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the Underlying mechanism of creation.

If we know why we are here we are going to get the right answers. This moment in perpetuity—what we are and are making—

Yet the timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness,

And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream,

And that which sings and contemplates within the bounds of that moment,

Which scattered the stars into space—Kahlil Gibran–

if you but knew it, you are not here for your government; everything is for you!   Government looks to you, so how can government entitle you?  Government merely entitles you to what others worked for.  Get over the notion that you are saving anything for your future.  Understand that you are creating a monumental debt you and your children. Those politicians who put this burden on you will be long gone.  What  you will have is an oppressive dictatorship—and everyone equally enslaved.

Both Romney and Obama are for government entitlement—the problem government made! What is the mattere with you? What does that tell you? How can government fix the problem government caused and supports? If either side were to make sacrifices a disaster would occur.  Your vote, unfortunately, whether for Romney or Obama, was a vote for a no-win solution.

Government can’t change that which is in earth and in heaven.  Many are going to profit by the change forced upon us. You must look within for answers, I’m sorry to have to tell you, lest you end with Obama and company on a dead-end street. It’s time to get real.  Dreamland is about to end.




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Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Let’s talk about hope and change

We’ve talked about fear of change. Now let’s talk about hope and change.  Your encouraging comments stimulate me, especially when I learn that that my messages tell you something you have been working on. I invite you to work on this idea:

Once again, we’ve accepted Obama’s hope and change; that is, his utopian dream. More power to him, but there are other dreams that involve the individual I’d like to discuss—dreams that involve personal action.

First I’d like to bring to mind the idea of power the prophet Mohammad felt. I read that in one day Mohammad cut off the heads of 700 disbelievers.  America’s natives used to adorn themselves with their enemy’s scalp.  I’d like to submit that we are here for a higher purpose than earthbound authority. The best way I know to be aware of this is to start from scratch with this thought: “I am created in the image of my Creator.”

I’m reminded that the Pilgrims began their lives in America with nothing material, and yet they picked a day to be thankful for their blessings. They believed that all men are created equal. A couple of centuries later, when America’s Founding Fathers needed the South to form a union of states, for defense purposes, they compromised their principles and accepted slavery.  We’ve been compromising our principles ever since, and now to the extent that America is at the edge of a fiscal cliff.

More tax revenue is needed. Obama insists on taxing the rich more, who happen to supply badly needed jobs.  Tax the rich more and we end with less jobs, never mind the supposition that that rich don’t need their money as much as the poor need financial help.  What do we do, compromise our principles for the umpteenth time? This is what got us to the current fiscal cliff.  Raising taxes on anyone is no answer.  So what do we do, go over the financial cliff?

There came the time in my life that I was having repeating dreams of flying through a narrow, winding canyon on the back of a giant bird, terrified. I couldn’t see around the bends.  My terror turned into resolve to make my government pay for what it had done to me through taxation. My one-man business went on the rocks In favor of the government entitled and crony corporations. I studied the Constitution and imagined voices of the past speaking to me.  My sense of justice being denied, plus voices of the past, turned my beef against government into a bigger than life calling, in 1975.  I was right where the American people are today, at a fiscal cliff looking at an unknown future.

Turn to Genesis 1:26. “And God said, Let us make man in our image.”  We had not yet arrived on earth. Those voices of the past I imagined I heard were universal. In The Physics of Consciousness, authored by quantum physicist and brain doctor Evan Harris Walker, we read, “objective reality is a flawed and incomplete conception of reality.”  Einstein didn’t believe in a personal god. Walker did. Walker has been proven right. A physicist named John Stewart Bell tried in a lab experiment to prove Einstein right and proved the opposite. It’s called Bell’s theorem.  Walker: “The tests of Bell’s theorem have shown us that objective reality as it has been conceived is not the true fabric of reality.  The observer interacts with matter.  Consciousness, the substance of this newfound reality that defines the observer, has fundamental existence. It is the quantum mind that is the basic reality.”

The world’s authorities have much invested in their positions of power, but, actually, quantum physics recent discovery was around thousands of years ago.  The ancient sages of India told us that so is the microcosm so is the macrocosm. A Greek priest and leading thinker of his day, Plutarch (40-120 AD) said, “An idea, having no form by itself, but giving figure and form to shapeless matter, becomes the manifestation.” He said the same as quantum physicist Walker.

A century back, James Allen, in As a Man Thinketh: “As a being of Power, Intelligence and Love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which may make himself what he wills.” Allen was in agreement with the ancient sages of India, the Greek priest Plutarch, the Ten Commandments, and Jesus.

In the Ten Commandments, we read, “Thou shalt not covet thou neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s.  In America’s law, government may not covet anything without due process of law.  America’s law came from, first, the Ten Commandments, then Magna Charta: “No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or deprived of his freehold or of his liberties or free customs, or outlawed, exiled, or in any manner destroyed, nor shall we come upon him, nor shall we send upon him, except by legal judgment of his peers or by the law of the land. (The law of the land was “common law”—common sense law.)

I’m no lawyer, but I can read. In America’s Constitution, under the Fifth Amendment, we may not covet our neighbor’s property without due process of law. That means government may not take from us without first allowing us to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place.  Who should be the judge of who should be heard and who should not be heard?   Should the worker not be heard first in his fundamental right to exist on the fruits of his own labor, and before those who are government entitled?  America’s courts favor the government entitled. They maintain that the fundamental right to exist on the fruits of one’s labor was heard in 1945 and that’s the end of it. It doesn’t matter how much government takes out of your pay.  The courts didn’t get away with that stand in my case, because I knew better.

The Pilgrims came to America to be freed from such as America’s courts practice in today’s America. The Pilgrims began their lives in America with this thought, humbled as they were. (They could not have survived without the help of America’s natives.) Their rule of law said that all men are created equal, including America’s natives.  But as soon as we Americans got on our feet, we fought America’s natives until we took it all.  Expediently, it was back to might makes right, the law of the jungle.  I would like to remind you that America is a government of the people for the people—all of the people. Politicians know only that they are empowered to do all they can for their own constituency. Do you want them to take you to the cleaners? Keep voting for them.

We read in the Gospels that Jesus said, “Lay not for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break in and steal. Jesus said that no man can serve two masters. Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you. Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites. Jesus said ask and you shall receive.  I did ask and I did receive justice.  When I read the Constitution, voices of the past spoke. I acted, thereby to make my cause against the Director of Internal Revenue bigger than life.  I’ve been rewarded. The federal government lost its power to control me.   You can read about it in my book In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.

The IRS illegally took my property and put me on the street. I was in the tax court, three district courts, the court of appeals and the Supreme Court.  None of them heard my case.  I took the court record to The Palm Beach Post.  The court of public opinion heard me and ruled in my favor.

It is no coincidence that Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence from King George’s oppressive England that we can “assume among the powers of earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them….To be created equal…”  Today few Americans assume anything.  Accepting being led by the nose under man’s law, the determination left to government to decide who shall have what, as long as your representatives can hide the truth from you, they will continue to take every freedom you have away. You deserve what you get. In my book of memoirs, this nobody, who began from zero power, built a life. All of my dreams came true. Why would not the same be true for you?







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Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Let’s talk about the self-fulfilling prophecy

A term sociologist Robert K. Merton came up with, the self-fulfilling prophecy, a false notion that proves to be true—in other words, we make our reality.

I’m an old white male racist—a has-been oppressor that has now lost control. The reason Libya’s ambassador and three other Americans were murdered is because some unknown American denigrated Islam in a film.  Rich nations are hogging the world’s resources and thereby causing poor nations.

Iran’s proxy war, aimed at terrorizing Israel’s citizenry, thereby causing retaliation that kills the Gaza strip’s citizenry, seemingly a win-win strategy for Iran, is a no-brainer. In defiance of Nature’s Law and Nature’s God, the perpetrator never fails to bring disaster upon itself.

Jesus preached that we are our brother’s keeper. He preached that the kingdom of God is in you.  His teaching disagreed with Israel’s Pharisees. Jesus was crucified. Muhammad cut off the heads of 700 nonbelievers in his notion of God—which nobody can really know.

The average individual does not have the foggiest notion of Creation, although it is written in the scriptures that we are co-creators.

Given the above stated result of the self-fulfilling prophecy—and the unknown future of America—I bring your attention to Bell’s theorem, which came about by failure to accept the reality quantum physics preached. There is a dimension of infinite possibility with which we are connected. We observe and choose our reality. Einstein refused to believe this.  John Steward Bell, a physicist, attempted to prove Einstein correct and proved the opposite. He proved that, individually, we are created in the image of God.  Very few know that.  But created with reason and logic, it is illogical to believe that God would direct us to kill his creation.

It is passion, created here on earth, that turns men into beasts.  Nevertheless, hundreds of millions of believers in Islam dance in the streets when Islam’s enemies are killed. Islam’s children are taught from an early age, by men with a self-serving agenda, on how they should think, and the same for other religions.  I’m not religious and my life is good, I reason, because I now go direct for my answers. That has not always been the case. In my early life, I looked externally for my answers. If anything could go wrong it did.

America’s Founding Fathers, who signed the Declaration of Independence and wrote the Constitution, in my opinion, were led by those who came before them. But to be sure, they did not always practice what they wrote.  Like all of us, they were expedient.

My opinions come from The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law, which I purchased for one dollar in a secondhand law book store. Law professor Edward S. Corwin published this essay in the year of my birth, 1925, coincidentally, the year the expeditors of America’s welfare state authorized the IRS to search my personal records in 1973 for some way to tax my income more than I reported—and paid a price for their trouble. I knew the “Higher Law.”  By the way, in the Declaration of Independence, the author, Thomas Jefferson, wrote, “they are endowed by their Creator…” which he identified as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Jefferson had no illusion of a supernatural God. It was by being armed with the “Higher Law” that by magic I defeated the IRS, but most importantly, it was the “Higher Law” that turned my life around. The “Higher Law” bears no resemblance to religion, but it does resemble the message Jesus left us.

The truth will set you free. We are technologically racing forward, and with increasing momentum.  Think how much smaller our world has become and how much more we know about the makeup of the universe than we did a century ago. Non-biological intelligence is rapidly increasing our awareness. It is frightening. We resist it, especially those in the “holy land.”

We can’t stop what is to be.  With all of our technological advances diverting our attention to external factors, welcome to the Age of Aquarius, and age when we become our brother’s keeper, thus to fulfill our scriptural obligation.

Created in God’s image, we are soon to make a quantum leap. Read all about it in my true life story, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Let’s talk about peace

We all want peace—on our terms. What if we could all agree on the terms? This is a good time to talk about unanimous terms for peace, don’t you think? I don’t claim to be an authority. I’m just another bottom fish, not blinded by surface reflections.

One way to look at it, we would all be subhuman or superhuman if we all agreed on the terms for peace—subhuman if we all became slaves of the powerful; superhuman if we were all our brother’s keeper.

The one thing that has always stood in the way of becoming our brother’s keeper is the innate survival element that exists in all life. The only way out is to become selfless—in the science of numbers, numerology, the number nine, “Encompassing a love for all, it desires to apply its energy to universal service. It bestows an impersonal but just view of life, one that is generous, benevolent and patient.” Numerology and The Divine Triangle.

The Prince of Peace, Jesus, told us that the kingdom of God is in  you.  The Bible tells us that we are from dust to dust, but possess immortal souls.  If we accepted that idea, we would overcome the survival instinct that possesses all life. Keep in mind that the Bible says man would have dominion over all  life. This Thanksgiving is a reminder. While we give thanks, millions of turkeys are slaughtered.

Take the dust to dust idea, which applies to all life. If you want to know how something works, you take it apart and examine the parts. This is what quantum physicists do with the universe, including the parts that make us.  The cutting edge of science has concluded that the universe is not what we’ve thought it was.

Five hundred years ago, acknowledged authorities held that our planet was at the center of the universe and flat. That’s the way it looked. By looking at the microcosmic universe, quantum physicists have found that it doesn’t work like the universe we know. The acknowledged authorities, at no surprise, do not agree. After all, they have invested a lot to get where they are.

In fact, the world’s acknowledged authorities are at this very moment meeting in the current hotspot, Israel and the Gaza strip, to broker a cease fire.  We should all keep in mind that the world’s acknowledged authorities are possessed with that innate survival element, which knows not reason, which knows only the law of the jungle.  It comes with authority’s territory.  We are facing the same situation authorities from time immemorial have kept in play. What would they do if we all became our brother’s keeper?

Back to the dust to dust idea, the cutting edge of science from its examination of the world of the very small has theorized that there is a dimension of infinite possibility and itself as an observer.  And whatever it observes becomes reality. In fact, says the cutting edge, we are all co-creators in our reality.

Sociologist Robert K. Merton, who is credited with the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” defines the term as the beginning of a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true. This brings me to face the fact that although we may physically possess features that are ape-like, we don’t do as monkeys do, according to my reading of the Bible. The Bible says that God made man in his image—and before man’s arrival on earth.  This is certainly more plausible than the idea that we mentally evolved from apes.

Who changed the talking point to eliminate the terrorist attack? Nobody knows. Here we go again, as we approach the so-called fiscal cliff, making monkeys out of ourselves and getting nowhere.

And here am I, coincidentally, with a just published book of memoirs, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying mechanism of creation.  All of my dreams came true.  There is no real reason why the same can’t be everyone’s reality.  Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper.



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Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Let’s talk about Do Gooders

We are created with reason and logic. It is neither reasonable nor logical to kill innocent people.  People with an agenda, therefore, devise the means to twist reason and logic for their own purposes.  We hear that while Hamas leaders fire rockets at Israel’s cities—from protected positions—which rockets are placed in homes and schools in Gaza, the aim being to cause Israeli retaliation, which Hamas knows will kill far more of their people, the aim is to bring the world’s sympathy to their cause. Hamas is evil.

In a similar sense, America’s politicians have turned the American people’s sympathy toward the meek and poor, by making the meek and poor suffer poverty of spirit.  America’s politicians are evil. Now, having painted themselves into a corner, devoid of answers and playing the blame game, they have brought America to the edge of a fiscal cliff.  This fiscal cliff is the time for the Mayan calendar’s prediction for the end of the world. It ties in, too, with the situation in Israel and the rest of the Middle East. It is predicted that sun spot activity at the end of 2012 could cause massive power failure. We’ve already experienced the storm of the century.  The forces of evil in the world end the present age.  In the new age, it is written that we become our brother’s keeper.

In the first mentioned case, the Do Gooders have educated their following to believe they are dying for Allah. In the latter case, we are told, the meek and poor are suffering because of the greedy rich, who have hogged natural resources, who have brought upon us dirty water and air, and caused global warming.  In no case has reason and logic been employed.

In reference to Do Gooders, philosopher Aristotle, in The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law, talks about political justice (Do Gooder justice). He wrote, “part is natural, part legal—natural, that which everywhere has the same force and does not exist by people’s thinking this and that; legal that which is originally indifferent. Indifferent to what?  “Legal” is the form of law. Hitler was legal. Therefore, “it seems, to invest God and reason only; to invest a man (a Do Gooder) is to introduce a beast, as desire is something bestial, and even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion.”

There are many references in the Bible to the beast. In Job 7-10, “But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.”  You know that God created you with reason and logic vastly beyond that of Do Gooders—beasts—who are guided by their passions.

And Jesus said, “in earth as it is in heaven.”  And Jesus said in Luke 21:25, “and there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon earth distress of nations…”  And Jesus said, in Luke 21:31,”So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God (in you) is nigh at hand.”

In Matthew 23:13, Jesus said, But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees (Do Gooders), hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

Most of the comments to my ramblings come from people with something to sell. I know all about that.  In all but four of my working years, I was an entrepreneur—living by my wits—with Do Gooders picking my pocket. At age sixty-three, I started living out of the taxpayer’s pocket.  For the last twelve of my working years, I’d made my living in a one-man videotaping business—mostly videotaping weddings and parties.  My hearing loss forced me to quit.  I’d left World War II with my ears ringing. I was a combat rifleman. Over the years, my hearing grew steadily worse.  My wife Karen’s job and my Social Security provided our living. Karen is ten years younger than I.

The stress of the work world and big city living had taken its toll. Stress gave me a heart condition.  My doctor told me I was a candidate for upon heart surgery.  Stress caused Karen to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  At age sixty-two Karen retired.  We sold out and cut out.  We bought and RV and hit the road.  Living in an RV full time cut our living costs enough that we could live for years on our Social Security and modest savings.

Two years after we moved into our RV, I applied for a job in an RV park. Due to my hearing loss, I was turned down. Karen was hired to work in the RV office.  My barber told me I could apply at the Veteran’s Administration for disability pay.  I applied. Five years later I was approved for 100 percent disability pay on the ground that I was unemployable. My hearing had been tested. I’d lost 70 percent of it. The Veteran’s Administration gave me the best hearing aids money could buy for both ears, and a benefit check dating back to the day I applied.

In March 2008, nine years after moving into our RV, Karen and I bought our dream home in the tall timber near Mt. Hood Oregon.  I’m deeply grateful to America’s taxpayers. I hope my thoughts herein are some help to you.

Karen and I, having escaped the asphalt jungle and work world, are both in good health. My heart condition went away.  But the Catch 22 is the looming fiscal cliff. America is living on borrowed time.  As yet, there has been no answer from the Do Gooders. They don’t want you to know what they have in mind for you.

You learn what to do in my book of memoirs, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, an Explanation for the underlying Mechanism for Creation.  Reality is nothing like you’ve been taught. Do Gooders have manipulated your thinking—replaced your God-given right to be you. The answers I’ve received have come from meditation, from the cutting edge of science, from numerology and astrology, and more lately from the Bible, and heaven forbid! not what the authorities teach us.  My Bible is the King James Version, edited by Reverend C. I. Scofield, who has led me, along with the above named, to read the Bible right.  It all comes together in my book.  You learn from my personal experience how to make your dream come true.

Forty years ago I was where you are now, at a jumping off place—forced to jump into an unknown future.  You now have what I had, the Constitution and the will, if you allow it, to act; that is, your will alone. You will be amazed at the result.

I cut from the herd—went on my own.  At first it was a rocky road, with many discouraging delays. From the Constitution, I received spiritual guidance from those who came before me, who had experienced the same. We are connected if we allow it.

In the Physics of Consciousness, under A God for Tomorrow, we read, “But this trinity of man, mind, and God—of brain consciousness and collective will—is not the full realization of the fabric of reality….a unity of nature, all things being aspects of the mind….we see space and matter springing from the brow of God.”

Numerology tells me I’m here to use my mind. Lo and behold, I’m in my dream home in the tall timber near Mount Hood, Oregon—where numerology says I should be. The number 7 is my Life Lesson Number and my Path of Destiny number. In Numerology and The Divine Triangle, we read, “ You psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life to a waiting world.”

We learn from numerology that there are nine steps in our development. In the seventh step, we seek answers. We try to establish a philosophy by which to live and to penetrate the mystery behind our existence. Because 7 feels the need to spend time alone, away from the crowds, in touch with nature, this is a time when an elevated degree of consciousness takes place. It matches the biblical seventh day God rested.

Not only does numerology strangely connect with my life, In The Rising Sign, under Aquarius Rising (I’m Aquarius rising), we read, “The person with Aquarius on the rise can be very avant-garde. He is a forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing the rest of humanity the way.”

In numerology, we learn that in the first step of our development, represented by “1”, that we are the pioneer seeking to find his identity. That was me. When I was age forty-nine, I cut from the herd. The second step is finding a mate. Again, that was me.  I found the right mate to spend the rest of my life with. The third step, diversity, again that was me.  The fourth step, seeking justice, was that ever me. The fifth step, freedom, again that was me. Karen and I hit the road.  The ninth step, selflessness, the desire to be of universal service, again, that is me. In every way imaginable, there have been too many coincidences in my life experience to be coincidence.

God bless you and peace be with you.





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